Club Level at Coronado Springs Resort Chronos Club

Club Level at Coronado Springs Resort Chronos Club

We love staying at Gran Destino Tower. Though we aren’t huge fans of the bus-only transportation there, we love pretty much everything else about it. It feels like you’re staying at a deluxe resort but at moderate-level prices.  So when we had the opportunity to try out Chronos Club at Gran Destino Tower, we were thrilled to see how this one compared to the others we’ve tried. Here is our full review of the Disney Club Level at Coronado Springs!
Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Club Level at Walt Disney World

Club level at Walt Disney World is the ultimate in luxury. Food and beverages are available almost all day, and concierge staff to help you with whatever you need.  Club level is a designated room type. And must be booked as such. There are different types of rooms that are available under Club Level status, and the number of rooms varies by resort.  Club level is not only more luxurious but also more expensive. Guests staying in Club Level rooms have access to the lounge during the length of their stay, as well as the full day on their Disney arrival day and departure day

Gran Destino Tower Coronado Springs Resort

Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs 

Coronado Springs Resort is a moderate resort at Walt Disney World, and Gran Destino Tower is the newest addition to Coronado Springs. With a beautifully adorned lobby and well-appointed and modern rooms, this is our favorite part of Coronado Springs. Some guests even say they prefer it to some of the deluxe resorts! Gran Destino Tower is home to great lounges and bars, and restaurants and is the lobby for Coronado Springs.  We’ve stayed in Gran Destino Tower several times, and it never disappoints.  The Chronos Club, the club-level lounge at Coronado Springs, is located on the 15th floor of Gran Destino Tower. So, if you want to book a club-level room at Coronado, then Gran Destino Tower is where you’ll be staying!

If videos are more your thing, feel free to check out our Club Level at Coronado Springs Video on YouTube here

Club Level Coronado Springs

Chronos Club at Gran Destino Tower

Club Level at Gran Destino Tower includes the club level lounge, Chronos Club, and access to the concierge staff. The concierge staff can help with making dining reservations, arranging transportation, and securing tours or other activities.  Club-level rooms also include extra in-room goodies, like plush robes, slippers and products that you generally don’t get in standard rooms, like H20 cooling gel and vanity kits.  

Club Level Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Club Level at Coronado Springs

The Club Level lounge is known as the Chronos Club at Coronado Springs is located in Gran Destino Tower on the 15th floor. It is available to access only with a magic band associated with guests staying at the club level. While it may not be as impressive as Kilimanjaro Club at Animal Kingdom or Old Faithful at Wilderness Lodge, both of which overlook the lobby, it has plenty of perks of its own! 

The fact that it’s slightly hidden away does make it feel more secluded and private which is nice. Chronos Club itself is also pretty big. Though we’ve heard some people complain about this, we actually enjoyed the extra space.  Unlike what we’ve experienced at other club lounges, where we’ve struggled to find a seat, we were able to find a seat any time we wanted to enjoy the lounge. Even during busier periods. So, we take that as a win. The space itself has plenty of seating and tables. Games can be borrowed from here. And there is a TV that plays continuously. 

There is also a view of both Spaceship Earth and Tower of Terror from the large windows, and you can see fireworks from EPCOT at night!

Club Level Food at Grab Destino Tower

Club Level Coronado Springs

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Food at Chronos Club Serving Times

There are four serving periods throughout the day at Chronos Club. The quality of the food was pretty good for breakfast and hors d’oeuvres. And pretty standard for snacks and desserts. Our favorite meal ended up being breakfast, and we loved the convenience of being able to stop by the lounge in the morning before heading out. 

Continental Breakfast 

Continental Breakfast is served from 7 am-10:30 am. We found this to be the best breakfast we have experienced at the club level. Much more than what is usually considered continental breakfast, there were hot items every day. Usually, things like frittata scrambled eggs and sausages were available each morning. Along with the standard “continental” items like pastries, muffins, and oatmeal. There is an espresso machine that is available all day that can create lattes, cappuccinos, and hot water for teas. And if you want a breakfast mimosa, just ask the concierge staff! They even have POG mimosas here, which is always a treat. We loved having breakfast here each morning and also loved that it saved us money! 

Light Snacks

Light Snacks are served from 11:30 am-4:00 pm. This is usually the most underwhelming serving period in club lounges. And the same holds true at Chronos Club. There were 1 or 2 days that there were charcuterie items like lunch meats and cheeses out. But usually, this serving period just offered chips, cookies, fruit, and Uncrustables.  Wine and beer are also available during this serving period.

Hors d’oeuvres

From 5:00-7:00pm hors d’oeuvres are served. This serving period surprised us! Several dishes were offered that could easily be created into a full meal. Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Gazpacho were a few of the options while we were there. And the Pan Con Tomate which can be found at Toledo, Three Bridges, and Dahlia Lounge, was also available each night. Food options are a little more adventurous here, but we enjoyed the variety. There are also beverages like wine, beer, and mixed drinks upon request. 

Desserts and Cordials

The last serving period of the day is desserts and cordials and is served from 8:00 pm-10:00 pm. Desserts like cupcakes, tortes, and a few seasonal flavors were offered each night as well as a variety of cordials. Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are also available during this time. We loved coming back to the resort and enjoying the lounge before calling it a night. 

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower
Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Coronado Springs Resort Club Level Review 

Overall, we loved Chronos Club at Coronado Springs. It was spacious, the staff was amazing, and we loved being able to grab food throughout the day.  I think I was most surprised by how good the breakfast was each morning! Breakfast tends to be one of the more difficult meals for us at Walt Disney World. So, this was a huge plus for us.

The quality of the food during the hors d’oeuvres hour was pretty impressive as well.  We’ve never been able to make a full meal during this time period at other Disney Club Level Lounges due to a lack of a protein option. But being able to have dinner here a few nights definitely saved us some time and money! 

We also loved having a place to relax on a Disney departure day, which can sometimes be tricky. Checkout is at 11 am, but the lounge is available for concierge guests all day. We spent half of the day at Animal Kingdom. And then were able to come back to the lounge to play games and have some snacks and drinks. It was a nice change from sitting in the lobby waiting for our Disney Shuttle Bus to come to get us. 

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Is Club Level at Coronado Springs worth it?

Club Level at Coronado Springs is the cheapest upcharge of any of the club-level offerings at Walt Disney World. Depending on what type of trip you’re planning, we think club level here can definitely be worth the extra charge! Being able to get a full breakfast each day, grab snacks and water on the way to the Parks and the occasional evening meal saved us money we would have spent otherwise. If you’re traveling with a larger party or a group that enjoys drinking on vacation, there can be some serious value to be found here. 

Overall, this is one club level we would highly recommend! Especially if you are able to get it at a discount. Staying club level doesn’t always make the most sense financially, but in this case, we can definitely see the value in staying club level at Coronado Springs Resort. 

Club level at Coronado Springs. Is it worth it at Walt Disney World.


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