Disney MagicBands Quick Guide

Disney MagicBands Quick Guide

Walt Disney World MagicBands have loads of capabilities, features, and new design options. With the news that Disney is now offering new upgraded MagicBand pre-arrival options at a discount to Disney resort guests, it’s time to get familiar with everything these little plastic bracelets can do. 

Guests using MagicBand+


Disney MagicBand+ 

The new Disney MagicBand+ features interactive elements like lights and vibrations to interact with elements throughout the parks. MagicBand+ is available to purchase and offered at a discount as part of any Disney Vacation reservations. Many of these new features require you to have a MagicBand+ wristband, and a Disney Account in the Play Disney Parks mobile app, with your band connected. So be sure to download the Play Disney app and connect your band. 

When is MagicBand+ Available?

MagicBand+ wristlets are available starting July 27, 2022.

Interact with 50th Anniversary Statues

The new Disney MagicBand+ can interact with certain elements in each park, such as the 50th Anniversary Disney Character Statues across all four parks. All part of a new game called the “Disney Fab 50 Quest.” You can even access the Play Disney Parks mobile app to keep track of the sculptures you find! All earning you points in the game, and access to even more digital features. 

Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters

Take your new MagicBand+ and head to Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. You can use your MagicBand+ to find virtual bounties hidden throughout Black Spire Outpost. Just follow the MagicBand+ as it lights up and vibrates to show you the way. Then use the augmented reality thermal viewer in the Play Disney Parks app to show what’s behind locked doors throughout Galaxy’s Edge and uncover your virtual bounty and get your galactic reward. When your mission is complete, the guild master will reward you with galactic credits also through the app.

Disney MagicBand+ and Nighttime Spectaculars

Another feature of MagicBand+ is its interaction with Nighttime Spectaculars in each park. Set to light up with complementary colors as part of a synced experience, you’ll get to see it change throughout the show!

How Much Does MagicBand+ Cost?

The price of a MagicBand+ is $34.99

Disney Resort hotel guests and Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will have the option to purchase at a discounted, pre-arrival price. You can still use existing MagicBands and Disney MagicMobile, available on eligible devices, to enjoy other features, such as park entry. 

Where can you buy the MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World?

Available at select locations, you can grab MagicBand+ at any of the following retailers, and on shopDisney.com.

  • Magic Kingdom Park: Emporium  
  • EPCOT: Pin Traders – Camera Center  
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Celebrity 5 & 10 and Tatooine Traders 
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Discovery Trading Company  
  • Disney Springs: Disney’s Pin Traders  
  • Select merchandise locations at Disney Resort hotels 

Is MagicBand+ Rechargeable?

Yes. Unlike regular MagicBands, the new Disney MagicBand+ wristlet must be charged. It does, however, come with a usb cord and charger. 

Can You Still Use a regular MagicBand at Walt Disney World?

YES! A new MagicBand+ is not needed to access all the regular features like scanning in, opening your room, and more. The basic Disney MagicBands are now $5 dollars each in the My Disney Experience app when you have an active Disney Resort Reservation. And thankfully, you can still get MagicBands to your heart’s delight, and use them in the parks. They will also still remain available for purchase in select gift shops across the parks and resorts and are available on shopDisney.com. The new Disney MagicMobile Service and MagicBand+ will simply work alongside MagicBands as an alternative. 

Is MagicBand+ Available at Disneyland?

Yes! MagicBand+ will be available at Disneyland Resort later in 2022. While some of the features will vary between Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, interactions and gameplay will be similar. 

Hey Disney!

Disney’s new virtual assistant, Hey Disney! is a question/answer service that works with supported Echo devices and will, in the future, work with MagicBand+ too. The Hey Disney! service will be available in Disney Resort rooms to help enhance the experience. 

Disney MagicBands

In 2013 Disney MagicBands arrived at Walt Disney World as a way for people to access everything they need on a Disney Vacation a little more easily.  In 2016 MagicBand 2.0 replaced the original. The only thing that changed between these two editions of the Disney MagicBand was the size of the Mickey Head circular center and the fact that the centerpiece can now be removed and interchanged with other bands. Know that even if you have an original MagicBand the chances of the battery still working since 2016 is slim. Thankfully, with more perks and availability it won’t be difficult to get your hands on a MagicBand 2.0. And soon enough the Disney MagicBand+, available July 27, 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about Walt Disney World MagicBands.

disney magic bands

What is a Disney MagicBand?

Consider the Disney Magic Band (MagicBand) your lifeline to pretty much everything you will need on your trip. Access to the parks, the magical express, special event tickets, your credit card, dining plan, and even your resort room. The Disney MagicBand is an adjustable bracelet equipped with a radio frequency chip. It’s waterproof. And it carries all of your vacation information.

What can the Disney MagicBand Do?

Magic Bands are ever-evolving. At present MagicBand can do many many things. Here’s the list of everything the magic band can do so far. 

  • Can be used to unlock your resort room
  • Acts as your park ticket. All tickets are loaded on the MagicBand. This includes park tickets, special event tickets, and annual passes.
  • It can access your Lightning Lane Reservations
  • Allows for your credit card on file to be attached to it for purchases and dining to be charged to your room
  • Adds Disney PhotoPass pictures to your account, seen on the My Disney Experience app.

How can I get a MagicBand?

Magic Bands can be purchased online at shopDisney, in the Disney Parks Gift Shops. If you are making reservations for your Disney Vacation directly through Disney, then you will see the opportunity to purchased pre-arrival discounted MagicBands in the My Disney Experience App or from the website. 

how do i get a disney magic band


upgrade to disney magic band pre-buy discounts at disney

What are the MagicBand Designs offered to Disney Resort Guests?

The upgraded MagicBand option will feature a selection of 43 designs, offered at up to a $14.99 discount. Since character and graphics MagicBands cost more and are available at shopDisney or in the Walt Disney World gift shops, this may be a bargain if you were planning on buying a special MagicBand for your trip. A fancier MagicBand, however, is not necessary if you’re looking to stay on a budget. Regardless of how these Magic Bands look on the outside, they all have the exact same functionality. Just check your Disney account, select My MagicBands and Cards and you’ll be able to see these guys up close!

You can also add cute accessories like bows, clips, and wraps to your magic band. These little charms plug right into the empty hole on your wristlet.

disney magicband accessories

What is the  MagicBand Deadline for Customization?

MagicBands are mailed to you 3-4 weeks before your vacation. But here are a few things to know.

  • Customization 11 days before your trip guarantees the MagicBands will be mailed to you.
  • If you customize it 6 days ahead of your trip, it may be customized with the colors you chose, but you will have to pick them up at the resort desk when you check in.
  • Forget to customize? The default color is Gray, and everyone in your party will receive that upon arrival to check-in at your resort. 

If you are going to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase an upgraded MagicBand at a discount this needs to be done at least 11 days before arrival. 

How Much do Disney MagicBands Cost?

If shopping on the shopDisney website or at Walt Disney World you can see prices ranging from $12.99 to $50.00 for Limited Edition options. MagicBand+ with extra functionality starts at 34.99. We grabbed this special Millennial Pink version from shopDisney for 14.99.

Millenial Pink Magic Band

How Do I get a Magic Band if I Booked My Hotel through a Third Party?

If you’ve booked your Disney hotel through a third party, preferably hotels.com, then you can simply “link hotel” in your My Disney Experience app. Or call your reservation number into Disney’s Customer Service line for Disney Resort Hotel Reservations. (407) 939-1936. Once the hotel you booked through the third party is connected to your Disney account, you can select your Magic Band color and purchase it at a discount. 

Does Disneyland have MagicBands?  Does Disney Cruise Line have Magic Bands?

Disneyland will be getting MagicBand+ in 2022, along with Walt Disney World. Disney Cruise Line does not use MagicBands. 

Is My MagicBand connected to my Credit Card?

Yes. Your MagicBand allows charges to be made to your room, via your MagicBand. For security reasons though, any charge attempted will require the pin you set up for your account at each purchase. 

Are there Adult and Kid-Sized MagicBands?

Every MagicBand has two layers. In its regular size, the Magic Band will fit an adult. If you find you need the MagicBand to be smaller for a child, just peel away the inside layer of the band, and discard the separate piece. You can see in the pic, the larger gray layer has been taken off on the green band. Perfect for little kids and toddlers who want to learn the ropes of Disney.

Do magic bands come in kid sizes walt disney world

Are MagicBands Reusable?

Yes! Magic Bands stay on your Disney account indefinitely, or until you remove the MagicBand from your account. The battery life on MagicBands lasts about two years. 

What Should I do with Old MagicBands?

MagicBands can technically be recycled with other electronic items. If visiting Walt Disney World you are able to bring back old MagicBands to be recycled, just hand them in at the front desk of your Disney resort and let them know. 

What if my MagicBand is lost?

If you lose your MagicBand visit Guest relations in the parks or the concierge at your resort. The MagicBand will be deactivated and you will be issued a new one. 

Does my MagicBand Track My Location in the Parks?

Yes. While the concept of being tracked may be a little disconcerting, it truly is for your own safety. This allows Disney to be able to gauge how many people are in the parks, where crowds are forming or lines are backed up. This helps them find lost children and people stuck on rides as well. 

Everything you Need to Know About the Disney Magic Band 

Hopefully, this has given you a good overview of all the things you’ll need to know to use these little bracelets to your utmost advantage. If you got questions, just reach out! Check the video above for a sneak peek at the new upgrade designs you will soon be able to add!

Everything you need to know about the Disney MagicBands. From the NEW design options upgrade for pre-arrival, to the way to get these bands to fit your toddlers wrist! All the tips, tricks, and everything they do! #disneymagicband #disneytips #magicbands #disneyvacation #polkadotpixies

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