Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning Tips 2024

Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning Tips 2024

If you’re looking for a winter getaway to the most magical place on Earth, read up on our Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning Tips. Because while this winter festival in Florida is easy and breezy and fun, there are several key things you should know before you go! Here’s our round-up of things to know before you go.

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Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning

Believe it or not, at the top of our Festival of the Arts Tips  is to go without a planning schedule! While there is a ton to do at the Festival of Arts, planning is essential, most of the time. For this EPCOT winter festival, it’s not about checking your favorite foods or performances off a list. This festival works best when you’re taking it slow. Culinary masterpieces take longer to make. Discussions with artists have no timeline. And you’ll want to stop and watch that impromptu performance. Things like dining reservations, and Lightning Lane passes could get in the way of a full day just appreciating art. And if you’re aiming to park hop somewhere else mid-day, forget about getting it all done. Our Best Advice? Decide ahead of time what you’re super excited to do and plan on that. But let everything else happen without keeping track of time.

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When is the Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World?

The Walt Disney World Festival of the Arts at EPCOT happens between mid-January to late February every year. This year the Epcot International Festival of the Arts at Epcot runs from January 12  – February 19, 2024. Take it from us, while this is by far the festival with the lowest crowds, the better weather in Florida during the winter months has been drawing crowds. So be sure to read the tips below to make the most of your visit. 

When’s the Best Time to Visit the Festival of the Arts?

The Festival of the Arts at EPCOT is busiest after the first week. So while opening weekend may be busy, the best time to visit the festival is between Monday- Thursday the first week. And if you’re looking to get even more specific we HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting any festival at EPCOT from rope drop until about 4 pm on weekdays. Anytime after 4 pm gets pretty crowded with locals, and vacationers looking to maximize their day, or have evening drinks. 

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Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning a Budget

The most important part of Festival of the Arts Planning is how you’re going to pay for everything! While there are so many options, if you’re looking to try foods, buy art, or sample all the Joffrey’s Coffee’s there are here are a couple of things to know to help keep you on your Disney Budget! 

Does Festival of the Arts Cost Extra?

No. All Epcot festivals are included in the price of your Disney Park Ticket for Epcot.

What’s the Best Way to Budget Food at the Festival of the Arts?

As with all festivals at Epcot, you can grab a Disney gift card with a certain amount of money to keep your food purchases in check. Or purchase an entitlement card or attach your credit card to your MagicBand. We like the gift card option best and find it easiest to not go crazy with our spending.

How much do Festival of the Arts foods at the booths usually cost?

Generally, you can get dishes at the booths for between 5- 8 dollars each. These are single-serve dishes, just enough for one person. But you can definitely share these ( we do!). Check out the Festival of the Arts Menus for everything to choose from this year! 

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Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning Activities

What is there to do at the Disney Festival of the Arts?

The Festival of the Arts Activities is separated into 3 different types of art; Performance, Fine Art, and Culinary Art. We’ve pulled together a Disney Festival of the Arts Beginners Guide to help you figure out the things you’re most excited about! Here is a quick list of the things you can look forward to at the Festival of the Arts! 

Performance Art

  • The Broadway Concert Series: Shows at 530, 645, and 8pm
  • Acrobatic and Physical Art Performances: at the main stage on the Midway

Fine Art

  • Artists and Galleries: throughout World Showcase
  • The Figment Brush with the Master’s Scavenger Hunt Game

Culinary Art

  • Outdoor Food Studios: Open 11am- 9pm
  • Complimentary Seminars & Workshops: in the Festival Center

Other Festival of the Arts Activities

  • Special Event Merchandise
  • Unique Photo Ops: throughout the World Showcase, always open. Photo Pass begins at 11 am
  • Hidden Art Work: with one character painted on a building in each country

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Festival of the Arts Food

Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning What to Eat

Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning wouldn’t be complete without figuring out and budgeting for the food. Here are a few things to help you with that ahead of time. 

Can I use the Disney Snack Credits at the Festival of the Arts?

Yes. Absolutely! Just check for the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) logo on the signs at each outdoor kitchen to see which dishes are available as a snack. And be sure to check out the Disney Dining Plan Budget post for estimates on food costs. While we always advocate for using festival dishes to replace meals, figuring out your food plans ahead of time will make this easier. 

Are the Epcot Festival of the Arts Menus available ahead of time?

Yep, you bet! You can check out the Festival of the Arts Menus which is updated every year by Walt Disney World. So you can make a list of your must-try foods. 

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Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning Where to Stay

Stay at a Disney Boardwalk Resort

One of our biggest Festival of the Arts Top 10 Tips is to STAY at a Resort on the Disney Boardwalk. Since January and February are some of the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World we highly recommend making it easy on yourself so you can be close to the action at EPCOT. Since the Boardwalk is close to the World Showcase you can come and go as you please without worrying about Disney transportation. Staying at the Boardwalk Inn, Yacht Club, Beach Club or the Swan & Dolphin Hotels gets you in walking distance of the festival action. Meaning you can spend more time at the festival at less time getting there. Check out the Disney Boardwalk Resorts to choose from! 

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Disney’s Festival of the Arts Planning for the Weather

If you’re visiting Florida in the winter it pays to know how to pack for winter at Disney. While Florida is known to be pretty warm, in January and February it can get downright breezy! Check the weather ahead of time and pack layers. You may not see rain, but evenings can get chilly. And you don’t want to spend your Disney Budget on sweatshirts for the family just because you only packed shorts. So be sure to plan for the weather.   

Festival of the Arts Basics and Tips

Interested in tackling the Festival of the Arts in one day? Check out our quick tips for One Day at the Festival of the Arts.  As we get more quick facts to share we’ll be adding them here! Got a question? Let us know. Festival of the Arts is one of our favorite festivals at Walt Disney World and a great reason to head south for the winter!!! Need more ideas? Check out our Top 5 Things to Do for the Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World

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