The Best Shoes for a Disney World Vacation

The Best Shoes for a Disney World Vacation

Heading to Walt Disney World? One of the best tips we can give you for a Walt Disney World Vacation is to bring good shoe The best shoes for Walt Disney World are often the ones you’ve already broken in. However, you may need heavier duty shoes than you expect, unless you are normally walking over 20k steps a day. For many , this means, that you will likely walk more than you’re used to in one day. And for some people, more than you ever have in the span of a weeklong vacation. So finding the best shoes to wear at Disney is a must. If you’re looking for the best shoes for Disney World, you’re in luck. We are sharing the best shoes for Disney World!

Save Money at Walt Disney World

Packing Shoes for a Walt Disney World Vacation

Knowing What to Park for Disney is important. And we have loads of Disney Packing Lists for all types of Disney vacations, that can keep you prepared. And whether you’re planning a Walt Disney World trip for 3 days, or 10, good shoes are a must. In general, most guests will log anywhere from 7-12 miles per day. And for those who rope drop to park close, you can count on that number being considerably higher. If you’re going on a shorter trip during a less rainy season of the year, you might be able to get away with one pair. But for anyone visiting during the summer or early fall, or for those who are going for more than just a few days, we highly recommend having at least one other pair of shoes. Even if you think your shoes are great, Florida is a different animal when it comes to footwear. 

Not only will you be on your feet much more than you’re used to, but you’ll also be in hotter and more humid weather than you’re likely used to as well. This can cause a whole host of side effects like swelling feet, a rash, and blisters. Yes, we know this is the less magical side of Walt Disney World. However, it is the reality. And many Walt Disney World guests, including us, have had our magical plans thwarted by bad shoes! Don’t let it happen to you. As such consider this best shoes for Walt Disney World list as a starting point to be prepared. 

The Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

The best shoes for walking at Disney World are comfortable shoes, that are well broken in and have plenty of support for long days on your feet. Big bonuses if they’re lightweight, breathable, and have some sort of water resistance or fast drying capabilities. You should never try to do Disney in uncomfortable shoes. Trust us on this, you’ll regret it. Sure, if you have a cute outfit that you want to match a fun pair of shoes to, go for it! Just make sure that when you start logging all your steps you have appropriate footwear. 

Best Tennis Shoes for Disney World

Few things can ruin your Walt Disney World trip like a pair of unhappy, tired, blistered feet. So treat them right and wear comfortable shoes. We’ve compiled a list of all of our favorites plus other recommended by our readers on Instagram. 

Best Shoes for Disney Adidas Cloudfoam
Photo courtesy Amazon

Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas Cloudfoams are probably some of the most popular shoes seen at Walt Disney World. And for good reason too. Not only do they require very little break in time, but they are super some of the most comfortable shoes for Disney. With lightweight fabric, they dry quickly and won’t make your feet too hot. Sounds like an odd problem, but when the heat index is over 100 degrees in the dead of summer, you’ll thank us. The Adidas Cloudfoam tennis shoes are one of the best shoes for walking all day at Disney world.

These are great budget tennis shoes, and you can usually get them pretty quickly from Amazon. These are available in sizes for the whole family, making them one of our top picks! Shop Adidas Cloudfoam here

Best Shoes for Disney
photo courtesy of shopDisney


You may not thing the best shoes to wear at Disney are Crocs. But, Ok, ok, hear me out. I know these are ugly. And if you don’t think Crocs are ugly, well then I’m glad you like them! But for the majority of people, they’re just not cute. But they are super functional and one of the best waterproof shoes for Disney world. And here’s why! First of all, they have a pretty large toe box. Which means they’re great for the unfortunate circumstance of swollen feet at Walt Disney World. They’re also super comfortable. I never gave Crocs a second glance until they were giving them away to health care workers for free during the pandemic. And now I’d have to say they are easily some of my most comfortable shoes. Since they’re not fabric, you also don’t need to worry about them drying after a crazy rainstorm that is common in Central Florida. Just be careful as sometimes they can get a little slippery in the rain. 

Yes, they’re silly looking, but even Disney has several prints in Crocs footwear, so you can find ways to make them cuter. And they require almost no break in time, so if you get your Disney shoes at the last minute, you won’t have to worry about getting blisters. You can find Disney Crocs on Amazon, or on shopDisney

Best shoes for Disney Hoka
photo courtesy of Amazon


Hokas have quickly become one of the most popular shoes for runners, walkers, and anyone who spends a lot of time of their feet. They’re pricey, so they’re a bit of an investment. But Hoka shoes are some of the best shoes for walking in Disney world, so we think it’s worth it. Especially as good shoes can make or break your Walt Disney World trip, and the same goes for your daily life. So, while I probably wouldn’t recommend buying these solely for Disney unless you’ve got multiple trips coming up, if you also plan to use them for walks or running errands, it definitely could be worth it! Don’t let their appearance scare you either, they’re actually pretty lightweight!

The Best Hoka shoes for Disney world is the Hoka One One. The Hoka One One tends to be one of the most popular for runners and everyday wearers alike. And we see tons of guests sporting these throughout the Parks. Available for both men and women and with 4.5 stars on Amazon, they’re an easy choice if you have the budget. These are some of the best walking shoes for Disney simply because of comfort and support. Shop Hokas on Amazon here

Best Shoes for Disney Sanuk Flip Flops
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Sanuk Flip Flops

We normally wouldn’t recommend wearing flip-flops all day, Sanuks are an exception. These are probably some of the best flip-flops you can own. Not only are they super comfortable, but they’re pretty affordable too! Especially during summer months, you should always have a pair of sandals with you on your trip to Walt Disney World. As we consider them to be some of the best and most comfortable shoes for Disney world. Mind you, its a good idea to wear different shoes throughout your trip, and Sanuks are perfect for when your feet just need a shoe break. While these offer different support than the best sneakers for Disney world, they do offer alot of breathability. The Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops are under $30 on Amazon and come in lots of fun colors. Shop Sanuk Yoga Mat flip-flops here.

Best Shoes for Disney
Photo courtesy of Amazon

TEVA sandals

TEVAs kind of has their own cult following. And we get it. They’re comfortable, and can be cute, and we love a good sandals for days when it’s insanely hot at Walt Disney World. We always travel to Walt Disney World in September for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and let me tell you….it rains. A lot. One of the best waterproof shoes for Disney world, Tevas are hard to beat if you want a reliable shoe that comfortable and functional. So having a pair of comfortable sandals is great for those hot, rainy days. It’s better than sludging around in soppy wet socks all day, that’s for sure. The best Teva sandals for Disney world are simply the ones you like best, as they’re all great quality. Since we like fewer straps, we most like the Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal, and the Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Sandals. Shop all the options for Teva Disney World Sandals here:  TEVAs on Amazon here.

Best Shoes for Disney
Photo courtesy of Target

EVA Sandals

Another vote for rubber shoes, EVA sandals have a lot of benefits. Not only are they super lightweight and breathable, but they’re also really comfortable too. Like Crocs, since they are rubber, they dry easily, and you don’t have to worry about blasting them with a hairdryer back at the hotel to get them to dry for the next day. The best thing about EVA sandals is that you can find them everywhere! I am personally a big fan of the ones at Target. They’re really affordable at around $10 per pair, so feel free to grab a couple of extra pairs. We love that these sandals can be used for both pool days and park days, meaning you’ll have more room in your suitcase for other things. Shop EVA sandals on Amazon here.

Best Shoes for Disney
Photo Courtesy of shopDisney


I hesitated to put Vans into this post, but a lot of people do love them for the parks. To be clear, I also love them for the Parks! But they are really for a very specific kind of wearer. If you are in need of arch support, Vans might not be the most comfortable thing for you to be logging 10-12 miles a day in. But they have a wider toe box, which is great for hot days when your feet might start swelling. And they come in lots of cute designs, so they’re easy to match to outfits if you’re concerned about that.  These are ones that we highly recommend wearing in very well before heading to the Parks. But once they’re broken in, you should be good! Shop Vans on Amazon here.

Best Shoes for Disney
Photo courtesy of Kuru Footwear

Kuru Footwear

One of our newest obsessions with shoes has to be Kuru Footwear. Not only do these come in fun colors and plenty of styles, but they are also specifically designed to address pain with walking. Which makes them perfect for long days on your feet at Walt Disney World. Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, knee, back, or hip pain, or other types of foot or joint pain, these shoes are specifically designed to help with that! They do require a pretty good break-in period, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wear them in. The company actually offers break-in recommendations when you purchase the shoes, so do yourself a favor and follow their instructions. Available for both men and women, you can find all of their styles directly on their website. Shop Kuru Footwear Here.

Best Shoes for Disney
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

New Balance Fresh Foam Shoes

Often considered the best sneakers for Disney world, New Balance shoes have a lot to offer.  While New Balance Fresh Foam shoes may be a little more of an investment, they’re great for people who need a little extra support. They’re super comfy and come in lots of fun colors. And they’ll last you a long time too! They come in a variety of models, so find the one that works best for you. Though super comfortable at first arrival, make sure you take the time to break them in before your Walt Disney World trip to avoid things like blisters or arch pain. Shop New Balance Fresh Foam Sneakers here.

The Best Shoes for Disney World for Kids

When you realize you’re walking miles and miles all day long at the theme parks, think about how your child must feel! With little legs, and shorter strides, they’re definitely getting their steps in. Luckily, the brands here have kid versions too! And depending on your child’s preference, they may already have a great pair of shoes for walking all day at Disney. That said, here are some of our favorites for little feet. 

Adidas Originals

This tried and true brand offers great arch support, and enough of a cushion from the ground, that kiddies should be able to walk for as long as their legs will carry them! You can grab the Adidas Original Running Shoe for Kids, which is alot like the Cloudfoam. They also come in cute Disney styles, the perfect Disney Kid’s Shoes, and we love that parents and kids can match with the brand having many of the same three stripe styles in both kids and adults. 


By far some of the most flexible and soft shoes, kids love these for walking all day. The Sketchers Ultra Flex Shoes for Kids are by far the most comfortable and some of the Best Kids Shoes for Disney. With velcro or lace up options, you can grab these for kids of all ages for your trip. Sketchers for both kids and adults are also some of the best shoes for Disney plantar fasciitis. With a fabric upper that stretched where you need it and cloudfoam sole, these shoes are great for walking at Disney World. 

New Balance

If you’re looking for Kids shoes for Disney that will stand the test of time, then New Balance is a great choice. Very durable,  New Balance Kid’s Shoes are by far the most structured of the Kid’s shoes in this list. As such they will NEED to be broken in. But, they’ll also provide great arch support, and hold up through anything your vacation can throw at it. One caveat with these, is that they’re not as water resistant as the others. While the Sketchers are quick drying, and the adidas water tight, these shoes are best during the non-rainy months at Disney, November- May. 

The Best Shoe Inserts for Disney World

And when you’re not in the market to buy new shoes for Disney, just grab a set of shoe inserts instead. We like this best when we’re up against a time crunch, and don’t have time to break anything new in. And while the Adidas Cloudfoam are the Best Shoes for Disney World without hardly any break in time, we get it if you have an outfit already planned. As such the best shoe inserts for Disney World are the Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel Shoe Inserts. They come in a variety of sizes for men and women, and you can grab similar shoe inserts for kids too. Shoe inserts means you can simply take your favorite broken in shoes, and simply make them the best walking shoes for Disney World, at a much cheaper price! 

The Best Shoes for Disney world

Finding the best shoes to wear at Disney is a must. And while that differs from person to person, it’s one of the best tips we can give you. Did your Disney World shoes make the list? Let us know what your favorite shoes are for Disney, we’d love to add them here!

Best Shoes for a Disney Vacation



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