Coronado Springs Walt Disney World Resort Review

Coronado Springs Walt Disney World Resort Review

We are on a mission to try all the resorts at Walt Disney World, in the name of research of course. We aren’t doing too bad so far, but we still have a way to go. So, on our most recent trip, we decided to stay at Coronado Springs Resort. Rumors of it’s beautiful grounds, new refurbishments and upcoming dining experiences had us curious. Here’s everything you need to know.

Like all Walt Disney World resorts, we had heard both good and bad things about this resort, so trying it out for ourselves was a must. Being in the Disney Moderate category like Port Orleans Riverside and Caribbean Beach, how would Coronado Springs compare?

Coronado Springs Resort Atmosphere

So first of all, you should know that Coronado Springs has a convention center, so there are a lot of businesses conferences that are held there. In the past, I think this may have been what deterred us from staying there….if you have been reading our blog for any amount of time, you will know that we prefer to be as not grown us as possible:)

Secondly, you should know that is it HUGE. I was told by a cast member that Caribbean Beach is actually the largest WDW resort, but my guess would be that Coronado would be a very close second. It is set up the same as Caribbean Beach in that it has a main check in area and restaurant, main pool and then smaller sections

New Rooms at Coronado Springs and the Gran Destino Tower

The resort is currently going through a refurb and we were lucky enough to get a newly refurbished room. The New Gran Destino Tower provides 545 rooms, 50 suites and a 2 story lobby. The new rooms are very modern and on trend with faux hardwood laminate flooring, sliding barn doors for the bathroom and vanity area and raised beds.They also have double sinks which we appreciate, since we usually travel with my sister, my daughter and myself…. two sinks and a long mirror are definitely helpful.

The shower comes fully stocked with built in shampoo, conditioner and body wash so there is less waste. Honestly, we love this, because this means you no longer have to pack these items, wondering if the hotel supply would be sufficient. And we love that WDW is always looking to become more environmentally responsible. The linens are a clean white and really give the whole room a chill vibe. We were also lucky enough to get a corner room with an excellent view of the courtyard, which added to the ambiance and serenity of the room.

They also come with a Keurig, which we love for our morning coffee.

Coronado Springs Resort Grounds and Pool

The buildings are themed differently, from casitas to ranchos and each will have a different type of landscape based on that.

There are many relaxing areas with beautiful palm trees, lush greenery, fountains and some areas that are more reminiscent to desert landscapes. Overall, its a really fun resort to explore.

The main pool, which many people say is one of their favorites on WDW property, is called the Dig Site Pool, and is a 50 ft replica of a Mayan Pyramid. We didn’t have the opportunity to try out the pool, but the whole dig site area looks like a blast! Complete with sand volleyball, an arcade and playground, I imagine this section of the resort gets quite busy during peak times. It is not located at the front of the resort like the pool at Caribbean Beach, but rather a bit more hidden off to the side. In my opinion, this is a really good thing, but I prefer to have crowds more split up if possible….

Coronado Springs Transportation Options

Transportation at Coronado is the same as Caribbean Beach, with bussing really only being your only option. Coronado has its own bussing, so you’re not sharing with any other resort. There are 5 stops throughout the resort, with each section of the resort having its own designated bus stop so that you don’t have to walk too far to get to the bus stop. Keep in mind, if you’re the last stop to be picked up, this could mean longer waits for you. If the bus fills up before arriving at your stop, you’ll have to wait for the next one.  Eventually, Coronado will be on the skyliner transport system and we will keep you updated as that happens!

Coronado Springs Restaurants

Food is available at several restaurants at Coronado. Pepper Market is the main food court and will be where you can get quick serve meals and fill your resort mug. There is also a small café with pastries if you are looking to get something small on the go. And SOMETHING  will be your sit down dining restaurant here. We actually didn’t try the food here but we have heard its pretty standard resort fare.If you’re looking for a new place to eat, that has a little extra Spanish flare Coronado Springs has just opened a rooftop dining experience and a new restaurant in the Villa del Lago area. 

Toledo at Gran Destino Tower

This new Spanish Tapas, Steak and Seafood Restaurant gives you a signature rooftop dining experience. See the Toledo menu to decide if this place has what you’re looking for. We absolutely loved this eclectic restaurant with Spanish flair. And the views- gorgeous. Check out our full review of Toledo Restaurant at Disney World

Three Bridges Bar and Grill 

This lakeside restaurant at Coronado Springs is available via walkways at the resort and offers sandwiches, shared plates, salads and more. Seeming to combine a little luxury with some casual, this is a restaurant that actually “sits” on the lake, so you’ll have great views with your next meal. 

Disney Coronado Springs Resort Review

Overall, Coronado Springs was surprisingly relaxing we really enjoyed our stay there. We loved that it was big enough to avoid some of that chaotic feeling some of the Disney resorts can sometimes have ad it never felt crowded, even during the morning rush.  And as far as it being too grown up and “businessy”? It was so beautiful, we didn’t even notice. Definitely another wonderful Disney moderate resort to consider for your next vacation. 


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