A Unique Space 220 Lounge Review and Out Of This World Menu

A Unique Space 220 Lounge Review and Out Of This World Menu

The Space 220 Lounge at EPCOT may be one of the most difficult reservations to get at Walt Disney World but is well worth the effort. If you’re looking to skip the pricey prix fixe menu at this space station restaurant, then the Space 220 Lounge is a great option for delicious foods, drinks, and desserts. With views of the galaxy, here’s everything to know about one of the Best Disney restaurants at EPCOT theme park. 

Space 220 View at Disney Restaurant

Space 220 Restaurant

We’re not ones to gush, as we tend to try and be rather unbiased on this blog, but our most recent experience at this Epcot Space Restaurant caught us quite off guard. Sure, the “elevator to the space station” was kind of cool, and the digital windows showing the galaxy beyond were interesting. But, really we’re talking about the food. While we spent months trying to get a reservation for the lounge, we didn’t have high hopes for more than an average experience. Yet, everything from the curated mocktail list to the complex appetizers was a treat. You can tell some intentional choices went into creating this menu, not just the experience. Here’s everything to know about the Space 220 Restaurant and Lounge and if this should be on your Disney Must-do List for your Walt Disney World trip. ( P.S. We think it should!)

Space 220 Restaurant at Disney Woeld Sign

Where is the Space 220 Lounge and Restaurant?

The Space 220 Restaurant is at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. Located just behind the Mission Space ride, in World Discovery, you can head up the pathway to the open check in desk. Here you will come to an alcove to check-in. This is also where you go to see what walk-up wait times look like if you were unable to get a reservation. This is the area you’ll wait in until you’re shown into the main space station lobby. 

Space 220 Elevator Restaurant at EPCOT Disney World

Food at Space Restaurant at Disney World Lettuce Growing Chamber

Why is the Space 220 Restaurant Special?

One of the main draws of the Space 220 Lounge at EPCOT is its unique theme and experience. From as early as the waiting room, you are given the space station treatment. Once called your party receives a “boarding pass” which allows you access to the elevator, taking you 22,000 miles per hour to the “space station above”. While this is just a space with a digital screen on the floor that makes it look like you’re moving up or down, it’s still mesmerizing to watch. Once you’ve arrived, you get to see the living food garden and are ushered to the dining room, wrapped in digital screens showing the universe beyond. With a view of Earth, astronauts, space shuttles, and random space things, you can gaze out the “windows’ while you dine. This is a unique experience at Walt Disney World, and one not replicated anywhere else.

Space 220 Restaurant at Disney World Windows

Space 220 Reservations

The Space 220 EPCOT restaurant features a truly unique experience you can’t get anywhere else! From the Space Station ticket you get when you enter, to the “elevator” you ride to the station high above the park, there are details worth seeing around every corner. Still a newer restaurants Space 220 Reservations are still hard to get. 

Why are Space 220 Reservations Hard to Get?

Space 220 Restaurant Reservations are often hard to get because it’s a smaller restaurant, so fills up fast. While there are times that you can simply add your name to a waitlist, wait times tend to be over an hour for walk-ins at this point. Still, there are options. If you’re adults without children, the Space 220 Lounge sometimes has walk-up seating available. If you’re dining with anyone under 18 you will need a reservation for the Space 220 Lounge. 

Space 220 Lounge Reservations

Generally, Space 220 Restaurant Reservations are more difficult to get than the Space 220 Lounge reservations. That said, if you’re hoping to see the restaurant and have the experience, try for a lounge reservation instead! You can book Disney dining reservations ahead of time, or check the My Disney Experience App while you’re in the park to join the walk up list, and see availability. You can also just head to the desk at the restaurant and see if there is anything available. While it’s always better to have a reservation, don’t forget you can also always just ask the person at the main desk if there is any availability. People cancel reservations all the time, so why not give it a try?

Is the Space 220 Lounge Cheaper than the Restaurant?

The Space 220 Restaurant Lounge Menu may feel cheaper than the Space 220 Restaurant because it offers a la carte dishes. As opposed to the prix fixe menu which offers the meal for a flat fee of $79 at the time of this writing. That said, multiple dishes on the Space 220 Lounge menu can easily add up to the same amount as the full dinner. The benefit of the Space 220 Lounge, over the Restaurant, is the flexibility regarding what you order both in substance and price, and the easier to get reservations. 

Lightyear Lemonade at Space 220 Restaurant Disney World

Space 220 Lounge Atmosphere

The Disney Space 220 Restaurant atmosphere is very well-themed to what you would expect on a space station. Given general knowledge about space stations that is. The waitstaff makes jokes about the limited food availability, and that transporting dinnerware from Italy, 22,000 miles an hour in an elevator is sure to result in some cracks. Everyone is in character, as space station employees, throughout the meal, and it made for interesting conversation. Many shared that they just loved working in outer space. As an immersive dining experience, it was quite tame, which we enjoyed. 

Booth tables edge the digital window screens, and while perfect for families, we felt these spaces may be too close to the screen to actually get good views of space. There are also regular tables that line the next row, and the Lounge, which wraps a stepped section of the restaurant, giving some of the best overall views, we thought, on the whole. 

The dining atmosphere of Space 220 is casual, and we didn’t see evidence of a dress code of any kind. As the restaurant was made to feel more like an exciting day out, than something fancy. In addition to the tables slated for the restaurant, and those slated for the lounge, there is also bar seating, if you’re looking for that experience. While the bar didn’t face the main windows, there was a digital screen all their own, behind the bartender, no doubt contributing to interesting conversations. 

Collage of food items at Space 220 Restaurant

Space 220 Lounge Menu

The Space 220 Lounge Menu offers dishes a la carte, and often the option to also order from the main lunch or dinner menus, without having to purchase the full prix fixe. Courses at the lounge are divided up into Flight Bites ( Appetizers), Star Course (Entrees) and Super Nova Sweets (Desserts). Priced between $12 and $24 dollars we found these dishes to be ultra satisfying as a lunch, without ordering from the larger, pricier main menus. Here’s what we ordered, and our thoughts on each. 

Deviled Eggs at Space 220

Astro Deviled Eggs

The Astro Deviled Eggs appetizer at Space 220 includes Free-Range Eggs, Maple Glazed Bacon, Scallion, Pickled Shallots, and Micro Greens. As people who love eggs, and love deviled eggs most of all, we were not thrilled with these. Definitely more of a vinegar-based deviled egg, than a mayonnaise-based egg. That said, the maple-glazed bacon was no doubt meant to counteract that acidity, but it didn’t really do its job there. At $12 for two eggs, cut in half, we wanted more than we got on this one. On the other hand, if you love bacon, this may be worth it for you!

Cauliflower Appetizer at Space 220 Restaurant

Blue Moon Cauliflower

If you like battered veggies of any kind then you’ll love this. Such a surprise, this appetizer combined Tempura Fried Cauliflower, Housemade Hot Sauce, and Blue Cheese Dust. Absolutely delicious, this was light and flavorful. Even if you don’t like blue cheese ( which we don’t) this was still voted the best appetizer we had here. 

Short Rib Sliders

Another winner, this appetizer came with 2 little sliders, perfectly cooked, and with Short rib, White Cheddar Cheese, Sriracha Aioli, Lettuce, Tomato, and Butter Pickles. If you’re having the appetizers as a makeshift lunch, this one should be on your list. The ribs were tender and the combo of the siracha aioli and sweet cheddar was divine. 

Chicken on Waffle

We were hesitant about this appetizer simply because we’re never sure how much chicken is actually going to be on the bone, but this did not disappoint. Piled Fried Chicken, Smoked Bacon and Roasted Corn Waffle, Spiced Coleslaw, and Bourbon Maple Glaze, made for a sweet, savory, and filling appetizer. Definitely enough for a lunch, we’d highly recommend this one. 

Other Appetizers and Entrees

There were also plenty of other appetizers at Space 220 Lounge. Appetizers Cost between $12-$19 each. 

  • Starry Calamari: Fried Calamari, Italian Cherry Peppers, Spicy Marinara, Roasted Pepper Citrus Aioli
  • Shrimp Tacos: Marinated Shrimp, Lettuce, Shallots, Crispy Wonton Shell
  • Space Wings: Marinated Deep-Fried Chicken Wings, Hot Honey, Dill
  • Hoisin Pork Belly: Braised Pork Belly, Smokey Rainbow Chard, Golden Raising Agrodolce
  • Galactic Miso Salmon: Miso-Glazed Salmon, Sautéed Asparagus, Cauliflower Purée, Rainbow Carrots
  • Steak & Frites: New York Strip Steak, Roasted Garlic Butter, Haricot Vert, French Fries
  • Gemini Burger: Signature Beef Blend, White Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Shredded Lettuce, Tomatoes, Roasted Pepper Citrus Aioli, French Fries

Carrot Cake Space 220 Disney Restaurant Best Dessert

Space 220 Lounge Desserts

If there’s anything we recommend regarding Space 220, it’s TRY THE DESSERTS! For us these were absolutely showstopper selections. Recommended to us by our server, these two desserts are some of the Best Desserts at Walt Disney World. You can find them on the Space 220 Restaurant Menu, or you can choose any of the other desserts from the dinner menu as well. 

Carrot Cake

This plant-based dessert tastes anything but plant-based! It’s a luscious Carrot Cake, filled with Cream Cheese, Candied Walnuts, and Toasted Pepitas. Absolutely delicious, we wish we would have gotten two. 

Dessert at Space 220 Disney

Peanut Caramel Comet

Our favorite dessert at Space 220 was this Peanut Caramel Comet Tart. A Vanilla Tart, Candied Peanuts, Caramel Popcorn, with White Chocolate Cream, we don’t know how they get it to taste so good. As we’ve had many tarts across the parks, this one had a melt-in-your-mouth tart crust, and perfectly set filling and the addition of the popcorn and peanuts just elevated the whole thing. Absolutely delicious. While we didn’t really think we’d be coming back to Space 220, this dessert has us adding it to our regular Disney Lounge list. 

Other Desserts

  • Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Parfait: Black sesame crumble, yuzu curd, macerated blackberries, and basil blackberry sauce
  • Cosmic Cupcake: Chocolate plant-based devil’s food cake topped with vanilla frosting and galactic sprinkles (Available on kid’s menu) 
  • The Astra: Honey Cake, Almond Mascarpone Mousse, Honey Cream, Lingonberry Jam, Honeycomb Cookie
  • Messier 83: Oatmeal Financier, Orange Cream, Blueberry, Crème Fraiche Gelato, Oatmeal Streusel
  • Blue Planet: Chocolate Cheesecake, Cookie Crumbs, Vanilla Truffles, Raspberry
  • Chocolate and Raspberry Cake: Raspberry Chocolate Crémeux, Raspberry Marmalade, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Cocoa Nib Glaze
  • Gelato and Sorbet: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Lemon

Disney Mocktail Milky Way Space 220

Space 220 Lounge Drinks

Okay! Down to business. The real reason we came to Space 220 is that we’re on a bit of a mission to try all the Disney Mocktails across the parks, and resorts. Mainly because we find Disney to be somewhat lacking in the non-alcoholic drink scene. But, they’re getting better! As we’ve seen lately from Scat Cat’s Club Lounge, Citricos Lounge, and now Space 220 Lounge, there are some restaurants that respect the need for fancy drinks, without the alcohol! As such this was what we tried. We loved all these choices, but the Milky Way drink was our favorite. 

The Milky Way

This is considered a Zero-Proof Dessert Drink. And frankly, it was our favorite. This is a Chilled Espresso with Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup, Caramel, Cream, and a Milky Way Mini. While the Milky Way candy bar was not in the drink, the drink itself did taste like a milky way candy bar. The caramel flavor and the brown sugar syrup, combined with the cream, and espresso were perfectly balanced. Not too sweet, but a perfect flavor! Plus ordering this drink gets you a pack of Space 220 collectible trading cards

Moon Rocks

Very fun, this drink includes Coconut, Blue Cotton Candy Syrup, Lemonade, Moon Dust, and Moon Rocks.  With pop rocks given on the side, you can add them throughout your sipping experience. It was warned that if we dump the whole thing in at once, there’s a bit of an explosion. And even with the little bit we put in each time, there was tons of fizz. Very much like a cotton candy drink, the flavors changed as we went along, mainly because the pop rocks seemed to bring out different flavors each time, which was fun. This drink also included a pack of Space 220 collectible trading cards.

Starship Lemonade

We love a refreshing drink and the beautiful look of Butterfly Pea Tea. This drink included Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade, Butterfly Pea Tea, and Mint. This drink didn’t come with a candy sidekick, but it does come with Space 220 collectible trading cards. And is one of the calmer drinks, if you have picky kids, that still want to feel special with a fancy drink. 

Solar Flare Sour

A nonalcoholic sweet and sour, this sweet and sour drink is perfect if you’re looking for an upscale mocktail. Lyre’s Agave Blanco Non-alcoholic Tequila, mango, lime juice, grapefruit bitters, and fever tree tonic water (Zero-proof) 

Collage of beverages at Space 220 Restaurant

Galaxy Spritz: Lagoon Bay Aperitif, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and prosecco 

Black Hole Fashioned: Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey, demerara syrup, and whiskey barrel-aged bitters 

M4RG4R1TA: Espolon Blanco Tequila, watermelon lime sour, and salted lime foam 

Illumination: Bacardi Rum, Malibu Caribbean Rum, passion fruit, blood orange, pineapple, lime sour, and passion fruit boba 

Saturn 2.0: Bacardi Reserva Ocho Rum, Velvet Falernum Liqueur, orgeat, passion fruit, and lemon juice 

Space Age Mule: Tito’s Homemade Vodka, fresh carrot juice, mango, lime juice, ginger beer, and chili lime seasoning rim 

Command Center: Hendrick’s Gin, St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur, lemon juice, citrus and elderflower foam 

Shuttle Crew: Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom Vodka, vanilla, tangerine, Red Bull, and tang foam 

Gamma Burst: Grey Goose Essences Strawberry & Lemongrass, Midori Melon Liqueur, and strawberry popping pearls 

Space 220 Collectible Cards with Mocktail Orders

Space 220 Collectors Cards

Another perk of ordering these non-alcoholic cocktails, or Zero-Proof Cocktails as they’re sometimes called, was that we also get a pack of trading cards with each drink. Obviously geared toward children, as adults, we were thrilled to get these fun collectibles from the restaurant. Especially since it completely counts as one of the Free Souvenirs at Walt Disney World. So what are these cards? These cards include fun scenes and graphics you would expect from a space station collectible card park. Each Card pack contains 6 cards, randomly selected from different series named for each planet. Each card falls into one of three categories;  Space Trivia, Food in Space Trivia, and Space Technology.

Rare Space 220 Collectors Cards

And some packs have the highly coveted “White Cards” which are considered quite rare. These cards are the Tech-SpecC Cards which are not full cover, but instead, white, gray, and accented in blue foil.

Something to note about the Space 220 Collectors Cards is that you can only get them at the restaurant. And they only come with non-alcoholic drinks. As such it’s also important to know that whatever you get may be valuable. Especially as certain planet series retire before the new sets come out. For instance, Earth, Mercury, and Venus were the first set of series ( 3 planets, 6 cards in each series). Now, those cards are retired and the card series available are the Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter series. As such there are limited quantities of all these cards out there. Treat them like gold! 

Collectible Cards at Space 220 Restaurant White Cards

Space 220 Restaurant Review

If you’re planning to eat Lunch or Dinner at the Space 220 Restaurant, then be prepared for the Prix Fixe price tag. While kid eats for $29, including an entree, dessert, and drink, adults have a much higher price tag. The Space 220 Lunch Menu is a 2-course Prix Fixe at $55 a person or you can choose the Space 220 Dinner Menu which is a 3-course Prix Fixe at $79 a person. Both offer up many of the same dishes. For us, the Space 220 Lounge ticked all the boxes. We got a great meal, at an OK price, in an interestingly themed environment. Our table had great views of outer space, our server was fantastic, and the food was excellent. 

Once the hoopla dies down, and reservations are easier to get we’ll probably be back. As much as the experience is a one-off, and not necessarily needed on repeat, the food was good enough to consider it again on our next trip. Have you visited Space 220 yet? Let us know your take! 

Space 220 Lounge Food, Mocktails, Collectile Cards

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