A Disney Cruise Halloween Packing List

A Disney Cruise Halloween Packing List

If you’re sailing a Halloween on the High Seas with the Disney Cruise line, then you’re in for a wicked good time! We love Halloween and this cruise is sure to get you into the spooky spirit! But what should you pack? Your Disney Halloween Cruise Packing list should include all the essentials, plus costumes of course. Here are our best tips for What to Pack for A Disney Halloween Cruise cruise!

Halloween on the High Seas

Halloween on the High Seas Packing List

We took our first Halloween on the High Seas cruise with Disney Cruise Line in 2019 before the world shut down. And again on the Disney Wish in 2022. And while Disney Halloween Cruises may look a little different depending on which ship you sail, know that the Halloween on the High Seas Must Do’s stay the same! Characters in Halloween Costumes, Halloween Snacks, Shows, and Activities await! But what should you pack? Here’s our Packing List for a Disney Halloween Cruise. 

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What to Pack for a Halloween on the High Seas Disney Cruise?

When we sailed in October 2019, we were headed to a cold-weather destination.  Our Disney Cruise sailed out of New York City, to New England and Canada. If by chance you find yourself cruising somewhere colder, we have a cold-weather cruise packing list you can peruse. Packing for a colder destination can be tricky, but not impossible! But if you’re sailing somewhere warmer, that makes things a bit easier. Packing for a themed cruise doesn’t have to be complicated, but adding a few little extras can really make it even more magical.  Here are a few things we recommend packing for a Disney Halloween Cruise.

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Halloween on the High Seas Costumes

Pack a Halloween Costume! The reason you probably booked a Halloween on the High Seas cruise is for all the Halloween activities! And one of our favorites is Mickey’s Mousequerade. Many families dress up for this event and we loved seeing everyone’s costumes. Even if you don’t dress up, wearing something Halloween-themed works too!  Just a little bit of Halloween attire can go a long way. 

Disney Outfit Halloween on the High Seas

Halloween on the High Seas Disney Cruise Shirt

As we have an entire Disney Cruise Collection in our shop, it’s no surprise that we made a shirt specifically for Halloween on the High Seas Cruise! With a cute boat and pumpkin tree, we just loved being able to wear something special while on board our special cruise. You can grab our Halloween on the High Seas Cruise Shirt in the shop. 

Disney Cruise Freebies

Pack an Outfit for Pirate Night

If your cruise has a Pirate Night during your itinerary, then a Pirate Night outfit is something you’ll definitely want to Pack for a Disney Halloween Cruise. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. But either way, we recommend dressing up for this event. Many families go all out and dressing up just makes it a lot more fun! And if you want to save room in your suitcase, your Pirate Night costume can double as your Halloween costume.

Halloween Cruise Door Magnets 

Whether or not you’re sailing on a themed cruise, you’ll definitely want to decorate your stateroom door. Corridors on cruise ships are long and all doors look the same; decorating your stateroom door is not only fun, but it’ll help you find your door! There are so many fun shops on Etsy that sell decorations for your stateroom door, or you can DIY your own! We usually make our own with our Cricut, so you can make it as simple or as creative as you like.  The shops onboard Disney Cruise ships also usually have decorations you can buy once you set sail too!

There are guidelines about what you can and cannot use as decoration for your stateroom door though, so be sure to check out those guidelines before you leave! You can see the current Disney Cruise Door Decoration Rules here

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Halloween Decorations for your Stateroom

I surprised my daughter with an onboard gift specifically themed for Halloween on the High Seas. These types of gifts are available onboard every cruise, but they are a little pricey. If you do choose to purchase these gifts, you’ll need to call Disney Cruise Line and order them over the phone. Your host will set everything up for you before you arrive, just like magic! But if you want to bring your own decor, that’s also an option and will likely be much less expensive. 

Little things like a Halloween-themed blanket, Halloween window clings, or plushies if you’re traveling with a little one(or if you just love plushies!), can make the whole room a little more festive.  Fun Halloween-themed garlands can make a big difference too!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Sea-Bands for Sea Sickness 

A must-have for any Disney Halloween Cruise Packing List, are Sea Bands. While seasickness is not specific to Halloween or fall, if you’re sailing in the Atlantic during one of these cruises, that also means you’re sailing during hurricane season. And although most cruises aren’t cruising near hurricanes, the waters tend to be choppier during this time of year. We love Sea-Bands because they are side-effect-free and easy to use. As one of the Things you Should buy Before your Disney Cruise, we never take a cruise without these. 

If Sea-Bands don’t work for you, try to plan ahead for something that will. Unfortunately, you usually don’t know if you will get seasick until you do. And some of the roughest seas we’ve been on have been during the fall season, so it’s good to be prepared! 

Disney halloween pajamasDisney Halloween Pajamas

Ok, is this a must-pack? Well, maybe not. But we love a theme, so we think Halloween pajamas are perfect for a Halloween on the High Seas cruise. And there are always so many cute ones to choose from.  Matching family pajamas are a cute way to get festive.  We love the Halloween pajamas from shopDisney every year, but you can usually find cute ones at places like Target or Kohls too!

So there you have it, our top picks to help you know what to pack for a Halloween on the High Seas Cruise. Have you been on a Halloween-themed cruise with the Disney Cruise line yet? What other items would you pack? Let us know, we’d love to add them to the list!

Disney Halloween Cruise Packing List

There you have it. If you’re sailing on a Disney Halloween Cruise make sure you’re dressed for it! With loads of fun Halloween activities, fun, activities, and performances there is plenty to do. With fun Halloween attire, a cute Disney Halloween shirt or two, and a great costume, you can make the most of your trip. We hope this post has helped you! What are your Disney Halloween Cruise essentials? 

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