Disney Wonder Cruise Photo Tour

Disney Wonder Cruise Photo Tour

Thinking of a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wonder? Thsi Disney Cruise Ship is all about wonder, so get ready to explore new spaces across this boat! From spaces for kids, to teens to adults, and special areas for activities and performances, here is a sneak peak photo tour of everything you can see on board the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship.

Restaurants on the Disney Wonder

No disney wonder photo tour would be complete without a sneak peek at the Disney Wonder Restaurants. 

Triton’s Restaurant

Triton’s Restaurant on the Disney Wonder is a beautiful restaurant with a wall-size mural featuring King Triton and Ariel. 

disney wonder tritons restaurant

tritons on the disney Wonder

Tiana’s Place

This New Orlean’s inspired restaurant features a Disney Character Dining experinece that includes Tiana, a jazz band and our favorite bayou alligator, Ray himself! 

tianas place disney wonder

tianas place entertainment disney wonder

Animator’s Palate

The Animator’s Palate Restaurant is on board all the Disney Cruise Ships, and one of the most creative! With moving pictures on the walls and wonderful food, this restaurant is part of the evening dining rotation. 

animators palate disney wonder

animators palate disney wonder

Animator's Palate Restaurant

Animator's Palate Table Rotation Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder Cabins

stateroom on the disney wonder

disney wonder stateroom

Disney Wonder Kid Spaces

childrens area on disney wonder cruise ship

kids area on the disney wonder crusie ship

tween spaces on disney wonder

childrens spaces on the disney wonder

tween spaces at disney wonder

edge tween lounge on disney wonder

Disney Wonder Welcome Show

disney wonder first day on board

Disney Wonder Activity Rooms

disney wonder cruise adult programs

Disney Wonder On Deck

main deck disney wonder

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