Disney Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts and Decor

Disney Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts and Decor

Valentine’s Day is almost here! While we don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense, we love adding pink and red to everything, making lots of snacks and having a reason to decorate! If you’re for some fun, easy and not too expensive decorations, we’ve got you covered in this post.  Having a Disney Valentine’s Day at home is a great way to celebrate the season.

We love adding a little more Disney to every holiday. Whether it’s whipping up Disney Valentine’s Day Treats , making a fun waffle board or building a  Charcuterie Board. Finding all the Valentine’s Day Disney Channel shows or searching for the best budget-friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts. There are plenty of ways to add a little more magic to your Valentine’s Day. 

Disney Valentines Day

Disney Valentines Day

Disney Valentines's Day

Disney Valentine’s Day DIY Craft

We decided to create a really easy Disney Valentine’s Day banner using cardstock and our Cricut and we’ve added the templates we created in this post. Choose your paper or felt; we used cardstock in different shades of pinks and red along with glitter.  Add these templates to Design Space and cut! If you’re using cardstock, they will be easier to weed if you use a light grip cutting mat so that your shapes stay in tact. 

Once cut, choose what you want to hang them with; we used ribbon for ours but you could use twine or yarn or anything similar that can hold the weight of your shapes. 

Arrange them as you like, glue them on and voila! Quick, easy and cheap!

What do you need for this Disney Valentine’s DIY craft?

Alternatively, you can also punch holes in the shapes and string them along your hanging medium. Get creative and have fun with it:)

Love Mickey Disney Decorations

And if you’re looking for ways to add a little more Disney to your Valentine’s Day Decorations, it can be easier than you think! By gathering cute things you probably already have on hand; Mugs, Candles, Disney toys, Disney Books, and Valentine’s Day Printables. You’re all set to set up a cute corner, or display your Disney Valentine’s Decorations all over the house! Here’s everything we pulled together to create a quick and easy space to show our love of all things Disney. 

Disney Valentine's Day DEcorations

Valentine’s Day Decoration DIY Supplies

Here’s everything we gathered up to make a cute Disney curio cabinet to add a little more fun to our holiday décor. 

What to Buy

  • Disney Mugs: Chances are you already have at least one Disney Mug at home that is pink or red or goes with a theme. We used our Chip cup and pink heart mugs from Target. 
  • Disney Plushies: Frankly, you can never have too many Disney stuffed animals. We like tsum tsums, uffufy’s, nuiMO’s, itty bittys from Hallmark. And just any cuties you can find to help add a little more fun to the scene. 
  • Disney Books: We just so happened to have a red Beauty and the Beast book, which really helped tie in our Beauty and the Beast shelf here. But you can probably find any red books around the house if you want to add some layering or texture to your decorations. We also love stacked books with stuff on top a’la Belle, which always works too if you don’t have a cake dish to offer different heights in your décor. Check out our favorite Disney Books if you need some inspiration. 
  • Candles and Holders: You can never have enough candles. And since we sometimes get emotionally attached to ours, we also tend to keep the candle jar they come in! Pooh and Piglet are stuffed into an old pink grapefruit candle holder we had, which could have also doubled as a vase or candy jar! Since it went with out color theme, it went on the curio. 
  • Pink and Red Fabric: We used a placemat here, again from Target, since it matched our red, white and pink color scheme, but really any cute fabric will due. We also LOVED the table runner we used in our Valentine’s Day Mickey Waffle Brunch Board post. 

Disney Valentines Day Quotes

What to Make

  • Pom Pom Flowers. We recently started going crazy for pom pom making. You can grab just any yarn you like, and make a few pom poms for garlands or flowers. We added a couple pom poms to bamboo sticks for a floral arrangement and even made one mickey shaped to add in a little more Disney. 
  • At- Home Printables: You can find cute graphics anywhere, but we used Canva to create a few printables that just really happy-up the space. You can grab the ones we created for FREE! Check them out here: Valentine’s Day Printables. We added ours to basic budget-friendly frames, also from Target. 
  • Bead and Tassel Garland: While you can make a bead garland ( always so fun) if you’re not up for grabbing the wood beads from Amazon, you can check out Target for beautiful garlands at any time of year to add to your decor. 

Disney Valentine's Day Decor

Disney Decor Ideas for Valentine's Day

Disney Love Decorations

Disney Valentine’s Day Printables

Want to get a head start on your decorating? Grab our FREE Heart Printables Set. You can print one or all seven prints to frame, hang or display. Just adjust your printer settings to print them in whatever size you want and have fun! 

Disney DIY and Crafts for Valentine’s Day

There you have it! Everything you need to pull together a cute, fun Valentine’s Day with a little bit of Disney. Whether you’re looking for a few crafts, or pulling together a fun space, hopefully this post has got you inspired to take whatever you have around the house to make something new! xoxo

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