The Disney All Star Movies Resort Complete Guide and Review

The Disney All Star Movies Resort Complete Guide and Review

If you’re on a budget and NEED to get to Walt Disney World, your best chance often means choosing a Disney Value Resort. AS Disney theme resorts, these are some of the most fun, and cheapest resorts at Disney World. Plus, the All-Star Movies Disney Value Resort can sometimes be snagged during promotions for under 100 bucks a night during promotions. This resort offers access to pools, dining, complimentary bus transportation and fun activities that can help fill your vacation with extra magic. But would we recommend it as your next value resort choice?

All Star Movies Resort Disney World

Having stayed at all the Disney Value Resorts, we can safely say that All-Star Movies is generally a step up from the other two. While we adore All-Star Music for all the crazy and chaos, and can always bet on a cheap room at All-Star Sports, it’s All-Star Movies that’s often not included in deals, priced a little higher and harder to get. But why? Well, on our last trip, we were able to grab a phenomenal deal and stay here again. Our only previous experience was a short stint resort hopping here a few years ago. Here’s what we learned about All-Star Movies Disney Value Resort this time around.

Disney All Stars Movies Value Resort at Walt Disney World, Fantasia Section

Disney All Star Movies Resort Details

When you’re ready to check in at All Star Movies you’re able to do so on your phone, in the My Disney Experience App! This app includes everything you need, including your resort room number, bus arrival times at the resort and the app can even open your room door. Also remember there are no resort parking fees at Disney World and if you’re staying at a Disney Resort the Disney Parking Fees at Disney theme parks are waived.

  • Disney All Star Movies Resort Address: 1901 West Buena Vista Drive. Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8412. (407) 939-7000
  • All Star Movies Resort Check In Time: 11:00 AM
  • All Star Movies Resort Check Out Time: 3:00 PM
  • Transportation: Complimentary Disney Bus service to all four parks, water parks and Disney Springs.
  • Disney All Star Movies Resort Prices: $100-400/ night, $220/ night average. Check out the Walt Disney World Resort Tiers Levels and Pricing Guide for all the Disney Resort Levels.
  • Disney All Star Movies Room Types: Standard, Preferred
  • Disney All Star Movies Pool Hours: 10:00 AM- 9:00 PM

All Star Movies Resort

Disney All Star Movies Atmosphere

As Disney Resorts go, All-Star Movies is well-themed. Featuring areas honoring 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia 2000, The Love Bug, Toy Story, and The Mighty Ducks. With the exception of Toy Story, these classic films are dated and not really relevant to the current Disney Vacationer. And if you’re traveling with children who have never seen these films, don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Thankfully, this is a still a fun resort even with the older films represented. And since this resort was newly refurbished the rooms are updated with a modern look and amenities.

All Star Movies Review

Disney All Star Movies Grounds

As with any Disney Value Resort you can count on a kid’s pool and main pool, multiple areas to walk through and enjoy and a main building housing; check-in, the gift shop, the poolside bar, and the main commissary. As an All-Star Resort, Movies is also part of the runDisney pathway that connects all three resorts and offers an opportunity for a nice run, walk or even stroll. You can also count on access to laundry, movie nights on the lawn and activities by pool.

All Star Movies is separated into the sections of 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia 2000, The Love Bug, Toy Story, and The Mighty Ducks. Preferred rooms at All Star Movies are located in the 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia, and Toy Story Buildings. Here’s what you can find in each.

All Star Movies Resort

101 Dalmatians Area

This area of All Star Movies is one of the best. With larger than life Pongo and Perdita statues on the buildings, you can also see little pups scattered across the facade,  and Jasper and Horace along the top of the building. You can even grab a photo op with Lucky at the old fashioned television set.

Disney All Star Movies Resort

All Star Movies Fantasia Buildings

Fantasia 2000 Area

The Fantasia buildings are closest to the pool at All Star Movies. As such two of these buildings have preferred rooms, and feature the famous Fantasia brooms and ballerinas. Excellent for photo ops this section is beautiful and close to the main food court.

Resorts at Disney World Guide

Toy Story Buildings at All Star Movies

Toy Story Area

All Star Movies is the only resort that features Toy Story themed buildings. Featuring Woody, Buzz, Rex, Little Bo Peep and the Army Men, you can grab photos at the giant doorway, giant window, and at lots of great spaces throughout this area. The Toy Story building also has several preferred rooms that get you close to the pool, and food court.

All Star Movies Resort Herbie Love Bug

The Love Bug Area

Another classic movie at All Star Movies is the Love Bug! While many kids may not have seen this movie, this is such a fun area, complete with a winners circle for photo ops, with the Love Bug itself. It’s also the farther away from the food court and the pool, which means you get a little more peace and quiet in this area.

Mighty ducks Section at All Star Movies Resort

The Mighty Ducks Area

This cult classic about an underdog hockey team has it’s charm. And in this area of the resort you get hockey masks, sticks and pucks, as well as a scoreboard and locker room area. It’s also home to the second pool at All Star Movies, which is open to all guests of the resort, no matter which building you’re staying in.

Disney All Stars Movies, Disney Value Resort, Renovated Rooms at Disney All Stars

Disney All Star Movies Rooms

The Disney Resort Rooms include two beds ( one that folds into the wall), a console, a tv, and a Keurig coffee maker. We love that the coffee console comes with a drawer full of coffee, tea, and things you need to help get you through your vacation. The bathroom area is separated from the main room by a sliding door, and then the tub and toilet are partitioned off by another door. This makes it super easy for multiple people all get ready at once.

The All Star Movies Resort Rooms are themed to Mickey and friends, and also Huey, Dewey and Louie. This theme is the same across all the All Star Resorts, and the room layout is the same. You can put the murphy bed away throughout the day to reveal a table and chairs, or keep it down. The nightstands come with USB ports, and the beds are high enough to allow for suitcases to slide underneath. There is also a dresser, tv and beverage cooler, much like you find at all the Disney resorts.

In addition to the standard rooms, there are also preferred room options here. Preferred Rooms at All Star Movies are in the 101 Dalmatians buildings 1 & 4, Fantasia buildings 5 & 8 and the Toy Story buildings 9 & 10.

All Star Movies Amenities

Amenities at All Star Movies include complimentary wi-fi, television, Keurig maker with coffees, teas, and cups. You have access to a hair dryer, beverage cooler, safe, table and chairs, and the ‘Hey Disney’ device for trivia, and guest services help. All Star Movies has two pools, a main lobby with a food court and a laundry building.

All Star Music Bathrroms

All Star Resorts Pools- all Star Movies

Disney All Star Movies Pool

This resort has two pools, one main one at the center of the resort and one smaller in the Mighty Ducks area. Open all day for swimming pool hours are typically 10:00 AM- 9:00 PM, but be sure to check posted hours. As part of the fun, you can take part in Pool activities from 1:30 PM- 7:00 PM. This includes trivia games, pool games, and music. As a guest of All Star Movies you can also use the other pools at the nearby All Star Music and All Star Sports.

Fantasia Pool

The main pool at All Star Movies is the Fantasia Pool. Located in the center of the resort, this pool includes the Mickey Sorcerer fountain and includes a kiddie pool and play area nearby.

Duck Pond Pool

This smaller pool is the Mighty Ducks pool and is designed to resemble a hockey rink. This pool doesn’t host daytime activities, but does have loungers and offers a smaller place to swim, if you’re looking for fewer crowds.

All Star Movies Resort Mao Disney World

Disney All Star Movies Map

Check out the All-Star Movies Map for everything you need to help navigate this resort. Thankfully, all the All-Star Resorts are connected by a walking pathway, so you can not only explore this resort but the All-Star Music Resort Map and All-Star Sports as well. There are 5 building areas in this resort that are all arranged around Cinema Hall, which houses the food court, gift shop, arcade, and the rotunda where you can find the Movies Under the Stars evening film.

Disney All Star Music Food Court

Disney All Star Movies Restaurants

Located in Cinema Hall, you can find the Food Court at All Star Movies. offering a variety of foods, drink stations and grab and go foods. Here you can refill your refillable mug, and even mobile order food ahead to make things easy.

World Premiere Food Court

The commissary at All-Star Movies is called the World Premiere Food Court. Adorned with movie posters on the walls, you can get your Refillable Mug refilled here. Plus breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks. This All-Star Movies Food Court Menu is one you would find at any Disney resort. Luckily you can still count on Mickey waffles, omelets, pizza, and burgers. And yes, you can even grab pasta and steak too. Fountain drinks, cocoa, coffee and teas are all offered here, though you can also grab bottled orange juice, beers and wine. The Food Court is Open 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Silver Screen Spirits Bar

Located just outside the hall and nearby the pool, you can grab drinks at the Silver Screen Spirits Bar.  You can also get a few small food items like sandwiches, you can grab to eat at the bar. And you can even strawberry smoothies and other nonalcoholic beverages here. Open 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Check out the Silver Screen Spirits Bar Menu.

All Star Movies Toy Story Area

All Star Movies Recreation Schedule

Disney Resorts all have a recreation schedule that includes movie nights, arcade tournaments, poolside activities and more. At All Star Movies you can find enough to fill your non park days just by hanging out at the resort. Here’s everything you can do at this resort. The recreation schedule is posted in the lobby, including what films will be playing each night of your stay.

Disney Arcade at All Star Sport

All Star Sports Arcade

If you’re hoping for some arcade time during your stay at All Star Movies, you can head to the Game Point Arcade. All Disney Resorts have arcades. Featuring racing games, basketball games, skeeball, driving games, sports games and more, and even Pac man, there are plenty of things to play at the arcade. To play at the Arcade you simply load your game card with points. Just use your credit card to pay for the amount of points you’d like to buy. Games typically range from 30-100 credits per play, and you can generally play quite a bit with just $5-$10 loaded. Arcade Hours are typically posted on the door but generally 9:00 AM- 10:00 PM. Be sure to double checked posted hours.

The Reel Spot Movie under the Stars

Movies Under the Stars

The only resort with a covered movie area for the outdoor movie, All Star Movies has The Reel Spot! Showing weekly the posters of the films they’re showing and offering this great covered area for movies in the evenings. One of our favorite parts of any Disney Vacation is making time for the Movies Under the Stars at each resort. Most fun at the All Star Resorts, we recommend grabbing some popcorn and drinks from the food court before heading outside to watch the film. The Movies Under the Stars Schedule at All Star Movies varies each week, but you can check the schedule on the recreation board in the lobby.

Playgrounds at Disney All Star Resort

Children’s Play Area

The playground at All Star Movies is located just behind the pool before heading into the Toy Story area.  You can head to a playground with all the basic playground equipment you’d expect to find. The All Star Sports Playground offers swings, slides, ropes and more.

All Star Movies Pool Fantasia Pool

Poolside Activities

Offered 1:30 PM- 7:00 PM at the Fantasia Pool, you can play trivia, games, crafts, and bingo. Even dance parties are all part of the fun. Check the resort recreation schedule ahead of time if you’re hoping to be there for something specific. Since many families are usually in the parks in the afternoon, the pools have fewer guests and offer the chance for a great non-park day experience.

Jogging Trail

One of our favorite parts of the All Star Movies Resort is that it is connected to the other All-Star Resorts by pathways. You can run or walk throughout the resort spaces, or just head to the main sidewalk along the road. The runDisney pathway across the three resorts is approximately 1.5 miles if you’re hoping to get your steps or run in for the day.

All Star Movies Disney Value Resort Review Walt Disney World

Disney All Star Movies Transportation

Disney Bus Transportation is your primary option to get to the parks. While you can always book a Minnie Van, the cost is enough that we’re usually just happy enough to wait 11 minutes or so before another bus arrives. Thankfully, all resorts now have live updates of bus arrival times in the My Disney Experience App and on the digital screens at the bus stop. We do have to say, your transportation options should be a deciding factor regarding where you’ll stay. The All-Stars Resorts are perfect for a normal Disney family vacation that is 5 or more days long.

However, if you are planning a long weekend, or need to get to an Epcot Festival, there are other resorts on the Boardwalk, Monorail, or Disney Skyliner route that may prove more convenient.

Disney Bus with Figment

What’s the Best All-Star Resort at Disney?

When it comes to the All-Stars Resorts at Walt Disney World everyone has their favorites. We’re by no means going to deem Movies the best, but just make a few points for you to consider. Whenever Disney Special Offers come around, All-Star Movies is usually excluded from the offer. Rarely do we find rooms available at this resort, especially during peak season. Does this mean it’s better or just a favorite of the masses? Would we choose Movies over a Disney Value Plus Resort?  No probably not, but it’s an awfully nice place to stay, on property, on the cheap if you’re heading to Walt Disney World.

all star movies toy story area

Are All-Star Resorts Good for Families?

All-Star Resorts at Walt Disney World are essentially FOR families. Meaning that you can count on lots of families at these resorts no matter the time of year. With kid-friendly activities all day long, the pools, and the food all centrally located, it’s easy for families to arrive, settle in and call it a vacation.

Disney All Star Movies Resort

Pros and Cons of All-Star Movies Resort?

The lower cost of resort stay also draws lots of groups; cheer, basketball, toddlers in tiaras, etc. For this reason we absolutely stay away from them during the busy seasons. The summer, holidays, and spring break are tough times to be at the value resorts. Your ability to enjoy a Disney Value Resort also depends on if you’re a Disney family or not. If you’re not a “Disney” family by nature and won’t go crazy over the fun theme-ing, crowded commissary with refillable Mickey tumbler in hand, and the non-stop Disney radio music playing at the pool, then perhaps a Disney Moderate Resort is more your style. If however, you are absolutely all in, because you and the fam won’t really be “at” the resort anyway, since you’re in the parks all day, you might as well take advantage of the lower cost of these value resorts.

All Star Movies Pool at Disney Resort

All-Star Movies Resort Review at Walt Disney World

Hopefully, this has helped clear up everything you wanted to know about All-Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World. If you have questions. Ask em. We’d love to know your favorite resort experiences! And anything we should try next.

Disney Resorts on a Budget, means going with All-Stars! All Star Movies combines disney fun, some classic film theme and budget prices. But, is it the best Walt Disney World Resort on a Budget? Here's all the info on dining, transportation, rooms and more. #allstarresorts #disneyresorts #disneyvalueresorts #disneyonabudget #polkadotpixies

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