Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Always on the hunt for the best snacks at Disney World, we are happy to report that although Animal Kingdom may be a very underrated Park, their snack game can still compete with the best of them.  We would even go so far as to say they may have some of the best snacks on Walt Disney World property. If you’re looking for the Best Animal Kingdom Snacks, here’s our list of where to find the best snacks in Animal Kingdom. 

Animal Kingdom Snacks and Where to Find Them

You can find the best snacks in Animal Kingdom in the strangest of places. From little hidden carts off the beaten path to the random stand you didn’t even know had food, there are so many places to discover Disney Snacks at Animal Kingdom. One of our favorite things here is that you’ll find more non-dessert snacks at Animal Kingdom than in most places. Definitely, about more than just a pretty cupcake, Animal Kingdom smacks are eclectic, cultural, and simple. You can grab a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans just as easily as a dole whip with rum. Here’s our list of favorite snacks at Animal Kingdom, so far. 

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Fried Rice | Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe| Asia

We love that you can get delicious fried rice from a quick-service restaurant in Animal Kingdom. Full of flavor and a pretty good portion size for the price, you can’t go wrong with the fried rice from Yak and Yeti. Pair it with a side of egg rolls and you can actually make an entire meal for less than $10! Perfectly portable in a little to-go box, it’s easy to see why this is a fan favorite and one of the best snacks in Animal Kingdom. 

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Buffalo Chicken Chips | Trilo-Bites| DinoLand

Animal Kingdom snacks come in all shapes and sizes! And this one is gigantic. We don’t make it to Dinoland as much as we probably should, but when we do, we always remember to stop by Trilo-Bites. Not only are the Buffalo Chicken Chips absolutely full of flavor and oh so delicious, but they are ultra shareable! These chips are well seasoned and topped with Buffalo chicken, arugula, diced celery, and tomatoes, and crumbled bleu cheese with bleu cheese dressing. One of our favorites at Animal Kingdom, these are pure dino-mite!

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Pongu Lumpia | Pongu Pongu | Pandora

Since Pandora opened at Animal Kingdom in 2017, we can’t get enough of it. The scenery is amazing, the vibe is relaxing and the food has quickly risen to the top of our favorites list. Although the night blossom really seems to be the fan-favorite from Pandora, the Pongu Lumpia from Pongu Pongu is one of our favorites. Spring rolls filled with warm cream cheese and pineapple and fried to light and crispy perfection, this snack is not too sweet and is super portable so you can enjoy them wherever your snack-loving heart desires. 

Giant Cinnamon Roll | Kusafiri Bakery & Creature Comforts | Africa

By far one of the most shareable Animal Kingdom Snacks, we’re always on the hunt for a good cinnamon roll. And the one you find at this little unassuming cart near the Kilamanjaro Safari sign is quite perfect as a sweet snack for two. If you’re looking to get your sugar and carbs fix for the morning, this giant cinnamon roll can be found at Kusafiri Bakery Cart or Creature Comforts (Starbucks).

This cinnamon roll is about the size of a plate it sits on and comes with loads of gooey icing and cinnamon.  Clearly, it was so good we didn’t even have the chance to take a proper photo of it, so until next time, the cinnamon roll in the case will have to do. This Cinnamon roll also made our Top 10 Things to Do at Animal Kingdom list, because it really is an experience all its own. 

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Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries | Mr. Kamal’s Cart| Africa to Asia

These fries are everything good seasoned fries should be, salty, crispy, spicy, and a bit of cool to balance it out. Topped with tzatziki and sriracha, these may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Asian food, but they’re delicious, so we’ll just go with it. You should too. 

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese | Eight Spoon Cafe| Discovery Island Bridge

Baked macaroni and cheese, need we say more? Not likely, but just in case…. we will anyway. The Baked Macaroni and Cheese from Eight Spoon Café comes in three flavors, plain cheese, topped with pulled pork or really turning it up a few notches, and topped with shrimp and chili sauce.  All are a snack credit, are generously portioned and are super flavorful. Eight Spoon, along with many of the snack carts across the parks are closed during the off-season. So depending on when you’re traveling be aware of this. 

best animal kingdom snacks

Mr. Kamal’s Chicken Dumplings | Mr. Kamal’s Cart| Africa to Asia

Newly discovered at Animal Kingdom, this little treat of Chicken Dumplings comes in Ponzu sauce and has replaced the falafel. The sauce is vinegar-based, and the dumplings are great with or without. An order is 3 dumplings, so definitely more of a snack than a meal. This is also one of the New Snacks at Walt Disney World! So be sure to try this one!

nomad lounge at animal kingdom

Churros | Nomad Lounge on the Path to Pandora 

These perfect beauties come five to a basket with a sweet cream sauce dip. We love that you can go inside, take a break from Florida, and just lounge to your heart’s content. These churros are freshly made each day with a perfect crisp. Perfect for an afternoon break at Nomad Lounge with the kids!

Tiger Tail at Animal Kingdom Park Isle of Java

Tiger Tail | Isle of Java

Similar to the Cheshire Tail over at Magic Kingdom, this sweet treat is a flaky pastry filled with chocolate, and twisted.  Drizzled with brown and orange chocolate icing stipes, this is one treat that is lovely to share, and not overly sweet! We love it! 

Pineapple Crisp Sundae at Disney Animal Kingdom

Pineapple Crisp Sundae | Tamu Tamu

An AMAZING new treat at Tamy Tamu is this Pineapple Crisp Sundae Treat! Pineapple Crisp Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pineapple Caramel, Crispy Streusel Topping. We also loved the dole whip pineapple hard cider here. Check out the full Tamu Tamu Treats Menu.
Pineapple Hard Cider at Animal Kingdom

Best Snacks in Animal Kingdom

So there you have it, some of our favorite snacks at Animal Kingdom! If you’re looking for even more things to add to your Animal Kingdom day, be sure to check out the Best Animal Kingdom Restaurants and the Best Animal Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants on your list. Perfect for the Disney foodie, you can find even more snacks at the restaurants. Check out our Top 10 Things to Do in Animal Kingdom post. What are your favorite snacks? Let us know, we are always on the hunt for good snacks and would love to know what else we need to try! 

The Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom! We pulled together a quick wrap up of the best snacks at Animal Kingdom both sweet and savory! #disneysnacks #disneyworld #animalkingdom #polkadotpixies


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  • Hello! I couldn’t see exactly when this was written, so forgive me… but are you certain Eight Spoon accepts snack credits? I’ve seen conflicting information on that which is why I ask. We would love to plan on using some of our snack credits for Mac & cheese :)!

    • Hey Allyssa! Thanks for stopping by. When we got our mac and cheese at Eight Spoon the Mac and Cheese dishes were considered snack credits. On our most recent trip this month this was still the case. While snack credits and offerings can always change, we can also confirm the info based on the Disney Mom’s Panel answer here as well. Hope that helps! Have an amazing trip! 🙂