10 Places to Find the Best Coffee at Disney World

10 Places to Find the Best Coffee at Disney World

If you’re headed to Walt Disney World, you’re going to need coffee. And lots of it. But unless you’re willing to waste a good half hour every time you want to get your caffeine fix from one of the Starbucks in each Park, you might be wondering where exactly can you find a good cup of coffee at the most magical place on Earth? Well, we are here to help! Here are some of our favorite places to grab a coffee in Walt Disney World!

coffee at walt disney world

Where to find coffee at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has no shortage of coffee options. But sometimes finding good coffee can be a challenge. It’s definitely gotten better over the years, but there’s still plenty of bad coffee to be found. Starbucks and Joffrey’s are both options in the parks, but what about outside of the Parks? Or maybe you just want something a little more special. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite coffee stops at Walt Disney World. 

best coffee at walt disney world

Kona Press Pot at Kona Café | Disney’s Polynesian Resort 

If you needed a reason to visit the Polynesian Resort, because, well, it’s one of the best resorts on property, plan to eat at Kona Café. Not only is their food delicious, but they have arguably some of the best coffee you can find at Walt Disney World. Order the Kona Press Pot, which is enough for 2 to share. It’s rich and bold and is the perfect way to start your morning. If you’re not able to snag a reservation here, visit the Kona Island counter right next door. You can choose from hot or iced coffees and lattes and they’re all amazing. 

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Iced Coffee | Trattoria Al Forno on The Disney Boardwalk

The Boardwalk area of Walt Disney World is hands down one of our favorite areas in Walt Disney World. Head to Trattoria Al Forno, which serves some of the absolute best iced coffee in all of Walt Disney World.  It’s creamy, sweet, and just plain delicious.  They also have it available in a nondairy form for those who can’t have dairy or prefer an alternative. Almond milk and coconut whipped cream are available and we think it still tasted just as good! 

This coffee is currently only available with a reservation at the restaurant, but reservations have been pretty easy to get since it’s not currently a character meal anymore.   Trattoria Al Forno is one of our favorite breakfast spots at Walt Disney World, even without the characters. 

smores coffee at walt disney world

S’mores Coffee | Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

We love the ambiance of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It’s cozy and warm and very wilderness-y. The best part is that they have coffee to match the theme! Head down to their quick-serve location, Roaring Fork, and order the S’mores Latte. It tastes just like actual s’mores roasted over a campfire and is topped with marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate syrup. You’ll feel just like you’re actually camping, without actually having to. 

best coffee at walt disney world

Barcelona Lounge | Gran Destino Tower

Gran Destino Tower has quickly become one of our favorite resorts at Walt Disney World. And Barcelona Lounge is one of the reasons for that! Barcelona Lounge has really upped the coffee game at Walt Disney World. Not only is the ambiance here amazing, but the entire menu is as well. Coffee is only served in the morning hours at the moment, but if you’re staying at Coronado Springs, or happen to be resort hopping earlier in the day, we highly recommend a stop here. 

The coffee menu at Barcelona Lounge includes both Spanish-style coffees and classic coffees. We highly recommend trying the Cafe Bombon, but everything we’ve tried here is very good! 

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Le Petit Cafe | Disney’s Riviera Resort

Le Petit Cafe is another newer coffee spot that we are loving. Located in Disney’s Riviera, this cafe is an easy quick stop if you’re riding on the Skyliner or staying at Caribbean Beach Resort or obviously the Riviera Resort itself. The menu at Le Petit Cafe offers a variety of specialty coffees and teas as well as a delicious selection of pastries that changes throughout the day. They also offer seasonal beverages as well. The Cinnamon Cold Brew and the Cafe Glace are both fan favorites here, but we have loved everything we’ve tried so far!

best coffee at walt disney world

best coffee at walt disney world

Toffee Flight | Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea the Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Location

Right next to the Skyliner entrance at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a small Joffrey’s stand. At this location, they serve an iced coffee called the Toffee Flight and it is amazing. I will admit, I don’t always love Joffrey’s Coffee. Sometimes it’s a bit too sweet for me, or the flavors are just not my favorite. But the Toffee Flight is definitely worth trying and is sweet, but the flavors balance really well, making it a nice treat. 

If this stop is not in your plans, you can also find it at the Disney Springs location. The Joffrey’s at Disney Springs offers almost every specialty latte that you can find throughout the parks. 

best coffee at walt disney world

Fuel | Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

Another location right in the Boardwalk area, the Walt Disney World Dolphin is a great place to explore. And inside you can find a small quick-serve café called Fuel that offers soft serve, food, and delicious coffees. With lots of fun varieties, you can choose from hot or iced coffees, espresso, and lattes.  Fuel is located in the main lobby area and we love stopping here before the Parks or on days when we have a little downtime. 

best coffee at walt disney world

coffee at walt disney world

Java | Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Directly across from the Walt Disney World Dolphin is its sister hotel, the Walt Disney World Swan.  Java is located in the main lobby of the Swan. In the last few years, they’ve upgraded their small coffee counter to a full-service coffee bar. With a wide selection of coffees, teas, and frappes as well as pastries, Mickey waffles, and sandwiches.  We love this coffee stop for something a little more special before you hit the Parks. 

Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs

Gideon’s Bakehouse | The Landing at Disney Springs

Gideon’s Bakehouse is one of the newest and most popular spots in Disney Springs to get coffee. With bakery items like their famous, huge cookies and layered cakes, their Peanut Butter Cold Brew is one of the most luxurious coffee beverages you’ll find at Walt Disney World. And if peanut butter isn’t your thing, they have plenty of other classic flavors, as well as seasonal offerings as well. 

Lines can get long here, so be sure to plan ahead if you’re hoping to stop here on your next trip to Disney Springs. 


So there you have it, some of our favorite places to fuel up at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Do you have a favorite coffee stop at Walt Disney World? We’d love to hear about it!

Best Coffee at Walt Disney World

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