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Best Snacks at Epcot Walt Disney World

Best Snacks at Epcot Walt Disney World

The BEST snacks at Epcot are usually the ones you least expect. Lacking the fanfare of fancy wall-matching treats you’ll find at Magic Kingdom, Epcot still offers some tried and true treats we seek out every time we visit. Keep in mind that Epcot offers a World Showcase of culturally authentic foods, and top notch restaurants. Add in annual festivals that bring more food and drink options than you could imagine and you’re probably left wondering, “What Snacks does Epcot actually have?” 

While we definitely feel like sometimes our trips to Epcot are just about finding food to eat, pulling together this list was a little tough! Especially if you normally only travel during festival seasons. Thankfully, the Epcot snacks in this list are offered year round. So regardless of when you visit you can plan on grabbing something delicious. 

Werthers Popcorn
Karmell Kuche | World Showcase- Germany

There is nothing like the homemade-in-front-you Werthers popcorn at Epcot. At one point we just stand in line wondering why we even bothered to eat anything else that day. Sure, there are tons of other snacks in the Karmell-Kuche shop, all worth your attention. But the popcorn has way more accolades on the whole. Covered in fresh caramel, the Werthers popcorn you get by waiting in line (not the pre-bagged kind on the shelf) is the perfect nighttime snack after a long day. We also love that it’s portable to bring on the bus or plane and always find ourselves buying some extra to take back home with us. Can be purchased with snacks credits if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan. And makes the perfect high-protein breakfast snack if you’re skipping your morning meal.

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Japan Cart | World Showcase- Japan

Cool and creamy, this large bowl of ice covered in fruit syrup and cream is a staple at Japan festivals. Considered the “healthy” snack choice this dessert snack is actually more than just shaved ice. The combinations of flavors and cream make it slightly heartier than you’d expect. Plus, we love that it helps keep us hydrated and cool on those hot Florida days. Definitely more than just a pretty dessert, there’s a reason why the Kakigori cart always has a line. If you haven’t tried this one yet, get it on your list. 

american dream epcot

American Dream
Fife and Drum | World Showcase-America

Ahh, the American Dream. As one of the first snacks we ever tried at Walt Disney World the America Dream tops our list must-try snacks. Yes, it’s simply blue-raspberry and strawberry slushie with vanilla ice cream in the middle, served in a cup. But if you’ve ever been to a fair or a festival you know the claim that Creamsicles have on the childhood psyche. This is truly the perfect summertime drink and only offered at Fife and Drum. Completely worth a snack credit. And we always have cash on us for this drink just in case the machines are down. Because that did happen one time and, without cash, we were devastated. 

french macron at epcot

Macron Ice Cream Sandwich
L’Artisan des Glaces | World Showcase- France

Another go-to snack in Epcot is the amazing Macron Ice Cream Sandwich in France. Lots of variations on ice cream flavor and macron choice make this extra special. We love that it’s portable, and not too sweet. As an authentic snack you’ll only find in Epcot France this treat is perfect. Not too big or small and won’t ruin dinner. A little fancier than a Mickey Bar, be sure to take pics of this treat, as it comes in fun tissue Parisian Newspaper wrapping too. 

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Croissant Donuts
Refreshment Port | World Showcase Plaza

If you haven’t heard of croissant donuts, or cronuts, its simply a donut that is made with layers of pastry and then covered in sugar. How can this not be good, right? The best Croissant donuts on Disney property are found here. They do sometimes have variations on flavors with fruit or chocolate. And during festivals you can sometimes also find these at Test Track in lots of delicious flavors in Future World near Mission Space. These little masterpieces are pretty much just dough and sugar, so they don’t really constitute as a meal of any kind. But if you’ve grabbed your coffee and are looking for something to nibble while you stroll through Epcot, this could be it. 


Chips and Guac
Choza de Margarita | World Showcase- Mexico

If you’re looking for a quick filling snack while waiting for a late dinner, head to Mexico in the World Showcase to visit this newer food cart, Choza de Margarita. The guac and chips are fresh, light and portable. If you’re looking for something a little healthier that still feel like a treat, we like this snack best for days filled with lots of walking.

The Best Snacks at Epcot, Walt Disney World

There it is! The best list at Epcot we’ve found so far. If you have any you think we should try chime in and let us know!

The Best Snacks at Epcot Walt Disney World. Both sweet and savory. Here's our favorites so far! Consider this a selective list! and let us know your favorites. #disneysnacks #epcotsnacks #polkadotpixies

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