Disney Festival of the Arts 5 Reasons You Should Visit

Disney Festival of the Arts 5 Reasons You Should Visit

The Disney Festival of the Arts at Epcot, Walt Disney World and has quickly become one of our favorite reasons to hop a plane in the middle of Ohio winter. There is nothing like leaving the snow for the warm sun of Florida. Better weather, lower crowds, amazing foods, performances, and fun are all reasons we love heading to the Disney Festival of the Arts.

Of course if you’re not escaping cold winter weather, why should you visit Disney World in January and February? Well, apart from it being one of the cheapest times of year to visit, and with the fewest crowds, our favorite reason is the Festival of the Arts. Showcasing the artists around the world, with Disney flair, you can expect to see your favorites here! Thomas Kincade artists, Rob Kaz, Larry Dotson, Jasmine Beckett and more host booths and signings, offering you the chance to get some original artwork of your very own. But why else should you visit this festival? 

Festival of the Arts Crowds Are Lower

As people always lamenting the golden age of Disney World, back in 2013, when crowds and costs were low, or at least manageable, being able to avoid crowds at Disney is a must for us. And the EPCOT Festival of the Arts Has Lower Crowds that any other EPCOT festival throughout the year!  That’s right. LOW crowds. When we attended last year, the crowd levels were the lowest we had ever seen. And generally, aside from runDisney events, and holidays, January and early February are some of the lowest crowd months of the year. 

Florida Winter Weather is Better 

As girls from the north, we sort of enjoy our winter weather. But, every year there comes a time when we’re just done with the cold, and the slushy snow. So, heading down to Florida means that we get a little sun, and no snow. Bonus! Winter Weather in Florida is Mild.

In January and February, when the Disney Festival of the Arts takes place, we usually get amazing 70-degree weather. There are breezes, you can walk around in jeans and a t-shirt. We love that the evenings are sometimes even long-sleeve weather. Of course, we’ll sometimes see an 80-degree day in February, but thankfully that’s way less than 90! The weather can sometimes make or break a vacation. So, enjoy that you don’t have to worry about that during this festival. Check out our favorite things to pack for the Florida weather during the Festival of the Arts. 

Disney Festival of the Arts Food is Amazing

While the artists are definitely the stars of the show at this festival, lets be honest; getting food to look pretty and taste good comes with it’s challenges! The food at this festival is not only delicious, but it is so beautiful. Be sure to check out the Festival of the Arts Menus So if you’re looking for new flavors, and new ways to make your favorite dishes, be sure to grab at least a few dishes. From the Deconstructed Reuben to the Tayaki, you’re sure to find creative spins on your favorite foods. And reasons to try new creative recipes at home too! 

Opera Cake at the Germany Booth Festival of the Arts

Morocco Festival of the Arts Carrot Dish

Festival of the Arts Disney World 2023

The Art and Artists are Inspirational

Of course, we can’t forget about the whole reason for the festival! My favorite thing about the festival is that it is such an immersive experience. Not only can you meet the artists, but you can watch them as they create, and you can get in on the action yourself. With the community mural wall, it’s just like a paint by number, and everyone can get involved in creating something wonderful. It was probably one of my favorite things from the festival last year!

Disney Festival of the Arts Paintings and Artists

community mural at disney

Broadway Shows and Performances are Cheaper than NYC

Between the street performers, artists that paint to music, and acrobats, there is a ton to see performance art-wise! Taking 15 minutes out of your day to watch these Disney performers is always worth it. You can also check out The Disney on Broadway concert series! Now offered every evening throughout the festival, this is phenomenal. So if you enjoy the performing arts, these are not to be missed. They are free and are included with admission to the Park, so be sure to check the schedule and see your favorites! Check out What’s New at the Festival of the Arts for performers and dates. 

Disney Performers at Festival of the Arts Disney World

Disney Festival of the Arts 5 Reasons to Visit

So hopefully we’ve convinced you that a little vacation to Walt Disney World this winter is a good idea. With extra culture, new foods, shows, and amazing art, the Festival of the Arts is a great way to spend the day. What are your favorite parts of this festival? 

epcot festival of the arts at disney


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