Lion King Suites at Disney’s Art of Animation

Lion King Suites at Disney’s Art of Animation

Art of Animation is by far the cutest resort at Walt Disney World. With bright colors, heavy Disney theming, and lots of larger-than-life characters, if you’re a fan of Disney animation, this may be the resort for you. Here’s a look at the Lion King Family suites at Art of Animation Resort.

Lion King Suites Art of Animation Resort

Staying at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

There are a lot of benefits to Disney’s Art of Animation. Since it’s a Skyliner resort, getting to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is a breeze! And since Pop Century and Art of Animation are the only value resorts located on the Skyliner route, the transportation alone is enough to sway us into considering this resort. 

Art of Animation also has a great food court. Landscape of Flavors offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And serves standard menu items along with a few more exciting options like Adobo nachos and Korean Style Impossible Burger. Over the years, they’ve changed their menu quite a bit. But generally, we’ve always been fans of this food court. And now they even offer a latte station! Yes, they are the same lattes you’ll find at some of the other resorts. You’re not going to find handcrafted lattes made by a barista here, but for a Value Resort, it’s still pretty exciting. And considering a plain cup of coffee will cost you $3.49, we’re happy to spend the extra 80 cents for a latte made by a machine. 

The big draw for many Art of Animation fans is, well, the Animation! This resort is just cute. It’s the most “Disney” resort you’ll find at Walt Disney World. With representation from The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Lion King, the bright colors and loud decor is usually what causes people to book it. Or not book it. You can see our review of Art of Animation Resort with the standard Little Mermaid rooms here

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Family Suites at Art of Animation Resort 

Art of Animation Resort is known for its family suites. In fact, most of the rooms here are family suites, with the only exception being the Little Mermaid rooms, which comfortably sleep 4. Family suites can be booked in a variety of ways. Guests can choose to book a family suite without choosing the theme. Or for a little extra cash, they can choose between Cars, Lion King, and Finding Nemo. The Finding Nemo Suites will generally always be more expensive because they are considered preferred rooms due to their location. 

But regardless of which theme you book, these rooms are a whopping 565 square feet. So, if extra room is what you’re looking for, the family suites here may be something to consider. 

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Lion King Suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort 

For any Lion King fan, these rooms are adorable. Yes, they’re kitschy and childish, but they are cute! There are animation-style touches everywhere that can be slightly obnoxious. But in the best way. If you go in with the expectation that you’re getting luxe accommodations, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. This is not a deluxe resort. It’s not even a moderate resort. So if you’re familiar with the larger-than-life icons that grace most Value Resorts and you enjoy that style, your expectations will likely be in check. There are bright colors everywhere, and yeah, it’s a specific kind of vibe. 

The Lion King Suites at Art of Animation can comfortably sleep 6 adults. And that’s a big appeal of these rooms. Not necessarily because they’re a super luxe or modern experience. I feel the need to point this out because many people on social media lately have really been complaining that these rooms are too “in your face” Disney, but that’s kind of the point! Kids of all ages who love animation will love this resort. It’s bright, loud and honestly, it’s just a lot of fun. 

As someone who generally prefers more subtle Disney touches, this is actually not really my style. But, I love it! It’s such a cheerful resort and that’s really all I can say about it. It’s fun, and nostalgic and just brings a bit of extra joy to my Disney days. 

I shared this suite with a friend of mine who is a bit obsessed with The Lion King, and she thought the rooms were fantastic. Are they slightly outdated? Yea probably. Are they a little tacky? Well, I think that depends! If you’re a kid or a kid at heart who loves Disney, then it might just be perfect. 

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Art of Animation Lion King Suites Room Layout

The layout of the Art of Animation Resort is likely the thing that makes them so desirable. Many parents with smaller children often prefer to have a bedroom for their little ones that can be separated from the main living space. And these suites offer just that.  The room opens to a dining area and the first bathroom. The first bathroom has a shower with a tub and a vanity area that can be separated from the toilet and shower.

The Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall actually opens up over the dining table. So at night, just move the chairs and pull down the bed. Super easy. 

The main bedroom and second bathroom is located right off of that, with a door that separates it from the rest of the suite. This room has its own TV, along with plenty of drawers for unpacking your suitcases. The bathroom here has a walk-in shower. And at the time of writing this, both bathrooms were stocked with H2O product built-ins. 

The living room area is where you’ll find the third bed, which is in the form of a pull-out couch. There is another TV in here. And there are plenty of drawers under the TV, and also a small area to hang clothes. This was a little awkward to me, but you can always just hang your things in the bedroom. In the living space, you’ll also find a small beverage cooler, a small coffee maker, and some small things like plates and plastic silverware. Our suite also had a Hey Disney device, which was kind of fun, but not really super helpful. 

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Are the Lion King Suites at Art of Animation Worth the price?

As with all, “is it worth it” questions, it depends! With these rooms, it really mainly depends on when you book them. You can find these rooms at great deals during the less expensive times of year, like late August and early September, but they can also be very expensive during times when families travel more often, like Spring Break and Christmastime. If you can get this room at a reasonable price, then we say yes, they are absolutely worth it. You can expect prices to range from $459 to $839 for 2023 depending on when you book. But the suites are often included in promos, so be sure to keep an eye on deals when booking. We were able to grab this room at about $379 per night with the Disney Visa Credit Card discount, and honestly for the size of the room, we thought that was a great deal. 

All Star Music also has Family Suites and those can be considerably cheaper. But there is no Skyliner access. And since there are so few of them, availability can be difficult during busier times. 

A 1-bedroom DVC villa is also an option if you’re looking for a room with separate sleeping areas, but those are generally more expensive, even if you decide to rent DVC points. Though they’ll obviously be nicer and have more amenities, you’ll likely be spending more. It always depends on when you’re traveling and what availability looks like. And what your priorities are. 

That being said, if you’re a smaller party who maybe doesn’t need or care about having a ton of space, or two bathrooms, or a separate sleeping area, there are better options at this price point. 

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

What level of resort is Art of Animation?

Art of Animation is considered a Value resort. The Little Mermaid Rooms, which sleep 4, are the only ones that actually follow the Value pricing though. 

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Which family suites are closest to the Skyliner at Art of Animation?

The Finding Nemo family suites are generally going to be the closest to the Skyliner. But if you happen to be in building 6 in the Lion King section or building 3 in the Cars section, that can also get you pretty close as well. And if that’s your preference, you can always call and request a specific building beforehand. But keep in mind, that requests are not always guaranteed. 

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

Lion King Suites at Art of Animation Review

Overall, we really enjoyed staying in the Lion King suites at Art of Animation. The fact that there were two full bathrooms is a complete game changer. Especially if you’re traveling with a group, or as a family with smaller children. Having two full bathrooms made getting ready in the mornings so easy. And having two showers is a luxury we’re generally not used to at Walt Disney World. We love that early risers can easily get up and ready without disturbing their roommates.

That being said, they’re far from perfect. Due to no carpeting in the rooms, there’s not much of anything to absorb the sound. So the room itself can be a bit echo-ey at times. But also, you can hear a lot of what your neighbors might be doing and whatever is going on in the hall. The decor is also a little outdated and could use a refresh. But if you’re solely booking this for a great Disney Animation theme, the kitschy colors and theming might be just what you’re looking for. 

For a full Room Tour of the Lion King Family Suites at Art of Animation, check out our video here

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Suites

How to get a good deal on the Lion King Suites at Art of Animation Resort

The easiest way to get a good deal on the Lion King suites, or any suites at Art of Animation Resort, is to book it with a promo. This year alone, 2023, has seen some of the best pricing at Walt Disney World in a while due to promotional discounts. So keep your eye out for those if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World. 

That’s not the only way to score a good deal on these suites though. Did you also know you can upgrade at check-in for a fraction of the cost? Now, this is based solely on availability. But when you can get it, it’s an amazing deal. And use this tip with caution. Please. If you need a suite, book a suite. The upgrade should never be viewed as a guarantee. Not ever.

It’s simple really though. You’ll book a standard room at Art of Animation to start. When you arrive for check-in, go to the front desk and ask if they have any suite upgrades available. If available, the upgrade will only cost you a $90 difference! That’s a huge amount of savings when you compare the rack rate for the suites with the standard rooms. 

Overall, we really enjoy this resort. It may or may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a room with some extra space, it’s a great resort to consider for your next trip to Walt Disney World!

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Lion king suites


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