Disney Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Disney Homeschool Curriculum Guide

If this is the year you decided to home-school your kids, or you just need to give them more to do at home that is educational we’re writing this post for you. We’re always eager to find life-changing and inspirational ways to infuse more learning into the everyday.

So whether you’re unschooling, using the Montessori method, or tackling traditional homeschooling why not add everything that Walt Disney World has to offer into your school curriculum? With everything you need to know in science, math, technology, world history, biology, conservation, and even leadership, you can make this the best school year ever! 

Walt Disney World Homeschool Ideas

Think of this as your chance to learn everything Disney World has to offer ahead of time! It’s a great way to help your kiddies get ready for your next Walt Disney World vacation, and learn the art and science behind the magic whenever you’re ready to travel again!

EPCOT Pylons Front Entrance Epcot Changes for 40th anniversary

Science Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Disney Imagineering Curriculum

If there’s a future Disney Imagineer in your household, this online course is considered the canon for getting kids into the mindset of an Imagineer. Here, students will learn about storytelling, science, and the art of imagination, and how it is used in Disney Parks. 

Complete the Imagineering in a Box at Khan Academy Course. And think up a new ride or experience that could work perfectly within one of the many lands at Disney Parks. What story would you tell? How would your design tell that story?

EPCOT Future World Homeschool Curriculum

The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was a pet project of Walt Disney himself. And if you’ve ever ridden the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover in Magic Kingdom, then you’ve actually seen the original concept for this prototype, called Progress City, in the window box! You can dig deep into the history of how Epcot was designed to get an inside look at the future! While we have people movers, and monorails to some degree, they are certainly not implemented in our world yet.

Walt Disney’s original concept for the perfect futuristic city also included plans for a dome that would encase the city center so that it wasn’t affected by the outside weather. It also included large garden spaces and shared work so that everyone living in Progress City would have a meaningful job.

What kind of city would you design if you could start from scratch? What things do people need now that a new kind of city could provide?

Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Design

Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom is ALWAYS Changing. Tomorrowland even recently got a new sign to match its more streamlined futuristic look with the arrival of TRON. Interestingly enough though, the future imagined in the ’50s and 60’s still hasn’t happened. Ever watch The Jetsons? We still don’t have flying cars or at-home robots that do everything. And as much as Tomorrowland has changed, it hasn’t changed that much. 

What things do you think we need in the Future? Make a list of ideas and ways you think they can be accomplished. you can get inspired by Disney Films that share ideas of the future. You can watch all of these on Disney+ or grab on Amazon through the links below.

STEM Disney Movie Watch List

  • Tomorrowland
  • TRON
  • Big Hero 6
  • Avatar
  • Wall-E
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
  • Flubber

Walt Disney at the New York World’s Fair 1964-1965

On April 22, 1964, the World’s Fair laid the stage for the arrival of a new kind of technology. Audio-Animatronics. If you’ve been on any Disney ride you’ve seen this technology up close! And even now this technology gets more and more advanced to look even more realistic! 

  • Featuring 100 countries with children from all over the world it’s a small world and was the centerpiece of the UNICEF pavilion. The bonus here for music lovers is that the original song was composed by Disney Legends, the Sherman Brothers.
  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln was Walt Disney’s personal tribute to the 16th president and featured Abe himself. This is similar to the Abe we now see in the Hall of Presidents.
  • Carousel of Progress was designed to show us “push button living,” which we’re obviously all in the midst of actually living now. Originally in Disneyland until 1973, the Carousel of Progress is now a staple in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. 
  • Another animatronic masterpiece that debuted at the Fair was Ford’s Magic Skyway. This is similar to the PeopleMover today and used a skyway transportation system to bring guests through a series of scenes. The original exhibit at the World’s Fair even included a trip back in time, complete with dinosaurs.

What would you bring to the World’s Fair today? Now called the World Expo, you can visit the World Expo website for details on how it all works!

Industrial Light and Magic

The Art of Special Effects is all about combining art and technology. George Lucas founded ITM in 1975 and it’s responsible for the special effects in most of the major films we all know and love! 

STEM Movies by Industrial Light and Magic Watchlist

These film series are filled with special effects. But hopefully, you’re so engrossed in the story you don’t notice them. 

  • Jurassic Park
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Avatar
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

Watch these films and see if you can spot ALL the places where special effects are used. And check out the Beginner’s Guide to becoming a Visual Effects Artist to learn all the tricks of the trade!

Test Track Engineering Car Design

Need tips on how to design a car from Disney Parks? You can also grab a great book called How to Design a Car like a Pro to get you started! Covering everything from how to sketch designs to power, speed, and design trends. Featuring insight from BMW, Porsche, General Motors, and more. 

Disney Homeschool Curriculum Disney CodingDisney Codeillusion

These days everyone should learn how to code. Even the most basic jobs require an understanding of computers and this is an essential skill for any future career. Since Coding is something you should have in your school curriculum, you can grab our favorite Disney version with Disney Codeillusion.  This is a COMPLETE Coding Program that covers everything you need from the most basic webpage design to animation.

Check out Disney Codeillusion for Kids to get started. There is even a free trial. Use code PIXIE200 for $200 dollars OFF Disney Codeillusion Enchanted or PIXIEPRIME for $100 dollars OFF Disney Codeillusion Prime. 

flower and garden 2019, epcot flower and garden festival, disney flower and garden, international flower and garden festival, spring things disney world, epcot flower and garden festival

Natural Sciences and Conservation

One of our favorite parts about visiting Animal Kingdom is knowing that we’re supporting meaningful and important work to help save the Earth, Wildlife, and all things in the Natural Environment around us. This is done through the Disney Conservation Fund. If conservation isn’t part of your Disney Homeschool Curriculum it is time to add it! You can brush up on how to be a better Eco-Friendly Traveler and glimpse some statistics for all that Disney does. To learn more about the work the Walt Disney Company is doing to help save the planet check out this FREE Amazon Kindle e-book: The Disney Conservation Fund: Carrying Forward a Conservation Legacy by John Baxter or visit the Disney Conservation Fund Website. 

Animal Kingdom Science Homeschool Curriculum

  • Wilderness Explorers Game


Educator guides, activity sheets, and worksheets you can use in tandem with Disney documentaries come from DisneyNature. If you have not gotten a chance to dive into these amazing films featuring our planet, now is the time! 

Disney Science and Conservation Films Watchlist

Some of the more recent Disney films focusing on the planet have Educator Guides, Activity Packets, and Lesson Plans! Check out the movie below that can help jumpstart your Conservation curriculum for homeschooling. 

One of Disney’s more recent live-action films, The Jungle Book offers curriculum content on Africa, Wildlife, and of course, The Circle of Life! Grab all the packets below. 

Learning lessons from the ocean, Moana shares a journey through Polynesia, to learn about her people, the islands, and the history of wayfinding. This is a super fun lesson including learning star maps and the geography of the islands.

Another important film, Finding Dory shares lessons about predator-prey relationships, marine animals, and migration! Grab the activities below and have a little Finding Nemo/ Finding Dory watch party!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite parts of staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is all the FREE Animal Kingdom Lodge activities that you can do, even if you’re not staying there! Our favorite activity is to identify the mammals and birds you can find on the Animal Kingdom Lodge savanna. What we love about these activities is that you can print these out and learn about the animals, even if you’re studying from home! 

butterfly gardens at disney epcot flower and garden polkadotsandpixiedust.com

EPCOT Natural Sciences Homeschool Curriculum

Yes, even EPCOT has natural sciences as part of the experience of this Disney Park. And with all the changes coming to EPCOT we will be seeing even more green spaces as the park transforms into a place that models how we must take care of our environment. 

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Absolutely one of our favorite festivals at EPCOT and the most family-friendly, the Flower and Garden Festival is all about the natural sciences! From learning about plants to how to grow food to how bees pollinate. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World Parks during the spring be sure to play Spike the Bee’s Pollen Nation Exploration Game. This game identifies critical plants across the World Showcase that are important for bees. And when you finish the game you win a prize! It’s a win-win!

Build Your Own Pollinator Garden

Courtesy of Disney Magic Moments, you can check out the post on the importance of pollinators and grab the instructions to Build a Pollinator Garden at Home

Living with the Land at EPCOT Hidden Mickey

EPCOT The Land

The Land Building at EPCOT is one of our favorite places. Mainly because it always provides a nice respite from the heat, but also because this is where we can find Soarin’ and Live with the Land. These are both educational rides and are so much fun! 

  • Awesome Planet. This new film in The Land features all things Earth. You can catch a fan video of Awesome Planet to get a glimpse of the lessons within!
  • Living with the Land. This ride is seriously one of our favorites in all of Walt Disney World. A simple boat ride, this weaves you through different ecosystems on the planet and just feels amazing. Just like any classic Disney ride, there are sights, sounds, and smells to make the experience feel real. We also love finding hidden mickeys here. Unfortunately, most YouTube videos don’t do this one justice. But studying ecosystems in your schoolwork can get you started. 

hollywood studios 30th anniversary

U.S History 

There is a TON of U.S History happening in the Walt Disney World Parks. So much so that you should have enough here to cover at least a year’s worth of study! Here’s where you can find your Disney Homeschool History Curriculum at Walt Disney World.

Hollywood Studios History Homeschool Curriculum

  • Learn the history of the Chinese Theater at Hollywood Studios. An Architectural Icon of History and home to film premieres of the biggest stars. This building now houses Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride, but much of the interior is still true to the original architecture. 
    • What other famous buildings in America can you think of? Make a list and a map of where the most important ones in the U.S. can be found. 
  • The 1950s gave birth to the baby boomers, the Cold War, and television. If visiting Walt Disney World, check out the 50’s Prime Time Cafe with television at every table and mom’s home-cookin’. If you’re studying from home, read up on the news of the 1950s and drag a tv tray into the living room so you can have a meal in front of the tv! 
    • How has life changed since 1950? How has it stayed the same?
  • Toy Story Land is all about toys! Barbie was invented in 1959 as a way to teach young girls how to become grown-ups. Mr. Potato Head taught fine motor skills to kids starting in 1952, and the Slinky hit the market in 1945.
    • Think about the purpose of Toys and how they help children into adulthood. What do toys do today? If you had to invent a new toy what would it be?

Magic Kingdom History Homeschool Curriculum 

Magic Kingdom is filled with a history of all sorts! Check out what you can find in each area of the park. 

Main Street USA

  • The History of Baseball is a worthy topic to begin any study in U.S History. And if you’re heading to Magic Kingdom, you can find memorabilia, hot dogs, and everything you need to know about America’s Greatest Pastime at Casey’s Corner. This cornerstone restaurant at Disney World is in honor of Casey Jones. You can learn more about Casey and Baseball in the United States in the film, Disney’s American Legends.

Frontierland Homeschool Curriculum

In addition to the western topics you’ll get on the Walt Disney World you can also get a glimpse of Tom Sawyer Island! This little hideaway is from Mark Twain’s classic tale, Tom Sawyer. If this isn’t on your homeschool reading list, it should be. Both Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are featured in this Mark Twain edition of the stories and are well worth having on hand. You can also catch this duo in the Disney movie, Tom and Huck. And Huckleberry Finn with Elijah Wood in The Adventures of Huck Finn. 

Liberty Square Homeschool Curriculum

  • The Liberty Bell is an important part of US History, even if this isn’t a real one. 
  • The Hall of Presidents currently honors all our presidents sharing the most important lesson we’ve learned from each. 
  • Muppets’ Great Moments in History, but only the American Parts was an amazing Muppets show that unfortunately is now canceled. Thankfully you can still learn the most important history on YouTube. 
  • Riverboats were a common form of transportation and recreation in the olden days! Learn more about Steamboats.

EPCOT History Homeschool Curriculum 

America Pavilion in EPCOT World Showcase

The American Adventure showcases several important people and events in U.S. History, all of which can include loads of books and movies! But we’ll share just a few things that could help get you started below. 

United States History Curriculum at Disney Resorts

If you’re visiting the Pop Century Resort you will notice TONS of U.S. history that has completely shaped our lives today. 

Pop Century Resort

  • 1950’s
    • Lady and The Tramp, Transistor Radios, Jukebox, Bowling, Rock n Roll
  • 1960’s
    • The Jungle Book, Play-Doh, Yo-To’s
  • 1970’s
    • Big Wheel, Mickey Mouse Telephone, Foosball Tables, Twister, 8 Track Tapes, 
  • 1980’s
    • Roger Rabbit, Rubik’s Cube, Sport Walkman, Pac-Man, Breakdancing, Hip Hop, 
  • 1990’s
    • Computers, Cell Phones, Rollerblades, Compact Discs

epcot food and wine festival

World History and Cultural Studies

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

The timeline of humanity is never more amazing than it is while riding Spaceship Earth at EPCOT. If you’re ready to dive into every important decade, era, and century in our shared human history, you can check out our script and history timeline of Spaceship Earth.  With opportunities to learn about the creation of papyrus from the Renaissance to the age of computers, this ride will give you the full tour. 

Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

There’s no better to get immersed in a culture than by trying the local fare! Thankfully the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World offers you tons of options in each country so you can taste your way around the world. Check out the Food and Wine Festival Guide and grab a sneak peek at all the Food and Wine Menus.

EPCOT World Showcase Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

One of our favorite parts of the World Showcase at EPCOT is that it allows kids ( and grown-ups) to get a taste of amazing countries around the world. While we hope that everyone will get to travel out of the country, we know for many that it’s just not possible, especially right now. So how can you make sure your child gets a Global Education and an understanding of the world around them? Disney movies, books, and activity guides that encourage questions, exploration, and tons of new information! Whether it’s learning a new recipe or song or about the architecture of a favorite country. Here are all our favorite things to do in each World Showcase Country to help your Disney Homeschool Student!


United Kingdom

  • Learn the British Classics
    • Dr. Who is a British Fan Favorite that has withstood the test of time, and time travel.
      • Dr. Who
    • The Beatles
    • Alice in Wonderland
      • Read Alice in Wonderland
      • Watch Alice in Wonderland
    • Mary Poppins
      • Read Mary Poppins
      • Watch Mary Poppins 
    • Winnie the Pooh
      • Read Winnie the Pooh
      • Watch Winnie the Pooh
  • Family Ancestry and Coat of Arms
    • Family ancestry is taken very seriously in the UK. Discover your family roots and start your family tree. 
  • Make Fish and Chips!
  • Take a break for a 4 pm afternoon Tea
  • Grab the Showcase the World Activity Guide for Ireland for a complete lineup of activities, lesson plans, movie ideas, and recipes. 




  • Kawaii Culture
    • Featured at the EPCOT Japan Pavilion, the Kawaii exhibit features characters you know and love! See how many of these you recognize.
      • Totoro
      • Hello Kitty
      • Pokemon
      • Sailor Moon
  • Japanese Animation: One of the most important parts of Japanese culture is their love of Animation and telling stories. A master storyteller who recently partnered with Walt Disney Studios is Hayao Miyazaki. His films address issues that affect all humanity in a fun childlike and whimsical way that is accessible to all. His films are must-see works of art. 
  • Japanese Food
  • Watch Big Hero 6
  • Grab the Showcase the World Activity Guide for Japan for a complete lineup of activities, lesson plans, movie ideas, and recipes. 

United States







disney illustrated gift books


English and Literature

Magic Kingdom Book List

  • Swiss Family Robinson – Swiss Family Tree House
  • Tom Sawyer- Tom Sawyer Island
  • Peter Pan- Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Beauty and the Beast- Be Our Guest Restaurant
  • The Little Mermaid- Journey of The Little Mermaid
  • Alice in Wonderland- Mad Tea Party

Animal Kingdom Book List

  • The Imagineering Field Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom by Alex Wright
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: An Unofficial History by Chuck Schmidt
  • The Lion King ( A Little Golden Book)
  • The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Hollywood Studios Book List

Disney Book Lists for Home Schooling

epcot world showcaae disney



Magic Kingdom

  • Adventureland Curriculum
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. Tortuga, Haiti
  • Amazon River. Jungle Cruise
  • East Indies- Swiss Family Robinson
  • Polynesian Islands- Enchanted Tiki Room

Animal Kingdom

  • Africa 
  • Asia
  • Himalayan Mountains- Expedition Everest

EPCOT Countries

World Showcase

  • Canada
    • Learn more about Butchart Gardens is the inspiration for Victoria Gardens, which is a floral display garden in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
    • Explore the Canadian Rockies featuring a waterfall in the Canada pavilion. 
    • Who doesn’t love a hotel that looks like a castle? The Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa is the inspiration for the EPCOT Le Cellier Steakhouse. 
    • Canada Far and Wide gives an inside glimpse into all parts of Canada. 
  • United Kingdom
    • The Butterfly and Knot Herb Garden is a traditional hedge maze, common in gardens in England. 
    • The UK houses are modeled after the upscale neighborhood of Hyde Park.
    • The courtyard maze is fashioned after the Somerleyton Hall Maze was built in 1846 in England.
  • France
    • Learn all about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
    • The Champs Elyse is known for its shopping and storefronts are part of the French area at EPCOT.
    • The new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Courtyard in EPCOT France features an architectural gate element inspired by the Metropolitan subway arches famous in Paris, France, designed by Hector Guimard; Master of the Art Nouveau Style.
  •  Morocco
    • The largest structure in Morocco in the World Showcase is a replica of the Koutoubia in Marrakesh. And if you’re looking for the best photo ops, a replica of Bab Boujeloud forms the entrance gateway in Morocco.
    • Mosaics are an important part of Moroccan Architecture. You will notice that the mosaics in World Showcase Morocco stay true to the country’s ideals, as none of the mosaics feature representations of people.
  • America
    • The classic brick colonial-themed architecture in the America Pavilion honors our four fathers and the original American states founded as British Colonies. This American colonial architecture is featured in EPCOT in the American Adventure Building, but probably the most famous home that “kinda looks like” this area is Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. 
  • Japan
    • Japan’s Gosho Imperial Palace in Kyoto, built in 794, was the inspiration for the Mitsukoshi Department Store that also houses  Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining. 
    • A Japanese Pogoda flanks the entrance of World Showcase Japan. This pagoda was inspired by the eighth-century pagoda found at Horyuji Temple in Nara. It is here where you can watch the Disney Japanese drummers. 
    • And a classic torii gate sits on the edge of the lagoon in Japan. 
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • China
  • Norway
  • Mexico

Disney Resort Geography

  • Polynesian Village Resort and Villas
    • Polynesian Islands
  • Caribbean Beach Resort
    • The Caribbean
  • Disney Riviera Resort
    • Southern French Italian Riviera

walt disney world extra extra magic hours 2019


Film Studies

Every inch of Walt Disney World is covered in film studies, but we’ll break down the major areas of concentration here so you can focus your efforts. 

If Walt Disney knew anything, it was how to tell a story. Storytelling is the basis for EVERYTHING at Walt Disney World. It’s the stories in the Disney films that keep us coming back for more. And since many careers are about telling stories here are the movies that have shaped our history and tips on how to master some storytelling of your own. 

Hollywood Studios Classic Film Studies

One of the best comprehensive lists of the world’s most important films was found in The Great Movie Ride. While this Disney attraction closed, the list lives on in the post. From Signing in the Rain to E.T., getting a good film education is about knowing those films. Check out the Great Movie Ride post and tackle this easy list to get started. 

  • Star Wars
  • Indiana Jones
  • The Muppets
  • The Tower of Terror inspired by The Twilight Zone

What are the Movies at All-Star Movies Resort?

  • 101 Dalmations
  • Love Bug
  • Fantasia
  • Toy Story
  • Mighty Ducks

walt disney world festival of the arts chalk art


Art and Music

What Movies are represented at the Art of Animation Resort?

  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Lion King
  • Finding Nemo
  • Cars

EPCOT Festival of the Arts

The Festival of the Arts at EPCOT is by far one of the best ways to get an art education. The Festival of the Arts features performances, culinary and fine art. Simply by strolling through galleries, playing the Figment Brush with the Masters Game, watching the shows, and eating the food you can learn to appreciate all forms of art here. 

What Music can you find at All-Star Music Resort?

If you’re looking to get schooled in some Music Education look no further than the All-Star Music Resort.

  • Country Fair
  • Rock Inn
  • Broadway Hotel
  • Jazz Inn
  • Calypso

Magic Kingdom’s Mickey’s Philharmagic

This 4-D show in Magic Kingdom features Mickey and Donald and scenes from Fantasia! While this show alone will not give you a classical music education, this is a fun show to watch and see if you can recognize the most famous compositions. 

Hollywood Studios Rock n Roller Coaster

This ride is a cult classic for Aerosmith fans. The epitome of rock culture from a band that has been around for decades. The Rock n Roller Coaster weaves you through twists and turns to the soundtrack of some of Aerosmith’s greatest hits. If you’re looking for a classic rock education, you can start with Aerosmith. 

Walt Disney and the World of Imagination

Walt Disney quotes are easy to come by. And many of them are about dreaming, imagination, curiosity, and all the things that come easily to children, but are more difficult to adults. To get an inside glimpse at the mind of Walt Disney and how he kept his childlike wonder alike through his adulthood, check out any Walt Disney biography. As the grown-up nurtures your child through any kind of education, it’s important to instill the importance of imagination. For it is imagination that will help grow creativity, resourcefulness, and more social skills than you can possibly imagine. 

Free Disney Books on Libby App

Disney Homeschool Curriculum

Hopefully, this post has given you plenty of ideas to start building your Disney Homeschool Curriculum for your student at home. Each topic area has been broken down enough so that it can be adapted to a variety of ages. And if you’re looking for even more Disney content to add to your Homeschool curriculum, check out all the Disney Books on Libby that you can check out for FREE

Disney World Homeschool Curriculum Ideas for every topic and age. For Kids K-12, this post has tons of information for most subjects, activity packets, and more! Perfect for homeschool families or fun Disney educational activities at home! #disneyhome #disneyhomeschool #disneycurriculum #disneyk12 #polkadotpixies

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