Breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe

Breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe

A lot of our vacationing experience is about food. We love trying new restaurants, especially if it brings us to an amazing resort like the Grand Floridian. While we generally visit the Grand Floridian at least once a trip(we always go for tea), and we have explored most of the resort, we had not yet eaten at the Grand Floridian Café.We heard it was amazing for breakfast/brunch, so we booked a reservation for a little later in the morning and escaped the late morning crowds at Magic Kingdom.

We love being at the Grand Floridian. Having stayed there last year, we find ourselves always making our way back during trips, whether its for a cupcake, for tea or just for a break from the heat.Grand Floridian resort walt disney world

The atmosphere at the Grand Floridian Café is much like what you would expect, quiet, calm and relaxing. Unlike one of our favorites at the Grand, 1900 Park Fare, which can be a little nosier and more chaotic since it is a character meal, you can come here and really just chill.

We happened to make the reservation on a Friday during lent, which meant no meat for us, for never fear, the Grand Floridian Café actually has some very nice no meat options.

The meal starts with some really delicious biscuits and jams while you’re waiting which is great if you’re hungry. We had started the day early to grab some Starbucks from Magic Kingdom and get some pictures before the crowds really started to roll in, so we were definitely ready for food by the time we made it to our mid morning reservation.

G got the Floridian pancakes, which have pecans, cranberries and orange butter for a very nice, citrus-y flavor. The pancakes were great, but it was a little too much for her to eat as the portion sizes were pretty generous. She also got a tropical splash which is blended strawberries and orange juice. Very refreshing!

Rochelle and I both got build your own omelets, which essentially just had vegetables and cheese along with a French press for our coffee. The omelets were pretty basic, but good. And they came with a hashbrown casserole that was pretty great too.  They definitely have a lot of other great options, especially if you are a meat eater.

They also have a kids menu if you’re dining with children, which is the standard breakfast menu for kids(at least what I have seen), so your kids will be happy to know that Mickey shaped waffles and pancakes are definitely an option here 🙂

We were lucky enough to have a fantastic waiter named Robert, who kept us entertained the entire time and really enhanced our experience.

Overall, we loved the Grand Floridian Café. Its always great to be at the Grand, and with the service, the delicious food and the relaxing atmosphere, it was a much needed break from the crowds. And best of all, it was pretty budget friendly!

So whether you’re looking for an inexpensive, relaxing girls brunch complete with mimosas, or a chill breakfast with the family, the Grand Floridian Café is definitely worth checking out!




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