All About the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ultimate Guide

All About the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ultimate Guide

Sailing on a Disney Cruise is one of the easiest vacations to take. With food, entertainment, and more included, you simply need to show up and have fun. And if you’re sailing on the Disney Fantasy, it’s easier than you think. With an easy boat layout, pre-planned activities, and scheduled dinners and entertainment, here’s everything you need to know about the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship.

Disney Fantasy Welcome Party on board

As with all Disney Cruise Line Ships, from the second you step onboard, you feel transported to a different time and place. As such it comes as no surprise that the Disney Fantasy brings you into a fantasyland. With gilded arches, an elegant colored chandelier, and all that glitters, showcasing the ocean beyond, it’s very much like a fairytale. And when Disney asked “Fantasy” songstress, Mariah Carey to be the godmother of the ship, it seemed the perfect fit! Why not add as much elegance, magic, fairytale, and fantasy as you can?

The Disney Fantasy is beyond beautiful. Gorgeous details can be found around every corner. From the hidden Mickeys in the theater to Pepe’s Door and the flags on the carpet that spell out the ship’s name. Hidden treasures, spaces, and interactive paintings are all part of this ship’s magic. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Disney Fantasy 

The Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship sailed her maiden voyage in 2012, just one year after her “sister ship”, the Disney Dream. The theme of the Disney Fantasy is art nouveau featuring a Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse statue in the Lobby. 

What Character is on the Bow of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

While hardly seen when at the port, Sorcerer Mickey, from Fantasia (1940) can be found on the bow of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

What Character is on the Stern of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

Dumbo and Timothy from the Disney classic Dumbo (1941) appear on the stern of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Guide

How Big is the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

As one of the larger ships in the Disney Cruise Line Ship Fleet, the Disney Fantasy holds 4000 passengers and has a total of 14 decks. Staterooms on the Disney Fantasy are 25% larger than the current cruise ship industry average. And the roomier space was something we definitely noticed while on board this ship. The Fantasy’s sister ship, Disney Dream, has the same layout, and size, while the Disney Wish Cruise Ship is slightly bigger. 

Disney Fantasy Elevators

Where is Everything on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

One of the toughest parts of any Disney Cruise Vacation is taking the time to learn the ship. And on shorter excursions, like 3 or 4 days, it’s almost impossible to learn the layout and still have time to enjoy it. 

Deck 1: Health Corridor, and Primarily for Disembarking at Port. 
Deck 2: Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Midship Detective Agency Game Station
Deck 3: Main Lobby, Guest Services, Royal Court, Animator’s Palate, Bon Voyage Lounge, Shopping, Walt Disney Theater, Preludes
Deck 4: Disney Lounges in Europa, Vista Cafe, Shutters Photography, Buena Vista Theater, Walt Disney Theater Balcony Seating, Walking Deck, Preludes
Deck 5: Disney’s Oceaneer Club, Vibe Club, It’s a Small World Nursery, Staterooms
Deck 6- 10: Staterooms
Deck 11: Concierge Level Staterooms, Senses Spa, Juice Bar, Gym, Adult Deck, Cove Cafe, Cabanas Restaurant, Pools, FunnelVision, Eye Scream Treats, Frozone Treats, Sweet on You, Flo’s Cafe ( Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill, and Fillmore’s Favorites)
Deck 12: AquaDuck, Adult Deck, Palo, Remy, Meridian Lounge
Deck 13: Concierge Private Sundeck, Edge Club, Currents Bar, Goofy’s Sports Deck ( Miniature Golf, Basketball)
Deck 14: Outlook, Radio Studio

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Walking Deck 4

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby

Featuring Mademoiselle Minnie as the lobby statue on the Disney Fantasy, this atrium is decked out in Art Nouveau delights. Complete with swirling peacock designs, and blue, green, and pink designs. As one of the larger Disney Cruise Ships, you really feel the grandeur of this place. Even walking up the main staircase feels like a treat. This area on the Fantasy is host to the Royal Princess Gathering, and special performers throughout the cruise.

Mademoiselle minnie on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Disney Fantasy Staterooms

The types of staterooms included in the Disney Fantasy are Concierge, Verandah, Oceanview, and Inside. All of these can sleep 3-4 people comfortably and include a queen-size bed, and sleeper sofa. The larger rooms can sleep up to 5 people with a pull-down bunk and Murphy bed that comes down from the wall. Concierge rooms have more space and bed configurations, depending on your room choice.

 In addition to the basics, additional amenities like plenty of drawer and closet space, a safe, laundry bag, towels, toiletries, and a first aid kit were all included. Overall the layout of this room is fantastic. A floor-to-ceiling curtain splits the room between the queen bed and the sleeper sofa for extra privacy. There is a sink in both the restroom and shower room, making it easy for guests to get ready in the mornings. This is a Disney Cruise Line exclusive design, and we love the convenience that it adds. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Inside Stateroom, Porthole, or Verandah?

A big question to consider on any Disney Cruise is what kind of Disney Cruise stateroom you need. And since prices vary across all of these room types, it’s good to get an idea of what they each offer so you can make your best choice. Mind you, we’re not including concierge, or suites simply because we haven’t yet stayed in either. And it pays to consider that you may need one kind of room for a warm-weather cruise while choosing another for a cold-weather cruise. Similarly, your room preference may change depending on the length of your cruise. What may be okay for a 4-night cruise, may not work for a 14-day Transatlantic cruise. 

Inside Staterooms

Inside staterooms onboard, the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream offer something called a Magical Porthole with real-time views of the water and waves outside as well as fun appearances from Disney characters. If you and your family are fine with a digital window, these rooms are the cheapest onboard, while still offering all the amenities of the outside staterooms. 

Oceanview Staterooms

Oceanview Staterooms come with a variety of porthole options; Obstructed, Two Small Portholes, or One Large Porthole. The obstructed porthole room just means that there may be a pole or part of the ship in front of your oceanview window. If you’re not in your room a lot, or during daylight hours, this may not be an issue for you. Rooms with two small portholes offer views of the water, however, the windows are definitely quite small.  Rooms with one large porthole often have a window seat built-in and give you a great view of the scenery. Perfect for gazing out the window. 

Verandah Staterooms

Verandah Rooms include a balcony with seating that overlooks the water and are a dream on cruises with a view but do cost significantly more. And may not be the best bet for families with small children. We have had a verandah on the Disney Fantasy, and they are lovely, but so much of what you see from your room is dependent upon which side of the boat your room is on, and which side of the port is prettiest. If you’re sailing to Disney’s Castaway Cay, Starboard Side is the best side to be on. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Towel Friends

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Towel Friends

Disney Cruise Room Host and Towel Friends

One of our favorite parts of any Disney Cruise is getting to know the Cast Members. And there are a few of whom you will see daily and who will truly be there for you the whole time! Your room host is one of those people. Room hosts tend to your room and learn your “schedule” so they can time room cleaning, and turn down service. They learn your names, leave chocolates and make you towel friends to greet you when you return to your cabin each evening. If we could take these folks home with us, we would. They are wonderful human beings there to make your life easier. Disney Cruise line typically has 1 cast member for every 2.5 passengers, there to help you however they can. 

Disney Cruise Line Fantasy

Disney Cruise Good Morning Show

Shown daily on your stateroom television, you can see your Cruise Director and Assistant Director review the day’s happenings, tips, and more in this 15-minute show. Frankly, this is one of our favorite things about a Disney Cruise! Of course, it could just be because we’ve had fabulous directors like Darren and Antony, who are so fun to watch. This happy show is a great way to start your day in the know. It starts as early as 6 am and is easy to turn on while everyone is getting ready. This show also shares tips on Port days so that you can get all the details on debarkation and when you need to be back on board. 

Disney Fantasy Mural

Disney Fantasy Activities Onboard

As with all Disney Cruise Line Activities, you MUST have the Disney Cruise App on your phone so you can get access to the Disney Navigator. This section of the app allows you to do your favorite activities, be alerted of event times, and see what is happening across the boat each day of your cruise. The Disney Cruise App also shows you Restaurant Menus and Port Excursions. So it is a MUST-HAVE when onboard the ship. You can only get access to the Disney Navigator once you are onboard. At which point you Turn On Airplane Mode, and Connect to the Disney Cruise Line Guest Wi-Fi. Once that has been done you can open the Disney Cruise App and see your options. 

Disney Cruise Fantasy Atrium

Disney Fantasy Kids Clubs

If you’re bringing the kid’s on your Disney Cruise, then there is plenty for them to do. Not only as part of the family activities but also as special things they can tackle alone. Often a much-needed break for parents, Disney Cruise offers Kid’s Clubs that cater to different age groups that help kids meet new friends, make crafts, play games, and more. Kid’s Clubs offer Open Houses on the first day onboard the ship, so kids can check in and get access. Be sure to check out the Disney Navigator App for times to visit the clubs and get your child set up. And download the My Disney Cruise Adventure Booklet to get your child ready for all that’s in store. Here are the Disney Cruise Youth Clubs you can find on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

“it’s a small world” nursery

If you need childcare on your cruise you can reserve time at the “It’s a small world” nursery. This care place is filled with activities and fun to keep your little one occupied and safe while you enjoy other things onboard. Read More about the Disney Cruise Nursery.

Disney Oceaneer Club and Lab | Ages 3-10

The Oceaneer Club offers up play areas with slides, games, crafts, and more. On the Disney Fantasy the Oceaneer Club includes magical “lands” to explore that inform the activities throughout the cruise. 

  • Andy’s Room: Featuring a Slinky Dog slide, this space includes Woody and Jesse for some wild west rollicking fun. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Offering a space that allows for arts, crafts, games, and video games, this S.H.I.E.L.D. facility shows off cool tech and weaponry wielded by our favorite superheroes. 
  • Star Wars Command Post: This training camp features Jedi or X-wing pilots, and you can connect to an interactive holotable to combat the first order!
  • Pixie Hollow: Join Tinkerbell and friends for dress-up, crafts, games, and stories in a gorgeous fanciful forest setting.
  • Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends: At select times throughout your cruise, Mickey himself may pop by to play games and have fun. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Woody’s Round-Up: Join Woody in your best cowboy garb for fun, games, dancing, storytelling, and singing. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Doctor Strange Defy the Dark Dimensions: Join Doctor Strange for lessons in the Mystic Arts. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 

Edge | Ages 11-14

Let your tween chart their own destiny in this Disney Cruise Club for tweens. Edge offers up a place to watch movies, play games, get creative, and make new friends. Equipped with all the tech, TVs, and video games you need to have fun if your tween wants to take part. Located inside the Forward Funnel on Deck 13. Edge Hours are 10:00 am- 1:00 am. 

Vibe | Ages 14- 17

This lounge space for teens is perfect for hanging out, having fun, and even making smoothies.  Teens 14-17 will have plenty to do if they’re ready to make friends and take part. Vibe features a coffee bar, and a wide selection of nonalcoholic beverages to keep them going all day and offers counselors on hand to oversee the fun. On the Disney Fantasy, Vibe is decorated like a high-tech media room, with moveable modular furniture and an outdoor sundeck. Activities include karaoke, games, video games, dance parties, and more group activities. Vibe Hours are 10:00 am- 1:00 am

1820 Society | Ages 18-20

Rather underground, the 1820 Society offers young cruisers aged 18-20 the opportunity to get together for activities. While not heavily published and with no designated space, this group’s meet-ups are often available on the Disney Navigator App. Lead by a single cast member, activities like photo scavenger hunts, or meet-ups at the Lounges during the day are all on the menu for this group. Trivia, Karaoke, Games, and Silent Disco are also offered throughout the cruise to keep these young adults involved. If sailing to Castaway Cay the group also takes part in group activities like biking, and volleyball. Be on the lookout in the app for times to meet up, and check with a Cast Member once onboard for details on registering. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Entertainment

If you’ve ever been on a Disney Cruise you know that the entertainment onboard is top-notch! From Broadway-style entertainment to evening performers, games, and activities, there is no shortage of fun things to do!

Sail Away Party on Disney Cruise

Sailing Away Deck Party

This on-deck party takes place as soon as you Sail Away! While the time sometimes varies, be sure to check out the Disney Navigator in the app for the exact time to be on deck to watch the show. On the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship the Sail Away Deck Party happens on Deck 11, but you can see the show from the balcony on Deck 12 if you can find a spot to stand and watch. This show features Mickey and Friends and Cruise Cast Members dancing and singing to help get you into the mood for your best Disney Cruise Ever. This is also a great time to grab the Drink of the Day, or your first ice cream cone from Eye Scream treats, also on Deck 11. 

Pirate Night on Disney Fantasy

Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise

Pirate Night

Disney Cruise Line Pirate Night is a mainstay on many Disney cruises sailing to the Caribbean and a must-do no matter your age! In fact, with Pirate-themed everything on the day of the party, it’s hard to avoid! Mickey and Friends all don their Pirate best and pose for pictures. And everyone (EVERYONE) gets dressed up as a pirate for dinner to be ready for the party. This evening event takes place close to 10 or 10:30 pm so definitely late for the little ones. But never fear, there are other pirate events happening a little earlier if you need to skip this late-night party. So what is Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise?

Basically, it’s a reason to dress up, sing some sea shanties, and catch Mickey and Friends in their pirate costumes. This is also the evening event where Disney Cruise sets off their famous Fireworks at Sea! So, if you’re looking for extra fun, be sure to take the time and head to Deck 11 for the Pirate Night party on the FunnelVision deck. 

Performers on a Disney Cruise  

One of the best parts of any Disney Cruise is the bonus of getting to see live performances from visiting musicians and performers. While these performances are on the schedule in the My Disney Experience app, you will also see these performances as a treat on your way to dinner. Especially as most of the performers do take the main stage in the lobby throughout the cruise, and are hard to miss! That said, you can also catch more private performances in any of the Disney Lounges throughout the boat if you’re looking for something special. We were thrilled to see Matt Grinke, from the Happiest Big Band on Earth, on our cruise. And got the surprise bonus of Matt leading Disney Tunes Trivia as well! 

Games, Trivia, Bingo, Tastings, and More

Just like all Disney Cruises, the Disney Fantasy features a variety of fun activities you can do throughout the day. Players of Bingo can tackle the Bingo cards almost daily for a chance to win prizes and money. Meanwhile, there are other activities all over the boat, including a variety of Disney Trivia events, Towel Friends Classes, the Anyone Can Cook series, and more. But maybe making your own apple strudel sounds like a chore. Perhaps, just aim for a wine tasting instead. The liqueur-based activities are for an additional fee, but for the most part, activities are free! 

Frozen Musical on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Broadway Style Shows

Featuring Broadway Style Shows, opposite your dinner hour, a Disney Cruise offers showstopping entertainment. With classics from Disney films, to original productions featuring the themes of magic, adventure, friendship, believing, and more, these are always a treat while onboard. 

Disney’s Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular

As part of any Disney Cruise, you can count on Broadway-style performances, complete with amazing stage effects, top-notch performers, and a bit of Disney magic thrown in. Disney Fantasy is currently hosting three shows, one of which is Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular. Running for about 1 hour and shown on the Walt Disney Theater Stage, guests can see these shows opposite their dinner seating time. This Aladdin production was fantastic. Expert performers, surprising visual effects, and a beautiful set design made this show worth the watch. 

Frozen- A Musical Spectacular

Another show currently running on the Disney Fantasy is Frozen- A Musical Spectacular. Complete with magical costume changes, and familiar songs, this show incorporated stunning visual effects and set design to make it feel like Broadway. Worth the watch simply for the extremely talented performers, these cast members headline all three shows on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

Disney’s Believe

The third show to be seen is Disney’s Believe, which is also shown on the Disney Dream. This storyline does get tweaked every once in a while, the main characters typically stay the same. This is the story of a child named Sofia and her father, a scientist. Sofia believes in magic and her father doesn’t. Taking place on her birthday, this story finds Disney characters, led by the Genie, helping her father see the magic all around him. A wonderful lesson in the power of belief, this show helps us all have a little more faith and trust. All with the help of a little pixie dust. 

Disney Fantasy Theaters

Walt disney theater on Disney Fantasy Cruise

Disney Fantasy Theaters

With movie theaters on board, there is no shortage of amazing entertainment to be had. The Walt Disney Theater is where all the Broadway-style shows are performed. This two-story theater is beautifully decorated, and themed to Disney himself, and Mickey of course. The second theater onboard the Disney Fantasy is the Buena Vista Theater. This smaller theater is home to movies playing all day long onboard, including some first-run films to see during your sail. 

New Release Movies

A bonus of any Disney Cruise Line vacation is the chance to see a feature film, currently in theaters, while onboard. Your movie selections will change depending on when you cruise and what Disney films are currently in theaters. But, nevertheless, it’s something we look forward to since you don’t need to pay to go to the theater! 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy


Another mainstay of any Disney Cruise is the ability to watch Disney movies ALL DAY LONG up on deck on the FunnelVision screen. On the Disney Fantasy, FunnelVision can be found on Deck 11, alongside Cabanas, drink stations, quick-serve restaurants, and the EyeScream cone station. Disney films like Sleeping Beauty, Wreck-it Ralph, and Pirates of the Caribbean are all part of the lineup on the big screen. Simply grab a chair, and settle in. For the most part, films run all day, with the exception of party or event times, and are a great reason to take a break and relax. 

Miship detective Agency Game Disney Fantasy Game

Midship Detective Agency Game

Found on both the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, you can take on a scavenger hunt around the boat, to find interactive clues to help you solve a mystery. This game is called the Midship Detective Agency Game and is a great way to explore the ship and make the paintings come to life as you hunt down clues. There is a station located on Deck 2, right near the Enchanted Garden entrance for you to pick up your mission and get started. Check out our review of the Midship Detective Agency Game. 

disney cruise line pirate night

disney cruise line characters

Mickey on the Disney Fantasy

disney cruise line characters

Disney Fantasy Characters Onboard

As with any Disney Cruise, you get the chance to not only see your favorite Disney characters in the deck shows but also meet them in the halls and at photo spots. Disney characters included on the Disney Fantasy are all the ones you would expect! Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto are all part of the fun. And princesses like Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Mulan show up too! You could also find Stich, Chip and Dale, Thor, and even Dr. Strange roaming the boat and available for photos. Be sure to book the Disney Princess Royal Gathering if you’re hoping to get pics of all the princesses on board. 

Disney Animator's Palate Restaurant

Disney Fantasy Dining

Dining on any Disney Cruise typically requires guests to dress for dinner, at least a little. As a family cruise, basic cruise wear, or “cruise casual” is accepted of course but know that on the Disney Fantasy, there is Formal Night, Semi-Formal Night, and Pirate Night if you’re sailing on a 7-night itinerary. All of which may require some strategic packing. Be sure to check out the Disney Cruise Dining Attire for your cruise length. 

The dress code is not strictly enforced for any of these themed nights. It’s your vacation and you can pretty much dress how you like. However, in general, you’ll want to avoid wearing things like swimsuits to the dining rooms. 

Disney Fantasy Quick Service Restaurants

Looking for food options outside of the main dining rooms? Here’s where you can grab a quick meal or snack!


The quick-service dining family restaurant onboard the Disney Fantasy, Cabanas has several self-serve stations that are set up for breakfast and lunch. Consider this your go-to restaurant when you are just hoping for an easy and quick meal. Cabanas have a variety of foods to satisfy any palate including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Breakfast includes basics like eggs and potatoes, while yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal bars are also open. And lunch offers a variety of options like various sources of proteins, salads and finger foods for more selective eaters. 

Know that while Cabanas is open throughout the day it does close at certain times, so get familiar with the schedule once you are on board. Cabanas offers both indoor and outdoor deck seating. Pre-pandemic, Cabanas also offered a sit-down dinner option for those wishing to have a more flexible dining schedule. We haven’t seen that return to Disney Cruise Line yet, but it may in the future. 

Flo’s Cafe

Another option for a quick meal can be found at Flo’s Cafe on the Disney Fantasy. This trio of counter-service restaurants offers up simple pizzas, salads, wraps, fruit, burgers, and fries. Complete with a toppings bar and plenty of seating. As (almost) all of your Disney Cruise food is included in your cruise, these mini counter service restaurants are a great option if you’re looking for a snack between meals. 

Other Places to Grab a Bite on the Disney Fantasy

In addition to the main places to get “real food”, you can also grab snacks, treats, and more at a few other places on the Disney Fantasy.

  • Preludes: The Preludes counter includes both fountain and alcoholic beverages, and popcorn for an additional cost. So if you’re hoping to grab something special on your way into the movie or show, Preludes is where you’ll get it. Located on Decks 3 and 4. 
  • Senses Juice Bar: Senses Juice Bar is a specialty juice bar just next to the gym. Juices here are crafted by hand and do cost extra. This is an adult-only space. 
  • Frozone Treats: This smoothie counter is located on Deck 11 and is home to specialty Dole whip and Greek yogurt-based smoothies. A great way to get in your extra nutrients. Frozone offers smoothies and dole whip for an extra cost. 
  • Eye Scream Treats: This ice cream counter is home to the FREE Ice Cream cone station available on every Disney Cruise. There are a variety of soft-serve flavors here. And this counter is open all day and can be frequented as often as you like. 
  • Sweet on You Sweet Shop: If you’re looking for something super-indulgent, then we have the shop for you! Sweet on You is located on Deck 11 of the Disney Fantasy and offers specialty gelato, sundaes, cupcakes and all kinds of sweets. These treats cost extra, but they’re fun if you want to splurge!

Disney Fantasy Photo Tour

Disney Fantasy Rotational Dining Restaurants

One of Disney Cruise Line’s signature services is Rotational Dining on a Disney Cruise, which can sometimes get confusing. Guests can choose and are ultimately assigned a first or second seating. First Seating is typically around 6:00 pm and the Second Seating is around 8:15 pm. Though these times can vary 15 minutes before or after this time. Once you know your seating, you’ll simply show up at the assigned restaurant at that time every night throughout your trip. Know that the evening showtimes are also at these times. So if you have a first seating assignment, your showtime will be later, and if you have a second seating your showtime will be earlier.

The restaurants included in the rotational dining on the Disney Fantasy are Royal Court, Enchanted Garden, and Animator’s Palate. As traditional table-service restaurants, these meals here are included in your Disney Cruise Vacation Package. Gratuities for dinner service, however, are not. As such you will be charged gratuities at the end of your cruise. Note that any breakfast or lunch meal you have at these restaurants does not generate gratuities on your bill. Therefore, feel free to check these restaurants’ schedules throughout your cruise if you hope to have a table-service breakfast or lunch. 

Royal Court Restaurant on Disney Cruise

Royal Court Restaurant Disney Cruise

Royal Court

The Royal Court Restaurant on the Disney Fantasy is similar to the Royal Palace on the Disney Dream. The spaces at Royal Court are simply decorated and honor each of the princesses. As such there are sections of the restaurant specific to our favorite Disney couples. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ariel and Prince Eric, and Sleeping Beauty are among the murals you’ll find on the walls in each section. Check out the Disney Fantasy Royal Court Menu. 

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden Restaurant also found on the Disney Dream, features an Alice in Wonderland theme set in the gardens of Versailles. Complete with flower lights that open and close throughout dinner. As an atmosphere, this restaurant feels very calm. and if you can get it, we highly recommend a table on the perimeter of the restaurant, where there is generally less hustle and bustle. There are also beautiful subtle color changes across the restaurant. Check out the Disney Fantasy Enchanted Garden Menu

Animator’s Palate

The Animator’s Palate Restaurant can be found on the Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy. And each restaurant brings a different kind of magic to your dining experience. It is one of the best Disney Cruise Restaurants and one that rightfully honors Walt Disney Animation. Frankly, we love it. On the Disney Fantasy, Animator’s Palate has a different look but brings all the interactive fun. Complete with a chat from Finding Nemo’s Crush, and a chance to draw your own animated characters. Check out the Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Menu. 

Disney Fantasy Adult-Only Restaurants

One of the best things for Adults to do on a Disney Cruise is to make a special night out to one of the Disney Adult-Only Restaurants, and the Disney Fantasy has two. The Palo and Remy restaurants are both located on Deck 12, near the Meridian Lounge. Keep in mind these are 18+ and do have a dress code. These meals are NOT included in your Disney Cruise Package, so you must reserve them ahead of time. Guests may only book ONE dinner in advance for Palo. However, if your Palo night is the first night of your cruise, you are able to make a second reservation at either Palo or Remy on another night of your cruise. 

Reservation Window for Castaway Club

  • First Time Cruiser: 75 days in advance
  • Silver: 90 days in advance
  • Gold: 105 days in advance
  • Platinum: 120 days in advance (complimentary)
  • Pearl/Concierge: 123 days in advance ( complimentary)

Dress Code

  • Men: dress pants or slacks and collared shirt; jacket is optional
  • Women: dress, skirt or pants with a blouse
  • Jeans may be worn if in good condition (no holes)

Adult-exclusive restaurants aboard Disney Cruise Line ships are elegant dining experiences. Guests are requested to dress in a manner consistent with the restaurant’s sophistication. Formal or semi-formal attire is recommended. Dress casual attire with a polished look is permitted (such as dress pants, jeans in good condition, collared shirts and blouses and lifestyle shoes). Clothing such as T-shirts, swimwear and sports attire is not permitted.

Remy on a Disney Cruise Adult Dining


This restaurant serves fine French fare in an atmosphere of elegance and ocean views. With gourmet selections crafted by Chef Scott Hunnel and Chef Arnaud Lallement. “Dinner begins with a complimentary “Collette,” a chilled Champagne cocktail prepared at your table.” Offering regional, fresh ingredients, langoustine, duck, elk, sablefish and Kobe beef are on the list of options. Alternatively, Remy also offers a brunch, dessert, and wine-tasting experience.  Current prices for Remy are as follows: Dinner $125 per person, Wine pairing is $230 per person, brunch is $80 per person (add an extra $30 for a Champagne pairing), and the Dessert Experience is $60 (add $25 for the wine pairing). Check out the Disney Fantasy Remy Menu.

Palo Restaurant Disney Fantasy Cruise


Palo is an Adult-Only restaurant on the Disney Fantasy featuring Northern Italian cuisine in a four-course meal. Salads, pasta, meats, and seafood are all part of the menu. Palo features Italian decor and offers ocean views and live music. It is an Adults-Only restaurant (18+) and requires reservations, and costs extra. Palo offers a prix fixe dinner at $70 per person with an option for a la carte items. Brunch is $50 per person, and you can technically order as much as you like, but it no longer includes a brunch buffet option. We loved getting Brunch at Palo, and highly recommend it for your next cruise. Check out the Disney Fantasy Palo Menu. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Meridian Lounge

Disney Fantasy Lounges and NightClubs

The Disney Fantasy Cruise is home to 11 lounges! Most of these lounges host daytime activities for families, like games, Bingo, trivia, and more. In the evenings, usually after 6 pm some of the lounges transition to adult-only ( 18+). Here are all the details for each lounge, and the themes you can find in each. We highly recommend exploring these spaces just for fun. As they are beautiful and unique.

Lounges and Bars

  • Currents. Located on Deck 13, this outdoor bar overlooks the Adult-Only pool area, with lounge spaces, and live music. 
  • D Lounge: The D Lounge on the Disney Fantasy is the largest lounge, and home to Bingo, Disney Tunes Trivia and the Anyone Can Cook Series. 
  • Meridian: This high-class lounge is located on Deck 12 and offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with great views of the ocean. Featuring a variety of specialty beverages, this bar also included Seedlip mocktails as well as classic cocktails like the Singapore Sling. 
  • Bon Voyage: Bon Voyage is the bar nearest the Lobby and a great place to grab a drink while listening to performers, or prior to the shows. 

Ooh La La Lounge Disney Fantasy

Europa Lounges on Deck 4 Aft

  • Skyline: This small bar on the Disney Fantasy features a variety of drinks, and views of a digital skyline of the world’s most famous cities.
  • La Piazza: La Piazza is decorated like an Italian-style plaza complete with merry go round styled bar. It hosts musical performances and activities throughout the day.
  • O’Gills Pub: O’Gills is a classic Irish pub, that offers up beers and drinks from the Emerald Isle. This location also is host to games, trivia, and activities throughout the day. 
  • Ooh La La: This Champagne bar on the Disney Fantasy is tucked in the back of Europa, and is rather small. It is, however, decorated beautifully with lights, lush furniture, and classic French decor. 
  • The Tube: Modeled after the Tube in London, this bar and nightclub really comes to life at night! With family activities held during the day, at nighttime, this area becomes adult only and hold events like karaoke, dance parties and more. 

Cove Cafe Disney Fantasy Cruise Coffee Shop

Cove Cafe Disney Cruise Fantasy Ship

Coffee Cafes

  • Cove Cafe: The Cove Cafe is an Adult-Only coffee cafe in the adult section on Deck 11. Serving up specialty coffee, pastries, and drinks, Cove Cafe also features coffee art. 
  • Vista Cafe: This coffee counter offers the same menu as Cove Cafe but is open to all ages. You can also grab free pastries from the case, but the coffee here is for a charge. They offer a variety of flavored coffee options, matcha, teas, and the Moka experience. 

Disney Pools on the disney Fantasy


Disney Fantasy Cruise Shops

Disney Fantasy Shops

The Disney Fantasy has several shops onboard. Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps are the main gift shops onboard with classic Disney merchandise and Cruise-specific items available. Additional shops like Sea Treasures and Bvlgari have specialty jewelry, perfumes, and more onboard available duty-free. You can even grab the Disney Cruise Disney Dooney and Bourke bag onboard. One of the cutest shops onboard is Sweet on You, a specialty cupcake, treat, and gelato shop. Sweet on You also has prepackaged snacks and a cute photo-op area with Mickey and Minnie! 

Senses Gym, Spa, and Salon Services 

We like taking advantage of the seamless walking and running opportunities on Deck 4 of the Disney Fantasy, but if you’re looking for a gym experience, you can find it at Senses. Featuring treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and even classes, this gym offers a way for you to stay in shape on board. And if you’re looking for something to help you relax, the Senses Spa offers up a selection of cosmetic body and facial treatments, available for an extra charge. Check out all the services offered at the Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Fantasy. And if you’re bringing your teen, you can let them experience Chill Spa, catering to those kids 13- 17 and offering services they’d enjoy like massages, wraps, hair care, and more. 

Disney Fantasy Pools

The Disney Fantasy has a variety of pools, and water features for babies, kids, and adults. AquaDuck is the most popular water ride and sends guests through a tube that is lifted high on the perimeter of the boat deck. Other pool areas are Satellite Falls, Nemo’s Reef, Mickey’s Pool, Donald’s Pool, AquaLab, and Funnel Puddle. In addition to the main pools, the Adult Deck has a variety of hot tubs and the Quiet Cove Pool on Deck 11. 

Aqua Lab on the Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Ports of Call

The Disney Fantasy has a few different Ports of Call, though all sailings are out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Sailing to the Eastern and Western Caribbean, as well as Disney’s Castaway Cay, here are a few ports you may see on your cruise. Be sure to check out your specific cruise and dates to see where you’re sailing. 

Tortola Island British Virgin Islands

Eastern Caribbean

Generally, the “calmer’ ports available on the Disney Fantasy, are the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. These islands are mostly walkable and have small shop areas, restaurants, and beaches. 

Disney St. Thomas Skyview

Western Caribbean

The Western Caribbean ports are busier and reminiscent of Nassau, Bahamas. If visiting we’d recommend that to make the most of your trip that you book an excursion. While these do tend to take up your entire day at port, they give you some focus and will help you feel like it was a trip worth making. 

Disney Cruise St. Thomas Port

Castaway Cay disney Fantasy Cruise

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is Disney’s Private Island, and luckily, is on the Disney Fantasy itinerary as a port of call for a whole day! By far one of our favorite stops on any Disney Cruise. With things like snorkeling, bike riding, and inner-tubing, there is plenty to do on your Castaway Cay day. You can also book excursion packages for boating, water bikes, and other special activities. Check out our Castaway Cay Guide to get an idea of everything you can do on the island. 


Castaway Cay Disney Cruise

Castaway Cay 5K 

If you’re Disney Cruise Itinerary includes a stop at Castaway Cay, then be sure to check out the Castaway Cay 5K race! This self-paced 5K brings you through the trails on Castaway Cay and is perfect for both kids and adults. You can walk or run it, and simply have to sign in at the bike rental kiosk on the island to get started. Once you complete your 5K, you can collect your Castaway Cay 5K Medal to take home. We love this as a meaningful Free Disney Cruise Souvenir, and since it’s part of an experience, one that you should proudly display! While not an official runDisney marathon race, we still loved this activity as a way to see the island and give us a bit of a challenge. 

Castaway Cay 5k 

Drinks of the Day on a Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Adult Things to Do

In addition to the Adult-Only Restaurants, there are plenty of things to do onboard a Disney Cruise for Adults. If you’re looking for some things to do on your Disney Cruise, here are a few of our favorites. 

Adult-Only Cruise Activities ( 18+)

There are a wide variety of Disney Cruise Activities on the Disney Fantasy that was ONLY for adults ( 18+), and not necessarily because they have anything to do with alcohol! Some classes, trivia, and games were only open to adults, alongside a variety of cocktails and wine tastings. 

Adult Beach Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay Serenity Bay

Once on Castaway Cay, you can head to the far beach, called Serenity Bay. This sparkling beach includes access to a bar, eatery, and stretches of beach filled with loungers and umbrellas. Notably less crowded than the family beaches, if you’re looking for a place to get away, head to Serenity Bay. 

Drink of the Day on a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Drink of the Day

One of our favorite things on any Disney Cruise is checking out the Drinks of the Day. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available, and they usually include something fruity and fun! You can check the selections each day in your Disney Cruise app and grab these drinks at any bar counter. We also loved that they shared the ingredients in the descriptions so that we can make Disney Cruise Drinks at home too! And if you’re sailing in cold weather, check out one of our favorite Disney Cruise cocktails from the Very Merrytime Cruise, the Disney Cruise Christmas Cookie Cocktails. Yum!

Adult Deck on a Disney Fantasy Cruise

Adult Deck

The adult deck on a Disney Cruise is reserved for adults 18+ and fills up fast! While this deck is smaller, it still has a few bars, lots of loungers, and pools in which to hang out. There are plenty of places to hang out in this area, so be sure to check out deck 12 for more seating options. There is a small section for smokers up there, however, most of the area is smoke free and there are plenty of options for seating. 

Ooh La La Champagne Bar no Disney Cruise


Disney Cruise Line Fantasy

Pixar Day at Sea on the Disney Fantasy

In the winter months, the Disney Fantasy is home to the Pixar Day at Sea. This became a new offering just recently and will be back on Disney Cruiseline for 2024. The Pixar Day at Sea is a great way to get your Pixar fix while onboard a Disney cruise ship. With special snacks, entertainment and character meet and greets, if you love Pixar, then we highly recommend checking out this themed cruise that sails in January and February.  Generally available on 7-night cruise itineraries, the Pixar Day at Sea is held on one of the sea days during your cruise. 

What Pixar Characters are on the Pixar Day at Sea?

One of the best things about this themed cruise is that you can see quite a few different Pixar characters all in one place! You can expect to see characters from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Inside Out, Up and more. Keep your eyes peeled because you never know who you might find roaming the Disney Fantasy! 

Getting Ready for your Disney Cruise

Hopefully, this Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Guide has helped you get a handle on what your experience may look like. Know that as a vacation, a Disney Cruise Line vacation is one of the easiest to take. With daily tips from the Cruise Director’s Morning Show, to the helpful staff, and excursions to ensure a successful day at port. Your role is simply to show up and enjoy it! 

Check out our Disney Cruise Packing List for everything you need to bring along with you. From cruise documents to outfits for semi-formal night, check out the post for a complete breakdown. And don’t forget to make fun plans to decorate your cruise cabin door, with some Disney Cruise Decorations. It’s easy to make a Disney Cruise extra fun and magical. And on the Disney Fantasy, there is so much to see and do, we hope you love it as much as we do. 

Ready to book your next cruise on the Disney Fantasy? Request a no obligation quote and let us help you plan it!

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Complete Guide


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