Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Matinee

Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Matinee

The fall season brings loads of reasons to cuddle up and stay indoors. And we love nothing more than to make a big deal out of watching a movie during this time of year. Especially holiday movies. As evident from our growing collection of Disney Movie Night posts, we just couldn’t resist adding one of our favorite newer Halloween movies to the mix. The Muppets Haunted Mansion. While this movie is currently only available on Disney Plus, we definitely think the Disney Plus Halloween Shows lineup is worth adding to your October budget. Let’s dive into all the ways you can make your Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Matinee extra special this spooky season. 

If you’re looking for a great way to add some spooky fun to the holiday, the Haunted Mansion Muppets version is everything you need this Halloween season. Complete with a spooky storyline, some life lessons, and catchy songs, this film has it all. We love that it’s great for both kids and adults, offering up humor that both will enjoy. And adding in an all-star cast you’re sure to recognize. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Night

Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie 

Debuting in 2021 on Disney Plus+ Muppets Haunted Mansion brings everything you know and love about the Disney attraction in the parks to the storyline. Featuring familiar lines ( 999 happy haunts) and characters (the Ghost Host, Constance), parkgoers will automatically recognize the Haunted Mansion Easter Eggs in this film. The script is fantastic and littered with catchy songs to help move the story along. An absolutely wonderful Halloween movie to re-watch each year. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Synopsis

This Muppets Halloween Special follows Gonzo and Pepe the Prawn as they journey to a Haunted Mansion to see if they can “survive” the night. Curious about the disappearance of Gonzo’s favorite magician, The Great MacGuffin, who disappeared 100 years ago in the mansion, they skip out on the Muppet’s Halloween Party back home. Separated from their friends, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and the Muppets gang, these two embark on a mission to face their fears; the ultimate test of staying at the mansion. While Pepe gets distracted by his love of romance and John Stamos, Gonzo takes on the task of self-discovery. The mansion offers him experiences that ultimately show him that his fears revolve around losing his friends. What if he’s not funny enough? Will they still like him if he doesn’t do crazy stunts? Such a great film about self-acceptance and friendship, we love that his Disney Halloween Movie combines the fun of the muppets and the ride with a bit of a lesson. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Cast

Where do we start? Such a great cast! Featuring The Muppets of course. Will Arnett as the “Ghost Host”, Yvette Nicole Brown as the Limo Driver, Darren Criss as the Graveyard Caretaker, and Taraji P. Henson as our wayward bride Constance, there’s no shortage of excellent acting. Oddly, John Stamos is also staying at the mansion. Even the ghosts in the graveyard and singing busts are familiar faces.

  • Singing Busts: Skai Jackson, Geoff Keighley, Justina Machado, Craig Robinson, and Pat Sajak
  • Ghosts: Ed Asner as Claude, Jeannie Mai as Maude, Chrissy Metz as Harriet, Alfonso Ribeiro as Fred, Danny Trejo as Huet and Sasheer Zamata as Mary

Muppets Haunted Mansion Where to Watch

Where to Watch Muppets Haunted Mansion

Muppets Haunted Mansion is available to watch ONLY on Disney Plus+ at the moment. As such, if you’re hoping to see this muppets masterpiece we recommend buying a Disney Plus subscription for the month to get your fix. Check out our Disney Plus Price Guide for the 2023 price updates and if we think having this streaming service is worth it. Note, that Disney Plus has begun to release a few series, that were once only available on Disney Plus, on DVD. As such, we’ll keep an eye out for if a Muppets Haunted Mansion DVD comes available in the future. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Easter  Eggs

If you know the Haunted Mansion ride, or the original Haunted Mansion film featuring Eddie Murphy, you’ll be able to recognize most of these. For our sake, we couldn’t help making the list, because it’s just fun to find the similarities between the ride, film, and muppets crew themselves. Sharing just a few of them here, you can find a great list of Muppets Haunted Mansion Easter Eggs with screenshots. 

Muppets Costumes: Kermit and Miss Piggy swap identities for their couple’s costume, just as Lew Zealand and his fish choose to go matchy-matchy. Such fun. 

Constance Hatchaway: Found in the attic among her scrapbooks, photos, dead husbands, and hatchet of choice, Constance takes a whole scene in the ride, and gets oh so close to marrying Pepe the Prawn. Till Death Do Us Part…which typically comes too soon for Constance’s husbands. 

Kermit’s Eyes on the Gate: Check out the Haunted Mansion Gate. Part of the ironwork pattern includes Kermit’s eyes, on both sides. 

Haunted Mansion’s Address 924: Honoring Jim Henson’s birthday, September 24, 1936, the address to the Mansion is Muppets Haunted Mansion is 924. This address plaque also features a Muppet, Mo Frackle.

Graveyard Groundskeeper and Dog: Known from the ride, just before the Graveyard Scene, Darren Criss plays the shaking and nervous pair in the film. Before breaking into song to highlight the ghosts in the graveyard. 

Haunted Mansion Gravestones: Littered around the Haunted Mansion graveyard near the attraction is a slew of funny gravestones. So fun in fact, we even made a Muppets Haunted Mansion shirt to honor them. 

Is Muppets Haunted Mansion for Kids?

Yes. Absolutely. The situations are a bit spooky but should be fine for younger children. Especially since the sets, costumes, and songs are more whimsical than worrying. The one scene that may get questions would be Gonzo’s rapid aging in the mirror as he faces his fears. But as the message there may be over small children’s heads, they may miss the “fear” in that scene anyway. Meant for 8+ you can read the Parents’ Guide to Muppets Haunted Mansion for all the details.  

Muppets Haunted Mansion Soundtrack

The Muppets Haunted Mansion Soundtrack can add a little more fun to your muppets movie night. With original songs, you can grab the MP3 album on Amazon, or listen for free with Amazon Unlimited. The songs on the Muppet’s Haunted Mansion Soundtrack are

  • Rest in Peace by Darren Criss
  • Life Heafter featuring Will Arnett and the Muppets
  • Tie the Knot Tango by Taraji P. Henson and Pepe the King Prawn
  • Dancing in the Moonlight by Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem

Muppets haunted Mansion Party

Muppets Haunted Mansion Decorations

Okay, onto the fun stuff. If you’re just having a Movie Matinee at home some afternoon, you may feel like decorations are a bit “over the top”. However, these ones make good all-around Halloween Decorations anyway. So you don’t need the excuse of a Muppets Haunted Mansion Party to add these little Halloween touches

Halloween Balloons in Black and Orange

In the Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie, the scene is set with black and orange balloons at the Muppets Halloween Party. We only get little glimpses of this party, because Gonzo and Pepe lead the story at the mansion. However, you can see not only a lovely buffet spread but also the orange and black balloons everywhere. Easy to grab at Target, you can also just get Halloween Balloons on Amazon with your next order. Simply inflate and hang the balloons around the house, drape them near your sideboard, or make an arch across a doorway.

DIY Vampire Bats Decorations For the Wall

Miss Piggy says it best as Madame Leota, “pumpkin spice lattes and a vampire bat.” While these words are intentionally botched from the true Madame Leota script, we love it. And it gives a great reason to decorate with easy decorations. While we can just grab a package of paper bats from anywhere, you can also just make them. Grab some black cardstock; regular or glitter and cut out the bats. Then simply use sticky tack or gift wrapping tape to adhere them to your wall for the season. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Breakfast

Muppets Haunted Mansion Halloween Breakfast

We love a movie night. And you can choose to host this movie as a matinee or evening feature with breakfast as dinner. In the movie, Kermit is hosting a Halloween Breakfast and he makes sure to let Gonzo and Pepe know that he expects them back in time for the morning part of this party, since they’re skipping out on the evening fun. We loved the idea of a Halloween Breakfast for this film, so chose to whip us the easiest of things. Kermit’s Pumpkin Pancakes and Miss Piggy’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes. So, get ready we’re whipping up an easy brunch for you to watch with the film. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Halloween Party

Kermit’s Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes 

Adapted from one of our favorite food blogs, Cookie and Kate, this is a recipe for homemade pumpkin pancakes. Light, fluffy, and flavorful. But, if you’re looking for easy, and want these from a box instead, the Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice Pancakes are your best bet. 


  • 1 cup white whole wheat flour or regular whole wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon (for stronger pumpkin “spice” flavor, use 1 teaspoon or substitute 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice blend)
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • ⅓ cup pumpkin purée
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup or brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter or coconut oil


  1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt. Stir until blended.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine the milk, pumpkin purée, egg, maple syrup, vanilla extract and melted butter. Whisk until thoroughly blended.
  3. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry, and stir until no big lumps remain. Do not overmix.
  4. Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat and melt some butter into the pan to prevent the pancakes from sticking.
  5. Using a ⅓-cup measure, scoop the batter onto the warm skillet.
  6. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until small bubbles form on the surface of the pancakes. Then flip and repeat.
  7. Serve the pancakes immediately, or stack them and cover the plate with a tea towel to keep them warm
  8. Serve with butter, maple syrup, and/or whipped cream.

Muppets Haunted Mansion Party

Miss Piggy’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes

“Pumpkin Spice Lattes and a Vampire Bat.” This pumpkin spice latte is easy to make and perfect to add to your Halloween Breakfast spread. For little ones, just skip the espresso to make a steamer. 


  • ¼ cup Torani Pumpkin Pie Sauce
  • 2 oz. espresso ( 1/4 c.)
  • 8 oz. milk of choice
  • whipped cream to garnish
  • cinnamon to garnish


  1. Prepare a shot of espresso. You can do this in an Espresso Machine, or brew a strong cup of coffee with illy and a Moka pot
  2. Add the Pumpkin Pie Sauce
  3. Mix with a frother, until combined
  4. In a separate pitcher, froth milk
  5. Add milk plus foam to the espresso mixture
  6. Top with whipped cream and cinnamon

Muppets Haunted Mansion Snacks

For us, we don’t like anything too scary. And that goes for food too, even at Halloween. We’re not big on peeled grapes that feel like eyeballs or thin spaghetti made to look like entrails. As such, our treats are more fun than frightening. 

Halloween Creepy Finger treats



  1. In a double boiler add the white chocolate and green food coloring. You can makeshift a double boiler, by filling up a medium saucepan, with about 2 inches of water, bringing it to a boil, then remove from heat. Place a bowl on top of the pan, so that the bottom doesn’t touch the water, and add the chocolate and food coloring. Stir slowly, until melted. 
  2. Once melted, dip one pretzel rod at a time into the chocolate and use a swirling motion to cover about 1/2 of the rod. Remove and place on wax paper. Add one sliced almond as the “fingernail” to the pretzel rod and let cool. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion PArty

Muppets Haunted Mansion Activities

If you’re watching Muppets Haunted Mansion and making it a party, we’ve rounded up a couple of things that are perfect to honor the movie. 

Carve pumpkins

In Muppets Haunted Mansion, it’s actually the carving of the pumpkins, that causes Kermit to choose pumpkin pancakes for breakfast the next morning. As a result, we love this activity to help get your front porch or window glowing with extra Halloween fun. Grab a pumpkin carving kit and use your imagination to come up with the best carving ideas. 

Card Tricks

In Muppets Haunted Mansion The Great MacGuffin is a card trick master! He even carries around playing cards to perform magic at a moment’s notice. Grab a pack of playing cards and learn a new card trick. For started we’d suggest the Whispering Queen Card Trick by Penn and Teller. 

Make a Haunted Mansion Scrapbook Page

Making memories and keeping them in a scrapbook is an age-old tradition. And we love the opportunity for cute pictures accented by Halloween stickers. Grab your Cricut machine and purchase some sticker paper. There are loads of Halloween graphics in Cricut Design Space to fill your scrapbook with spooky things.

Muppets Haunted Mansion Trivia

You can grab the Muppets Haunted Mansion Trivia by right-clicking the image and saving it to your computer or phone, Or printing the pdf from the link. You can also grab the Answers to Muppets Haunted Mansion Trivia here

Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Night

Muppets Haunted Mansion Shirts and Outfit Ideas

If you’re turning your movie-watching into a Muppets Haunted Mansion Party, there are loads of outfit and costume ideas to choose from! You can honor Constance with a wedding veil. a string of pearls and maybe a plastic hatchet to start. “Do you believe in love at first sight… or should I float by again.” Or add a velvet smoking jacket and a mustache to pull off the “Ghost Host” look. And if you’re dog is always by your side you can play the groundskeeper with his scared pup. Loads of characters in this movie lend to amazing costume ideas.

If you’re a Muppts fan and looking for something simpler, or maybe something you can lounge about in with pajama pants, check out our tees in the shop. We’re sharing our favorite gravestones on the Muppets Haunted Mansion Cemetery shirt, and hailing Miss Piggy as Madame Leota on our Miss Piggy Halloween shirt. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Night

Muppets Movie Nights

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas to make your Disney Movie Night extra special. And if you’re ready to do it all over again for the holidays, be sure to check out our Muppets Christmas Carol Movie Night post. Complete with toffee pudding and reasons to celebrate the season. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Movie Night

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