RV Camping at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

RV Camping at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

There is nothing quite like RV Camping at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds at Walt Disney World! A nice upgrade from the family tent with a little more freedom and a lot more space, we snagged an RV  courtesy of RVshare. Perfect for the breezy Florida weather this time of year, we were able to access loads of nature, relaxation and fun all from the comfort of our very own RV. Here’s everything to know about how we grabbed an RV on a budget, complete with all the amenities and more perks than we thought possible! 

This is a sponsored post for RVshare. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are our own and based on our personal experience.This post includes affiliate links to help fund our Disney travel and coffee addiction; which we share with you weekly.

RV camping at Walt Disney World

RV Camping at Fort Wilderness

When we decided we needed a trip to Walt Disney World to go test out Galaxy’s Edge new ride, Rise of the Resistance, we knew we needed it to be affordable. So we had made a couple decisions about what we needed going into this mini-trip. This was our list. 

  • An RV under 100 dollars a night
  • That could fit at least 4 people comfortably (We found one that fits 6)
  • With all the cooking utensils, linens, TV, etc. 
  • Something that could be delivered to Disney’s Fort Wilderness (Because we don’t know how to drive an RV and didn’t want the hassle of picking up and dropping off.)
  • A Golf Cart Option Available ( because its absolutely necessary for a Fort Wilderness Vacation)

How we picked our perfect RV 

With all our requirements in place for the perfect RV, we hopped on the RVshare website chose our location Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL, USA, preferred dates and selected all our filters. We adjusted our price, selected the “More Filters” button and chose “Offers Delivery”. Then we added “Golf Cart” to the Keyword Search to limit the selection to RV’s we could choose from. 

And Voila, we found the perfect camper that met every single one of our needs! 

Our RV owners, Chris and Alicia, were absolutely brilliant regarding all things Fort Wilderness. With tips on which type of campsite to reserve we easily got into the best area of the whole campground. Parked close to the Meadows, we were near activities, the shop, the bus stop, the pool and a laundry house. Attempting to navigate one of Disney’s largest resorts we were so grateful to the owners for sharing tons of vacation tips, and information on how to maximize our vacation. In truth, we could not have had tackled this vacation without them.

All About our RV Camper

RVshare RV rental at Disney

RV Camping Outdoor Space

Our RV was a trailer RV and the perfect size so that we could take advantage of the outdoor living space on our campsite paddock. We had a picnic table, lights, an outdoor rug, and an extra table for outdoor cooking. 

RVshare RV rental at Disney

RVshare RV rental at Disney


RV camping at Walt Disney World

We are always on the lookout for the opportunity to cook our own meals and save a little money on a vacation. Something we just can’t do in a hotel. Thankfully the kitchen in our RV Camper was fully stocked with a coffee pot, toaster, silverware, mugs, pans, everything you would find in your own kitchen. And we were living our best life here since almost everything is Disney or Star Wars themed so we were in absolute heaven. 

RVshare RV rental at Disney

Living Space

The living space has a couch and a dining table with a leaf to expand, that fits about 4-6 people and two chairs. Perfect for lounging about either playing a game, eating, playing the Xbox, watching a movie ( which are stocked in a bedroom cabinet) or even working on a laptop. 

RVshare RV rental at Disney

RVshare RV rental at Disney


This RV has one full bedroom which sleeps 2, that has cabinets, a second TV and a door if you’re looking for some privacy. There’s also a twin bunk bed set up that just takes you back to being a kid. Complete with Star Wars and Disney sheets of course. All the mattresses here are dream foam, so super comfy and cushy. And if you’re bringing 6 people, the couch also folds out to a sleeper sofa.

RVshare RV rental at Disney

RVshare RV rental at Disney


The bathroom on any RV is going to be smaller than your’re used to at home. This little bathroom had a cupboard mirror to hold all your toiletries, plus a shelf for toilet paper, first aid kit and other necessities. And if you find your family of 6 all waiting in line for shower in the morning on an RV, you can remind your fellow travelers that the camp showers are right up the road. 🙂


Linens, games, movies, toilet paper, coffee, tea, condiments, even seat cushions and a s’mores kit for the Chip and Dales Campfire Sing-a-Long. We also loved our camper lights, which we so helpful in the evenings. And the awning for cover during misty Florida mornings and nights.  RV camping is also about taking advantage of being outside, and our hosts made sure we had everything we needed for relaxing mornings and evenings at the RV. 

RVshare RV rental at Disney

RVshare RV rental at Disney

The Golf Cart

When RV Camping, especially at Fort Wilderness, we found a golf cart is a must! And this was seriously the most fun Golf Cart ever. With our RV we got this cute blue Star Wars themed golf cart complete with blue lights, tires, cup holders, and a little extra speed! Since a golf cart is a MUST-HAVE at Fort Wilderness, and Disney charges 60 dollars a day for theirs, we just couldn’t beat the deal of having this transportation built right into our RVshare rental. 

RVshare RV rental at Disney

How RVshare Works

You can sign up as a renter, or if you have n RV to share, an owner.

Once logged in it’s important to go to the dashboard and fill out your account and profile. A 2-step process for authentication, which includes scanning your license or passport is required for safety. And it’s also super important to have an actual picture of yourself for your profile so that RVshare can cross reference it against your photo id. The rental process doesn’t happen until this this process is complete. But it’s absolutely worth it once this leg work is done!

You can choose pet-friendly RV’s, RV’s that are delivered and set up for you, or ones that you can drive around town. Along with every amenity you can think of. Just use the Keyword box to find what you’re looking for!

Smartmatch is an additional feature that RVshare offers and can match you with RV’s you haven’t even seen yet! So if you’re on the fence on which RV to pick, give it a day or two. Owners will reach out to connect as soon as you choose a potential location and dates. 

RV camping at Walt Disney World

RV Camping at Fort Wilderness Things to Know

For Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resorts and Campgrounds you will need to do the following.

  • Reserve the right Campsite Size: A Premium or Preferred Site is needed for most RV’s. We recommend securing your Fort Wilderness dates first, so those tend to fill up quickly. 
  • In order for your RV to be delivered, you can simply add your owners to your Fort Wilderness campsite reservation so they can get in and out of the resort. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can just meet them at the gate when they arrive. 
  • The most budget-friendly time to camp at Fort Wilderness is January, September, and the first two weeks of December.

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RV camping at Walt Disney World

RV Camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. Check out how we rented an RV for a budget friendly Disney Vacation at Fort Wilderness. @rvshare #hosted #waltdisneyworld #rvcamping #fortwilderness

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