Halloween at Walt Disney World A Beginners Guide

Halloween at Walt Disney World A Beginners Guide

Spending Halloween at Walt Disney World is always a good idea. Unlike the later part of the holiday season, you don’t have so many crowds, you still have decent weather and frankly, it’s when the things that are MOST FUN finally happen. While we love all of Disney’s festivals and parties year-round, there’s nothing that quite compares to the outdoor kitchens at the Food and Wine Festival, the Halloween events, and the fall-themed treats all over the Disney Parks. Here’s everything you can do for Halloween at Walt Disney World. 

Halloween at Walt Disney World lasts for about 3 months! That said you can expect the gamut of crowds, weather, and activities. But, in general, Halloween events begin starting with the arrival of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, starting in early August. 

Halloween at Magic Kingdom

Everything you Can do in the Fall at Walt Disney World

We write a lot about fall at Walt Disney World simply because we think it’s absolutely the most magical time of year! And it’s our favorite season. Hopefully, this will help you take a quick look at all there is to offer and then choose what you think you’ll definitely want to make time for on your next trip! So what can you do at Walt Disney World in the Fall? From Fall Events to Fall decorations, snacks, and more, here is everything to know about Autumn at Walt Disney World. 

When Does Fall Start at Walt Disney World?

Fall at Walt Disney World begins Aug. 12 and runs through Oct. 31, 2022. Typically falling in line with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which is offered on select nights throughout the season. While it’s CRAZY to think that “Fall” starts in mid-August, we’re not complaining. Fall brings Mickey pumpkin wreaths, snacks filled with pumpkin and apple flavors and new merchandise.

Visiting Walt Disney World in the Fall

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World this fall, there are plenty of FREE things to do…and of course, a few things that cost extra. But, never fear. We’ve broken down everything you can do this fall at Walt Disney World, what it costs and what you should know. 

Main Street Trolley Show Autumn Overlay | Magic Kingdom

Cost: FREE with admission

The Main Street Trolley singers get a magical fall overlay to their usual dance and song with fall-themed songs, costumes, and decorations for the trolley. This is a free show that pops up on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom every day. Check out the Main Street Trolley page for the details and add this to your plans. It’s totally worth it, cool to see, and a nice more up-close treat than the larger-than-life castle shows.

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival | EPCOT

Cost: FREE with admission

Epcot’s Food and Wine festival combines outdoor kitchens with cultural cuisine, foodie experiences, shows, and kid-friendly activities like Remy’s Hide and Squeak scavenger hunt. This festival is best when you visit during the day, Monday-Thursday. Absolutely one of our favorite experiences for the family that cooks together. If you’ve never been to this event, check out our Food and Wine Festival Guide and if you’re traveling with kids there’s a whole slew of things you should know to make sure they have a great time with all the kid-specific perks of this event. You can also see the Eat to the Beat Concert Series, and take part in classes and presentations on food! Perfect for the family that cooks together.

epcot food and wine festival

Halloween Treats | Everywhere

Cost: Usually 8 bucks or less!

Nothing says fall like caramel apples, pumpkin lattes, and hot cider. Luckily, every park and resort ( and Disney Springs) usually has something special brewing in the kitchen for the fall menus and treat stations around the parks. Even regular treats like caramel apples and ice creams all get a fall twist. Check out all the New Fall Snacks at Disney World.

halloween treats at walt disney world

Fall Decorations at Disney | Everywhere

Cost: FREE with Admission

We love vacationing in the fall at Walt Disney World. One of the best things about a Disney World Halloween is that decorations can be found in the parks and at the resorts. And if you’re looking for a free Disney day, take a trip around the Monorail Resorts, for a look at how things can get extra spooky. Almost all the Disney Resorts get new Halloween merchandise in the gift shops and new haunting treats in the bakery cases. 

decorations at disney world during halloween

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party | Magic Kingdom | Aug 12- Oct 31, 2022

Cost: $109-199/ person depending on the date, Magic Kingdom. 

We absolutely love this event. And even though prices tend to increase each year we simply cannot stop going! This hard ticket party closes Magic Kingdom to other guests who have not paid to be at the event at 6 pm on select nights throughout the fall months. So watch the dates if you’re vacationing in the fall. You don’t want to have your Magic Kingdom day on a day when the park closes early for this party. 

For all the details read our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide! We share treats, parade info, and strategies to get you around to your favorite in-costume characters before the night is over. One of our favorite parts of attending this party is seeing the Boo to You Parade. If you’re lamenting being unable to visit this year, check out our Disney Halloween Parade Photo Tour.

Disney Halloween Parade

Disney Halloween Fireworks Show | Magic Kingdom

Cost: Included in your Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Ticket

Disney’s Not So Spooky Halloween Spectacular is a Fireworks show that ONLY happens as part of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. BUT, technically CAN see this without attending the party! If you want an up-close shot just take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom gates. Once there, you can find a spot on the ground to relax while you watch and listen. You won’t get a view of the castle but you will get a view of the train station and all the fireworks and music. If you’re not springing for a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ticket, you can head over to the Contemporary Resort. Guests can watch the fireworks from the balcony, or book an evening reservation at California Grill for ideal fireworks show viewing. 

Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood and Vine | Hollywood Studios

Cost: ~60+/person

This Halloween character meal is a buffet; all you care to enjoy. We love the extra fun of our favorite characters in costumes. Much like Akershus in Epcot Norway and Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom, the thrill of getting all the character photo ops without having to wait in line for them at the Halloween Party is HUGE! You’ll get to see the Fab Five at Minnie’s Halloween Dine. So plan to see Mickey, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy. Absolutely makes it worth it. Dining options are available in mid-August.

disney snacks for fall 2020

Halloween chocolate brownie at disney world

Fall into Magic Snacks | Disney Springs 

Cost: Usually 8 bucks or less!

As part of Disney Springs FREE Fall into Magic event, there is always a slew of snacks special to the season. No matter what Halloween treats you are hoping to find, Disney Springs will have it. From caramel flavored, pumpkin flavored, cinnamon-flavored..and more, if it’s a fall flavor, you can find it. We like Sprinkles for cute cupcakes, Amorette’s Patisseries for fancy desserts, and The Ganachery for the best chocolates. Keep an out for the WonderFall Restaurant Crawl. You can usually grab a guide at the Information Center. Or just keep tabs with us, we track the New Disney Snacks here. 

The Return to Sleepy Hollow Experience | Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds

Cost: Ranges between 22-60/ per person depending on chosen experience.

If you want to get cozy with the Headless Horseman and see the original Sleepy Hollow cartoon in the dark stables of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground then you’re in for a treat. A one-of-a-kind experience, this event is creepy and fun, and since it’s at the campground far removed from the theme park hoopla. A definite treat if you’re looking for something unique.

Fall Merchandise during Halloween at Walt Disney World

Cost: Varies

The merchandise for Halloween begins arriving in mid-August and comes in full force once October hits. Special tees, for the party, pass holder merchandise, and the new Halloween season arrives alongside flavored popcorn, treats, decor, and stuffed animals. So spooky. So fun!

disney halloween

Walt Disney World Halloween Things to Do

If you’re looking for an extra special way to build a new Halloween tradition in your family, add a Disney Vacation to your list. There is so much to do and see and it changes every year. So, you’re always in for a surprise. It’s also a great way to get everyone into costume, and out of the house! No matter what Fall events at Disney strike your fancy, you can be sure there is always something fun about being in the parks during the holidays. Try to visit in September before the crowds get crazy:)

And if you can’t make it out to Disney for the spooky season, check out our post on how to have a last-minute Disney Halloween Party at Home and add our Disney Halloween Movie List to your fall activities. 

Everything you can do during Halloween at Walt Disney World. All the fall shows, treats, decor and more! #polkadotpixies


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