Staying at the Hyatt Regency Inside the Orlando Airport

Staying at the Hyatt Regency Inside the Orlando Airport

Did you know that there is a hotel inside Orlando International Airport? The Hyatt at Orlando International Airport is located directly inside of the airport. In fact, this hotel inside Orlando Airport is what you see when you look up! Whether you’re standing at the TSA or heading to the baggage claim, the hotel surrounds the central atrium. Access to a hotel inside the Orlando Airport, makes it a convenient location for those flying in or out. And especially helpful for those heading to the Port Canaveral Terminal for a Disney Cruise. Here’s our full review of the Hyatt at Orlando International Airport. 

hyatt regency orlando airport hotel inside orlando airport

Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Hotel

Hyatt Regency at Orlando International Airport is a hotel located directly inside the airport. Located between Terminal A and Terminal B at Orlando International Airport, it’s very easy to get to. And very convenient for those who may be flying in very late or have to fly out very early the next day.  It is actually located right near the TSA checkpoints in the main terminal. If you’ve ever wondered “what is the hotel inside Orlando Airport” when you’ve flown to MCO, this is it! You’ve probably seen the Hyatt Hotel at MCO many times. It is also the ONLY hotel inside Orlando Airport. 

While there are many hotels in Orlando Florida by the airport, the hotel located in Orlando Airport is the Hyatt Regency. And while there are plenty of reasons to love the Hyatt hotels, we were saddened that a hotel Orlando Airport Marriott Bonvoy option wasn’t available. Especially since we’ve come to love the Marriott Hotels Near Disney World and could also use more chances to rack up our loyalty points. There are Marriott hotels in Orlando Florida by the airport, but they do not have any hotels inside MCO airport. The Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside is the closest Marriott Hotel to Orlando Airport. 

A Cheap Hotel inside Orlando Airport ?

We had originally booked this hotel for the night before our Disney Cruise vacation, because our flight was scheduled to arrive close to midnight.  That same flight later got cancelled, and we had to book a different one that arrived much earlier. The entire day ended up being a bit of a mess with delayed flights and delayed luggage, so we were happy not to have to travel anywhere else for the night! While there are plenty of hotels in Orlando, Florida by the airport, and some hotels at Orlando Airport with a free shuttle, we were bent on not leaving the terminal. However, if you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Orlando Airport, there simply isn’t one. At $200-500 a night depending on when you visit Orlando, you are paying for the convenience a Hotel inside the Orlando Airport. 

Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport hotel inside orlando airport

Hyatt Regency at Orlando Airport Rooms

The rooms at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport are roomy and comfortable.  You can choose from one king bed or two queens; and there are also suites available if you need something larger.  The standard rooms do face the inside of the airport, but for the most part, you can’t hear the hustle and bustle of the travelers below. I did wake up to some strange noise at around 4 am, which I attribute to maybe setting up for the day, and me being a light sleeper. 

Hyatt Regency Room Amenities

There is a balcony; but due to safety concerns, they are locked and you are not able to actually go out onto the balcony.  All rooms come with a 65″ TV and a coffee maker as well. If you want to pay a little extra, you can also opt to book a runway view, or an actual patio that opens to the outside. To see all of the room types available, click here.  

Hyatt Regency at MCO Orlando airport hotel inside orlando airport

Hyatt Regency International Airport

Do You Need to Stay at the Orlando Airport for the Day?

Another perk of this hotel in Orlando, Fl airport, is that the Hyatt Regency offers day rates as well. So, if you’re traveling with little ones who need a break; or just need a comfortable place to stay while you wait for your flight, you can also do that here. You’ll need to call for these rates as they aren’t offered online. Prices for this generally run between $90 and $110 for a day stay. 

Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Restaurants

The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel is home to McCoy’s. You can eat in or order it to go; we tried ordering to go and not only was the website not working, but when we called to order, no one answered the phone. So we weren’t able to experience it. You can see the menu for McCoy’s here

Orlando Airport Food Court options near the Hyatt Regency at MCO

Another huge perk of staying inside the Orlando Airport is that there are plenty of food court options. And many are near the Hyatt Regency at MCO. It’s actually located right by a huge food court. So, if you’re like us and unable to order from the hotel or would rather eat somewhere else you have options! Firehouse Subs, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks and Hemisphere all reside in this area. But for a full list of restaurants near the Hyatt Regency at MCO, click here

Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Location

What terminal is the Hyatt Regency located in at Orlando International Airport?

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is located inside the Orlando Airport, between terminals A and B, the main terminals. The hotel itself is located “before security” so it can be accessed by travelers and non-travelers alike. As the only hotel in the Orlando airport terminal, it’s hard to miss! 

hyatt regency orlando airport hotel inside orlando airport

Hyatt Regency at MCO Cost

If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Orlando airport, we’re sorry to say it may not exist. You’re paying for the amazing convenience of having a hotel inside Orlando airport, as such, expect to pay more per night than other hotels in Orlando, Florida near the International Airport.

How much does it cost to stay at the Hyatt Regency at Orlando International Airport?

That said, the cost of staying at the Hyatt Hotel inside Orlando Airport varies based on demand and season. But you can expect to pay between $225 and $350 per night. Though costs during the busy season can soar to $500 or more. It is also a Category 4 for award nights; so if you’re a Hyatt Member, you can redeem your reward nights here. We highly recommend becoming a member to any and all hotels if you’re a traveler, as the points really do pay off when you need them most. 

Is the Hyatt Regency at Orlando International Airport Worth it?

It really depends! It depends on what you need it for, and if the convenience is something you really value.  For the time we were traveling, we did pay a higher rate. We could have easily stayed at a moderate resort at Walt Disney World prior to our cruise for considerably less. And that’s probably what we will do in the future. 

But if you have a very early flight, or if you are arriving very late, then the convenience alone could be worth it, especially if the time you are traveling allows you to pay at that lower end.  And if you’re traveling with little ones, it could be a worthwhile investment. 

Hyatt Hotel at Orlando Airport Review

We can only report on what we personally experienced, and unfortunately this was a huge disappointment.  The rooms were fine, and truthfully we were glad to have the convenience. But I am not sure I have ever encountered more rude hotel staff in my life. And this is coming from someone who has stayed at a lot of hotels.  The employee at the front desk was extremely rude to me upon check in, basically threw my room key at me and got very irritated when I asked a question.  My sister later went to inquire about something at the front desk and a different employee was also extremely rude to her. So, I kind of get the feeling that this is just considered ok at this hotel? Although again, this is based on one experience. 

Our Experience at Hyatt Regency at Orlando International Airport 

We were also very disappointed with the dining service. The room and the website both say that room service can be ordered via mobile. We had a very long travel day, with many things going wrong including our luggage being delayed over two hours and really just wanted to eat dinner. So we tried to order room service, and there isn’t a way to order it online. So we tried calling, several times, and no one ever answered. Since we were cruising out the next day, we were really trying to limit our exposure to other people and dining inside somewhere just didn’t sound like the best idea. 

hyatt regency orlando airport

Do we recommend staying here?

It’s definitely not a recommended hotel by us at this moment. The convenience is great, don’t get me wrong. But for the price tag, you can find better options. This is again, going by our one experience, and it wasn’t a good one. The service was absolutely terrible in every regard, and we will likely not be staying here again.  In the future, if we need a hotel to stay at before a Disney Cruise, we will likely just go to a Walt Disney World resort

But as I stated previously, this really will depend on your situation. 

Why Stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel inside Orlando Airport?

The Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport hotel offers convenience that allows you to stay at the airport, instead of heading off site somewhere in Orlando. Of you’re flying out again the next day, or heading on a Disney Cruise, staying at the airport may be a good idea. 

Where to Stay Before a Disney Cruise

If you’re flying into the Orlando Airport and heading to a Disney Cruise sailing out of Port Canaveral, then the Hyatt Regency is a decent overnight choice. We stayed here the day before our Disney Cruise as a way to ensure that we could manage fight delays, and be to our cruise on time. And also so we could take the Shuttle to Port Canaveral, which is available at the MCO Airport the morning of your departure.

If you are cruising with Disney Cruise Line, or any cruise line for that matter, and you are flying in, we highly recommend flying in the day before. Especially these days, there are just too many things that can go wrong with your flight. Cancellations, delays, you name it, it can happen.  The cruise ship will not wait for you if you’re late due to a flight issue. So we always fly in the day before to make sure we are where we need to be with plenty of time. 

Staying at the Hyatt Regency at Orlando International Airport before a Disney Cruise 

We also chose to use the Disney Cruise Line shuttle this time around, and that was one part of our trip that went very smoothly, once we figure out what the heck we were doing. If you’re staying at the Hyatt Regency at MCO and are using the Disney Cruise Line shuttle, you have two options. You can book directly through Disney Cruise line. This will give you basic airport access to the Disney Cruise line bus. The bus runs pretty much all day, so you can wander down to the shuttle area at your convenience and check in. We will share a full post on this soon! 

Or, you can book directly through the Hyatt Hotel. If you do this, you will have to go down to the lobby at 8 am; and we recommend being there right at 8 am, to check in and receive a ticket to board the shuttle. 

Hotel that Transports Luggage to a Disney Cruise

No matter how you choose to set up your Disney Cruise Transportation,  if you’re staying at the Hyatt Hotel inside the Orlando Airport, you can actually have your luggage picked up from inside your room and they will bring it directly to the cruise for you. You do have to fill out paperwork at the hotel for them to do this, but it’s a great perk of staying here. 

Hyatt Hotel at Orlando Airport Review

Overall, we enjoyed the convenience and that was pretty much about it. I wish I could write a more positive review, but sometimes that is just how things go! I am sure there are plenty of people who have had lovely experiences at this hotel, we just weren’t one of them. Have you stayed here before? How was your experience? 

Staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Orlando International Airport


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