Disney Mobile Order at Walt Disney World Guide

Disney Mobile Order at Walt Disney World Guide

If there’s one thing we don’t love at Walt Disney World, it’s waiting in line. You wait in line for rides, for the restrooms, for the buses, and you’ll even wait in line for that ideal photo spot. So when Walt Disney World announced the Disney Mobile Order, we were thrilled that there was now one less thing we would have to wait in line for. Because, while we all need to eat, isn’t it just better to walk up and grab your already-ordered meal? Here’s everything to know about Mobile Ordering Food at Disney World.

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One thing we’ve noticed is that a lot of people just aren’t using mobile orders. Which leads to long lines at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for absolutely no good reason! Maybe it sounds too good to be true? Maybe it sounds like voodoo magic? Or maybe it’s because they just don’t know how it works. You guys love our quick and dirty guides, so here’s our quick and dirty guide to mobile order!

What is Mobile Order at Disney World?

Mobile Order at Disney World allows you to pre-order your food from select restaurants, for pickup at select times of day. This service is limited to select quick-service restaurants. 

How Do You Use Mobile Order at Disney World?

Grab your phone and download the My Disney Experience App, because you’ll need that if you don’t have it already. Grab it on on iTunes or Google Play. Once in the My Disney Experience App,  there are two ways to use Mobile Order. 

  1. You can click the plus sign and “Order Food.” then select your park, resort, or restaurant and begin your order. 
  2. Or you can select the restaurant from search within the app, and click Order Food on the restaurant page in the app. 

Steps to Mobile Order Food at Disney World?

Here are the steps for placing a Mobile Order at Disney. 

  1. Open the My Disney Experience App.
  2. Choose the restaurant you want to order from and click “Order Food.” Note, only select quick service restaurants have Mobile Order. Check out all 50+ Walt Disney World Restaurants that Offer Mobile Ordering.
  3. And an “arrival window” time for you to pick it up. 
  4. Select the foods, drinks, and desserts you want to order. You can even add a refillable mug, and seasonal specialties when offered to the order. 
  5. Choose your payment method.
  6. The app will show your order is complete, but you’re not done! Once you get close to the restaurant that you ordered from You have to hit the “I’m ready to pick up my food” tab. It’s at that point that they actually start making your food
  7. At this point, they start making your food, and you wait for the app to say “Your Order is Ready!”
  8. Head to the Mobile Order Pickup counter, or shelf, and grab your meal. 

How Long Does Disney Mobile Order Take?

 It will usually take 5-10 minutes for them to get your order ready. Press the button as you’re leaving a ride or on your way to the restaurant and when you get there, it will be ready. The app will actually tell you when it’s ready too, so there’s no guesswork!

Where Do I Pick Up My Disney Mobile Food Order?

Every quick-service restaurant at Disney that offers Mobile Order has a Mobile Pickup Order window, counter, or shelf. In fact, Disney is working hard to make sure there are plenty of signs showing you where to go to grab your completed order. And of course, if you can’t find where it is, just ask a cast member. 



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mobile, mobile ordering, disney mobile order, disney blogger, blogger, mobile order quick service

mobile, mobile ordering, disney mobile order, disney blogger, blogger, mobile order quick service

mobile, mobile ordering, disney mobile order, disney blogger, blogger, mobile order quick service

How do You Pay for Disney Mobile Orders?

The Disney Mobile Order system is integrated with Apple Pay, as well as connected to your Credit Card on file with Disney. As such the credit card option is a choice when you’re ready to pay, and is “saved” ‘in the app, so you don’t have to continually type it in.

You can also pay by Disney Gift Card, but the app does not store your gift card information. As a result, we type the gift card numbers into the “Notes” app on our phones ahead of time. So when the time comes to pay can simply copy and paste the gift card number into the app. We also LOVE using the Disney Gift Card Hacks whenever we can to pay for things at Disney. Most specifically, buying Disney Gift Cards ahead of time at Target ( 5% off with RedCard) or at our local grocer where we can earn perks. Both options get us gift card savings and help us Save Money at Disney.

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Which Disney Restaurants Have Mobile Order?

Most of the quick-service restaurants at Walt Disney World have Mobile Order. Be sure to check out all our posts on the best quick-service restaurants at Disney World, that you can find in each park and the resorts too. 

Can you Mobile Order From Disney Table Service Restaurants?

Actually, there is a Disney Table Service Meal To-Go Service that is very similar to mobile order and allows you to order your meal ahead of time. We love this option when we’re looking for something more substantial, or healthier, than quick-service food. Table Service To Go isn’t available everywhere and has limited options from the menu available to order. But, we love it if we’ve forgotten to make a dinner reservation, or just want a great meal to eat back at the room. Either way, it’s another great way to Save time at Disney. 

Mobile Order Food at Disney World

Of course, you can also see the complete list of Disney World Restaurants with Mobile Order. And don’t worry, it really is as simple as it sounds. Hopefully, this has helped you feel more confident in using this fast and easy service to get your meals during your trip. We promise it will save you time and make your whole trip easier. 

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