Chef Mickey’s Breakfast at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Chef Mickey’s Breakfast at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

When it comes to Disney Character Dining at Walt Disney World, Chef Mickey’s is known for its family-friendly foods, and a whirlwind of every child’s favorite Disney characters; Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. For many Disney vacationers, Chef Mickey’s holds an emotional connection. Perhaps as a memorable childhood experience. But is Chef Mickey’s worth it? For a basic breakfast with Mickey Waffles, a quick dining experience and a child-focused atmosphere here are all the things to consider if you’re adding Chef Mickey’s to your Disney Advanced Dining Reservation lineup.

Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's at Contemporary Walt disney World

Chef Mickey’s Atmosphere

Located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, you would need to leave the parks to visit Chef Mickey’s. And depending on your Disney vacation style, this could be a good or a bad thing. Frankly, we love leaving the parks, and since the Disney Resort Restaurants are some of the best Disney restaurants on Walt Disney World property, we usually welcome the opportunity to get away from the crowds and see something new. This restaurant is at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, which also houses the Monorail track, and offers a convenient way to get to this resort.

Chef Mickey’s offers separate dining areas, some of which allow views of the monorail above. There is a children’s area, a section with a view, and other random nooks and crannies for tables.

Chef Mickey’s Decor

As an atmosphere, understand you are not at Chef Mickey’s Breakfast for the décor, or the food. You are here for the benefit of getting all 5 characters in one place. This restaurant is at its best “dated”. While we’d like to blame the peeling puzzle piece décor, carpet selection, and paint colors on a true commitment to the 1980’s theme of the resort, we really can’t for this one. Like many parts of Walt Disney World, the consistent and never-ending traffic of guests makes true overhaul renovations nearly impossible without closing. That said, know that you’re not here for the fancy-themed décor, it will be difficult to find.

Is a Chef Mickey’s Reservation Hard to Get?

On a typical morning at Chef Mickey’s this restaurant seats hundreds of guests and gets you in and out in about 45 minutes. While a leisurely breakfast may be what you’re looking for, both the characters and the waitstaff are there to serve you quickly and get you along your way. Did we feel rushed? Yes. Could we have ordered more of the “all-you-care-to-enjoy” meal? Absolutely. Could we have stayed longer than the average 45-minute mealtime? Of course. But, in our case, there really wasn’t a reason to. All the characters and food had arrived at our table within about 15 minutes of being seated. If you’re looking for a quick table-service dining experience before heading into Magic Kingdom, then this may be the restaurant you’re looking for. But, you may not be able to get a reservation because they are difficult to get. You can, however, walk up to the podium and check the wait time. 

Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's Cost

Chef Mickey's Breakfast Menu

Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickeys Hash Browns

Chef Mickey's Banana French Toast

Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Menu

This was our first time visiting Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. And we only even considered it because they are still offering meals family-style. As Disney has gone back to buffets at many restaurants we chose to take advantage of Chef Mickey’s Family Style Menu. Check out Chef Mickey’s Menu for the most current offerings.

Is Chef Mickey’s a Buffet or Family-Style Meal?

It’s important to note that in a restaurant with the kind of guest volume that Chef Mickey’s has, that even family-style meals are technically still sitting under warmers. Much like a buffet, this is set up to get the food out as soon as possible to any and all tables. This fact is not hidden, as you actually pass the platters sitting under warmers as you go to your table. What makes it family-style, is that you don’t have to get up to collect each individual menu item from a shared counter. Waitstaff brings you your own platter with the selections included. That said, other family-style meals across the parks, actually prepare the foods as they are ordered and then simply place them in a shared platter, as opposed to making them ahead of time to sit under warming lights. Liberty Tree Tavern, Ohana, and Sebastian’s Bistro both offer amazing meals that are cooked upon your arrival and simply served family-style at your table.

Is the Food at Chef Mickey’s Good?

For breakfast, there are an array of options here including a starter that includes Harvest sweet rolls and Fresh fried sweet fritters. The main platter meals include scrambled eggs, slow-roasted beef brisket, Mickey waffles, sausages, and bacon. Specialty signature dishes that are added to this meal are “Loaded” Potato Cheese Casserole, and a Banana Bread French Toast, and a “Celebration” Mickey Pancake.

Of all the foods at the Chef Mickey’s Breakfast, we’d say the Banana Bread French Toast was the showstopper here. And would be the only item we’d order here if it was ever offered a la carte. As a restaurant, Chef Mickey’s is focused on families with small children, which is evident in the menu selection. But, there is also a selection of specialty drinks that include smoothies, and seasonal drinks. Disney adults can also get a basic selection of alcoholic drinks.

Plant-Based Options at Chef Mickey’s

For vegans and vegetarians, Chef Mickeys offers Mickey Waffles and the Tofu Scramble ( which needs to be ordered separately) for breakfast.

Is Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Good for Disney Adults?

While we don’t tend to take hard stances on anything, for this we’d say No. Chef Mickey’s isn’t good for adults. If you’re a Disney grown-up traveling without children, there are better character experiences across the parks that would get you those highly coveted character interactions if you want them. Meeting this group of Disney Friends at Tusker House offers a better experience. 

As Disney travelers who enjoy restaurants with a view, like Crystal Palace or Toledo or unique spaces like Skipper Canteen, Chef Mickey’s didn’t really offer either.

And for the Disney Foodie, Chef Mickey’s simply offers food, but not necessarily memorable food. Mickey waffles are available everywhere, and the eggs are better at Kona, which also serves a stellar banana French toast option, i.e., Tonga Toast. The atmosphere is loud, chaotic and offers a whirlwind food and character experience that many Disney adults are trying to get away from during a table service meal.

If you enjoy the occasional libation or mimosa with breakfast, the drinks menu is limited but does provide a selection of basic drinks and seasonal options as well.

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey’s Characters

Much like every Disney character breakfast on property, the reason to visit Chef Mickeys for any meal is to see characters. And at this restaurant, you get to see some of the most popular Disney characters without waiting in line! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are dressed in their best dinner and chef outfits for pictures, and interactions as part of your meal experience. At present, character interactions are still distanced, with the characters popping around to each table throughout the meal to pose, blow kisses, dance, and wave. This is an opportunity for guests to get pictures. Both of the characters themselves and of their children in the forefront of the photo properly distanced. In normal times, kids would also have the opportunity to get their autograph book signed by the characters themselves. During pandemic times, a signature card, with a photo and character autographs is given to each guest.

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Cost

Breakfast is the cheapest dining option here, at $42 dollars for adults and $27 dollars for children (though prices are subject to change) this is an average character dining experience cost. Much less than the more than $60 dollar price tag for Disney Princess dining at Akershus or Cinderella’s Royal Table, Chef Mickey’s would be considered a budget-friendly Disney character dining experience. So if you’re watching your Disney Dining Budget, Chef Mickeys is a good choice. Chef Mickey’s Dinner however is over the $60 dollar price point and falls into our “not really worth it” category.

Is Chef Mickey’s Worth it?

If you and your family are visiting Chef Mickey’s for the opportunity to see the characters all in one place and avoid waiting in separate character lines later, then YES, Chef Mickey’s is worth it.

And if you’re searching for a budget-friendly Disney character Meal then YES, Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s is worth it.

If you are visiting Chef Mickeys in hopes of amazing foods, views, atmosphere, and a leisurely dining experience then we’d say NO, Chef Mickey’s is not worth it.

Even at the lower dining cost, it would still require you to either leave the parks, or your own resort, if you’re not staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. And at that point, we’d rather aim for a more satisfying and more budget-friendly breakfast at the restaurants on our Best Breakfasts at Walt Disney World list.

Chef Mickey’s Restaurant Review

Overall, Chef Mickey’s Breakfast was a decent dining experience. It was different than other character meals we had, even if ranking somewhat sub-par on our list. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World for a short stay and have to be selective then we’d say this is a restaurant you can Skip. But if you’re visiting for a longer trip and eager to check out a dining experience here, then breakfast offers the best option. What did you think of Chef Mickey’s?

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's at Disney's Contemporary Resort




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  • I tried to make reservations and couldn’t until 60 days before date we wanted to go . My dad try to but on the 60 days before and it’s all booked for the whole day . Sad I have 2 granddaughters it is there birthdays and 1rst time going 😢 deb

    • So sorry to hear this Deb! It actually took us a couple of years of trying, before we finally got Chef Mickey reservations, so we hear you. They are difficult to score. In some cases, you may be able to get last-minute reservations by asking your Disney Resort Hotel desk clerk. They are sometimes able to see last-minute cancellations and could be a big help if you tell them you’re celebrating. Best of luck!

  • I know this was written afew years ago- but I am looking for info and can’t seem to find it. We have a12:20 breakfast reservation at chef mickey’s. (Early Feb 2023) I know breakfast ends at 12:30. Do the characters leave at 12:30 or will they stay until diners are done? Thank you!

    • Hi! The characters rotate through each set of diners at least once. Since your reservation is a little on the later side, they might come closer to the beginning of your meal, but you will still be able to see them. They base their schedule on whether or not they have visited each table rather than the time. Hope that helps!