Disney Fantasy Restaurants and Dining on a Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Restaurants and Dining on a Disney Cruise

Dining on a Disney Cruise Ship is one of the best things about taking a cruise. While not entirely about food, we find that a variety of themed meals, beautiful decor, amazing drinks, and sometimes even a dinner show are all part of the experience. And a delicious one at that! Even better, you can try new dishes, have appetizers and desserts, and as much of it as you want! That’s all part of a Disney Cruise. And the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship is filled with great dining experiences. With themed restaurants featuring animation, the Disney princesses, and a beautiful garden experience here are the locations included in the Disney Fantasy Rotational Dining schedule.

Disney Fantasy Food 

If you’re sailing on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship, then you’re in for loads of amazing food, snacks, and drinks onboard. Just like all Disney Cruise Ships, there is a variety of places to get food onboard. Disney Fantasy Food is found throughout the ship at various Quick Service Restaurants, Rotational Dining Restaurants, Lounges, Signature Restaurants, and Coffee shops. And of course, don’t forget the free ice cream on Deck 11. Here are all the places onboard the ship where you can find Disney Fantasy Food on your next cruise. 

Royal Court Restaurant on Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Restaurants Rotational Dining

There are a slew of Disney Fantasy Restaurants onboard the ship. And just like all Disney Cruise restaurants, each features its own theme and flavor. As part of Disney’s Rotational Dining Schedule the Royal Court, Animator’s Palate, and Enchanted Garden are all part of your cruise dining experience. And as these meals are all included in your Disney Cruise package, you can enjoy as much as you like! Know that Disney Cruise Restaurant Menus do vary for each cruise depending on the availability of ingredients. That said, we’ll share what we’ve had so you can see some options. Here’s everything to know about where you’ll be eating each evening on the Disney Fantasy Cruise. 

Royal Court Disney Fantasy Restaurant

Disney Royal Court Restaurants

Royal Court Restaurant 

The Royal Court Restaurant on the Disney Fantasy Cruise features spaces filled with murals of our favorite Disney films. Honoring the Disney princesses, areas of the restaurant include Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty, and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Aladdin. Absolutely beautiful, this restaurant is covered in gold accents, and glittering scenes, and even has Cinderella carriage lights that sit atop the area dividers. Moreover, if you choose to skip the buffet onboard, you can also grab both breakfast and lunch here.

Available for breakfast you can have a variety of egg dishes, french toast, plant-based options, and more. Lunch at Royal Court is 3 courses and includes entrees like whitefish, chicken breast, and ribs. Alongside salads, bread, and dessert. We loved the bruschetta appetizer here. 

For dinner, you can enjoy 4 courses, including an appetizer, soup or salad, entree, and dessert. Seafood, meat, and plant-based options are all available. Dishes like French onion soup, roasted tenderloin, filet mignon, and pasta all take on a French flair as part of the Royal Court theme. Check out the Royal Court Restaurant Menu to see what you may have to choose from on your cruise. 

Royal Court Disney Cruise Restaurant

Royal Court Restaurant

Royal Court Restaurant Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Animator's Palate Restaurant

Animator’s Palate

Animator’s Palate is a mainstay restaurant on the Disney Wonder, Magic, Dream, and Fantasy ships. Serving up amazing food in a fun animation atmosphere, Animator’s Palate is only open for dinner on the Disney Fantasy. Offering a mix of Pacific Island foods, Asian cooking, and California fare, this restaurant has some of the best food on board. Lemon thyme chicken, black bean chipotle cakes, and a selection of fine desserts are all part of the offerings. Check out the Animator’s Palate Restaurant Menu for what you can enjoy during your trip. 

Meanwhile, as part of the atmosphere, Animator’s Palate features a digital show. Found on all four boats, each has a different theme depending on which boat you sail. On the Disney Fantasy, Animator’s Palate has two different shows depending on how many nights you sail. 

Undersea Magic

And if you’re ready to go under the Big Blue Sea then this dinner show at Animator’s Palate may be your ticket! In Undersea Magic guests get the chance to see Finding Nemo characters via digital animation, have a conversation with Crush, and explore the Finding Nemo story. 

Animation Magic

Ever want to see your art on the big screen? Or a small screen framed by a picture frame? You can draw to your heart’s delight prior to enjoying your meal at Animator’s Palate. Because in Animation Magic guests can draw their own artwork and have it become part of the animated show!  ( Shown on Disney Fantasy and cruises more than 7 nights )

Animator's Palate Dinner Menu

Animators Palate Dinner Menu

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Enchanted Garden

Themed to Alice in Wonderland this restaurant features garden paintings, lattice decor, and garden-themed meals. Serving up salads, seafood, and fresh dishes, you can find Ahi tuna, Portobello mushroom dishes, and even curried and apple soup here. Enchanted Garden also has a delicious variety of desserts, including sundaes, cakes, and puddings.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Enchanted Garden offers made-to-order omelets, Mickey waffles, fruit, and specialty drinks.  For lunch, there are burgers, grilled chicken, pizza, wraps, and other fresh offerings. Check out the Enchanted Garden Restaurant Menu for everything you try on your Disney Fantasy Cruise. 

Enchanted Garden Menu on Disney Fantasy

Disney Enchanted GArden Food

Encahnted Garden Menu

Disney Fantasy Restaurants Adult-Only Dining

The Disney Fantasy Cruise ship has two Adult-Exclusive Restaurants onboard; Palo and Remy. These restaurants are both located on Deck 12, near the Meridian Lounge. Keep in mind these are 18+ and do have a dress code. One of the best things for Adults to do on a Disney Cruise is to make a special night out to one of the Disney Adult-Only Restaurants. These meals are NOT included in your Disney Cruise Package, so you must reserve them ahead of time. Guests may only book ONE dinner in advance for Palo. However, if your Palo night is the first night of your cruise, you are able to make a second reservation at either Palo or Remy on another night of your cruise. 

Remy on a Disney Cruise Adult Dining


This restaurant serves fine French fare in an atmosphere of elegance and ocean views. With gourmet selections crafted by Chef Scott Hunnel and Chef Arnaud Lallement. “Dinner begins with a complimentary “Collette,” a chilled Champagne cocktail prepared at your table.” Offering regional, fresh ingredients, langoustine, duck, elk, sablefish and Kobe beef are on the list of options. Alternatively, Remy also offers a brunch, dessert, and wine-tasting experience.  Current prices for Remy are as follows: Dinner $125 per person, Wine pairing is $230 per person, brunch is $80 per person (add an extra $30 for a Champagne pairing), and the Dessert Experience is $60 (add $25 for the wine pairing). Check out the Disney Fantasy Remy Menu.

Palo Restaurant Disney Fantasy Cruise


This Adult-Only restaurant on the Disney Fantasy features Northern Italian cuisine in a four-course meal. Salads, pasta, meats, and seafood are all part of the menu. Palo features Italian decor and offers ocean views and live music. It is an Adults-Only restaurant (18+) and requires reservations, and costs extra. Palo offers a prix fixe dinner at $70 per person with an option for a la carte items. Brunch is $50 per person, and you can technically order as much as you like, but no longer includes a brunch buffet option. We loved getting Brunch at Palo, with views of the water and elegant decor, it felt extra fancy, and surprisingly affordable. Check out the Disney Fantasy Palo Menu.

Disney Cruise Signature Dining Reservations

Reservation Window for Castaway Club

  • First Time Cruiser: 75 days in advance
  • Silver: 90 days in advance
  • Gold: 105 days in advance
  • Platinum: 120 days in advance (complimentary)
  • Pearl/Concierge: 123 days in advance ( complimentary)

Dress Code

  • Men: dress pants or slacks and collared shirt; jacket is optional
  • Women: dress, skirt or pants with a blouse
  • Jeans may be worn if in good condition (no holes)

Adult-exclusive restaurants aboard Disney Cruise Line ships are elegant dining experiences. Guests are requested to dress in a manner consistent with the restaurant’s sophistication. Formal or semi-formal attire is recommended. Dress casual attire with a polished look is permitted (such as dress pants, jeans in good condition, collared shirts and blouses and lifestyle shoes). Clothing such as T-shirts, swimwear and sports attire is not permitted.

Disney Dream Cabanas

Disney Fantasy Restaurants Quick Service

The Disney Fantasy Restaurants for fast Food are Cabanas and Flo’s Cafe. Along with a variety of ice cream and smoothie shops. The Disney Fantasy offers two kinds of Quick Service Dining experiences onboard. The main Quick Service Restaurant is Cabanas, which offers indoor and outdoor seating and serves a variety of meal options. Cabanas is the same restaurant you’ll find on Disney Magic, Wonder, and Dream. The other places to find Disney Fantasy Food is at food counters littered around Deck 11 under the “Flo’s Cafe” name. Here is the lineup of quick service meals on the Disney Fantasy. 


The quick-service dining family restaurant onboard the Disney Fantasy, Cabanas has several self-serve stations that are set up for breakfast and lunch. Consider this your go-to restaurant when you are just hoping for an easy and quick meal. Cabanas have a variety of foods to satisfy any palate including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Breakfast includes basics like eggs and potatoes, while yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal bars are also open. And lunch offers a variety of options like various sources of proteins, salads, and finger foods for more selective eaters. 

Know that while Cabanas is open throughout the day it does close at certain times, so get familiar with the schedule once you are on board. Cabanas offers both indoor and outdoor deck seating. Pre-pandemic, Cabanas also offered a sit-down dinner option for those wishing to have a more flexible dining schedule. We haven’t seen that return to Disney Cruise Line yet, but it may in the future. 

Flo’s Cafe

Another option for a quick meal can be found at Flo’s Cafe on the Disney Fantasy. This trio of counter-service restaurants offers up simple pizzas, salads, wraps, fruit, burgers, and fries. Featuring Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill, and Fillmore’s Favorites. Complete with a toppings bar and plenty of seating. As (almost) all of your Disney Cruise food is included in your cruise, these mini counter service restaurants are a great option if you’re looking for a snack between meals. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Other Places to Grab a Bite on the Disney Fantasy

In addition to the main places to get “real food”, you can also grab snacks, treats, and more at a few other places on the Disney Fantasy.

  • Preludes: The Preludes counter includes both fountain and alcoholic beverages, and popcorn for an additional cost. So if you’re hoping to grab something special on your way into the movie or show, Preludes is where you’ll get it. Located on Decks 3 and 4. 
  • Senses Juice Bar: Senses Juice Bar is a specialty juice bar just next to the gym. Juices here are crafted by hand and do cost extra. This is an adult-only space. 
  • Frozone Treats: This smoothie counter is located on Deck 11 and is home to specialty Dole whip and Greek yogurt-based smoothies. A great way to get in your extra nutrients. Frozone offers smoothies and dole whip for an extra cost. 
  • Eye Scream Treats: This ice cream counter is home to the FREE Ice Cream cone station available on every Disney Cruise. There are a variety of soft-serve flavors here. This counter is open all day and can be frequented as often as you like. 
  • Sweet on You Sweet Shop: If you’re looking for something super-indulgent, then we have the shop for you! Sweet on You is located on Deck 11 of the Disney Fantasy and offers specialty gelato, sundaes, cupcakes, and all kinds of sweets. These treats cost extra, but they’re fun if you want to splurge!

Disney Ooh La La Bar on the Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Dining Lounges

If you’re looking for where all the fun family activities take place during the day. Or if you’re a Disney Adult on a Cruise looking for where you can score your next drink, then get to know the Disney Fantasy Lounge spaces. By far some of the most beautifully decorated on the ship, they’re all worth the visit.

Is Alcohol included on a Disney Cruise? 

No. Alcohol is not included with your Disney Cruise vacation and must be purchased separately. You can check out all the things Not Included on a Disney Cruise for all the details. 


Found on Deck 13 on the Disney Fantasy, this outdoor bar, can be found on the Adult Deck. Currents has outdoor shaded seating spaces on top the boat for excellent views, and grabbing a drink poolside. 


A smaller bar on the Disney Fantasy, Skyline is a lounge offering up views of the skyline on the horizon that magically change from day to night. Cozy spaces and elegant dark corners make this a great lounge if you’re looking to get away. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

La Piazza

This Italian-themed lounge sits center of the Europa area on the Disney Fantasy and connects all the other lounges. With drinks served up on a round bar, La Piazza lends to a carousel theme, while also offering booth seating spaces around the room. This lounge also has live music in the evenings. 

The Tube

Themed to the London subway, The Tube has London-themed decor and music. Done up in reds, blacks and blues, there is ample seating and a variety of drinks to be had. One of the larger lounges aboard the Disney Fantasy, larger-scale activities like trivia and towel folding take place here. 

O’Gills Pub

This quaint Irish pub on the Disney Fantasy features leather seating, a single bar, and a large screen tv. If you’re looking for something out of the way then O’ Gills Pub is an excellent choice. Used for games and trivia throughout the day, this pub turns into a proper bar in the evenings. O’Gills is located just off La Piazza, in the Europa area. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Meridian Lounge


One of the classiest Disney Cruise Lounges onboard, the Meridian sits snuggly between Palo and Remy on Deck 12, with indoor and outdoor views of the ocean, off the back of the ship. Semi-formal attire is required for this Disney Lounge. But with an amazing atmosphere and views, you can only see from this part of the ship, it’s well worth dressing up for. 

Bon Voyage

This lobby adjacent lounge features a single bar with bar stools and an opportunity to grab a drink while enjoying activities in the atrium. Bon Voyage offers up cocktails, coffees, juices, and sodas. 

Ooh La La

This Wine and Champagne bar is done up in all kinds of French luxury. Lending to the name, Ooh La La, you can expect to find lush furnishings, glass baubles and velvet drapes to help set the mood. Featuring champagnes and wines, Ooh La La is often used for liqueur tastings, pairing classes and more throughout the day. You can also catch live piano music in the evenings while sipping and enjoying small snacks. 

Cove Cafe on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Disney Fantasy Coffee Shops

One of the best parts about a Disney Cruise is the chance to be leisurely. And with 2 coffee shops on board, you can simply grab a cup, and a book, and settle in on Deck 4 for sights, stories, and sips of your favorite coffee drinks. Know that specialty coffees cost extra and are not included in your Disney Cruise package. But of course, free coffee is available at the drinks stations. And that always works too. 

Vista Cafe

This art-deco-inspired cafe features coffees, and pastries to help get you through the day. Know that Vista Cafe specialty coffees do cost extra, but the pastries in the case are included with your Disney Cruise! Be on the lookout for the recommended coffee, since this is typically one of the best they make. And be sure to grab a coffee card so you can get a free coffee. 

Cove Cafe

Also, since each boat has some similarities there are a couple of things that are available on all of them. Cove Cafe is the boat’s coffee shop. Often tucked away in the Adult area of Deck 11, Cove Cafe offers specialty coffees for a fee and free pastries from the case. 

Cove Cafe Disney Fantasy Cruise Coffee Shop

Dinner Gratuities and Tips on a Disney Cruise

While the meals on a Disney Cruise are all included, gratuities for dinner only are added to your Cruise bill at the end of your trip. Typically this is an additional 18% charge for each dinner which covers multiple servers that tend to you throughout your meal experiences. Note that this charge is for your dinner meal only. If you choose to eat at either Enchanted Garden or Royal Court for breakfast or lunch there is no extra gratuity charge. Note, that cruise guests can pay their gratuities ahead of time.

Dining on the Disney Fantasy

There you have it. A quick lineup of where you can find Disney Fantasy Food on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. From Disney Fantasy Coffee Shops to Bars, to restaurants, hopefully, this has given you a good idea of your Disney Cruise Rotational Dining options, and where to grab your next ice cream cone. Happy sailing. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Restaurants and Dining

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