Hotel Indigo Anaheim Disneyland A Hotel Review

Hotel Indigo Anaheim Disneyland  A Hotel Review

One of the most important things I can tell you when planning your Disneyland Vacation, is that if you’re on a budget, you’re going to want to stay off property.  As much as we wanted to experience the magic of the Disneyland Hotel, we also wanted to make sure we’d be able to eat for the week. So, when we visited Disneyland earlier this year, Hotel Indigo in Anaheim was one of the hotels we decided to try.

Disneyland on a Budget at Hotel Indigo Anaheim 

I realize this may differ from the usual advice you get from us when talking about Walt Disney World, however there is no other single thing that will affect your budget at Disneyland like the cost of your hotel will.

Staying Off-Site for Your Disneyland Vacation

I’ve stayed at Hotel Indigo before in other locations and I’ve never been disappointed. It is a chain hotel, actually ran by IHG, but has a boutique feel to it. This hotel was no different and was stylish to say the least, with a intentional draw for the millennial crowd-which lets face it, I am- so it definitely appealed to me in terms of looks, from the lobby to the actual room.

Staying at Hotel Indigo in Anaheim, California 

We chose the Hotel Indigo in Anaheim after scouring the internet for reviews and of course, mapping the distance from Hotel Indigo Anaheim to see how far it was from the Disneyland Park.  The best thing about the setup of the Disneyland area is that you don’t have to stay on property to be close to the Parks. Some of the off property options are actually closer to the Parks.

We were able to find a great deal on the Hotel Indigo Anaheim on and guys, I’ll never stop saying it. is really one of the best ways you can save on a Disney vacation, regardless of which coast you’re visiting. No we aren’t sponsored by them, although that would be nice seeing how I spend a little too much time on their website……. Its just a website that we’ve used a lot and it consistently saves us money no matter where we are traveling.

Rooms and Amenities at Hotel Indigo

Rooms at Hotel Indigo Anaheim

The rooms are updated, clean and comfortable. They are on trend with no carpeting in the rooms, which is nice aesthetically, however can be a bit noisy as a result.

We didn’t notice any obnoxious amounts of noise during our stay, however it was the most noted complaint from other reviewers when I was researching, so I figure its worth a mention.  The size of the room was pretty standard as we stayed in 2 other hotels during our trip here and we thought they were all pretty comparable in size.

Amenities at Hotel Indigo Anaheim

You can find standard amenities, like free Wi-Fi, a pool and fitness center. This boutique hotel is perfect for a close and easy stay that really does have everything you need at a good price. 

Hotel Indigo Anaheim FAQ

Is there FREE Parking at Hotel Indigo in Anaheim?

They do offer free parking, which is great because many of the hotels in the Disneyland area do not. The parking is gated and locked so if you don’t need your car while you’re there, you can lock it and leave it which is nice.

Is Hotel Indigo Close to Disneyland?

Ok, I digress. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about the Hotel Indigo Anaheim. The Indigo Hotel Anaheim is conveniently about a 10-15 minute walk from the Park gates, depending on your walking speed. It’s less than a mile and is a pretty easy walk. There are closer options for sure, and it can be a bit painful passing many other hotels on your way back at night when you’re tired. If you have little ones, this could be a bit long after a day at the Parks, but taking the ART is always an option.

Does the Hotel Indigo in Anaheim Allow Pets?

Pets are allowed for a fee so if you’re traveling with your fur baby, they’re welcome here.

Does the Indigo Hotel in Anaheim have Free Breakfast?

There isn’t free breakfast, however they do have breakfast available for purchase as well as grab n go items if you’re headed out in a hurry in the morning. Or if you’re really feeling fancy, there is a Starbucks right across the road, which really I figure must be fate since I had no idea this existed when I booked our room.

Is Hotel Indigo A Good Place to Stay Near Disneyland?

Overall, I would recommend this hotel if you don’t need something so close to the Parks, or if you’d actually prefer to stay a little further away from them. While I wouldn’t say we’ve found our perfect Disneyland Hotel spot here( perfect is pretty hard to obtain, right?!), the Hotel Indigo Anaheim is a clean, comfortable and affordable option close to Disneyland. What more do you need?! Have you stayed off property at Disneyland? What are your favorite Disneyland Area hotels, we would love to know!


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