La Cantina de San Angel Disney Restaurant Epcot

La Cantina de San Angel Disney Restaurant Epcot

If you’ve browsed the Disney website you know the dining options are endless. Endless. And sometimes, you’re not on the dining plan, so you need something cheap. And sometimes, you won’t really have time to commit an hour to eating, and sometimes you’re not really in the mood to try anything new with a truffle foam or oysters. Sometimes all you really want is some decent Mexican.

A Quick Service Restaurant in Epcot, Walt Disney World

The EPCOT Quick Service Restaurants are some of the best on Disney property. They are, however, often overshadowed by the various festivals and special menus available at the kiosks. While we definitely have our favorites like Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie in France for breakfast and Sunshine Seasons when no one can figure out what they want to eat, we actually never really took notice of all our quick service options before. But this last vacation we were on the Dining Plan, and with that comes mandatory must-use meals. We’re also always on the search for some good enchiladas.

Quick Service dining options at Disney are walk-up counter service restaurants that allow you to get food pretty quickly, without a reservation. They usually have some small seating areas nearby for guests and are often bustling with activity. While we have definitely come to figure out our favorite quick-service restaurants in each of the parks, La Cantina de San Angel had somehow slipped under the radar as a potential option. You can access the Cantina right on the side of the main entrance to La Hacienda de San Angel.

Mexican Restaurant overlooking the Lagoon

If you’ve ever wondered which restaurant that is that overlooks the World Showcase Lagoon, this is it. While there is plenty of seating here, if full, they just usher you into the main restaurant. But this is always such a nice view and an excellent escape from the midway crowds all over Epcot.

La Cantina de San Angel Quick Service Menu

Since no reservation is needed for a quick serve restaurant you can take care in knowing that you can simply walk up and order food whenever is convenient, without any advance planning.

The menu is a limited version of what is offered inside the restaurant as part of Table Service. You’ll find chicken, rice and vegetables, tacos, burritos, empanadas and nachos, and a few other simple choices. Truthfully, it won’t matter what you get, because it was all really good. The food is flavorful and in decent portion sizes to help you get through the day.

mexican epcot
Pollo Cascabel

This rice bowl combined chicken, rice, corn, pickled onions and cascabel sauce. It’s the medium heat sauce that really flavors the whole dish. As you can see it’s a pretty good portion size. If you go more for mild grab some sour cream from the condiment counters.

mexican food at epcot

The basic nachos here were amazing. With tons of jalepenos ( almost too many) and some really flavorful beef and beans, this was filling enough to have for lunch. If you’re  dining with kids they’ll probably eat all the chips with the Disney yellow plastic cheese, so grab a batch to share if you have a group to feed.

Empanadas con Queso

These Empanadas aren’t filled with meat, they’re filled with cheese and you get this sweet slaw that goes with it perfectly! This one added a lot of really lovely flavors together and again quite plenty to eat for lunch or dinner.

La Cantina de San Angel Quick Service at Epcot

You’ll be paying anywhere between 8 and 14 dollars for your quick service meal depending what you get. And in true Disney fashion the drinks will cost you another 3 dollars. The kids menu has kids sizes of the empanadas and chicken fingers for 8 dollars each. That said if you’re hoping to grab the churros here plan on adding another 5 dollars to your bill.

These costs are comparable to pretty much anywhere else in Epcot. So whether you’re heading to America for hamburgers, England for fish and chips, or Norway for a salmon sandwich it really is just about what you and your family/travelers like to eat! So if Mexican is your thing, be sure to stop by this one. You won’t be disappointed.

All in all, we were thrilled with this quick, last minute quick service choice for lunch. It’s also right across the midway from Choza de Margarita… so if you’re going to need a drink, you can grab one before leaving Mexico.

Check out the full menu to see if this quick service would match your taste buds.

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