The Best Mocktails at Disney World for Dry January and Beyond

The Best Mocktails at Disney World for Dry January and Beyond

We have been on the search for the best mocktails at Walt Disney World. Whether you call these mocktails, zero-proof cocktails, or non-alcoholic beverages, we have tried a lot in search of our favorites. Here is our list of the best mocktails at Walt Disney World!

Zero Proof Drinks at Disney World

If you’re trying to avoid alcohol for any reason, whether it’s a health decision, a financial one, or maybe you’re just not into that (or maybe you’re underage..) it can be a little tricky to find non-alcoholic drinks at Walt Disney World that actually taste good. And not like they were made for a five-year-old. Yes, you know what I’m talking about.  The drinks are so sugary and sweet. The drinks are literally just juice. Or the worst, the drinks with a gigantic scoop of sherbet that shows up completely melted and sticky. 

On the other hand we love having a fancy drink. And we just don’t always want alcohol. Plus as my daughter is now an older teen (what?!), we enjoy being able to try out different lounges around Walt Disney World and being able to find her something she actually likes.

We aren’t really soda drinkers, not at home or on vacation, so finding fun drinks at Disney without alcohol has always been a bit of a challenge. But lately, Disney has been introducing more and more zero-proof cocktails. And we’ve hunted down quite a few different non-alcoholic drinks to try to find the best. We hope as Disney continues to follow the non-alcoholic trend, we’ll be able to discover more options! And as we embark on Dry January at Disney World, there are plenty of Disney mocktails, and zero-proof drinks to try! Take a look at our list of delicious mocktails at Disney and where to find them! 

Kinds of Mocktails at Disney World

Something of note if you’re ordering Mocktails at Disney. Disney doesn’t really have this lingo down yet. For instance, a Non-Alcoholic Beverage is NOT THE SAME as a Non-Alcoholic Mocktail, as we’ve seen on the Sanaa Lounge Menu.  The latter is one that may include a small amount of fermentation alcohol and is not able to be ordered if you’re under 21. Alternatively, we’ve seen the Zero-Proof Cocktail language on Disney menus, that include both mocktails and virgin drinks. So, when in doubt ask your server about the alcohol content if you’re ordering these for children in your group. 

Virgin Mocktails: Completely 100% alcohol-free, these are you’re typically your Pomegranate Lemonade, and Watermelon Lemonade options on a menu. Don’t discount, however, the opportunities to ask for something better. A Shirley Temple ( Grenadine and Ginger Ale), Roy Rogers (Grenadine and Cola), an Arnold Palmer ( Tea and Lemonade), Virgin Mai Tais, Virgin Pina Coladas, or Virgin Margaritas are all worth asking about if you want your child to feel included.  

Zero-Proof Cocktails: Zero Proof Cocktails at Disney may still have a 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) component and you may not be able to order one for your child. This recently happened to us when we wanted to order the Agave Garden Mocktail on the Tambu Lounge Menu. As it’s made with Lyres, it has the .5% alcohol and we were unable to get it for our 18-year-old. This differs across Disney property, as we were able to order these at Citricos Lounge and Nomad Lounge in the past, but just be aware. 

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Absolutely 100% alcohol-free, these often include your lemonade and ice cream varieties for kids. However, if you’re looking for great non-alcoholic drinks at Disney World for kids, then Space 220 Lounge has some of the most fun, and best we’ve found so far. 

Nomad Lounge Mocktails

Mocktails at Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge is one of our favorite lounges at Walt Disney World.  And usually,  a must-do for a day at Animal Kingdom. I feel like many people overlook this spot and that’s a shame because it’s such a relaxing place, with lots of delicious drinks and bites. 

Zingiber Fizzie

At Nomad Lounge you can find the Zingiber Fizzie. This is a non-alcoholic drink made up of Passion Fruit Purée, Mint, Simple Syrup, and Lime Juice topped with Ginger Beer. This is super refreshing and light. And one of our favorite items on the menu! We get it every time, it’s just that good. Perfect for hot days in Orlando. 

Hibiscus Henna

With Watermelon, Hibiscus, and Lime Juice topped with seltzer, the Hibiscus Henna is flavorful, light, and not too sweet. Perfectly refreshing for days sitting out on Nomad’s patio watching the flotillas float by. 

For the full menu at Nomad Lounge, click here.

Walt Disney World Lounge for Grown Ups Disney Adults Enchanted Rose Grand Floridian

Mocktails at Enchanted Rose Lounge

We love Enchanted Rose  at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. But, lately, we haven’t been particularly fond of how tiny the serving of truffle fries has become, but that’s another story for another time. They have unique drinks here, with great options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Rosemary Cooler

This is just a twist on a lemonade, but it is delicious. And kind of fancy too! With Lemonade, Vanilla, and Rosemary, this simple drink is not too sweet with just a little something extra.


We are big fans of the B&B if you’re looking for a fun mocktail at Walt Disney World. This drink contains iced tea, lemon, blueberry and basil. It definitely adds a little something to a standard iced tea, without the alcohol. 

See the full menu for Enchanted Rose Lounge here

Mocktails at Sanaa Lounge

We love Sanaa Lounge. Their mocktail game is quite lacking, but they do offer one that’s a staple for most Disney lounges and pool bars. The Sparkling No-Jito. With Lime Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, and Mint topped with Soda Water, this drink is not too sweet and fancy enough. It tastes like an elevated and less sweet sprite, so while it may not be the most complicated mocktail at Walt Disney World if you’re looking for something non-alcoholic that’s not soda, this may do the trick.  And we love that you can also order Sanaa’s famous bread service while you’re at it as well. 

Sanaa Lounge menu can be found here

Mocktails at Victoria Falls Lounge

We never need a reason to visit Animal Kingdom Lodge. But we love a good lounge, and Victoria Falls is just that. Super easy to get to from the main lobby with a few unique small bites. They offer the Pink London Spritzer here, which has started popping up on lots of menus throughout Disney. This drink features Lyre’s Pink London spirit, grapefruit soda, pomegranate green tea, lime, and mint. This drink is not too sweet and a bit sophisticated, and we love that for non-alcoholic travelers. 

For the full menu at Victoria Falls Lounge, click here

Mocktails Citricos Lounge

Mocktails at Citricos Lounge

Citricos Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort was a bit of a mystery to us because well, we couldn’t find any specific information about the lounge. Is there a dress code? Can you just walk in? We decided to hunt down these answers for ourselves, and no there’s not and yes you can. The lounge area is tiny, but you can also sit at the bar if you’re willing. We feel this lounge is really a hidden gem! Most people tend to think Citricos itself is a bit out of reach due to prices and, well, the dress code. But the lounge is much more laid back. And they have so many wonderful things on the menu. We tried all of their mocktails and here’s what we thought!

Purple Penguin Citricos, Mocktail Walt Disney World

Purple Penguin at Citricos Lounge

The Purple Penguin was our favorite from this lounge. And the bartender agreed. This drink consists of Pineapple, Peach, Lemon, Lavender, and Grenadine, topped with seltzer. This was sweet and delicious, but not so sweet that you’d get a sugar crash from it. We had originally seen photos online that it was served in this cute Penguin cocktail shaker, but that wasn’t the case for us. Too bad. But the drink was still quite tasty!

Paradise Punch Cirtricos Lounge, Mocktails Walt Disney World

Paradise Punch at Citricos Lounge

Melted sugar, Caribbean Spices, Vanilla Bean, Orgeat, and citrus make up the Paradise Punch at Citricos.  The Paradise Punch makes you feel just like you’re on vacation and is reminiscent of drinks you’d expect to have rum in. Sweet but not too sweet, this drink was one of our favorite things we tried at Citricos Lounge. 

London Dry Juniper Seltzer Citricos Mocktail

London Dry Juniper Seltzer at Citricos Lounge

The London Dry Juniper Seltzer is by far the most complex mocktail we’ve tried at Walt Disney World. This is the type of drink that is sophisticated and perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the complexity that some alcoholic beverages offer, but without the alcohol. Made with Cinchona Bark and Smoked Rosemary, blended with citrus, Lemongrass, and Juniper Aromatics. Bright flavors with a hint of earthy tones are the best way to describe this one. Not sweet at all and perfect for sipping, if you’re looking for a very grown-up zero-proof cocktail, this may be the one for you. 

For the full menu for Citricos Lounge, click here

Tropical Paradise Mocktail Disney

Mocktails at Banana Cabana

Banana Cabana is located at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. And the Tropical Paradise from this location is probably one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks on Disney property. This can be ordered in the sit-down area of the bar, or you can get it to go. With Pineapple, Lime, Coconut, and Cinnamon, and dusted with Nutmeg, this drink feels like a tropical Christmas in a cup. Something about the warmth of the spices and the brightness of the pineapple is hard to put my finger on, but I love it. And the bartender told me when I’m “old enough”- bless her- that it’s also delicious with rum. But for the sake of this post, it’s great on its own. And perfect for sitting at the beach, relaxing. 

Find the full menu for Banana Cabana here

Space 220 View at Disney Restaurant

Mocktails at Space 220 Lounge

There are some polarizing thoughts about Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT.  And we’ve only enjoyed the lounge, so we can’t comment too much on that since it’s a slightly different menu experience. But one fun thing they do have is some out-of-this-world mocktails. 

Disney Mocktail Milky Way Space 220

Milky Way

The Milky Way is a coffee drink that tastes like there is Kahlua in it…. but there’s not. We don’t know how they achieve this flavor without the alcohol, but it’s so delicious regardless. With chilled espresso, spiced brown sugar syrup, caramel, cream, and a little milk way bar attached, this coffee drink is sweet and creamy, and just fantastic. Highly recommend it if you’re a coffee lover who enjoys these types of flavors. 

Moon Rocks at Space 220

Moon Rocks

This drink may be slightly more juvenile than we’d usually be into.  It’s not only a drink, but an experience too! This drink has coconut, blue cotton candy syrup, lemonade, and moon dust, and comes with a side of pop rocks. You can put these in your drink, or put them in your mouth before taking a sip if you want a really strange sensation. The latter is a bit alarming at first, so just be aware if you choose to do this. Our server recommended it and wow, what a surprise it actually was! This drink is super sweet, but it’s interesting enough that we think it deserves to make the list. 

Click here for the full Space 220 menu

Scat Cat's Lounge

Scat Cat's Lounge

Mocktails at Scat Cat’s Lounge

Located at Port Orleans French Quarter, Scat Cat’s Lounge is a super fun spot with live jazz music in the evenings on the weekends. They serve up beignets and other fun sides, and New Orleans-style cocktails and other drinks. But if you’re wanting to enjoy this space alcohol-free and are looking for a fun drink to do that with, try the Garden Agave. Lyre’s Agave Reserva Spirit, Cold Pressed Lime Juice, Passion Fruit Papaya Green Tea, and Cucumber make up this drink. It’s refreshing and not sweet at all. We love this one for its more sophisticated flavor, and it’s perfect for sipping and listening to some live jazz. Scat Cat’s also serves the Pink London Spritzer we mentioned earlier, so you’ve got options. 

Check out Scat Cat’s Menu here

Mocktails at Disney Springs

If you’re looking for mocktails in Orlando, Florida for you and the kids, look no further than Disney Springs. While not all the restaurants have a variety, there are few that debut basic zero-proof drinks for Dry January at Disney World, and which are available throughout the year, using basic bar ingredients.  

Dry January •Name of Mocktail: Smoke & Mirrors • Description: Pineapple Juice, lemon juice, lime juice, orgeat

Smoke and Mirrors | The Edison

If you’re headed to The Edison Restaurant at Disney Springs, know that whether you’re bringing kids ( allowed until 10 pm), or just taking a break from drinking alcohol, that there are options! This delicious Disney mocktail combines Pineapple Juice, lemon juice, lime juice, and orgeat, for a refreshing tropical drink that is perfect for those hot days in Florida. 

Lotus | Jaleo Disney Springs

This refreshing and spicy drink combines one of our favorite brands, Seedlip, with a peach and jasmine. We love that this Lotus mocktail is great for kids and grown ups. And with a little fizz feels extra fancy. The Lotus includes Seedlip Spice, London Essence White Peach and Jasmine soda, and vanilla syrup.

Practical Magic | Planet Hollywood Disney Springs

Adding to an impressive lineup of drinks at Planet Hollywood comes a showstopper of a drink, Practical Magic. Including Pineapple & orange juices, fresh lemon & lime juices & grenadine, this one is fresh fun, and easy to copy at home! Head to Planet Hollywood to get it in a tall glass for some extra fancy vibes. 

Pineapple Kick | Summer House

This pineapple drink is perfect Pineapple, orange and jalapeño agave. A bright and spicy mocktail that is refreshing. New at Summer House

Waitlist | Summer House

The newest restaurant in Disney Springs features a brand new mocktail! Sparkling rose lemonade, elderflower and lemon are perfect for a bright drink good for all ages. 

Mocktails at Walt Disney World and Where to Find Them

There you have it, our favorite zero-proof cocktails at Walt Disney World! We are so happy to see more of these types of drinks show up on menus at Walt Disney World and hope to see this trend continue! We’ll be adding our favorites to this post as they pop up in the parks! 

Disney Mocktails at Walt Disney World. All our favorite zero proof drinks at Disney World and where to find them.


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