The Elegant Citricos Lounge at Disney Grand Floridian Resort

The Elegant Citricos Lounge at Disney Grand Floridian Resort

Walt Disney World is filled with lounges for Disney Adults and Families. All impeccably themed, these lounges offer small plates, appetizers, zero-proof drinks, and an array of bar specialty drinks. And the newly remodeled to the theme of Mary Poppins Returns, Citrico’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort doesn’t disappoint! With a variety of unique options for adults and kids, here is everything to know about Citricos Lounge at Disney Grand Floridian Resort.

Citricos Lounge at Disney Grand Floridian Resort

The  Citricos Lounge is located just inside the Citricos restaurant on the second floor of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. As one of the many Disney Lounges themed to Disney films, Citricos Lounge offers subtle details worth noticing. The table lamp in this photo for example most notably features small birds, honoring the birds in Mary Poppins. Some chairs in this space are covered in a rich tapestry, referring to the carpet bag fabric of Mary’s bottomless bag. In addition to bespoke decor choices, you’ll even find London-themed drinks on the menu. Highlighting both the richness of the London smoking room and the floral notes of a ladies’ drawing room, drinks featuring teas, flowers, and whiskey are all included here. 

Citricos Lounge at Disney World

Citricos Lounge Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Citricos is easy and elegant. The entire restaurant faces a wall of windows overlooking the Grand Floridian courtyard gardens and it allows for an easy and bright atmosphere, much like the Grand Floridian Cafe.  The actual “lounge” at Citricos is simply a few seating areas consisting of small sofas, chairs, and short tables. Perfect spaces for lounging, with a drink in hand and an appetizer to share. 

Does Citricos Lounge Have a Dress Code?

The dress code at Citricos Lounge is dress casual. There is a Citricos Restaurant dress code and as such the lounge has the same. Swimwear, cover-ups, and flip-flops are NOT allowed. We did see people in fairly casual clothing, but be aware that a dress code is in place.  Here are the details. 

This restaurant is a Disney Signature Dining experience offering fine dining with a distinctly magical flair. Guests are expected to dress accordingly in attire that respects the restaurant’s sophisticated and upscale aesthetic. Clothing should be clean, neat and in good condition. Please no swimwear.

The Citricos Lounge area itself is staffed by the bartender, who attends to guests both at the bar and in the seating area. And while the restaurant itself does require a reservation, if the lounge area or bar has open seating you’re welcome to walk in and sit down. 

Citricos Lounge Menu

We were SO IMPRESSED with the Citricos Menu at this Grand Floridian Resort Lounge. Mind you, we had already been to the Enchanted Rose Lounge just down the hall, multiple times, and loved it. As such we were very curious as to how Citricos Lounge would compare. 

The Citricos menu features Florida cuisine with a Mediterranean influence. Begin your meal with a strawberry salad or sweet corn bisque. Then, delight in mouthwatering specialties like guava-barbecued short ribs or butter-poached Florida cobia. For a sweet ending, indulge in such decadent desserts as the orange blossom flan or the warm apple rose.

With a beautifully curated menu, the food selections are unique but still accessible enough that you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Be sure to check out the Citricos Lounge Menu ahead of time to get an idea of what to enjoy. 

Can you order from the Citricos Restaurant Menu at Citrios Lounge?

Yes, you can. Anything available on the main menu at Citricos Lounge is typically available to Citricos Lounge guests. Keep in mind that in the Lounge dining area, you are limited to a small table, more like a coffee table. And as such, it’s not conducive to a large spread of food. Our multiple appetizer dishes barely fit on our tiny table. So, if you’re looking for a true dinner experience, just book Citricos Restaurant for dinner instead. 

Citricos Lounge at Disney World

Citricos Lounge Drinks Cocktails and Mocktails

One of the main reasons we decided to try Citricos Lounge was because we’ve been curating a list of the Best Mocktails at Walt Disney World, and were interested to try the ones they had on the menu. And after a few disappointing rounds of Disney restaurants serving what we consider to be milkshakes or fancy lemonade as a “mocktail,” we were really hoping Citricos would come through for us. Luckily, they exceeded all expectations. The Mocktails at Citricos are more complex and most notably not geared toward children. 

Mocktails Zero Proof Cocktails

As we primarily visited Citricos Lounge to try the mocktails, we tried quite a few! While there is a “milkshake” on the menu in the form of the Old Fashioned Orange Soda Float, the other drinks on this list were true mocktails. 

The Purple Penguin

By far the showstopper of the group, and great for kids, the Purple Penguin is a purple drink combining Pineapple, Peach, Lemon, Lavender, Grenadine and topped with house-made Seltzer. It used to be served in a Penguin thermos, not available to keep, but you can grab the same Penguin Thermos on Amazon if you want to re-create this drink at home. 

London Dry Juniper Seltzer

Earthy, and herby, this mocktail combines Authentic Cinchona Bark and Smoked Rosemary blended with Citrus, Lemongrass, and Juniper Aromatics. It’s a beautiful drink, and perfect if you’re not drinking alcohol because it feels sophisticated enough to appease adult palates looking for something special. 

Paradise Punch

This drink may give the impression of just being a sweet punch, but it’s the Caribbean spices here that really add a few layers of flavor. This drink includes Melted Sugar, Caribbean Spices, Scraped Vanilla Bean, Orgeat (contains Tree-nuts), and Citrus. Very good and well worth the try. 

Citricos at Walt Disney world Mocktails


As expected the cocktails at Citricos Lounge are varied from the classics to more modern Mary Poppins-approved flavors. Specialty Cocktails include an Amaro Grapefruit Spritz, Agridolce, a Golden Haze Margarita, and 1806 Old Fashioned to name a few. 

Citricos Lounge Food

You’ll see from the menu that it’s possible to order almost anything from the regular dinner menu. While this is true, remember that if you’re at the lounge tables, your table space is limited. That said, here were a few things we tried and loved. 

Bread Service was included, so that was a nice treat, and gave us something to nibble while we debated our appetizers. 

Citricos Lounge Disney world

Truffle Mac and Cheese

This dish was small, and creamy and combined House-made Gnocchetti, Summer Black Truffles, Sottocenere al Tartufo, and Tarragon. 

Truffle Mac and cheese at Citricos

Smoked Cauliflower

As we’re often on the search for vegetarian dishes, cauliflower tends to be a go-to for Disney in the plant-based arena. That said, this cauliflower, much like the one at Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs, was fantastic. The seasonings were fantastic and featured Green Curry, Chili Crunch, and Citrus Crème Faîche (Plant-based).

Cauliflower at Citricos Disney world

Grilled Marble Potatoes

Perfectly cooked, these little potatoes and meats were the perfect accompaniment if you’re looking for something a little more substantial. This appetizer included Baby Potatoes, Roasted Tomato Aïoli, Shaved Serrano Ham and Manchego.

Citricos Appetizers Disney World

Citricos Lounge Desserts

Of course one of our favorite things are Disney World desserts; we love them all. We got a few to share and were just blown away by the craftsmanship here. 

Chocolate Torte

This chocolate lovers’ dessert came with chocolate dust leaf designs on the plate it arrived on. Complete with a cakey and creamy center, even more chocolate enrobes the dessert. This dessert is a Chocolate Financier, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Morello Cherries, with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream.

Disney Citricos Chocolate Cake

Blackberry Tartlette

Just one of the prettiest desserts at Disney World we’ve ever seen, this mousse combines Lemon Bavarian and Blackberry Mousse enrobed in Glacage with Candied Violet. Very light and delicious, we’d highly recommend this for fans of fruit desserts and lemon. 

Citricos Lounge Desserts

Citricos Lounge Review

All in all, we loved our experience here. The Citricos Lounge staff was wonderful and offered great recommendations. The mocktails were some of the best we’ve tried, and the food was delicious. From a cost standpoint, drinks and dishes ranged from 10-20 dollars, depending on what you get and we would definitely come here again. 

Citricos Lounge at Walt Disney World

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