Coronado Springs Walt Disney World Resort Review

Coronado Springs Walt Disney World Resort Review

Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World tends to be a resort that people either love or hate.  And while there are aspects we love, there are also a few that we, well don’t love so much. So we get it! Read on for our Coronado Springs Resort review for all you need to know about this resort. 

Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World

Coronado Springs is a moderate resort at Walt Disney World with a Southwest and Mexican theme. In the same category as Caribbean Beach Resort, Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside, how does this compare? Well, it’s better in some ways, and worse in others, and we are here to tell you all about it. 

Coronado Springs Resort Walt Disney World

Coronado Springs Resort Walt Disney World

Coronado Springs Resort Atmosphere

First of all, you should know that Coronado Springs Resort has a convention center. Which means you can often find plenty of businesspeople staying here. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re someone who might feel a little self-conscious walking around in Mickey t-shirts and Minnie ears around businessmen and women, well don’t say we didn’t warn you. It might also not feel as family friendly due to this. And while it wouldn’t be my first choice if I were staying with a young child, it’s perfectly fine for families. 

Secondly, you should know that is it HUGE. I was told by a cast member that Caribbean Beach is actually the largest WDW resort, but my guess would be that Coronado would be a very close second. It is set up the same as Caribbean Beach in that it has a main check in area and restaurant, main pool and then smaller sections throughout.

Coronado Springs Resort Rooms


Rooms at Disney Coronado Springs

New Rooms at Coronado Springs 

The rooms at Coronado Springs have undergone renovation in the last few years. So, you can be sure that your room is pretty much up to standard of most moderate rooms regardless of where you are staying. With double sinks at the vanity, and a sliding door to separate the room and bathroom area, getting ready in the morning is a breeze. You can also find some fun artwork of the Three Caballeros sprinkled throughout your rooms outside the tower. 

The shower comes fully stocked with built in shampoo, conditioner and body wash so there is less waste. Honestly, we love this, because this means you no longer have to pack these items, wondering if the hotel supply would be sufficient. And we love that WDW is always looking to become more environmentally responsible. The linens are a clean white and really give the whole room a chill vibe. They also come with a Keurig, which we love for our morning coffee.

One thing that’s very unique to Coronado Springs as a moderate resort is that it houses a variety of rooms that you usually can’t find at moderate resorts. Room types like 1-bedroom suites and executive suites are available for larger parties, or for those who just want some extra space. 

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Deluxe Suite Gran Destino

Rooms at Gran Destino Tower

The New Gran Destino Tower provides 545 rooms, 50 suites and a 2-story lobby. The new rooms are very modern and on trend with faux hardwood laminate flooring, sliding barn doors for the bathroom and vanity area and raised beds. They also have double sinks which we appreciate, since we usually travel with my sister, my daughter and myself…. two sinks and a long mirror are definitely helpful.

There are a variety of room types in the tower, including both standard rooms with and without a view, deluxe suites, 1-bedroom suites and even a presidential suite. If you’re looking to book club level at Coronado Springs, the tower is the only area of the resort that offers club level rooms. 

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort Grounds 

Coronado Springs Resort is set up similarly to other moderate resorts. There are multiple buildings separated into themed areas. There are many relaxing areas with beautiful palm trees, lush greenery, fountains and some areas that are more reminiscent to desert landscapes. Overall, it’s a really fun resort to explore! And Disney has recently even added in some fun lawn games around the resort that you’d find at deluxe resorts. Large chess and checkers boards, cushioned hammocks, a fire pit and plenty of seating around outside makes this resort easy to enjoy in your downtime. 

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort pools

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort Dig Site

Coronado Springs Resort Pools

The main pool, which many people say is one of their favorites on WDW property, is called the Dig Site Pool. It is a 50 ft replica of a Mayan Pyramid. We didn’t have the opportunity to try out the pool, but the whole dig site area looks like a blast! Complete with sand volleyball, an arcade and playground, I imagine this section of the resort gets quite busy during peak times. It is not located at the front of the resort like the pool at Caribbean Beach, but rather a bit more hidden off to the side. In my opinion, this is a really good thing, but I prefer to have crowds more split up if possible. 

There are also other quiet pools around the resort if you prefer a less busy pool experience. Or if you prefer to be closer to your room. 

Gran Destino Tower Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort Gran Destino Tower

Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort

Gran Destino Tower is the crown jewel at Coronado Springs Resort. Built in 2019, the rooms at the tower will make you feel like you’re staying at deluxe resort, but with a moderate price tag. The rooms at Gran Destino tend to be a little pricier, though not by much, and they do fill up faster. If you plan to stay here, you’ll want to try to reserve a tower room well ahead of time. Conventioneers also tend to stay here more often than in the surrounding buildings. Which may lead you to feel this is not as family friendly. So, again if you prefer to stay away from that, the buildings might be a better bet for you than the tower. 

The tower is absolutely stunning, and we’ve stayed here a couple of times now. We just love it! You can see our full Gran Destino Tower review here. It’s really beautiful resort, and we think it’s well worth a visit if you have the time in your schedule. If you’re able to visit during the holiday season, it’s a gorgeous resort at Christmastime! 

Coronado Springs Transportation Options

Transportation at Coronado Springs is not our favorite, with bussing really only being your only option. Coronado has its own bussing, so at least you’re not sharing with any other resort. There are 5 stops throughout the resort, with each section of the resort having its own designated bus stop so that you don’t have to walk too far to get to the bus stop. Keep in mind, if you’re the last stop to be picked up, this could mean longer waits for you. If the bus fills up before arriving at your stop, you’ll have to wait for the next one.  The last stop is at Gran Destino Tower which is both good and bad. You may have to wait longer for a bus, but this sometimes means you’ll also have a completely empty bus with more options for seats. 

Busses are supposed to come every 20-30 minutes. However, if you’re familiar with Disney busses, this can vary wildly depending on how busy it is. We have waited as long as an hour for busses to get us from the Parks, so if you plan to use Disney’s transportation, just be aware that it is not as timely as they would like you to believe. While we love Coronado Springs Resort, we don’t love Disney bussing. So, we tend to stay here a little less than we’d like as result of that and go for resorts with more convenient transportation options like Pop Century and Caribbean Beach

The Parks are anywhere from 7-20 minutes from the resort, with Hollywood Studios being the closest and Epcot being the farthest. We really enjoyed the fast bus ride to Hollywood Studios since we were visiting most recently during the holiday season and it was nice to be able to go back and forth pretty easily. 

Toledo Disneys Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Restaurants

Coronado Springs has really upped its food game in the last couple of years. Whether you’re looking for easy grab and go options, a casual sit-down restaurant or a night out, they have you covered with a lot of great options. Coronado Springs can be a bit of pain to get to if you’re not staying here; but for those staying here, it’s a really nice perk. 

Coronado Springs Resort

El Mercado de Coronado

El Mercado is the resort’s main food court. Here you can grab breakfast, lunch and dinner. And refill your resort mug as well. It has basic menu options that you’d normally find at other resort food courts, but with a few extra items that add a little flair. They have made to order flatbreads at lunch, which we think is the real star.  You can find the full menu for El Mercado de Coronado here.  El Mercado is located on the main floor near the gift shop Panchitos and many of the other quick serve and fast casual restaurants at this resort. 

Cafe Rix 

Cafe Rix is the resort’s cafe serving up specialty coffees, pastries, grab and go options and gelato. This cafe is only open until around noon each day, so it’s a great stop on your way to the Parks. You can find the menu for Cafe Rix here

Rix Sports Bar and Grill

Rix Sports and Grill is located right next to El Mercado. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a great alternative to El Mercado if you’re looking for something less rushed and with more unique options. Reservations are accepted for all meal periods, but there is usually availability if you need something last minute. 

dessert at Toldeo Walt Disney World

Toledo at Gran Destino Tower

Located on the 16th floor of Gran Destino Tower, this Spanish Tapas, Steak and Seafood Restaurant gives you a signature rooftop dining experience. Stunning views can be seen from the floor-to-ceiling windows in this restaurant and the ambiance is incredible here. See the Toledo menu to decide if this place has what you’re looking for. We absolutely loved this eclectic restaurant with Spanish flair. Toldeo has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World. And we think it’s well worth the trip. With unique options and high quality ingredients, the service and food here are real standouts. You can see our review of Toldeo here.  

Dahlia Lounge

Dahlia Lounge is located directly across from Toldeo on the 16th floor and is a great spot to grab before or after dinner drinks or appetizers. Guests can find beautiful views from its terrace and fireworks can be seen in the distance. You can see the full menu for Dahlia Lounge here

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Barcelona Lounge

Barcelona Lounge is located on the very lower level of Gran Destino Tower. With coffee service and pastries in the morning and appetizers and drinks in the evening, this is a beautiful spot to begin or end your day. You can see the menu for Barcelona Lounge here

Three Bridges Coronado Springs Resort

Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago

Three Bridges at Coronado Springs is available via walkways at the resort and offers sandwiches, shared plates, salads and more. Seeming to combine a little luxury with some casual, this is a restaurant that actually “sits” on the lake, so you’ll have great views with your next meal.  You don’t need a reservation for this restaurant, but we do recommend joining the walk-up list from your My Disney Experience app during busier times to avoid long waits.  Read our Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review.

Three Bridges Bar and Grill Coronado Springs

Movies Under the Stars at Coronado Springs

Most nights, Disney resorts offer Movies Under the Stars. They are a great way to wind down at the end of a long day! At Coronado Springs, you can watch these fun movies right in front of Gran Destino Tower. 

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Amenities

Coronado Springs has many of the usual amenities that can be found at other moderate resorts. An arcade, laundry room and jogging trail are all pretty much standard at Disney resorts and those can be found here too. They also have a business center in the convention center that provides a full range of office supplies and services. 

Fitness Center and La Vida Health Club at Gran Destino Tower

Coronado Springs has the unique draw that it’s a moderate resort, but also one that is heavily geared toward conventioneers. Because of that, they are the only moderate resort at Walt Disney World with a fitness center. This is a huge plus for those who love to maintain their workouts on vacation, but also love the moderate price tag of this resort. The fitness center is open 24/7 and is located in Gran Destino Tower. 

For those looking for some pampering, they’ve got you covered. Look no further than La Vida Health Club. This is also unique to Coronado Springs.  La Vida is located in Casitas 4. And is a little easy to miss! Guest can relax and rejuvenate here. And take advantage of a variety of services. This is one thing that really makes Coronado Springs stand out. 

Club Level Gran Destino Tower

Club Level at Gran Destino Tower

Coronado Springs is the ONLY moderate resort that has a club level lounge and concierge services at Disney. Usually reserved for Deluxe Resorts, this is another thing that makes this resort unique as a moderate resort. Chronos Club, the Club Level Lounge at Coronado Springs, is located on the 15th floor of Gran Destino Tower.  Rooms booked at club level here will always be in the tower, making it easy to access.  Club Level at Gran Destino Tower has quickly become one of our favorite concierge clubs at Disney World and we are always on the lookout for a deal! You can read our full review in the link above to see everything this club level lounge has to offer. 

Coronado Springs Resort

Map of Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Map

Is Coronado Springs good for families?

Yes, it is! As mentioned before, you may feel a little out of place during conventions, but it is still a family friendly resort.  With a fun main pool and lots of family friendly activities, this resort is great for families. Other than Gran Destino, much of the resort feels similar to other moderate resorts!

Is Coronado Springs worth the price?

As one of the lowest price moderate resorts, we think for the most part, yes.  We still generally tend to prefer Skyliner resorts for their convenience. But if you’re looking for more amenities that are generally found at moderate resorts, we think Coronado Springs is a pretty good bang for your buck. 

And even though Gran Destino Tower is more expensive, it feels like a deluxe resort without the high price tag. Overall, we do feel like this resort is worth the price. Especially if you can find it at a discount!

Disney Coronado Springs Resort Review

Overall, Coronado Springs is a surprising resort. It may not be for everyone. But for us, it’s the perfect mix of comfort and fun.  And we love all that it has to offer. We loved that it was big enough to avoid some of that chaotic feeling some of the Disney resorts can sometimes have. And it never felt crowded, even during the morning rush.  We aren’t big fans of the bus only transportation situation. But we are staying hopeful that one day they may have more options. And in the meantime, if we have to take an Uber to get somewhere fast, it’s not that big of a deal. Definitely another wonderful Disney moderate resort to consider for your next vacation!


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