Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Beginners Guide

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Beginners Guide

The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival combines gardens, flowers, and amazing fresh foods at 15+ outdoor kitchens in the World Showcase. We think this is absolutely ones of the best festivals for families at Walt Disney World and a great way to experience all that Epcot has to offer. But what do you need to know to manage it all in a day or two? So what can you expect if you’re visiting the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot?

Make A Plan

The Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot runs each year between March and May. This year the festival runs Mar 6- Jun 3, 2019. If this is your first Flower and Garden festival know that it’s actually the perfect festival to navigate for first-timers. Like other Epcot festivals it’s important to grab a map, or open your Disney My Experience App, and a passport. Every festival has a passport. This helps you identify everything you can experience. There’s information about shows, the concert lineup, and the menu’s for each outdoor kitchen available throughout the festival. And just so you can feel like a kid even at Disney’s most adult-centric park, there are even stickers to mark off each country as you visit them.

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See All The Topiaries

When you grab your map you’ll be able to see which characters are in which garden locations throughout the World Showcase and Future World. We like just walking the whole park to see everything, but if you have favorite Disney characters you’d like to make sure you see crafted in greenery, by all means plan a route based on the map! Every years these topiaries get a mini makeover, or a location change and new ones always show up, so this festival always feels new to us. Check out all the new things added in 2019!

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Try All The Foods

It’s no surprise that we are avid foodies, and Disney is a foodie wonderland.  We wait for the menus for any festival to be released each season just to see what delicious things we can look forward to trying next! For details and menus as they are released check out the Disney Flower and Garden page. The best part about food at Flower and Garden that differs from the other festivals is that everything is fresh and garden derived. The dishes are crafted with ingredients you’d be able to find at your farmers market and its a great way to learn how to make new recipes that are actually good for you! Check out our favorite foods found at the festival.

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Bring The Kids

Epcot may have its drinking around the world reputation  but the Flower and Garden festival draws a different kind of crowd. There are so many reasons to bring the kids that you can take care in knowing that they will love it as much as you do. With rides like Mission: Space in Future World, and Frozen Ever After in Norway, you can be sure to find something more than just gardens to experience. There are also special games, and all the regular Epcot fun like Agent P’s World Showcase to keep the kids busy while you sample the fare. Be sure to read our tips if you’re bringing the kids to the Flower and Garden  Festival.

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Play Spike the Bee’s Pollination Nation Game

Another favorite thing Disney dreams up for each festival is a scavenger hunt game. This year they introduced an awesome scavenger hunt that actually connected Spike the Bee to the plants that bees use for pollination. With the bee population nearing demise, we were thrilled they took to the opportunity to add a conservation game to the mix! If you visit the festival during Easter time they also do an Easter Egg hunt through the countries in the world showcase.

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Visit the Special Gardens 

The festival showcases tons of new garden ideas, and ideas each year. This year they highlighted beekeeping, housed a butterfly garden with butterflies, a rain garden, and a slew of hacks for using flower pots, wood and stone in your garden to make outdoor spaces. These gardens are usually tucked into the walkways between Future World and the World Showcase.

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Garden Rocks Concert Series

The Garden Rocks series is a set of concerts all with throwback bands in the evenings through the weekend at Epcot, that take place over at the America Adventure pavilion. People line up hours in advance for the more popular bands so if you check out the lineup and find a group you like, get there early and stand in line. These really are fun concerts, but can get kinda packed. They run every week, with different bands throughout the entire festival.

Check Out The Merchandise!

Every Epcot festival comes with its own token merchandise and its awesome to see all the cool new things available each time a new festival rolls around- it’s every Disney lovers dream. In addition to the main gift shops, there are little kiosks all over the World Showcase that keep the festival merchandise on hand. We also love stopping in the Tea Shop over in the U.K. During Flower and Garden you can usually take advantage of a free tea garden walk and sample teas that are showcased during the festival!

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If there is any time to do the rides at Epcot, it’s during the Flower and Garden Festival. Since the festival runs from March through May you may have times when you need to escape the sun and an indoor rides like Frozen, Three Caballeros and Canada 360 offer a nice respite from the heat.


Epcot Illuminations, Reflections of Earth, is the official nighttime digital show on the lake. No fastpass for this is needed, since you just hang out around the lake and watch. You can also aim to watch the fountain show as well on your way out if you decide to leave early.

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