Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Data App Game

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Data App Game

With the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland comes a brand new interactive Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge App game you can play in the parks. Grab your phone, download the Disney Play App and get ready to hack door panels, scan code, and unlock puzzles that gain you points and gear for your avatar. 

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Game

When we found out another fun free Disney Game was on the way for Galaxy’s Edge we were excited enough to write a whole post about it! So grab your phone and get ready to choose your side, build your avatar and interact with the land. 

How to Get Started in the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge App

  1. Download the Disney Play App
  2. Select your Park- Walt Disney World or Disneyland
    • Then select your park within the park (Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World or Disneyland in Disneyland Park)
  3. Click on the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge icon in the app. 
  4. Open the App

Note: With GPS tracking the app knows your geolocation so will only work once you are inside the land. 

star wars galaxys edge game on app

Create Your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Profile

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge App requires every player to have a profile. And you can have up to 5 players playing the same game at once. Each person can tackle different missions and from there you can “win” things for your avatar along the way while you take down the bad guys.

star wars galaxys edge interactive game on app

How To Play the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Interactive Game

Before you get started, get familiar with Galaxy’s Edge. Check out our Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Guide for details on everything to see, do and eat. There are two parts to the Galaxy’s Edge Game experience. 

  • Star Wars Datapad is the game hub and where you’ll build your avatar and solve puzzles that unlock “doors”, scan crates that earn you points, and so on. The missions in this part of the game are all over the land and can be played at random during your time there. 
  • Smugglers Run: Flight Crews is a Scavenger Hunt game that walks you through all the Star Wars Easter Eggs in the Smugglers Run queue line. The game only works if you are INSIDE the Smugglers Run queue. And your hunt for the items you’re looking for happens at different parts of the line. So this game would actually best work if you are in a long line. A shorter hurried line would cause you to miss many of the pieces. 

Star Wars Datapad

The Star Wars Datapad is your profile and game hub. Here you can build your avatar and work through all the hacks you find throughout the land. You’ll have a collection of tools to use, a map, and a slew of jobs you can complete. These can be tackled in no particular order, and are specific to where you are in the land.

This part of the game experience involves wandering through the land and stumbling onto neat things to unlock, hack, scan or whatever.  

star wars interactive game for galaxys edge disney

Unlocking a Door Panel

In the Star Wars Datapad, one of the easier-to-understand elements of the game is the ability to solve spatial puzzles. By solving a puzzle you are able to cause the door panel to light up, and essentially become hacked. As you can see from the screen above “Access Granted” gets you interaction with the panel. But you, unfortunately, aren’t whisked away to any magical lands through the door you just hacked. so you move on to the next one. 

star wars galaxys edge interactive game on app

star wars galaxys edge interactive game on app

star wars galaxys edge interactive game on app

Scanning the Crates

Many of the crates in Galaxy’s Edge have a QR code that needs to be scanned by the app. And we saw many players ahead of us approaching this part of the gameplay which much more gusto than we could muster. Because essentially you’re just scanning a QR code. Is this fun? Yeah, kinda. Strangely it becomes sorta like a job you can’t quit. You want to… because at one point you should probably go eat, or ride something… but you just have a few more to scan right? Right? 

The First Order

Keep in mind that your work in the app is Rebel work. Some of the crates and door panels you will have to scan and hack are questionably close to the First Order area of the land and you DO NOT want to get caught lurking about some old crates when the stormtroopers arrive. While the First Order will be chatting up guests and getting them to join their side, you’ll need to be diligent and not give away that you’re a Rebel. 

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Batuu, Galaxy;s Edge Must do's

Smugglers Run: Flight Crews Wanted

When you enter the smuggler’s run queue have the app open to identify what you need to play the scavenger hunt. If you’ve been playing the Star Wars Datapad portion of the app game, you may have to close out and re-open so that you can select “Flight Crews Wanted.”  The App will prompt you as you move through the queue to identify certain things. Here are just a few of the things you’ll find along the way. 

  • Check out the crates as you enter the queue. To the left of them, you’ll see the table where Han and Lando played a  game in Solo: A Star Wars Story. This is the game that gets Han Solo the Millennium Falcon.
  • To the right of the game table, you’ll notice the DLT-34 heavy blasters used by the Imperial stormtroopers in Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • And keep an eye out for an R2 unit that has been turned into a trash can.

Once on the second level of the queue, it’s important to look down. Certain elements of the scavenger hunt can only be found from above. 

You’ll see props and elements from every Star Wars movie along the queue. The attention to detail here does not disappoint! And there’s really no better way to learn all the elements than through the app. 

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge App Game in the Disney Play App

This is such a fun, interactive game to play on the app while you’re in Galaxy’s Edge. Unfortunately, many Disney Vacations don’t typically lend time to wandering about playing a game on your phone. We hope that you’ll find at least a little time to integrate this gaming experience into your next Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge visit. It’s fun for kids and grown-ups alike. And really does make you see the land in a whole new light! Check out all the Fun and Free Games at Walt Disney World. 

Galaxy's Edge Interactive Star Wars Game at Disney Parks features hacks, scans, and ways to make the new land more interactive at both disneyland and Walt Disney World. Here's how to play, tips and tricks. #starwars #galaxyedge #disneygames #disneyland #waltdisneyworld

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