Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

If you’re looking for rest and relaxation onboard the Disney Dream, the Rainforest Room may be just what you’re looking for. But what exactly is the Rainforest Room? And is it worth the cost?  Read on to learn all about the Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream. 

Senses Spa on Disney Cruise Line

Offering a wide variety of services, Senses Spa is just what you need for all things relaxation! This adult only spa is available on all of the Disney Cruise ships. And offers massages, facials, acupuncture and more. It’s also home to the Rainforest Room. But what is the Rainforest Room? 

Disney Dream Senses Spa

The Rainforest Room on Disney Cruise Line

Every Disney Cruise ship has a Senses Spa. And every Disney Cruise ship has a Rainforest Room! Though they all may be a little different, you can generally expect similar experiences on each ship. 

The Rainforest Room onboard the Disney Dream

The Disney Dream and its sister ship, the Disney Fantasy, have similar layouts in their version of the Rainforest Room. On the Disney Dream, you’ll find 10 heated loungers, two hot tubs, four aromatherapy showers and three saunas. 

One of the best features of the Disney Dream’s version is the view! Due to how Senses is positioned on this ship, guests are treated to some of the most spectacular ocean views here. These views are best appreciated from the hot tubs, or from the Dry Sauna (NAME), but you can also get a pretty good view of them from the heated loungers. 

Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

Heated Loungers in the Rainforest Room

The heated loungers are a hot commodity here! Many people like to bring a book and relax and read. During the busiest times, it can be difficult to find an open one. But if you can be patient, getting a lounger shouldn’t be too difficult. The loungers have heated tiles that make them super warm and cozy. They are also equipped with a headrest and reading light. 

Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

Hot Tubs in the Rainforest Room

There are two hot tubs in the Rainforest Room. they are technically meant for only one party at a time (usually 2-3 people) and it states this on the hot tub. They overlook the ocean, and they are super relaxing. During the busiest times, it can be difficult to get a spot in one of the hot tubs. But we found during the slower times, it was easy to have them all to yourself. 

Disney Dream Senses Spa

Aromatherapy Showers in the Rainforest Room

There are four aromatherapy showers in the Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream. Each offers a different experience with water, lights and/or sound. 

Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

Saunas and Steam Rooms in the Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

There are three steam rooms in the Rainforest Room. There’s one dry steam room with heated floors and floor to ceiling windows with views of the ocean. And two other saunas in varying temperatures and steam levels. 

Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

How do I book Disney Dream Rainforest Room?

Passes for the Rainforest Room can be purchased on Embarkation Day by going to Senses Spa. These passes can be very limited, so if you have your heart set on this perk during your cruise, you’ll want to head there as soon as you board. 

Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

How much does the Rainforest Room cost?

The cost varies per voyage. This is completely unhelpful for budgeting purposes, but it often depends on projected demand. Day passes often start at $39 per day. On our 11-night cruise to Northern Europe, the cost was $189 per person for the entire voyage.  Others have reported passes costing over $200 per person on 5–7-day journeys, so it really just depends on your specific cruise. 

For the exact price on your cruise, just stop by Senses Spa on Embarkation Day and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

Can you get a Day Pass for the Rainforest Room?

Yes, you can! These tend to be extremely limited and there doesn’t seem to be consistent timeline for when you can buy them. Sometimes, they’ll allow you to purchase a day pass on Embarkation Day for a specific day, and other times, you have to purchase it on the day you want to use it. If this is the case on your cruise, you will want to make sure that you head up to Senses Spa as early as possible to secure your pass for the day. 

How to check in for the Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

Once you have purchased your pass, you’ll just scan your Key to The World Card at the front desk of Senses and a Cast Member will give you a wristband and robe if you’d like and take your card until you’re done. You can then go change in the locker rooms, where there are plenty of lockers. And your wristband will let you into the Rainforest Room. When you’re done, you’ll drop your wristband off at the front desk and they’ll give you your Key to the World Card back. Easy! 

When is the best time to visit the Rainforest Room?

This will depend on your sailing. But generally, Sea Days will be the busiest. With some trial and error on our last cruise, we found that going around 5:30 or 6pm or 8/8:30pm was a good bet if you’re not interested in the entertainment. Half the ship will be at dinner, and the other half will be at a show. Now, for us, we love the Broadway Style shows. So we never miss those! But on cruises longer than 3 nights, there are usually variety acts on the nights when there is no Disney show. And honestly for us, those are just not our style, so we usually skip them and enjoy the ship.

Other times I noticed were not as busy were earlier in the mornings, and during the day on a port day when many people are off the ship. Like I said, this will largely depend on your specific sailing, so if you’re unsure of a less busy time to visit, ask a Cast Member at Senses and they are usually to let you in on less busy times. 

Can you book the Rainforest Room online?

Nope. Your best bet is to plan to purchase your passes once onboard. Some people will tell you that you can call Disney Cruise Line to book your passes, however, I will tell you more often than not, that’s not actually true. Usually what happens if you try this, is you call and wait on hold, only for a cast member to tell you that you need to do it onboard. 

This seems to be an area of confusion for Cast Members on the phones as well as onboard and I’m not sure why. I’m not the only one to have experienced this, so I know it’s not just me! But generally, once you’re onboard, just go to Senses and they’ll let you know what passes are being sold for your sailing, as well as prices. And you’ll just pay there. 

What to wear to Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

To enter the rainforest room, you’ll want to be wearing a swimsuit or swim trunks. You can pick up a robe when you check in at Senses, but to fully enjoy what the Room has to offer, a bathing suit of some sort is what you should plan to wear.  And we highly recommend bringing a pair of flip flops.  Senses used to issue these when you would check in, however, they no longer do. You can’t wear regular shoes in the Rainforest Room, so having a pair of flip flops is a good idea. 

Is the Rainforest Room worth the cost?

This depends on a lot of things. Firstly, since there is no standard cost, that alone can determine the worth of the pass. Outside of that, there are other things to consider. Like, how often do you plan to use it? Are you able to visit the Rainforest Room during lower times to enjoy all it has to offer? And are the things it offers valuable to you? 

For us, on our longer cruise, it was 100% worth it. Since that cruise was longer than the average sailing, we were able to figure out quite quickly when the less crowded times would be and adjust our schedule accordingly. Even though it was a very port-heavy itinerary and we were usually in port most of the day, we could always find time later in the evening to stop by the Rainforest Room for some relaxation. The fact that it was such a port heavy itinerary probably helped with lower crowds as well. 

However, many people complain about crowds especially during shorter Caribbean Cruises, where a lot of guests take the cruise for the cruise, and not for the ports of call. So, if crowds are a concern to you, your best bet might be to inquire about a day pass instead of splurging on the full voyage pass. And in addition to that, some people end up disappointed when they see what the Rainforest Room actually includes. Feel free to ask for a tour at Senses on Embarkation Day.

Disney Cruise Rainforest Room Review

For a tour of the Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream, see our video here. Have you visited the Rainforest Room on Disney Cruise ships? Did you think it was worth the cost?

The Rainforest Room on Disney Cruise Ships

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