Disney Haunted Mansion Halloween Costume Ideas

Disney Haunted Mansion Halloween Costume Ideas

What can we say, we love fall. We love fall leaves, pumpkin everything, and Halloween. I always say if we had to stop going to Disney as much as we do, We would still find some way to get to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It’s just that good. The Boo to You Parade, the music, the treats, we love it all. While we have talked about Halloween at Walt Disney World before there’s one thing we haven’t covered! Costumes! We love seeing everyone’s costumes. It’s one of our favorite parts! Here are some of our favorite costumes we’ve worn, Haunted Mansion Halloween Costume. 

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This past Halloween we dressed up as Haunted Mansion characters. G was the tightrope walker, I was a maid and Rochelle actually did a bit more of a Haunted Mansion Disney Bound. No matter your Haunted Mansion Halloween Costume goals, it’s important to keep the costumes light. Mainly because Walt Disney World is pretty hot, even during the Halloween season. So here’s what we wore!

Haunted Mansion Maid Costume

Haunted Mansion Maid Costume

I’ll actually start with my costume because I think it was by far the easiest. I wore a black t-shirt dress, which I got for $10 at H&M, an actual apron from shopDisney.com, and then accessorized with ears and a clip I found on Etsy! Voila! Simple, easy, and comfortable. If you’re an Amazon junkie like I am, this dress is pretty similar to what I wore.

Haunted Mansion Costume Ideas

Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker Costume

G’s costume was definitely a little more complicated, but you’ll be happy to know that we actually found almost everything on Amazon! So for this costume, we also had to do a little DIY, which was pretty easy. We made the poufs for the sleeves with some pink fabric and ribbon, added ribbon to the ballet slippers, and pressed (or you can iron on) foil iron-on flowers onto the skirt to match the tightrope walker’s aesthetic. We just used a cricut to cut these, super easy! Here’s the breakdown of what we bought for her costume. As a side note plan on other footwear. The ballet slippers are awesome for pics but are not the most comfortable to walk around in all day. You can also grab the Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker Skirt in our shop, if you want to make things easy on yourself. 

  • Short sleeve bodysuit
  • Fur Stole
  • Circle Skirt
  • White tulle skirt to add volume
  • Ballet slippers

Haunted Mansion Disney Bound

Ok so for Rochelle’s Disney bound, we focused on small details that turned out beautifully. We found this Haunted Mansion-inspired bow on Etsy and grabbed a Haunted Mansion pin to add the outfit. The Disney-bound Haunted Mansion Halloween Costume was a quick combo of things you may already have in your closet: This costume was easy to pull together and a subtle yet recognizable nod to the Haunted Mansion. The Hatbox Ghost Pin and key earrings are great to tie it together.

  • A tee dress in black and gray
  • A light black cardi in case you’re there on a cool evening
  • Some Boots
  • Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Print items of any kind



Haunted Mansion Bride Costume

There are a lot of ways you can harness your  inner Constance from Haunted Mansion for Halloween, but whether you’re adding a full blown wedding dress to your lineup of doing more of a Disney Bound, we like this Haunted Mansion Wallpaper skirt and crop in white, to give that “lace” look, and still keep you cool in the hot Florida weather! Just add a bride veil to the outfit and you’re all set as a Haunted Mansion Bride to envy! 

Haunted Mansion Costume Outfit Ideas

There you have it! We’ll be adding fun Haunted Mansion costume ideas and outfits to this post as we come up with even more ways to celebrate Halloween with Haunted Mansion. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas! Have a favorite Haunted Mansion Outfit you want to share? Let us know! 

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