Disney Magic Cruise Restaurants and Dining

Disney Magic Cruise Restaurants and Dining

Planning to set sail on the Disney Magic? You’re in luck because the Disney Magic has some amazing restaurants and dining options onboard! Here’s everything you need to know about restaurants and dining on Disney Cruise Line’s Magic!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line Dining 

Every Disney Cruise Ship has multiple types of dining options. Adult Only Dining, Table service, quick service and snacks. If you’re new to dining with Disney Cruise Line, here are a few tips. Adult Only dining should be scheduled ahead of your cruise; however, you can always check in with guest services upon boarding to see if anything has opened up. Table service is assigned on a rotational schedule, which we will explain a little more below, and quick service locations are available for most meals. All meals, except for adult-only options, are included in your cruise fare. Most snacks are included; but specialty ice creams, coffees, and alcohol are not. 

DCL Disney Magic

DCL Disney Magic dining

Rotational Dining on the Disney Magic

What is rotational dining with Disney Cruise Line and what should you know about it? This means that you will be assigned your dining each night and your servers will rotate with you. We love this because you can get to know the servers and they get to know you and what you like! You can choose to opt-out of your dining rotation any time you want by just not showing up. You can do this one night or all of the nights; it’s up to you! We love the table service dining options because it forces us to sit down and relax and enjoy a really high-quality meal. Plus they are a lot of fun to us! 

But we also know they aren’t for everyone, so don’t feel bad if you choose not to do them. If you’ve never cruised with Disney before, or maybe it’s only your second cruise, we recommend at least giving it a try. You might just find you love it! 

Rotational dining is offered during a “main seating” and a “late seating”. Based on availability, you can sometimes change your seating time, so if you get one you aren’t happy with, then just ask if it can be changed. If they can accommodate you, they will. The reason your dining time matters is because the nightly shows run at the same time as the dining times, so if you have an earlier dinner time, you will have later showtime and vice versa. This can be really important if you’re traveling with younger kids.  

Another reason it’s important is that, depending on your itinerary, you may not want to have to be back in time for dinner; so having a later dinner time will allow you to stay out longer for excursions.

Adult Only Restaurants on the Disney Magic Cruise


On the Disney Magic, Palo is the only option for adult-only dining. Palo is available on all of the four current Disney Cruise Line ships and features Northern Italian cooking with a modern twist! Palo offers brunch and dinner. Reservations are required and there is also a dress code to dine at Palo. You can find out more about Palo here

DCL Disney Magic restaurant

DCL Disney Magic restaurant

DCL Disney Magic restaurant

DCL Disney Magic restaurant

Disney Magic Table Service Restaurants

Rapunzel’s Royal Table

Rapunzel’s Royal Table is exclusive to the Disney Magic and if you are a Tangled fan, this dinner experience is not to be missed. With full Tangled decor, live music, dancing, comedy, and a floating lantern scene that will bring you to tears (well maybe, if you’re overly emotional like I am), this has been one of our favorite dining experiences onboard Disney Cruise Line.  This restaurant is only available for dinner and you can read our review of Rapunzel’s Royal Table here

Animator’s Palate

Every current Disney Cruise Line ship has an Animator’s Palate onboard. We love this restaurant because the food is always great and the concept is just so fun. Although it’s a little different on each ship, it’s always a good time and one of the restaurants we look forward to. Animator’s Palate features a fusion of Pacific Island foods, Asian cooking and Californian fare. Animator’s Palate is only available for dinner and offers a fun show each time you dine! You can find more Animator’s Palate onboard the Disney Magic here. 


Found right in the main atrium on the Disney Magic, Lumiere’s is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lumiere’s has a Beauty and The Beast theme and offers contemporary French fare at dinner time. And if you’re looking for something a little fancier for breakfast or lunch, Lumiere’s is a great place to have a nice sit-down meal offering standard American cuisine. We loved dining at Lumiere’s during the day when we wanted something more relaxing.  Read all about Lumiere’s here

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic dining

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Disney Magic Quick Service Restaurants


Cabana’s is onboard every current Disney Cruise Line ship and is a hybrid of sorts. With a buffet available for the morning and afternoon meals and table service at night, Cabana’s offers both outdoor and indoor seating giving great views of the ocean. Find out more about Cabana’s here

To-Go Restaurants

The Disney Magic has lots of great options for quick service and we think even the pickiest eaters will find something they like. Duck-In diner offers classic burgers and hot dogs as well as shawarma. Pinocchio’s Pizzeria offers well, pizza throughout the day. Grab a smoothie at Frozone treats if you’re looking for something to cool off with poolside. And Cove Cafe has you covered with your morning latte and pastry (at an additional cost) if that’s your style!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Disney Magic Bars and Lounges

None of the bars or lounges are covered under your cruise fare and are all considered extras.

  • Cove Cafe is adult only and in addition to coffee, also offers a full bar menu.
  • Keys is a very low-key lounge inspired by old Hollywood piano bars. Keys offers a full bar menu as well as coffees. 
  • O’Gil’s has an Irish-themed pub atmosphere and offers a wider range of beers, stouts and ales.
  • Signals is the poolside bar in the adult-only area onboard the Disney Magic. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Is Room Service Included onboard the Disney Magic?

Room service is available any time onboard the Disney Magic and is included with your cruise fare unless marked on the menu. Simply call for room service, place your order and enjoy! Most items are included except alcohol and a few select snacks and every stateroom can order room service 24 hours a day. Gratuity is also not included and will be added to your tab at the end of your cruise. 

Is there a Character Breakfast onboard the Disney Magic?

The character breakfast is only available on 7 day or longer voyages, but you will need a reservation and you can only make one reservation per voyage.  You can find out more info about the VIP character breakfast on the Disney Cruise Line here

Royal Tea on the Disney Magic 

If you’re traveling with a little Prince or Princess on the Disney Magic and want to splurge, the Disney Magic has a Royal tea party just for 3-12-year-olds. This one is quite pricey- at $220 per child and $69 for adults- but offers a storybook setting featuring some of your favorite princesses! Enjoy tea and two courses, singing and dancing in a fairytale-like setting onboard the Disney Magic. Each child also receives a special keepsake gift and you can find all the details here

There are so many lovely dining options onboard the Disney Magic, we think you’ll find something everyone can enjoy! 

Disney Magic Cruise Restaurants and Dining on Board! #polkadotpixies

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