Epcot Food and Wine Festival For Beginners

Epcot Food and Wine Festival For Beginners

Are you attending the Walt Disney World Epcot Food and Wine Festival for the first time? Or do you just need a better strategy of making your way around the Epcot World Showcase countries? Maybe you just need a better Disney food and wine budget or tips on visiting the Epcot food and wine festival with kids. We cover it all in this Epcot Food and Wine Festival for Beginners Guide. And break it down to 8 things you should do to have the best experience at the the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. So what can you expect if you’re visiting Walt Disney World during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival as a Beginner?

Epcot Food and Wine Festival for Beginners Planning

As a beginner, it’s important to get a lay of the Epcot land. World Showcase countries each have an outdoor kitchen. There’s a scavenger hunt game to play, and shows to see. Once you get a handle on the below tips, head over to our Food and Wine Festival Guide to learn more about each country, budgeting strategies, and hacks to improve your visit. 

Make A Plan

The Food and Wines Festival runs between Mid August to Mid November. If this is your first Food and Wine Festival or need more strategy than you had last time read up on everything to expect. One of our most important tips for tackling this festival is to try and avoid Saturdays and Sundays, if at all possible. The crowds get three times as heavy on evenings and weekend during the festival as it does during the week. Be sure to grab a food and wine passport at the port shops right before you enter the world showcase.

food and wine festival game at disney epcot

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Beginners | Top 8 Things to Do

With so much to do at the festival, you really only need to know about these 8 things to make sure you experience the festival to the fullest. 

Try All The Foods

Be sure to read up on our Favorite Food and Wine Festival Foods  and check the menus below. Disney releases the menus with food, drink, vegetarian, gluten free and kid friendly items for each country each summer ahead of the festival. If you’re anything like us you want to start thinking about the food early and have something to look forward to. Be sure to check out the Food and Wine Festival Menus  for a full list of what you can find in each country of the World Showcase.

food at the disney food and wine festival

Bring The Kids

While Epcot may not be known as the best park for kids, its quickly becoming just as fun as Magic Kingdom. With rides galore popping up in Future World, and World Showcase you can be sure to find something perfect for the kids. There are also special games, and all the regular Epcot fun like Agent P’s World Showcase to keep the kids busy while you sample the fare. Be sure to read our tips if you’re bringing kids to Food and Wine. 

kids at food and wine festival disney

Play Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak Game

This is by far one of our favorite things to do at Food and Wine. We approach this scavenger hunt game like its a job and usually need a whole day of Epcot before finding every Remy hiding in the countries. While most of them are pretty easy, others are downright hard to find! It’s the perfect game to help you pause and enjoy your food at each country while searching around for Remy.

remys hide and squeak game at walt disney epcot

Visit the Food and Wine Festival Center

The festival center during Food Wine changes locations every once in a while, but you can be sure to find the same things there, no matter where they put it. You’ll want to visit the Festival Center when you 1. Need a Break 2. Need Air Conditioning 3. Want to see all the special merchandise and 4. Want to sit in on a special cooking class. This place was a mystery to us at first, but we’re so glad we know to pop in here every time. They even sometimes have special art exhibits in honor of the festival perfect for browsing during your downtime.

Eat to the Beat Concert Series

Epcot brings in bands from days gone by, but bands, mind you, that have huge cult followings! It’s pretty common to see lines starting 3-4 hours ahead of time near the American Adventure pavilion, near the amphitheater. Keep an eye on the schedule if there is a band you hope to see. No separate tickets are needed for these events, but plan on a line if they’re popular.

Take a Break on The Boardwalk

The food and wine festival gets crazy. Even if you’ve done your best to plan it out, and go on the best day to avoid the crowds, one of our favorite things to do while at the food and wine festival is to take a break on the Disney Boardwalk. If you’ve never been to the Boardwalk, check out our favorite things to do.  It’s by your best bet to escape the crazy and it’s just a short walk through the International Gateway at the back of Epcot between France and the U.K.

disney boardwalk at food and wine festival

Ride the Epcot Rides

If there is any time to do the rides at Epcot, it’s during the Food and Wine Festival. Ride wait times are decidedly lower during this festival mainly because families stay away and everyone else is usually busy eating. You can bet on rides in the World Showcase, like Frozen Ever After and the Three Caballeros Boat Ride, being slightly less crowded and rides in Future World to have lower crowds.

frozen at epcot disney world

Stay for a Show

Epcot Illuminations, Reflections of Earth, is the official nighttime digital show on the lake. No fastpass for this is needed, since you just hang out around the lake and watch. You can also aim to watch the fountain show as well on your way out if you decide to leave early.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival for Beginners 

Whatever your fancy, hopefully these tips help you have a great experience at Food and Wine. Let us know what you love at the festival!

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