Vintage Disney Valentines of Days Past

Vintage Disney Valentines of Days Past

Some people call it cheesy, some people call it a “hallmark holiday” and others call it singles awareness day. But we love Valentine’s Day because, hello, all the treats AND we get to have fun with all the puns that come along with it. And if you guys didn’t know, we have a love for Vintage Disney everything. So after scouring the internet, we picked a few of our favorite Vintage Disney Valentines of Days past, and let me tell you….. wow! While we were researching them, we found that their sense of humor back then was a bit….. different? than what we would consider acceptable these days! We’ve kept our selection family friendly in case you’d like to share them with your families though, so no worries, this post will remain PG:)

All images may be subject to copyright. Many of these(and more!) can be found by doing a simple google search and we were unable to find any original artists listed. But from what we can see, they are all copyrighted by Walt Disney Studios. 

Chip and Dale Vintage Disney Valentine

Who doesn’t love these two trouble makers? And with a corny pun? Yes please. 

Vintage Disney Valentine

Flower Vintage Disney Valentine

Everyone’s favorite skunk makes an appearance in this “scent”-sational Vintage Valentine


Vintage Disney Valentine

Captain Hook Vintage Valentine

Who says Villains can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? After seeing some of these, I’d say we’re hooked;)

Vintage Disney Valentine


Peter Pan Vintage Valentine

The perfect Peter Pan Valentine because, well who doesn’t love the fact that darling is also Wendy’s last name? Classic.


Vintage Disney Valentine

Alice in Wonderland Vintage Valentine

Is looking for a Valentine’s Day gift driving you mad? Mad Hatter gets it.

Vintage Disney Valentine

Winnie The Pooh Vintage Valentine

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be as sweet without our favorite silly old bear. 


No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we hope it is filled with love and lots of chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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