Disney Cruise Line DisneyBand+ Guide

Disney Cruise Line DisneyBand+ Guide

Disney Cruise Line has finally added wearable technology to the Disney Cruise experience. A Disney Cruise Magic Band! Making it easier to interact with magical artwork, open room doors, and connect all your information in one place. Just like a Magic Band Disney Cruise bracelet, this little gadget is sure to add conveniences you didn’t even know you needed. Here is everything you can do with the Disney Cruise Line DisneyBand+ on your next Disney Cruise Vacation. 

Disney Cruise Magic Band    

Are there Magic Bands on a Disney Cruise?

No! But DisneyBand+ is available on Disney Cruise Ships instead and offers the latest in technology at sea, similar to a Magic Band. The newest update to arrive for Disney Cruise Line promises to be invaluable. Just in time for celebrating the Disney Cruise Line Silver Anniversary at Sea and the opening of Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on the way, there is a lot happening if you’re taking a Disney Cruise anytime soon. And luckily, the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ will help you navigate it all. 

Can MagicBand+ be used on a Disney Cruise?

Yes! A Disney MagicBand+ can be used as a DisneyBand+ onboard Disney Cruise Ships. Read the Details. 

What is the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ Bracelet?

So, what is the new DisneyBand+ bracelet that everyone is talking about? Well, if you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, or even sailed on Princess Cruises, you’ll have an idea of what this wearable technology can do. At Walt Disney World you’ll find this to be most similar to the MagicBand+. On Princess Cruises, you’ll find this most similar to the Princess Medallion

Offering contactless room entry, payment, and all your cruise details including your emergency info, dining reservations, special activity booking, and excursion information, these bracelets will pretty much be your lifeline to everything you need on your Disney Cruise. 

When is the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ Available?

For guests sailing on the Disney Wish. Disney Fantasy, and Disney Magic the DisneyBand+ is available and able to be purchased prior to sailing. The Disney Cruise Line DisneyBand+ is available to guests sailing aboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship, starting with the November 20, 2023 voyage Offered as an advance purchase within the Disney Cruise Line App and online, you can save $10 on each Disneyband+ when you purchase them in advance. 

Is DisneyBand+ available on the Disney Wish?

Yes, if you are sailing on the Disney Wish, you have the option of purchasing a DisneyBand+ bracelet prior to your sailing date. You can Order a DisneyBand+ by visiting My Reservations between 11 and 45 days of your sail date if your reservation is paid in full. 

Is DisneyBand+ available on the Disney Magic?

Yes, if you are sailing on the Disney Magic, you have the option of purchasing a DisneyBand+ bracelet prior to your sailing date. You can Order a DisneyBand+ by visiting My Reservations between 11 and 45 days of your sail date if your reservation is paid in full. 

Is DisneyBand+ available on the Disney Wonder?

No, the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship does not yet have DisneyBand+ available. 

Is DisneyBand+ available on the Disney Fantasy?

Yes, if you are sailing on the Disney Fantasy, you have the option of purchasing a DisneyBand+ bracelet prior to your sailing date. You can Order a DisneyBand+ by visiting My Reservations between 11 and 45 days of your sail date if your reservation is paid in full. 

Is DisneyBand+ available on the Disney Dream?

Yes, DisneyBand+ is available for Disney Dream sailings beginning with the November 20, 2023 voyage. And you have the option of purchasing a DisneyBand+ bracelet prior to your sailing date. You can Order a DisneyBand+ by visiting My Reservations between 11 and 45 days of your sail date if your reservation is paid in full. 

DCL DisneyBands

When will the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ Be Available to All Cruises?

While there has been no official word from Disney Cruise Line regarding when the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ is available to all guests, we expect it at the earliest by the end of 2023, but more likely in 2024 after any and all kinks have been worked through. 

Is the DisneyBand+ included with your Disney Cruise Package?

No, the DisneyBand+ wearable is not included with your Cruise fare. It is instead an extra item that can be purchased that adds conveniences and special interactions to your Cruise experience. But can be purchased pre-cruise at a discounted rate. 

Is the DisneyBand+ Bracelet Reusable?

Just like MagicBand+ in the Disney Parks, the DisneyBand+ you purchase for your cruise is reusable! Simply make sure to have it connected to your Disney Cruise Line account and it will work for you anytime you cruise. This means, you don’t have to buy one for each cruise, unless you want. Simply reuse the one you have on any Disney Cruise Vacation. 

Do Have to Have a DisneyBand+ Bracelet for Your Cruise?

No, absolutely not. This wearable is simply for convenience. You will still receive your “Key to the World” card with all the information you need to access your room, reservations, etc. 

How Much Does the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ Cost?

The DisneyBand+ costs $34.99 plus tax for solid colors, and$44.99, plus tax for themed designs. Your Order must be placed at least 11 days before sailing. Reservation must be paid in full. Get the details on how to order a DisneyBand for your Cruise. 

How Can I Order a DisneyBand+ wristband for my Disney Cruise?

Order a DisneyBand+ by visiting My Reservations between 11 and 45 days of your sail date, if your reservation is paid in full (while supplies last). Shipping is available to US addresses only (excluding PO Boxes, APO, FPO, DPO, or any cruise ports). Get all the Details: DisneyBand+ Wristband for Disney Cruises.  There will also be a limited selection of bands available for purchase on board (while supplies last).

Does the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ bracelet need batteries?

No, the Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ bracelet does not need batteries but does need to be charged, as it has a built-in rechargeable battery. As such it comes with a cord that has a USB connector on one end to be plugged into a power block, and the other end plugs into the bracelet. These can typically run for a few days, but be sure to always have your charging cord and a battery block handy for any recharging that needs to happen throughout your trip. 

What does Disney Cruise DisneyBand+ Do? 

The DisneyBand+ for Disney Cruise Line is a wearable piece of technology, similar to a MagicBand+. This wristlet interacts by lighting up, changing colors, vibrating, or making sounds. It’s Waterproof, Rechargeable, and Collectible and comes in an array of different Designs.

Hands-Free Experiences

As contactless experiences are not only safer but more convenient, the DisneyBand+ offers an array of options by being hands-free. This means less digging in your bag for the credit card, the key card, or your activity confirmation number. It also means that you don’t need to get this info on the Disney Cruise Line app on your phone. Leaving you a little more freedom to enjoy your vacation and simply “scan in.” Whether it’s to your room or an event or a restaurant, this device helps you stay in the moment and less on your phone. 

Unlock Your Stateroom Door

One of the biggest conveniences of the DisneyBand+ is that it can open your room door. While this may not be the biggest deal, if you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know that stumbling around for your room key in narrow hallways at night, with screaming kids, isn’t the best. As such, you can simply use this bracelet to open your door as needed. 

What’s more, if you get one for everyone in your travel party, including the kids, they too, can run back to the room at leisure without you having to share a key. This means changing for the pool or heading back for a forgotten toy, is all the easier. 

Charge Specialty Items to your Folio

Another contactless benefit of having a DisneyBand+ bracelet is that it has your room info stored on it. Of course, a pin is still required for purchases for safety and security, but just having this on hand can be a godsend. Especially if you’re heading to the specialty bars or coffee shops onboard the Disney Cruise. Both of which require payment for these special extras. Then, instead of pulling out your “Key to the World” card or credit card, you can simply have them scan the band to charge any extras to your stateroom folio. 

Access Kid’s Clubs

If you’re traveling with kids one of the best things on any Disney Cruise is the wide array of kid’s clubs. Currently, and previously kids at any level needed a special card to get into the exclusive spaces. Now, with the DisneyBand+ bracelet kids and teens can simply scan in, with the bracelet housing all their pertinent information. It even works for exclusive spaces on Castaway Cay. 

Children ages 3 and up can also use their bands in lieu of the Oceaneer Club Band to access kids’ clubs including Disney’s Oceaneer Club while onboard and Scuttle’s Cove at Castaway Cay

Link Your Disney Cruise Photo Collection

Family photos become a whole lot easier when you can just access all of them from your Disney account. If you’ve ever taken part in the Royal Gathering on a Disney Cruise, where every photographer needs your room number, that is about to change. Now, they can simply scan your band and get your photo. If you’ve been to Disney Parks then you’ve seen the same technology when it comes to MagicBand+ and PhotoPass photographers. This new band helps you get family photos, and access them easily.

Interacts with Interactive Artwork

Disney Cruise Line is known for its magical extras. And the interactive artwork throughout the Cruise ships is just one of the ways to be part of the action. Previously, phones and apps were required to engage in the fun, much like the Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish. Now, with this new DisneyBand+ wearable, anyone who has one can get involved, to help make pictures come alive. No phone or app is required. On our last cruise, we definitely saw families with multiple kids struggling to let everyone get a turn in the game, and now, as long as everyone has a bracelet, everyone can get involved. 

Interacts with Fireworks

Also to be found onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships is a spectacular fireworks at-sea display. And just like the MagicBand+ in Disney Parks, the Disney Cruise Bracelet also interacts with the fireworks display! By lighting up and showing different colors you can see how your band complements the music, colors, and beat of the fireworks themselves. 

DisneyBand+ Features

  • Waterproof: The DisneyBand+ bracelet is waterproof. It can be worn while experiencing a variety of activities including splash pads, and water attractions. Including the AquaMouse and AquaDuck . And even when snorkeling at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay. 
  • Rechargeable: the DisneyBand+ wristlet is rechargeable by way of a small cord that simply snaps onto the back of the device. It has a USB end and can be plugged into a charging block or the computer. The DisneyBand+ charge lasts from 1-3 days, typically, depending on the usage, which is triggered by anything you’re walking past. This includes interactive pictures, active games like Uncharted Adventure, and anything else on the ship that may trigger sounds lights or vibrations. 


Just like any Disney souvenir, the DisneyBand+ is collectible in that it’s offered in certain designs, for certain ships, with limited-time offerings. And gives you a way to remember your trip. You can count on new designs to come out over the next several years, and as DisneyBand+ bands are reusable, can be actively used on your linked account, as well as collected. 


With an array of DisneyBand+ designs for men, women, and children, there are plenty to choose from. As this is in the initial launch phase we expect there to be even more DisneyBand+ designs on the way. Most likely there will be bands for each ship as well as featuring beloved characters and all things maritime. 

Disney Cruise MagicBand

There you have it! Everything you need to know about this MagicBand for Disney Cruise, called DisneyBand+. From what it does to how you can use it, we hope we’ve shared all the answers you need to know. Let us know what you think of this new Disney Cruise wearable technology. 

Disney Cruise Line DisneyBand+ offers a new way to interact with the ship, access your room, charge purchases and more

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