Places to Find the Best Pizza At Disney World

Places to Find the Best Pizza At Disney World

Finding the best pizza at Disney World, when you’re really craving some good pizza, should be as easy as it sounds, but it isn’t.  See, whenever we go to Disney, even with all of our planning and spot-on restaurant reservations, and well-thought-out plans there always seems to be one evening during our trip where we become completely unable to just keep going. Decision-making skills are gone. Tolerance levels are at zero and we don’t want to have to wait another 45 minutes before finally eating dinner at 10 pm. Chances are you know the feeling. Now, Walt Disney World does have quite a few options for pizza, but they are not all tasty and not all easily found! Some need reservations and frankly, some of them aren’t really even pizza! And in the worst case scenario you can simply get Pizza Delivery to your Disney World Resort. So where can you get pizza at Walt Disney World?

Where to find Pizza at Disney World Parks?

Single slices, whole pizzas, flatbreads, and deep dish…there are so many options! To make things easy, we’re just going to give you a go-to list of places in each Disney Park. The key here is that you don’t have to wait too long for it. Don’t have to pay too much for it. And that it will satisfy your pizza craving. We threw in a few sit down restaurants serving pizza too, since those are some of the best ones. Also, keep in mind on your pizza journey…not all pizzas at Disney are equal. They are not anywhere near the same size, price or quality. We’ve spent 9 dollars on a 16″ pizza able to feed 4 and 24 dollars on a 6″ pizza able to feed one. So beware. Since pizza isn’t something we have regularly we really do try to make it special when we finally get the chance. So when we find pizza at Disney we do we expect it to be top-notch! Let’s dive in to see where you can find your next pizza. 

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Pizza at Disney World Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is horribly lacking in pizza options. And is generally known for having some of the worst food in the Walt Disney World. As such, if you can feel a pizza craving coming, try not to be in this park when that happens. If you are though, there is one place that has pizza in Magic Kingdom.

Pinocchio’s Village Haus

In the absence of great pizza at Magic Kingdom, we simply try to find the next best thing. This Flatbread style pizza, is single serve but can be shared. This flatbread, is pretty basic and not really one we would have put on our pizza bucket list. However, since Pinocchio’s offers both a cheese and a pepperoni option, you’re at least able to get your Pizza at Disney World fix. As one of the better quick service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, because there are so few good places to eat in Magic Kingdom, Pinocchios, at least offers decent food, at a consistent quality, and a great Key Lime Pie at Disney worth trying. Hours: 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Check out the Pinocchio Village Haus Menu. 

Pizza at Walt Disney World

Pizza at Disney World Hollywood Studios

Another park with limited options is Hollywood Studios. Chances are they’ll introduce pizza on the menu somewhere right? Think again. 

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Tucked away in the back of the Muppets Courtyard at Hollywood Studios, this italian place offers one pizza. The Margherita Flatbread is on the appetizer menu and runs $17. It’s a thinner crust, but with a decent flavor, and every once in a while they add a new pizza to the menu. While this isn’t pizza we’d wait around for, if you’re in the parks and looking for a Pizza at Disney World, this is the best Hollywood Studios has to offer at present. Mama Melrose Menu. 

  • Lunch – 10:45 AM to 3:55 PM
  • Dinner – 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM


By no means the best pizza, Pizzerizzo is the dive bar of pizza joints. Trying to channel some New York City Muppets-inspired love with basic pizza here will find a small round pie, plate sized. No doubt previously frozen. A great place to bring lots of people last minute for food you’ll forget it by morning. But, hey, at least you’ll eat without having to wait.

oven fired pizza via napoli epcot disney

Pizza at Disney World Epcot

While there are a few places at EPCOT that serve up pizza, certain locations are just better than others. For instance we won’t include the Connections Eatery Pizza on this list, because 2 slightly greasy pizza slices for almost 12 dollars don’t really hit the spot for us. We recommend these places instead! 

Via Napoli Pizzeria e Ristorante

Home to the half sheet Metro Mezzo pizza, which is about 32 square slices, Via Napoli, by all accounts we’ve found, is considered the best pizza at Disney World. It’s also home to amazing Wood Fired Pizzas on a smaller scale as well as Italian classic dishes like Lasagna, Chicken Parm and Tiramisu. A fancy pizza option, there are several variations to choose from and you’ll get a pretty large pizza, even if you’re just ordering a regular one, with a thinner crust, and a lot of flavor. Individual pizzas are typically about $25 each, with large pizzas running about $42 and then the Mezzo Metro, which can feed a family of 8, is close to $60. Reservations at Via Napoli are sometimes hard to get, so be sure to grab a reservation if you’re hoping to eat here. Also know that all additions, like a salad, or garlic bread starter will cost extra. Check out the Via Napoli Menu for all the options. 

  • Lunch – 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Dinner – 4:05 PM to 9:00 PM

pizza at epcot disney

Pizza al Taglio Pizza Window

Via Napoli also has a pizza window called Pizza al Taglio that allows you to get one slice of a pretty big pizza. Or the whole pie if you’re looking to grab and go. This is the new darling of Epcot. Great pizza, at a good size, to share if needed, this will be your answer to fast pizza in the parks. This window isn’t always open, but you can usually count on it to be open during the busy season. Also of note, this is the most “Classic Italian Pizza” you will find. Best known in the southern regions of Italy, this is a buttery bread dough crust that is thicker, covered in ample amounts of sauce of cheese. A basic recipe, most Italian American families will find this pizza familiar, as the tradition of making bread and then using the extra dough for pizza, breadsticks, and even fried dough treats results in this kind of pizza. 

Pizza at Disney World Animal Kingdom

Ah yes, another park with hardly any pizza! Do you see what we mean about trying to find pizza at Disney? Animal Kingdom has several restaurants that we just love, Nomad Lounge is fantastic, and Satu’li Canteen is one of the best Quick Service Restaurants in Animal Kingdom. But when it comes to pizza, the options are limited. Here’s where you can find Pizza in Animal Kingdom. 

Terra Treats

Found at Animal, this pizza slice is pretty good! Offered at the pizza kiosk on Discovery Island, close to Creature Comforts you can grab a slice of pizza here with a ticker crust. This classic deep dish inspired pizza comes in cheese, pepperoni, and buffalo chicken flavors for $8 or less. Plus, you can even grab seasonal pizza options when offered. Hours: 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Check out the Terra Treats Menu for options and prices. 


Another basic pizza place, Animal Kingdom spruces up basic pizzas with seasonal options offered. Generally they have pepperoni, sausage and pepperoni, and cheese pizza but every once in a while you can grab a cheeseburger, taco or even shrimp pizza. While this is perfectly adequate pizza, it isn’t anything to write home about. That said, the only other pizza option in Animal Kingdom is Terra Treats, so if you’re looking for pizza in the park, this is one of your two options. Animal Kingdom is known for its interesting food, and truthfully it’s some of the best food at Disney World, but if you need something for the picky eaters you can stop at Pizzafari. Hours: 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Check out the Pizzafari Menu. 

Pizza Window on the disney Boardwalk

Pizza at Disney World Boardwalk

A recent travesty at Disney World was the removal of the full size Pizza at the Pizza Window on the Disney BoardWalk. As such, the Pizza Window has fallen a bit from grace. But we’re still sharing it here for posterity. The Disney Boardwalk does have some great pizza options, but you won’t get a full size pizza in this area unless you order it from Flipper’s Pizzeria

pizza window pizza at Disney

Pizza Window on the Disney Boardwalk

As of January 2024, large pizzas are no longer offered. The Pizza Window now only serves slices of pizza. The allure of the pizza window is speed. In classic fast-food style, you’ll get your food pretty quickly. Here you an get Super Slices of either cheese or pepperoni pizza. At about $10 a slice, we think this is a bit overpriced for something similar to fair food pizza. That said, if you’re craving pizza on the Boardwalk, and don’t want a sit down restaurant or flatbread, this may be your best bet. Hours: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Pizza also available via Mobile Order. Be sure to look at the Pizza Window Menu for options. 

Breakfast Pizza at Trattoria al Forno

Trattoria al Forno Restaurant

Trattoria al Forno is one of our favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World. and they offer pizzas for breakfast and dinner! Unique menu items, in the classic regional Italian style, offers a wonderful change from theme park food. And it’s super budget-friendly too. The pizza at Trattoria for dinner typically runs about $24 dollars per pizza, and they are smaller, shareable maybe  between two people at most. The wood-fired pizza is about 8 inches at the largest and you’ll get 6 small slices in this pie. You can get Pepperoni, Margherita, Meat and a Seasonal selection with veggies. On the breakfast menu you can get one of the best pizzas you’ve ever had with egg and sausage gravy and plenty of sausage and cheese. We highly recommend it it’s one of our favorites. Also, there are plenty of options other than pizza at Trattoria, and we’d still recommend you make reservations if you’re hoping to eat here. 

  • Breakfast – 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM
  • Dinner – 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Contempo Cafe Vegetable Pizza

Pizza at Disney World Resorts

If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, then you may have pizza options, or at least Flatbread available. All the Disney resorts have commissaries that offer some variation on pizza, whether it’s a personal pan or a flatbread. These are your basic pizzas potentially frozen and coming out of a box. Proceed at your own risk. Now, if you’re venturing to Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge or California Grill at The Contemporary then you’re in for a treat. Mind you… getting your hands on these pizzas will require reservations, and waiting and probably have a hefty price tag to boot. Check out the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Resorts for our favorites. Here are some of the Best Pizza at Disney World Resorts we’ve found  on the menus so far. While toppings sometimes change, there is typically a flatbread on the menu regardless. 

Contempo Cafe at The Contemporary Resort

Probably from the same vendor as Pinocchio Village Haus, and Pizzafari, the pizza at Contempo Cafe spruces things up by having a buffalo chicken flatbread. Pretty good with a little heat. No real fanciness or customizations here, but pretty decent theme park food and a pizza we can always count on being available, at a good price. 

the mara quick service pizza at akl

The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you’re visiting the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World, then you can grab pizza at The Mara. This quick service restaurants at Disney is located on the ground floor of the resort near the pool, and features an array of great foods, including Zebra Domes. Here you can find flatbreads in Three-Cheese, Fire Roasted Tomato and Ricotta or Pepperoni. And truthfully, you can never go wrong with these. They’re somewhat freshly made, are a great size with about 6 slices, and available for $13 a pizza. This resort food court is open from 6:30 AM- 11:00 PM. Check out The Mara Menu for all the options. 

Pizza Counter at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

The Landscape of Flavors Food Court at Art of Animation has a wide variety of food options. But, the showstopper here is that they are one of the only resorts at Disney World that offers a large full size pizza TO GO! That’s right. And frankly, if you’re staying at a Disney Skyliner resort, whose to say you can’t just pop over there and grab a pie to bring back to your room? This pizza is offered full size, with 8 slices for $22 or less, in Cheese or Pepperoni, OR you can get it by the slice for about $12 each. We recommend the Large Pizza of course. Because it’s easy to share and transport back to your room if you’re having a late night in. Check out the Landscape of Flavors Menu for all the options. 

Primo Piatto at Disney’s Riviera Resort

One of the better quick service resort restaurants at Disney World, Primo Piatto offers unique menu items honoring the regional areas of Italy and France. As such, of course pizza is on the menu. These Hearth Baked Pizzas puff up nicely to a four slice pizza, offered in Sausage and Pepperoni or Margherita options. The price isn’t great at about $14 but its a wonderful menu item if you’re craving a pizza for lunch or dinner. These also are not as big as the typical flatbread, but the flavor and quality is better to be sure. And it’s made to order, so that’s a bonus as you’re assured a hot pizza, freshly fired. Hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM Take a look at the Primo Piatto Menu for options. 

Il Mulino New York at Disney Swan Hotel

One of our favorite lower key Disney Resorts is the Disney World Swan Hotel. This boutique hotel also includes a variety of restaurants, and luckily, you can find pizza here. While this is officially a table service restaurant that does require reservations, the pizza here will have you glad you made the time and effort. Offering Pizza in Margherita, Rustica, Bosco, and Bianca (ricotta cream, roasted garlic, feta cheese, aged provolone, rosemary olive oil, fresh oregano) flavors, these are hand crafted pies worth the visit. Take a look at the Il Mulino Menu for all the options. 

Pizza at Disney Springs

Satisfying the locals need for a good pizza, the other place to go for pretty good pizza, besides Epcot, is Disney Springs. Whether you’re looking for something gourmet, fancy or just a quick slice to satisfy your craving, Disney Springs has options. 

Summer House on the Lake 

By far some of the BEST Pizza at Disney Springs, Summer House offers whole pizzas, a full 8 slices of Cheese, Pepperoni, Margherita, Mushroom, and Sausage for a super budget-friendly price of $22 dollars or less. Meaning you can settle in with your family or friends without breaking the bank! These are wood fired sourdough crust pizzas that are simply to die for. Plus, since whole pizzas are tough to find in the parks, and resorts, if you’re craving something amazing, Summer House Pizza is the way to go. Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Check out the Summer House at Disney Springs Menu. 

Blaze Pizza

Yet another place for Pizza at Disney World that claims the “best” pizza title, Blaze is gaining some major traction as the place to go for pizza. The Chipotle or Piadas of pizza, Blaze let’s you build your pizza with a variety of sauces, toppings and everything gets cooked in about 5 minutes… so really the quality of this pizza is limited only by your ability to know what you like and combine it on a pizza to perfection. You can also order signature pizzas in awesome combinations like BBQ Chicken, Pesto, Veggie and Meat. Or do a half and half order so you can share this pizza with a friend as well. You also get gluten-free pizza options here with things like Gluten Free Dough or Cauliflower Crust for an extra cost. Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Prices here range from $8-$12. Check out the Blaze Fired Pizza Menu

Pizza Ponte

Sicilian Pizza at Disney Springs can be found at Pizza Ponte and has a wide array of pizza choices. From pizza with artichokes, to classic four cheese, and pepperoni, these are Pizza Slices, not the whole pizza, and whether the slice is square or triangular, it will take up your whole plate regardless. Lots of Italian-focused choices for pizza here, for under $9 dollars a slice. And home of the Big Roman Pizza Slice, which is gigantic and has a claim to fame of the Largest Slice in of Pizza in Disney Springs. Plus you can also get an Italian dessert, like cannoli, tiramisu or a chocolate chip cookie! Because that’s just another Pizza Ponte specialty. Hours: Prices here range from $8-$12 each slice. Check out the Disney Springs Pizza Ponte menu. 

pizza at Walt disney World

Where to Get a Whole Pizza at Disney World

Unless you’re staying at Art of Animation Resort, the short answer is nowhere. That is unless you order Pizza from an Orlando Pizza Place that delivers to Disney World. Because, by far the MOST DIFFICULT thing to get at Disney World is a Whole Pizza To Go.  And while Via Napoli does have the full Mezzo Metro pizza for $50 dollars that you can sit down and eat, if you’re looking for something to grab and go to bring back to your room, it’s impossible to find. And frankly, we don’t know why! Back in 2013…the golden age of Disney World if you will… you could simply order a Whole Pizza at Disney, a good 8 slices, through Room Service at most resorts. Obviously, this exists, because we still have the picture, see above!  It was about $25 and brought right to your room. This is no longer offered. So instead we’re left with food court pizza, or pizza we have to order in from some local Orlando pizza place we don’t know. 

Art of Animation Food Court Landscape of Flavors

However, you CAN get a whole pizza at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at their Pizza station. One of the few resorts that serve more than just a slice, the pizza counter is a main attraction here, serving up a Large Cheese Pizza or a Large Pepperoni Pizza for under $22. Available for Lunch and Dinner. 

Can you Get Pizza at Disney World with Room Service?

Unfortunately, traditional Room Service has been on hiatus at Disney World since the pandemic. That said, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is the only resort to currently offer Room Service most notably due to the ongoing refurbishments at the resort. As such, the room service does not include Pizza, and is instead a full Disney Private Dining Menu, offering foods you’d typically get at restaurants, for breakfast and dinner. 

Room Service Take Out Pizza at Disney World- Temporary Unavailable

When Pizza reappears on Disney Resort Room Service Menus, this is what you can expect. Consider this the Papa Johns or Pizza Hut of the Disney pizza universe. Completely adequate and of generally normal size for a late-night meal back at the resort, if you missed dinner. Pretty good pizza, it is a little greasy as most delivery food is, but again- when you’re hungry anything will do. Delivery will take about 45 minutes to get your room. The pizza will be about 26 dollars and your tip is included in that bill. You can pay the delivery person extra, but know they are already compensated for the trip out.

pizza at Walt Disney World

Disney World Pizza Delivery

In the absence of full size pizza options at Walt Disney World, we recommend considering ordering Pizza and having it delivered to your Disney Resort instead. As such, you’ll not only need to know which Orlando Pizzas are close to Disney World, but also add in delivery costs and time it will take to get to you. So where can you get Pizza Delivered at Disney World?

Is there a Pizza Place That Delivers to Disney World Resorts?

Can you order a pizza and have it delivered to your Disney Resort? Or Room? YES! You can. Almost all pizza places in Orlando deliver to Disney Resorts. But the one closest to your resort may not necessarily easy to track down, since Disney Resorts are spread all over, if you’re looking for a Pizza Place close to your Disney Resort, then you may need to research a bit! 

Flippers Pizzeria | Horizons West and West Orlando

The most recommended delivery place for Pizza at Disney World is Flippers. A huge variety of specialty pizzas, and highly recommended by everyone we talked to, we recently tried Flippers Pizza one evening when we were staying at the Yacht Club and couldn’t track down a full size pizza in the parks. With pizza delivery to Disney Resorts you can simply check which location is closest to where you’re staying, or call, and place an order. Check out the Flippers Pizzeria Menu. 

Slices New York | World Center Dr. Orlando

While this pizza at Disney World is not on property, people in Orlando love it. You can get New York style pizza from Slices New York delivered to your Disney Resort. Simply have your resort address available. Check out the Slices New York Orlando Menu.

Giordano’s | Lake Buena Vista Disney Area

One of the best pizza delivery places near Disney World is Giordano’s. Offering pizza delivery to all the major resorts in Orlando, you can have this pizza brought to the lobby of your resort for pickup. simply build your order online. Serving specialty Deep Dish Pizzas there are plenty of traditional and unique flavor combinations to try for the pizza lover. Check out Giordano’s Pizza Menu. 

Pizza at Walt Disney World Review

So there it is. This list is by no means a comprehensive list of all the options for Pizza at Disney World, but it will give you your go-to place in each park when the pizza cravings strike. Let us know if you find somewhere spectacular that makes our pizza cut for speed and cost:) Thanks!

Where to find the best pizza at Walt Disney World. Disney best pizza places in all four parks


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