Least Expensive Times to Take a Disney Cruise in 2024

Least Expensive Times to Take a Disney Cruise in 2024

As the new year begins, you may be thinking about travel for 2024. And maybe you’re hoping a Disney Cruise is in your future! But they can be so expensive, it can be difficult to find something that might fit your budget. We’ve scoured all of the current Disney Cruise itineraries to find the cheapest time to take a Disney Cruise. Here are the least expensive times to take a Disney Cruise in 2024.

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When is the Cheapest Time to Go on a Disney Cruise in 2024?

There are lots of ways to save money on a Disney Cruise vacation.  You can book a guaranteed cruise stateroom, pay with discounted Disney gift cards, book the onboard offer when sailing. But one of the easiest ways to get a Cheap Disney Cruise Package  is to simply travel during a cheaper time. If you’re able to get the time off work and/or school, there are few ways that are going to be simpler than just choosing a cheaper Disney Cruise. Here are the least expensive times to take a Disney Cruise Trip. 

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What is the Best Month to Go on a Disney Cruise?

The best time to take a Disney Cruise on a budget is in Mid January- late February. Students from kindergarten to college have gone back to school, and many people are still recovering from the holidays. As a result, cruises stay cheap, and less crowded. 

From Mid-January to Mid- February

A cruise during the middle parts of January, specifically after Martin Luther King Day to late February, is one of the least expensive times for a Disney Cruise in 2024. 

Least Expensive times Disney Cruise in early 2024:

Sailing in January and February offers some of the best weather to southern destinations, and there are a variety of ports to choose from. You can find some of the cheapest Disney cruises offering 4-5 night sailings. 

February 26-March 1, 2024: Leaving out of New Orleans, rates for 2 guests start at $1740 for a 4-night cruise. 

January 17-January 21, 2024: If you’re looking for a quick getaway, this 4-night sailing on the Disney Dream starts at $2266 for a party of 2, and sails out of the newly renovated Port Everglades terminal. 

January 21-26, 2024: This 5-night western Caribbean Cruise leaving from Galveston starts at just $2160 for 2 guests. This is a great deal for a 5 night cruise!

January 27- February 3, 2024: Inside rooms with a magical porthole start at just $3687 for 2 guests on this sailing headed to the Western Caribbean. 

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During Hurricane Season in August and September

Specifically, during the months of August and September, hurricane season can offer you some of the cheapest prices of the year. Now there are things you should know about sailing on a cruise during hurricane season.  But if you feel like you can deal with the uncertainty of the season, you’ll find some of the cheapest prices of the entire year during these months. 

Cheapest times for a Disney Cruise during hurricane season 2024:

September 13-16, 2024: Looking to sail to Disney Cruise Line’s newest destination, Lighthouse Point? This 3-night sailing on the magic out of Fort Lauderdale starts at just $1645 for a party of two. And it’s a Halloween on the High Seas sailing, meaning you’ll even get a fun theme out of it!

September 16-20, 2024: For just $100 more (for 2 guests) than the previously mentioned cruise, you can add an extra night on this 4-night sailing from Fort Lauderdale.  Prices start at $1747 for 2. 

September 7-14, 2024: Of course you can start to see a pattern here, with the lowest prices being offered in mid-September. For those looking for a 7-night cruise to the Western Caribbean, these are some of the best prices you’ll find, with staterooms starting at $3239. 

August 31-September 7, 2024: Another great deal on a 7-night cruise headed to the Eastern Caribbean this time, is the same price, at $3239 for 2 guests.  

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During the Shoulder Seasons for Destinations

Every destination has what’s called a shoulder season. The shoulder season varies based on the destination. But if you can plan it right, you can find some great Disney Cruise Line deals.

  • Cruises to Alaska, for example, will generally have the cheapest prices in May and September.
  • For Caribbean Cruises, the shoulder season lines up with the more active hurricane season months, September and October.
  • And for European Cruises, the very beginning and very end of summer tend to be cheaper as well, May and September. 

Least Expensive times for Disney Cruise during the shoulder season 2024

Here’s a look at some of the least expensive Disney Cruises for each destination’s shoulder season. 

Disney Cruise Alaska Port Excursions

Cheapest times to cruise to Alaska

Shoulder season for Alaska is at the very beginning and very end of the cruising season. May and September will be the cheapest times to take a Disney Cruise to Alaska. They can also be the most unpredictable in terms of weather. But if you’re ok with gambling on good weather, or don’t really care about the weather for your cruise, this is a great time to go in terms of budget.

May 13-20, 2024: As the first sailing of the year, you can expect to get a good deal on this cruise to Alaska. With inside rooms starting at $3487 for 2 people on this 7-night itinerary, this is one of the best ways to save money on a Disney Cruise to Alaska.

September 2-9, 2024: As one of the last sailings of the 2024 sailing season, it’s also one of the cheapest you’ll find to cruise to Alaska. For two guests, inside rooms start as low as $3263, with verandahs starting at $5867, which is less than many Oceanview staterooms will cost in the summer. 

If neither of those dates work for you, be sure to check out dates right before and/or after each of those dates. May and September Alaska cruises are often discounted as the season nears. 

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Cheapest times to cruise in Europe

Europe’s shoulder season tends to be during a similar time to Alaska. Tourism peaks starting in June and all through the summer until late August and into September. As such, you can usually find some of the best deals at the very beginning and the very end of the cruise season there.  One thing to keep in mind regarding Disney Cruises to Europe is that Disney charges a premium for European cruises. Your best bet is to wait until they release guaranteed staterooms for these Disney Cruise sailings  usually starting after the New Year. Here’s a look at some of the cheaper European cruises, including ones that in the last few cruising seasons, have been heavily discounted as sailing gets nearer. 

Aug 12-16, 2024: This 4-night cruise from Southampton to La Rochelle, France, starts at $3258 for a party of 2. Though this is not nearly as cheap as you can find a 4-night cruise to the Caribbean, for Europe, this isn’t too bad of a deal. And if you can wait, it’s possible for this cruise to drop in price when guaranteed rooms start to become available. 

September 1-8, 2024: Sailing from Southampton, this 7-night Western Europe cruise sails to Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium.  With inside rooms starting at $4427 for 2 guests, this is an itinerary that tends to have guaranteed rooms become available as well. Due to the timing and port stops, it’s generally not as easy to fill. Which means Disney will usually release guaranteed staterooms. And these are where you’ll find the most savings. 

September 8-15, 2024: Another 7 night cruise out of Southampton, this British Isles sailing historically has difficulty filling the ship as well. This results in guaranteed staterooms being released at a pretty good discount. Prices for 2 guests start at $4539, but we would bet that those prices will drop as 2024 progresses. 

Cheapest times for a Disney Cruise

Cheapest times to Cruise to the Caribbean during the shoulder season

If you’re a northerner, you’ll appreciate the cheapest time to sail to the Caribbean is also one of the best times to get away from the winter weather. As stated before, the Caribbean’s shoulder season is usually during hurricane season. Since we’ve already mentioned when the cheapest times to sail during hurricane season are, we will include some of the other less expensive sailings during shoulder season here. 

Oct 4-7, 2024: This 3-night sailing from Fort Lauderdale goes to Disney’s newest destination, Lighthouse Point and is even a Halloween on the High Seas sailing! With prices starting at $1723 for 2 people, this is a great way to get your Disney Cruise fix. Yes, October is still hurricane season, so be prepared.

November 15-21, 2024: If you’re able to manage a one-way cruise, or can book a back-to-back, this 6-night sailing from San Juan to Galveston is a great deal. With prices as low as $2123 for 2 people. This cruise stops at both Lighthouse Point and Castaway Cay, making it perfect for guests who enjoy Disney’s private destinations. 

December 11-15, 2024: Another sailing out of Galveston, this 4-night sailing is even a Very Merrytime Sailing! 2 guests can plan to spend $2007 for a 4-night cruise. 

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Between School Breaks in March April and May

A general rule of thumb for any travel, is that it will always be more expensive when kids are out of school. Now this is solely based on traditional US school schedules. So if your school participates in year-round schooling, or if you’re coming from another country, keep this in mind. 

Cheapest times for a Disney Cruise between school breaks 2024

Some of the best times to cruise with Disney is between school breaks! This usually means lower prices and lower crowds. Many people don’t want to take their kids out of school at certain times. And between breaks is a great time to look for deals on Disney Cruises. 

March 1-5, 2024: If you can sail from New Orleans, you can save some serious cash. This March sailing happens to be right before most spring breaks begin. Which makes it a pretty ok bargain. Cruise fares start at $1933 for 2 guests. 

March 6-10, 2024: Another cruise that happens to start just before spring break. This 4-night sailing from Galveston, Texas is a steal at $2055 for 2 people on the Disney Magic. Sailing to Mexico, it’s a great pre-spring break, break. 

April 12-15, 2024: Since Easter is earlier in 2024, that means many spring breaks have been shifted as well. April will have better deals than it has in the past as a result. Since many students will be back in school mid-April, that means prices for cruises will drop too. This 3-night sailing from Fort Lauderdale starts at just $1733 for 2 guests. 

April 28-May 2, 2o24: After spring break, but before the start of summer, this 4-night Baja Cruise on the Disney Wonder can be booked for just $1932 for 2 people. Perfect for those who live on the Pacific Coast, or just want to experience it! 

May 9-13, 2024: Although this is a one-way cruise to Vancouver, and is technically the repositioning cruise for the start of Alaska Cruise season, being able to sail to Victoria, Canada is pretty awesome! Victoria is known to be a bit difficult to get to. And since Disney Cruises to Alaska don’t generally stop there, this is a great opportunity to experience it. This 4-night sailing starts at $2067 for 2 people. 

May 13-17, 2024: May is the perfect time to take a Disney Cruise. Why? Because many people are gearing up for summer break. And won’t take their kids out of school right before the year is over. Which means lower cruise prices and often an emptier ship! This 4-night Bahamas sailing from Fort Lauderdale starts at just $2019 for 2 people

Best Time to Go on a Disney Cruise

As you can see from the range of Disney Cruise Itineraries, there are a lot of dates to choose from throughout the year. And we like to think that sometimes the cheapest time to take a Disney Cruise is also sometimes the best time to take a Disney Cruise. As you get ready for this Cruise vacation, be sure to check out all the Disney Cruise Ship Guides, details, excursions and more on our Disney Cruise Vacation page.  

What is the Cheapest Month to Book a Cruise?

If you’re looking to not only get the cheapest prices on your sailing, but also take advantage of price fluctuations throughout the year, the Cheapest Months to Book a Disney Cruise is in early November and early December. At the end of the year, you can often find cheaper prices just in time for travel planning in the new year. 

How Far Out Should You Book a Disney Cruise for the Best Price?

Just like all travel, there are optimum times to book a cruise for the best rates. Disney Cruise Line themselves recommend that you should book peak season Disney Cruise itineraries at least one year in advance for the best price and stateroom availability. This allows you access to the best cruise itineraries, promotional rates, and popular destination excursions. How soon your Disney Excursion booking window opens up is based on your Castaway Cay Club Level. If you’re a new Disney Cruiser then your book window opens 75 days before your sailing. 

When does Disney Release Cruise Itineraries?

While Disney Cruise Line doesn’t have an exact schedule for when they release new cruise itineraries, but they are generally released 15-18 months before sail dates. If you’re eager to be ready be sure to reach out and we can let you know when they’re released! Need help finding a Disney Cruise that’s right for you? We can help you plan that! Just fill out our no obligation form and we will be glad to help you find a cruise that suits your tastes and budget.

So there you have it, some of the cheapest cruises with Disney Cruise Line for 2024. Did any of these surprise you? As always, it’s important to check for discounts that are released. As well as when Guaranteed Staterooms are as well, as those tend to save you the most money. 

What's the cheapest time to go on a Disney Cruise?

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