How to Take a Walt Disney World Homeschool Vacation

How to Take a Walt Disney World Homeschool Vacation

If you and the kids are looking for a break that could also be educational, it’s time to visit Walt Disney World. With so many kids doing their school work from home and many districts requiring parents to be part of that learning, there’s no better place to be than a Disney Resort with access to everything Disney World has to offer. With education available around every corner, a Walt Disney World Homeschool Vacation may be just what you and your family need. 

Why You Should Book a Disney World Homeschool Vacation

It’s no secret that having something to look forward to improves your mood, your health, and your ability to handle setbacks. And if your Disney Vacation is focused on education then Booking a Disney Vacation is a no-brainer. You’ll get not only a vacation but also not miss out on the kid’s important school work. It’s a win-win. So how do you tackle this? 

We’ve pulled together loads of educational resources that can get you and the kids excited about every Disney Park. From STEM activities to DisneyNature films to cultural things found in the World Showcase, there is so much to learn at Walt Disney World. We’ve also added book lists, activities to print, and more for your Disney World Curriculum both at home and in the parks. 

…But You Probably Haven’t Yet

But, like most parents right now you’re probably not only juggling an unusual job situation, but also an unusual school situation. Add in physical distancing, that grocery delivery you still need to pull together and the fact that the kids are always home and WHEN do you actually have time to plan a vacation? Or school work for that matter? Thankfully, we’ve found just the thing to supplement your child’s learning, with a little Disney magic and tackle both those challenges. Thank goodness. 

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Disney World Inspired Lessons and Activities

If you’re looking for something to help take some of the pressure off just grab these 10 Walt Disney World Inspired Lessons to Learn at Home from Showcase the World. These lessons are perfect to add some magic to your child’s learning. And can help get them excited about some of the World Showcase countries they’ll visit on your next Disney Vacation. Here’s a lineup of ALL the amazing lesson plans included in this bundle. These will be shared 2 a week for 5 weeks, so that you can keep ahead of the overwhelm and only tackle a couple things at once. 

  • Biology of ‘the Land’ (A Growing Science Lesson)
  • Art of Animation (A Moving Art Lesson)
  • Languages of the World Showcase (A Multi-Language Lesson)
  • The Main Street Chemistry (A Sweet Science Experiment)
  • Maps of ‘The World’ (A Social Studies Skill)
  • Animals of the African Savanna (A Wild Zoology Lesson)
  • Walking Right Down the Middle of U.S. History (The Timeline of the Magic Kingdom)
  • Magic Math (A Lesson in Vacation Budgeting)
  • Physics of Rock n Roller Coasters (Testing Newton’s Laws of Motion)
  • The Magic of Storytelling (English Principles that make ‘The World’ Come Alive)

How To Book a Disney Vacation?

We give you everything you need to navigate your own Disney Planning on this blog and love a good DIY Disney Vacation. Check out our Disney Events Calendar and all about Planning a Disney Vacation to help you get started. 

Want Even More Disney Educational Activities?

Be sure to Grab the Activity Guides to help get you ready for EPCOT World Showcase! You can also check out all our Disney Education posts so far! We’ll be adding more resources as we find them!

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What Do You Do on a Disney Educational Vacation?

Our favorite way to add education into our Disney Vacations is simply to find a focus in each park. Every Disney Park has a TON on amazing activities. We’ve broken everything down in our Disney Homeschool Curriculum Guide for all the subjects we could think of. And better yet, you can combine at-home learning from all our tips in the guide, to in parks learning when you visit Disney World next. You can even tackle tours to help get some hands-on learning too. We love these tours for extra learning and fun, and they are really are worth the cost. 

Wild Africa Trek

Absolutely one of the best Disney tours, Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom gets you a behind the scenes look at some of the animal habitats in the park. You also get to meet with the Animal Caretakers and ask questions. Plus you get an absolutely AMAZING lunch overlooking the savanna of the Kilamanjaro Safari ride. Complete with POG juice

Caring for Giants

Another amazing Disney tour at Animal Kingdom, Caring for Giants is all about Elephants! Consider this your opportunity to learn all about these gentle giants and what the Disney Conservation Fund is doing to help save elephants. You get to talk with a caretaker and see these animals up close!

Behind the Seeds

Behind the Seeds is one of Walt Disney World’s most budget-friendly tours. You get to go behind the scenes in EPCOT’s Living with the Land ride to learn all about agriculture and aquaculture. From what plants are growing in the greenhouse to the farm-to-table foods you can experience across the parks, this tour lets you get up close and personal with new growing technologies, and interesting fruits and veggies you’ve never seen before. 

Up Close with Rhinos

Just like Caring for Giants, Up Close with Rhinos gets you up close and personal with the one of the world’s most endangered animals! The Rhinoceros. This is a 60 minute behind the scenes tour that includes talking with the caretakers, learning about rhinos and the challenges they face in the wild. An excellent way to get some extra conservation education into your Disney world homeschool vacation curriculum. 

How to Take an Educational Walt Disney World Vacation

So there you have it! Combining all the elements in this post can really give your child a full education based on our favorite things- everything found at Walt Disney World. From booklists and activities found in our Disney curriculum guide, to EPCOT country activity guides  and actually booking a Disney Homeschool Vacation, there are so many ways to make sure you get a little more education into your next Walt Disney World Vacation. 

A Disney Homeschool Vacation is all about adding more Educational Activities into your Walt Disney World vacation. Here are the resources to get you started planning an educational Disney Vacation. #polkadotpixies #disneyschool #disneyvacation

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