Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Resort is a fan favorite at Walt Disney World and for good reason! Its laid-back atmosphere, tropical ambiance, and views of the Magic Kingdom make it a tranquil and relaxing place to stay or visit. But another huge perk of the Polynesian Resort is the food! Not only do they have delicious table service options, but they also have some of the best quick service and lounge options on the property.  We are sharing everything you need to know about Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Tambu Lounge Disney's Polynesian Resort

Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort 

Tambu Lounge is a small tiki-bar themed lounge and bar at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Located on the second floor in the main building of the Poly, and slightly tucked away, it’s easy to miss. Especially when Ohana is busy. Tambu Lounge is a great place to stop for before-dinner drinks if you have a reservation at Ohana. Or if you just want to grab a drink or some food in a casual setting. Unlike many other bars and lounges at the Polynesian, it opens at noon, which generally is early for lounges around Walt Disney World.  During the earlier hours of the day, there is usually not a server, and food can’t be ordered until 4 p.m. So be prepared to walk up to the bar to make your order.  You can also get drinks to go here. Just ask for a plastic cup instead of a glass. 

The ambiance of Tambu Lounge changes a lot throughout the day depending on when you go. Day visitors will notice a more relaxed and quieter atmosphere. While guests visiting once Ohana has opened will notice it’s a bit louder and more chaotic. Since food isn’t served until after 4, unless you’re just here for the drinks, you’ll likely fall into the latter category. 

Potstickers atTambu Lounge Disney's Polynesian Resort

Tambu Lounge Disney's Polynesian Resort Menu

Menu at Tambu Lounge

The menu at Tambu Lounge isn’t anything overly fancy. But it does offer some great drink options and a small food menu. Again, they don’t start serving small plates until 4 p.m. So, if you’re visiting before that time, just be aware you’ll only be able to order drinks. We love that you can get the same potstickers here that Ohana serves. And that they have the Ohana noodles! Like many Walt Disney World guests, we love the Ohana noodles. But the popular restaurant isn’t always in our budget. And sometimes it’s just really difficult to get a reservation. Being able to order some of the same Ohana menu items is a huge plus of this lounge, especially if you’re not a big eater or dining on a budget. 

They also serve wings, ribs, and the popular Ohana bread pudding for dessert. The famous Lapu Lapu is also sold here, and yes, it is served in a pineapple. Though this drink is quite expensive at $19.50, it’s also quite strong. So you’ll probably just need one! 

Since the noodles are not included on the menu, I can tell you from our most recent visit that a bowl of the Ohana noodles at Tambu Lounge currently costs $13. We thought this was big enough to share, but depending on how hungry you are, or whether or not you actually want to share, well that’s up to you. You can see the menu for Tambu Lounge here

Ohana noodles at Tambu Lounge Disney's Polynesian Resort

Do you need reservations for Tambu Lounge?

Nope! Tambu Lounge doesn’t offer reservations and also does not currently have a walk-up list. Availability is first come, first serve. Find a seat at one of the tables, or at the bar. You can also order drinks to go directly to the bar as well. 

Is Tambu Lounge Adult Only?

Nope! Tambu Lounge is family-friendly, and guests of all ages are welcome here. 

Tambu Lounge Disney's Polynesian Resort

Where is Tambu Lounge located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort?

Tambu Lounge is located right next to Ohana. It’s on the second floor of the Polynesian Resort and overlooks the grounds of the main building. 

Can you get Ohana Bread Pudding at Tambu Lounge?

Yep! Food is served starting at 4 pm. We decided to skip it on our most recent trip since we were just not that hungry. But it’s generally available here. It’s not on the menu, but just ask your server and you’ll be able to enjoy the bread pudding from Ohana as long as its available for them to serve.  

Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World

How to get to Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Resort is very easy to get to. You can take the monorail from Magic Kingdom, any monorail resort, or Epcot. Or the Disney buses from any other Disney Park. You can also Uber to get here. You can drive but be aware that security may or may not let you park at this resort without a resort or dining reservation. Due to too many guests abusing parking privileges at the monorail resorts, and the uptick in social media “tips” telling people to do this, security has gotten quite strict about who is allowed to park here and for what reasons. Often saying ” I want to visit a lounge here”, won’t be enough anymore.

We’ve even heard stories of guests with dining reservations being told to park at Disney Springs and take the bus from there over to the Poly. It all depends on who is working at security, and likely whether or not they actually have the parking space for outside guests. Personally, we just stick with Disney transportation. We don’t usually have a car at Disney, to begin with, and you’re not going to get turned away from the Polynesian when arriving by their transportation. 

polynesian resort walt disney world resort

Tambu Lounge Review 

If you’re just looking for good food and drinks, Tambu Lounge definitely delivers. However, we found that generally, the ambiance is lacking a bit when compared to other lounges around Walt Disney World. Enchanted Rose, for example, is a full experience, with great drinks, excellent service, and a romantic kind of vibe.  Scat Cat’s at Port Orleans French Quarter is a fun, jazzy lounge with lots of character and even live entertainment some nights. Tambu Lounge is really just a bar. The drinks are great and the food is great. But it’s really just a quick stop for most people. The space itself is quite small, and there’s not much in the way of atmosphere. 

But if you’re on an adult-only Disney trip or girls’ trip to Walt Disney World and want a fun, tropical drink to enjoy while soaking up the Polynesian Resort, Tambu Lounge fits the bill perfectly. Or of course, if you are craving those Ohana noodles (no judgment) but don’t want a reservation at Ohana. 

Overall we do enjoy the Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Just be aware that it might be lacking a bit in atmosphere and ambiance. While it may not make our best lounges at Walt Disney World list, they do have Ohana noodles. And that’s good enough for us. 

Tambu Lounge Review at the Polynesian Resort Disney World Lounge

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