Teppan Edo Disney Hibachi Restaurant in EPCOT Japan

Teppan Edo Disney Hibachi Restaurant in EPCOT Japan

The Teppan Edo Japanese Steakhouse at Epcot is hibachi style dining and something of a departure from the other Japanese restaurants you may find at home. While we love the experience of delicious fresh food being cooked in front of us to perfection with a variety of the most amazing sauces, this experience is NOT for everyone. We witnessed several disappointed vacationers on our last visit, so thought we should clue you in. Here’s what you can expect.

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We visited Teppan Edo for the first time this past year, primarily because for the price it felt like a “wait till we have the dining plan” kind of restaurant. Prices range between 30-40 per adult and about 15 per child, but if you’re adding a drink, dessert, soup or appetizer plan to up that per adult price to 50 dollars each, because that’s what it will cost, and then of course you must add the tip as well. While this isn’t too pricey for Disney, we did weigh it against the fact that we do have hibachi restaurants at home and really how could this be much different, but in the end thought we should definitely give it a try.

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Teppan Edo occupies the second floor of the Mitsukoshi building in Japan, Epcot. Known for being the most “adult” park at Walt Disney World, Epcot dining usually falls right in line with that reputation. If you have children or are traveling with picky eaters keep in mind this is Japanese food- they don’t have egg rolls (that’s China) or chicken fingers (that’s America). They will however make it fun. When we visited around Christmastime we still got the onion steaming volcano and a cute Santa made from our food.

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Teppan Edo is not a Disney Themed Restaurant

Don’t expect to see any characters here. While you can browse your time away in the downstairs giftshop and revel in the Studio Ghibli character merchandise, Totoro and Hello Kitty are not technically Disney and neither will be joining you. Sad, we know, but true.

Don’t expect any Disney décor or atmosphere. Disney doesn’t really have any movie that focuses on Japanese culture. And much like the other World Showcase restaurants Teppan Edo is honoring the culture of Japan.

Teppan Edo has a Shared Dining Experience

There are 8 chairs at the hibachi grill table. If you don’t have 8 people in your party you will be sharing your hibachi experience with others. This is usually a surprise to most people and not necessarily a welcome one. Essentially this also means that you won’t be seated until all parties occupying your table have arrived. While you won’t be forced to chat with the other folks sharing your dinner, you will be expected to respond and interact with the chef cooking your meal. This isn’t high engagement you, but it’s also not a quiet table in the corner where you can eat in peace. If you have any allergies or preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.) you will have to disclose those when you check in and your chef will confirm them once you are all seated.

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The Teppan Edo Menu has Authentic Japanese Food

Teppan Edo grills up fresh veggies, chicken, steak, shrimp and tofu. Sides are miso and rice. This really is wonderful, fresh food. Sometimes at Disney we find ourselves searching for a dinner that includes broccoli or vegetables of any kind, so it was wonderful to get a nice full plate of veggies here. For children however, as mentioned there aren’t any chicken fingers, or mac n cheese here. Your little ones will be getting julienned steak, chicken or shrimp. There also aren’t any fries, so if they don’t like miso soup or rice, you may be in for some hungry kids later. Be sure to check the menu prior to booking this restaurant to make sure everyone in your party will have something to eat.

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You Must Get the Dessert

This is such a unique dining experience that is really is your best interest to try the ginger-mousse cake or matcha ice cream. As you are most likely considering Teppan Edo because you like Japanese food budget for the dessert and some green tea and immerse yourself in the experience. This is not an eat-and-run opportunity.

Teppan Edo Review

We do love Japanese food, but not necessarily more than Chinese food and definitely not as much as we like Mexican food. That said, this is a once every few years restaurant for us. We would highly recommend it at least once to everyone, but if this is your first, or only, trip to Walt Disney World, there are other restaurants we’d recommend first. The standard for clean eating, this Japanese restaurant is perfect for those looking for some healthy eating options and a refreshing departure from character meals.


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