Best Epcot Restaurants List, Reviews and What to Skip

Best Epcot Restaurants List, Reviews and What to Skip

Of all the places to eat in Disney Parks, EPCOT boasts some of the most eclectic options. In fact, sometimes the best places to eat at Epcot are sometimes not “places” at all… and more like some outdoor kitchen at one of the annual festivals. But, just because there are tons of food options, doesn’t mean they’re all good! You can, however, find some fantastic food at Epcot, if you know where to look. Here are the Epcot Restaurants to consider on your next vacation to Epcot, Walt Disney World. 

There is so much amazing food to be had at Epcot, and even more at the festivals, that there is no reason to not eat the best. While dining at Disney Springs is quickly rising to #1 in regards to food at Walt Disney World, Epcot has held the title for years! From some of the best Quick Service Restaurants at EPCOT to sit down restaurants in the park, you can choose from a variety of  cultural cuisines across the World Showcase. It doesn’t matter if  you’re craving Italian, Mexican or Moroccan, EPCOT has a restaurant to match. Here are some of the best places to eat at EPCOT Park. 

Les Halles Boulangerie de Patisserie Epcot

Best Snacks at Disney World EPCOT France Neopolitan

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie | France

By far, one of our favorite restaurants at EPCOT Park, and all of Walt Disney World, is Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. This authentic French bistro offers a variety of French sandwiches, breads and desserts. Located in World Showcase France, this little place includes some dining tables, next to the gift shop area. Don’t ever be deterred by the lines here, the food is entirely worth it, and some of the best food in EPCOT. 

  • Where: World Showcase- France
  • Views: Gift shop interior or French street outside
  • Theme: French
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Breakfast, sandwiches and decadent desserts
  • Quick Service
  • Style: Individual menu items
  • Cost: $5- $15 per item.

We recommend it because:

If you’re looking to grab breakfast before the World Showcase opens, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie hits the spot. Freshly baked croissants, breakfast sandwiches, and delectable little French pastries make this one of our favorite indulgences. Grab a mimosa or cappuccino to go along with whatever you’re having. It’s the second-best thing to actually being in a Parisian cafe. Enjoy it. Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie Menu.

Carrot Cake Space 220 Disney Restaurant Best Dessert

Space 220 Restaurant and Lounge

By far one of the best restaurants at EPCOT Park, Space 220 Restaurants and Lounge offers a unique “space station” dining experience, combined with out of this world food choices. all impeccably themed as a restaurant floating high above the Earth, the food here , and “views” make this a unique experience we recommend to everyone. While the Lounge offers small plates a la carte, the main restaurant features a Prix Fixe Menu that includes 2 courses for lunch and three courses dinner. Hard to Get Dining Reservations make this one a bit harder to add to your trip, but keep trying! 

  • Where: World Discovery
  • Views: Space
  • Theme: American, Space themed
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Salads, Meats, Seafood, Drinks, Desserts
  • Table Service
  • Style: Lounge: a la carte, Lunch and Dinner; Prix Fixe
  • Cost: Lounge $15- $35, Prix Fixe Lunch: $55 per adult, $29 per child. Prix Fixe Dinner: $79 per adult, $29 per child.  

We recommend it because:

Space 220 has some of the best food at EPCOT, and is definitely worth the visit. Not only for the cool elevator to the space station experience, but also the fun foods, interesting flavors, and Collectible Space 220 Trading Cards! When we last visited Space 220 Lounge, things that blew us away were the Astro Deviled Eggs, Blue Moon Cauliflower and Steak and Frites. And of course you can’t skip dessert! The Carrot Cake is surprisingly amazing, and highly recommended. With reservations still difficult to get we recommend trying for the lounge first, which tends to have spots open up intermittently. Check out the Space 220 Lounge Menu and the Space 220 Restaurant Menu.

La Cantina de San Angel | Mexico

The Mexican restaurants at EPCOT are some of the best in the park. And this one has both a Table Service Restaurant inside ( La Hacienda de San Angel) and the Cantina quick service outside. For ease, we always recommend the Cantina quick service as a budget-friendly option in the park. Be aware though, getting seating here is not for the faint of heart. Many will hover near tables that look like they may be vacated soon. A severe lack of seating for such a popular restaurant to be sure. But the food here is fantastic.  

  • Where: World Showcase- Mexico
  • Views: Lake
  • Theme: Mexican
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Authentic Mexican Food
  • Quick Service
  • Style: Individual menu items
  • Cost: $5- $15 per item.

We recommend it because:

We love the Mexican offerings here. With classic taco and burrito options, a great rice bowl, nachos, and empanadas you really can’t go wrong. Add in dining on the water, fast service, and some of the cheapest food in Epcot, and we find this to be a great lunchtime meal at the right price. La Cantina de San Angel Menu

regal eagle smokehouse at epcot american pavilion bbq at epcot

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Craft Drafts and Barbecue | America

Oddly one of our favorite places  to eat EPCOT is the Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Given that we’re not big meat eaters, this may come as a surprise, but hear us out. While we’ve never been thrilled with American cuisine, here you get a selection of barbecue sauce options with whatever you order that really puts things over the top. There’s even a Vegetarian burger option with jackfruit that is quite delicious. And then of course the banana pudding dessert is rumored to be modeled off of the Magnolia Bakery in New York, and can we say it’s just delicious and makes our Best Snacks in EPCOT List. 

  • Where: World Showcase- America
  • Views: Casual Restaurant
  • Theme: Southern Barbecue
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: BBQ meats, pulled pork, burgers
  • Quick Service
  • Style: Individual menu items
  • Cost: $5- $15 per item.

We recommend it because:

As the new kid on the block in Epcot’s quick service lineup, the BBQ Smokehouse has tons of flavors, options, and a plant-based burger too. We like this new addition as a casual sit-down restaurant if you want something a little more unique than your typical burger and fries. Be sure to try all the BBQ sauces! You can grab seating here both indoors and outdoors. Regal Eagle Smokehouse Craft Drafts and Barbecue Menu

Via Napoli Restaurant at EPCOT Park Disney

pizza at walt disney world

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizza | Italy

Ahhhh, Italian food, what’s not to like? Home to giant pizzas, lasagna, tiramisu and the Bocca Della Verita pizza ovens, this large restaurant is often busy for good reason. And with Disney World’s current lackluster pizza situation, Via Napoli is our go-to restaurant now that single slice pizzas are more prominent than a full pie elsewhere. A travesty in a family focused park to be sure, but we digress. Via Napoli offers up wonderful flavors, a menu filled with options, and great desserts. Entrees are typically under $35 each, save the steak, and it’s one of the best sit-down restaurants in EPCOT.

  • Where: World Showcase- Italy
  • Views: The Pizza Ovens
  • Theme: Italian
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Pasta, Italian meats, salads, and Pizza
  • Table Service: Reservations Recommended
  • Style: Individual menu items
  • Cost: $15- $50 per item

We recommend it because:

You can find some pretty great Margherita Pizza at Via Napoli and if you’re wondering, the Margherita Pizza – Mezzo Metro feeds 4-6 adults. It’s also one of those classier places where if you have two hours and want to lounge about eating Italian and sipping wine you absolutely can! And as far as Italian on Disney property this one is pretty close to the top!  What we don’t love is that it’s all kind of pricey here! But it’s still worth at least one visit because the food is divine. Via Napoli Menu

Beirgarten REstaurnat at Walt Disney World EPCOT Park

Biergarten | Germany

Blame it on the impeccable theme and atmosphere, or the German Celebrations that accompany your meal, but we love Biergarten. The festive atmosphere with singing and table sharing is enough to make you feel like you’re in an olde German village surrounded by friends. Of course, it’s not for everyone.. because you actually do share your table with other people…you may not know. But it’s all part of the experience. Offering up a Buffest Style meal, this one is for folks who love German food, and all things boisterous. 

  • Where: World Showcase- Germany
  • Views: A Bavarian Village and dancers. 
  • Theme: German
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Brats, Kraut, Schnitzel
  • Table Service: Reservations Recommended
  • Style: Buffet, All You Care to Enjoy
  • Cost: $49 per adult, $27  per child

We recommend it because:

While the food at Biergarten is still your basic buffet fare, it offers a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else at Disney World. From Oktoberfest celebrations to a slew of Beers, Wines and German cocktails, there is plenty of things to celebrate here. Of course sharing your table with another family may not be your cup of tea, and it’s not expected that you all become friends by the end of the meal anyway as a meal only takes about 45-60 minutes here. Regardless, sit back and enjoy the music, it’s definitely a fun experience you should have at least once. Biergarten Menu

Akershus | Norway

This table service restaurant in Norway gets you all the Disney princesses in one place and is about $20 per person LESS than Cinderella’s Royal Table. While we’re not only showing up for the Princesses, it makes all the difference if you’re hoping for that kind of character dining at Disney World experience. Serving up classic Norwegian food, we recommend booking a Breakfast at Akershus with the Princesses instead of dinner, if heavier food isn’t your preference. Because while breakfast includes all the basics like eggs, sausage and Mickey waffles, Dinner lends to meatballs and salmon. Note that there is also a Plant Based Menu here for vegetarians and vegans, which is such a lovely change! 

  • Where: World Showcase- Norway
  • Views: Inside a Medieval Storybook Castle
  • Theme: Disney Princesses 
  • Character Dining: Yes
  • Food: Norwegian 
  • Table Service: Reservations Recommended
  • Style: Family Style, All You Care to Enjoy
  • Cost: Breakfast: $55 per adult, $35 per child, Lunch and Dinner: $67 per adult, $43  per child

We recommend it because:

As one of the ONLY family style, all you care to enjoy meals with characters, and the Disney Princesses no less, the value here is astounding! With decent food, a unique atmosphere and the chance to see all the Princesses at once, this is most families dream come true. If you’re hoping for a culinary wonderland, you won’t find it here, but the cost, experience and characters may make it worth it for you. Akershus Menu

EPCOT Garden Grill Character Dining Pluto

Garden Grill | The Land Building

Another great Disney Character Dining Restaurant is Garden Grill. Home to Farmer Mickey and Friends, this restaurants, sits just atop the Living with the Land ride area, and slowly rotates throughout your meal, for different views beyond the table area. Featuring a family style meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can choose from breakfast foods, or classic American fare, like meats, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese and the like. We most like Breakfast at Garden Grill for an easy way to start the day. Complete with an appetizer of fresh fruit, cinnamon pull apart bread, and classics like eggs, sausage, potatoes and Mickey Waffles. Much Better than Chef Mickeys at the Contemporary, this meal costs less and tastes better. 

  • Where: World Nature- The Land Building
  • Views: Scenes from Living with the Land
  • Theme: Farmland, Homestead
  • Character Dining: Yes
  • Food: American Classic
  • Table Service: Reservations Recommended
  • Style: Family Style, All You Care to Enjoy
  • Cost: Breakfast: $47  per adult, $30 per child, Lunch and Dinner: $62 per adult, $40  per child

We recommend it because:

A great Disney character dining experience, this group of Disney friends is fun to interact with and it’s the only place you get to see Chip and Dale. With a budget-friendly price range, we love the Family Style All You Can Eat style here, and appreciate that the atmosphere is low key enough for theme park clothes and an easy meal. Garden Grill Menu.

Shiki Sai Restaurant Epcot, Japan Pavilion, Sushi Restaurant Disneyworld

Shiki-Sai Sushi Izakaya | Japan

This newer Japanese restaurant at EPCOT is really worth the hype, and not only for Sushi lovers! Located on the second floor of the Mitsukoshi building featuring amazing views of Spaceship Earth across the lagoon, Shiki Sai offers an authentic Japanese experience that brings you through the seasons of foods offered. A unique experience we like this one best for adults, but families who enjoy sushi will appreciate the selection and atmosphere here too. Serving Lunch and Dinner, be sure to browse the expansive menu, there is plenty for everyone here, from udon, to steak and chicken, to seafood and vegetable dishes. 

  • Where: World Showcase Japan
  • Views: Epcot Lagoon, Spaceship Earth
  • Theme: Japanese Seasonal Food Celebrations
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Japanese Sushi, Tempura, Soups, Rice 
  • Table Service: Reservations Recommended
  • Style: Individual Menu Items
  • Cost: $15-$35 per item

We recommend it because:

Our Shiki Sai Review says it all. Lots of menu options, great views and an amazingly budget-friendly meal makes this a great place for authentic Japanese cuisine in EPCOT. Everything here is made with mindfulness, and we love that foods celebrate the seasonal Tanabata festivities during the summer, moon-viewing dumplings in the autumn and other celebrations throughout the year. You can even watch the sushi being made at the counter, adding to the expereicne here, you won’t get anywhere else. Shiki Sai Menu

Epcot Restaurants You Can Skip

Okay, just because these Epcot Restaurants didn’t make the “Best” list doesn’t mean they’re not good, just not great. As such, feel free to disagree with us on any of these! While we visit Disney World a few times a year, it’s been a while since we’ve gone to a few of these, and of course, menus change, so may warrant a second look. That said, there are a few restaurants in Epcot that we haven’t been to and can’t report on. La Cellier Steakhouse in World Showcase Canada, has never really pulled us into its clutches, since the menu is geared towards heavier foods and lots of meat, of which we’re not fans. And while we should have been to Spice Road Table by now, we just haven’t. A rather scarring experience at Restaurant Marrakesh has sort of put us off. Though we do love those Moroccan Fries. And finally Monsieur Paul is another restaurant we just haven’t been to. We’re not saying you should skip it, just that we can’t justify the $600 for dinner it would require for 3 people to go there at this time.  Okay, so lets dive into the AVERAGE restaurants at Epcot and yuo can decide if you want to add them to your trip! 

Chefs de France

We actually really like Chefs de France. It offered a good meal at a good price, and the fact that it had a sizable quinoa dish on the menu for vegetarians is huge! However, the restaurant is a bit lackluster, in terms of Disney restaurant. While most likely authentically French, this restaurant included French cuisine and a beautiful atmosphere, but little else. A nice wine list is available for grown ups, but not much here would appeal to kids, and there’s not a hint of Remy in sight. Not even whimsically in the decor, so its a good quality, budget friendly meal to be sure. But doesn’t really lend anything to the “Best” list for us. Chefs de France Menu

Teppan Edo

Located in Japan, this Hibachi style restaurant in combines freshly made food and an entertaining hibachi experience. The fact that you sit at the table and have your food cooked in front of you is cool, but you do sit with other guests, for this experience, which can color your experience to be positive or negative, depending. While not crazy eclectic, the menu offers a limited selection of foods, especially for kids. Mainly vegetables, rice and meat. This place is allergy and gluten-free friendly, so perfect if you’re looking for that. And the Matcha ice cream here is great, though may not be up everyone’s alley. Read our Teppan Edo Review for all the details. 

La Hacienda de San Angel

This restaurant in Mexico, EPCOT is sometimes good and sometimes not. We’ve given this restaurant several tries, without much luck due to an ever changing menu. As a result, we’ve had both great and sub-par meals here. On the plus side, La Hacienda de San Angel offers a great atmosphere, on the water, and a variety of Mexican flavors. However, the limited plant-based options here keep us looking for something better. Note, the quick service counter of this restaurant is QUITE GOOD! But if you’re looking for a table service Mexican restaurant, there are other options at WDW. La Hacienda de San Angel Menu.

Le Creperie de Paris

New to the EPCOT France area, close to the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Ride, this crepe place is quite good, but doesn’t quite make it into the Best category. As in, there is no need for your to go out of your way to eat here. We’ve eaten at both the table service restaurant and quick service window of this restaurant. Serving up buckwheat crepes in just a few varieties, you can typically get egg variations for breakfast, and ham and cheese, ratatouille or hazelnut and strawberry for lunch and dinner. That said, buckwheat isn’t for everyone. As a naturally gluten free flour it’s a great option for those with a gluten sensitivity. Le Creperie de Paris Menu

Rose and Crown Dining Room

A good restaurant for those looking for hearty meal is the Rose and Crown. Traditionally English food, this restaurant offers up a scotch egg, and shepherds pie, along with fish and chips and everything else you’d expect from an English Pub. The fairly limited menu is what keeps this on the average restaurant list. Sausage, potatoes, peas and sticky toffee pudding are on the menu, so for those who love English food, you may be loving it here. However, a single plant based dish, and lack of varied options put this one on our skip it list. Rose and Crown Menu

Lotus Blossom Cafe

This is your basic fast-food Chinese. The pork and vegetable egg rolls here are decent, and the peach oolong tea is nice. Almost everything else on the menu has the standard high msg found in Chinese foods so finding somewhere else to eat, especially when it’s hot out, could be good for your heart and hydration levels! If you’re looking for Chinese we recommend heading to Disney Springs to visit the Morimoto Asia Street Food counter instead. 

Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh offers little in the way of a unique dining experience, amidst a rushed dining experience. In and out in 45 minutes, every course came fast. With foods that were mostly overcooked, or potentially sitting under hot lamps. This one was a disappointment for us, and apart from the belly dancer show that happens while you eat, there isn’t much that differentiates this from basic middle eastern fare you’d find anywhere. You can grab the couscous and meats with more authentic flavor over at Spice Road Table, with better views. 

Coral Reef Restaurant

Known as the Aquarium restaurant at Epcot, Coral Reef  allows you to watch the fish tank while you eat. More about the view than the food, this seafood restaurant offers a unique experience, but the food is still theme park quality seafood. As such if you’re a seafood person, you’re better off heading to the Boathouse at Disney Springs or Paddleboat. With fewer people to prepare for, the restaurants at Disney Springs are just better at things like seafood. Coral Reef Restaurant Menu.

San Angel Inn Ristorante

Found in the Mexican Pavilion, San Angel Inn Ristorante is themed to be outdoors at nighttime. That said it’s candlelight dining at best. The food is average but if we’re picking a Mexican place at Epcot, this one meets the need if you’re okay dining in the dark. Mind you, we’re not really exaggerating here, it is very dark, however, there are some fantastic enchiladas on the menu. That said, if you’re looking for the best Mexican at Disney World, try Frontera Cocina in Disney Springs or La Cantina de San Angel. San Angel Inn Ristorante Menu. 

Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons is the sit down Chinese restaurant in the China pavilion. Know that we’re pretty hard on Chinese Food. Nine Dragons is decent Chinese, but nothing compared to Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. Albeit most likely cheaper, the food here is just sub-par, and the atmosphere expected with traditional Chinese decor. Frankly, the Best Chinese Restaurant at Walt Disney World is Morimoto Asia, so why settle? Nine Dragons Menu.

Best Restaurants in Epcot

There you have it! There are so many restaurants at EPCOT that spread multiple cultural cuisines, that you’re sure to find something you love to eat here. That said, we hope this list of the best restaurants in EPCOT has helped you pick your next favorite place to eat! Let us know what we should try next! Menus are always changing and we’re always up to give any restaurant a second chance. Let us know your favorite places to eat at Epcot. 

Dining at Epcot is like entering a Foodie Wonderland. But with so many restaurants how can you choose? Here's our list of Best Epcot Restaurants, and all the ones that you are safe to skip! #disneyepcot #epcotrestaurants #polkadotpixies

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2 thoughts on “Best Epcot Restaurants List, Reviews and What to Skip”

  • It’s funny that some of your best are some of my worst. Garden Grill was a one-and-done for us. The food was bad. I mean really bad. The service wasn’t much better. It’s the only restaurant where we’ve paid a small fortune for a meal we didn’t eat. The kids wouldn’t eat the macaroni & cheese and they love mac & cheese. We left & headed straight to a quick service for dinner.

    The Regal Eagle wasn’t what we’d hoped for, either. The burgers are served on garlic bread. I know some love that, but we didn’t. The garlic bread overpowered everything.

    We’ve tried Via Napoli twice, and it won’t get a third chance. First time, we left without eating, or even ordering! We were seated at a table and no one ever came to serve us. Didn’t even get a drink order put in. We gave up after waiting 25 minutes. Second time, the service was great, but the food was just meh. I don’t know why everyone raves over their pizzas. We had a pepperoni pizza and I’ve seriously had better frozen ones. We got an individual pizza to split between two of us and left with half of it still on the tray.

    We’re trying Tutto Italia on our trip next month. Hopefully it redeems our Epcot dining experience!

    • I guess that just goes to show you that we all have different tastes! For example, we do not like buffets (and never really have) and yet so many people do!
      Walt Disney World has had consistency issues with their food within the last few years, and that always makes it difficult in posts like these. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with these restaurants; we’ve never encountered anything like that at Disney.
      Are there any Epcot restaurants that you do like?