Disney’s MagicMobile Wallet Quick Guide

Disney’s MagicMobile Wallet Quick Guide

Walt Disney World now has a whole new way to enter the parks, pay for your food, and store your tickets. Say hello to Disney’s MagicMobile Service. This NEW wallet-based phone technology gives us even more options to go contactless at the parks. Here is everything you need to know about the Disney MagicMobile Service. 

Visiting Walt Disney World means all sorts of fun planning tools. From adding tickets to your account with the My Disney Experience app to keeping track of your Disney budget by attaching a credit card. To opening your Resort room with a MagicBand. And now with Disney’s MagicMobile service, vacation things can get a whole lot easier. 

What is Disney’s Magic Mobile Service?

Disney’s MagicMobile service is the newest way to experience Walt Disney World, contactless. As we all try to touch fewer things and have more flexibility, Disney’s MagicMobile allows guests to scan into the parks, pay for things via an attached credit card, access tickets, store content, and more. All from the ease of the digital wallet on your phone. Just hold up your smart device near an access point for access to the parks. 

What does Magicmobile do at Disney?

What Can Disney’s Magic Mobile Service Do?

With Disney’s MagicMobile You Can 1. Connect to your My Disney Experience Account 2. Access your park tickets 3. Connect Disney PhotoPass images to your account 4. Gain access to the Virtual Boarding Queue. 5. Connect a credit card on file in your My Disney Experience Account to use during your stay. MagicMobile is also compatible with the Disability Access Service and redeemable at attraction entrances. 

Disney's MagicMobile and What it does

Does Disney MagicMobile Open my Room?

No. But you can access your room key from the My Disney Experience app and still use your MagicBand to enter your room.

Can I add multiple tickets to my Disney’s MagicMobile Wallet? 

Yes! If you’re traveling with kids, or family members, as long as they are attached to your My Disney Experience account, they can also be included in the Disney MagicMobile Wallet. Just select the family members that you manage when you access MagicMobile prior to connecting it to your wallet. However, Disney is recommending that everyone who is able to should be sure to create their own Disney My Experience account and have their own Disney MagicMobile account also. 

How is MagicMobile Different from My Disney Experience?

Disney’s MagicMobile uses wallet technology to help you access the components of your My Disney Experience app in a way that allows you park access, and account access. You must have the My Disney Experience App on your phone, AND a Disney account in order to access Disney MagicMobile. 

Disney MagicMobile Park Access

Does MagicMobile Require you to Have a Park Ticket?

While you don’t need a Park ticket to download the MagicMobile digital pass into your digital Wallet, you DO need to have a connected Park ticket and park pass reservation if you want to get into the parks. 

How is MagicMobile Different from MagicBands?

Disney MagicBands utilizes technology that connects your account information to your wearable. It does require you to “touch” the surface in order to be read. So touching your MagicBand to your resort door will open it. Touching your MagicBand to the park entrance post will allow you access to the park. And when you touch your MagicBand to the credit card app when dining out at Disney Restaurants allows you to pay for your food. 

Does everyone in my travel party need MagicMobile?

Since Disney’s MagicMobile service is available as a digital pass in your digital wallet you are able to store multiple passes on one phone. This is very helpful if you’re traveling with family, little ones, or don’t want everyone using their phones every 5 seconds to scan in at the parks. 

How does MagicMobile work for Kids?

If you’re a parent trying to maximize time and convenience then having MagicMobile in your digital wallet is a must. You can add everyone’s MagicMobile digital pass to the wallet so that you can simply scan everyone in at once. So convenient! 

How to use disney's Magic Mobile Serive

How to Make the Most of Disney’s MagicMobile Service

The My Disney Experience app can help you manage just about everything on your Disney Vacation. You can automatically link your Disney PhotoPass attraction photos, and videos to your My Disney Experience profile. The My Disney Experience app can also open your resort room, which is super helpful when you’re ready to unlock your room. And now with MagicMobile you can also have your park tickets, payments, and event tickets at the ready through your phone. 

Create Your Personalized Digital Pass

Setting up your Disney MagicMobile service and profile on your phone is easy and fun! Sign in to your My Disney Experience App. In the profile section of the app, you can access the Disney MagicMobile Pass button to set up your digital pass.  Customize your Disney MagicMobile pass in a variety of different designs. These Disney-themed designs are animated upon use for extra fun. Plus Disney Annual Passholders and DVC Members are given access to special designs. Then simply add it to your Wallet app on the iPhone or Apple Watch to store it on your phone.

Get into the Park Without the Wait!

One of the best things about the Disney MagicMobile Service is that, unlike the MagicBand touchpoints at Park Entrances, you can simply hold your phone near the touchpoint for it to be read and allow entrance. This makes your entry even faster than before! With something called “Express Mode,” you don’t even have to unlock your device or open up the app. Express Mode is automatically enabled when you add the Disney MagicMobile Service to your Wallet. You can, however, still use MagicBands, and Park Tickets for entry as well.  

Disney's MagicMobile and Magicband

MagicBand Changes and Disney’s MagicMobile 

Can I Still Use My MagicBand?

Yes! In fact, you can continue to buy amazing MagicBands on shopDisney and in the Disney Parks giftshops. MagicBands are super versatile and will continue to be able to be used in both the parks and the resorts. 

Can I use Both Disney’s MagicMobile Service and MagicBands?

Yes. Frankly, this is the best news. You can use both MagicMobile Wallet and your MagicBand or MagicBand+ interchangeably throughout your stay. That way if you have kids who love the experience of officially scanning into the parks with their Magicbands, or just want your kids wearing the MagicBand for its amazing RFID kid finder feature, it won’t affect your ability to keep everything organized and connected in your digital wallet. 

Walt Disney World MagicMobile Service has arrived! Here's everything to know about this new digital wallet. #polkadotpixies

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