5 Reasons to Visit Disney World in October

5 Reasons to Visit Disney World in October

We love fall. There’s just something so magical about the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and dreams of all things pumpkin spice. Fall at Walt Disney World is no different! Although Florida isn’t typically a state that sees the beauty of this season as some of us northerners do, Walt Disney World does a fantastic job of bringing in the new season with its own version of festive magic for fall. With pumpkin decorations, seasonal snacks, and cozy merch to bring home, here are 5 Reasons to Visit Disney World in October.

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Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World

Fall is one of our favorite seasons to visit Walt Disney World. While some of it’s a bit nostalgic, since our first trip together was in September many moons ago- fall really is a great time to visit the happiest place on Earth. Fewer crowds, slightly better weather, and special Disney Halloween snacks you can’t get any other time of year, makes Walt Disney World one of our favorite places to be this time of year.

Fall at Disney World actually starts in August! Crazy, we know, but it coincides with the first dates for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and as a result we get nearly 3 months of Fall Decorations at Disney World! Woohoo! To help you get ready to visit Disney World in October, we’re sharing 5 reasons it’s just better in the fall. Read on! 

Is it better to visit Disney World in September or October?

If you’re going back and forth between September and October, we can make this easy for you! We most like September, since we’re always excited to start the fall season as early as we can! With a PSL in hand, we’re usually walking down Main Street just enjoying the pumpkin views. But here’s the difference between September and October at Disney World. 

  • September at Disney World is a little hotter, less crowded, and cheaper. If you’re attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, then MNSSHP Ticker are cheaper for September dates.
  • October at Disney World is a little cooler, with average crowds, and slightly higher prices that September. 

Halloween at Walt Disney World

Disney World in October has Better Weather

Ok, ok, let’s not get carried away here. You’re not going to see 65-degree temps at Walt Disney World in September or October. It’s just not going to happen. You will, however, see cooler weather. While the beginning of September is still pretty hot, by the end of the month, you’ll see those temps start to fall into the high 80s/low 90s. And by October, the weather is definitely more comfortable. Keep in mind if you’re coming from the north, you likely won’t be considering these temps cool, but you also won’t be battling the heat and humidity of the summer months.

Also, keep in mind, that this is the rainy season. Pack your poncho and enjoy it like a pro. You’ll be rewarded with lower crowds and slightly lower temps after a classic Florida afternoon rainstorm. And while it’s still a little warm from September through October, you can still seek out our favorite Disney Rides when it’s Hot and find fun ways to Enjoy Disney World when it Rains. 

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There are Lower Crowds at Disney World in the Fall

While you won’t see minimal crowds, there are definitely fewer people in the parks than during the summertime. With the shift in Disney crowd levels over the last few years, we can’t really say this is the lowest you’ll see crowds at Walt Disney World (since that tends to be January). But it will be lower than peak times throughout the year. September Crowds after Labor Day take a nose dive, and Disney World in October typically sees fewer people in the early part of the month. 

We can confidently say that the crowds were a little more manageable during the fall months than at other times of the year. Some parts of December, for instance, is absolutely unbearable in regard to crowds. This obviously varies from week to week so be sure to check your crowd calendars for your specific time frame.  Of the fall months, September will be less crowded than October. We’ve broken down the Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World based on crowds, cost, and more.

Fall at Disney World in October

Fall is one of the Least Expensive Times to Visit Disney World

As one of the Cheapest Times to Visit Walt Disney World, you’re already saving money on your tickets, rooms, and flights. As a general rule, when kids are in school, prices for travel go down. Disney World in October ( and September) is simply a cheaper time of year to visit. And while it’s never a guarantee, generally everything seems to be less expensive in the fall months.

Whether you’re flying, renting a car, or looking at Walt Disney World resorts, fall discounts tend to be pretty significant. We’ve even noticed Disney Springs area hotels offering more perks during the fall months, like free parking and heavily discounted room rates. Keep an eye on the Walt Disney Worlds Special Offers page for all the current promotions.

Halloween at Walt Disney World Decorations

You Can See Fall Decorations at Disney World

Halloween Decorations at Disney World in October are MUST SEE! Even if you have Halloween plans at home, know that Halloween at Walt Disney World is worth the trip! With the exception of Animal Kingdom, you can see Fall Decorations in all the parks, resorts and at Disney Springs. From fall garlands and wreaths, to pumpkins and snacks you can feel the feelings of fall everywhere! Event the Main Street Trolley at Magic Kingdom gets dressed up for the season. And the poles throughout the park get decked with pumpkin Mickeys and Carriages.

Plus, since Halloween at Disney World starts in August, you have plenty of time to enjoy the parks. Mind you, we say this during times when we are and are not, pass holders. It’s just such a fun time to visit! From mid-August through October 31, you can have extra spooky fun with new snacks, parties, merchandise, decorations, and more. 

Disney Food and wine Festival EPCOT disney World

There are More Events at Disney World in October

One of the best reasons to visit Disney World in October is the amount of special events and activities you just fon’t get any other time of year. For our money, these are the BEST REASONS to visit Disney World in the fall. While the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom is for an extra fee, everything else is pretty much free to enjoy, with the exception of Disney Halloween Snacks of course, which you do have to pay. But, you can only get during this time of year. 

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

The Halloween Party of the year happens at Magic Kingdom every fall. With select dates running from August 9 – October 31, 2024, this ticket is an extra cost. However, we always say that if Mickey’s Halloween Party is on your bucket list, just skip the day park ticket and use it on the party ticket instead. Guests to the party can enter Magic Kingdom as early as 4 PM and you can easily spend the day doing things at Walt Disney World Without a Park Ticket instead. 

Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT

One of the Best Disney Festivals, the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT is included in the price of your park ticket and gets you access to free music performances, and an array of new foods and drinks to try. This year the EPCOT Food and Wine runs from August 29- November 23, 2024. We love this festival best during the weekday hours Mondays- Thursdays for lower crowds. Read the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Guide for all our best tips, menus, and things to do.  

Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit at EPCOT 

This playful scavenger hunt at Epcot Park is only available late September through October, and offers you the chance to find pumpkins across the park. While this game does come with a map and stickers from $9.99 plus tax, you can also just easily play, by keeping an eye for pumpkins across the park during your visit. Only offered for a full month at Disney World in October,  this is a fun game to play. 

Fall into Magic at Disney Springs

A great way to ring in the fall season for free, is with a trip to Disney Springs. Featuring the Disney Springs Fall into Magic event, you can start experiencing fall in early September through October, with new fall snacks, entertainment and everything you need to buy for fall. Plus, if you’re visiting Disney World in October, during the last week, you can count on seeing special performances at Disney Springs for Halloween too! Shown on the evenings and weekends, you can find a zombie band roaming the park, and stilt walkers too. 

Disney World in October ( Or September)

So there you have it! There is so much to do, see and eat at Disney World in the fall months that you simply can’t do any other time of year. And even if you don’t add Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party to the list, you can still head to Disney Springs for Fall into Magic and New Fall Snacks at Disney. There are even more ways you can add a little fall to your trip, by heading to the resorts. We most like the pumpkin beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter. Even Joffrey’s Coffees get a fall refresh with pumpkin spice flavors and specialty drinks for the Food and Wine Festival. Whatever your plans we highly recommend this time of year! Check out our full guide for Everything to Do in the Fall at Disney World. We hope you love this time of year as much as we do! 

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