Disney Cruise Ships: Ranking Best to Worst

Disney Cruise Ships: Ranking Best to Worst

Any Disney Cruise ship is a great one. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our favorites. Because, of course we do. Since we’ve sailed on all five current Disney ships, we thought it would be fun to rank from them our least favorite to our most favorite. Read on for our ranking of Disney Cruise Line ships from worst to best!

Debarkation Day on a Disney Cruise

Ranking Disney Cruise Line Ships

Let’s start by saying, this was no easy task. And, it’s something that can really change with our moods. All of the Disney Ships are great, we just feel like some are a little better than others. This is totally a matter of preference, of course. But here’s how Disney Cruise Line’s ship ranked in our ship showdown. 

Disney Cruise Disney Wish

#5 Worst: Disney Wish

That’s right. Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish is our least favorite of the current fleet. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a beautiful ship. And the addition of Festival of Foods is something we would love to see come to the other ships at some point. And though we loved the new restaurant 1923 onboard the Disney Wish, Worlds of Marvel felt weird and lackluster to us in terms of Disney’s other themed dining experiences. Arendelle, the Disney Wish’s other themed dining experience was a lot of fun for us. But we’ve also found this one to be all over the place in terms of other guest reviews.

But with no real “theme” (sorry guys, Enchantment is not a real theme) and driving art style, it feels like its beauty is something that could age very quickly. We love the timeless feel of the other four ships, and the Wish just doesn’t have it. Along with that, the layout is just not good. We talk about this in full in our Disney Wish Cruise Review,  and have found that most die-hard Disney Cruise fans who have been sailing for years agree. 

The layout is confusing. The dismantling of deck 4 was completely unnecessary and some of the placement of Disney IP just feels generic. And hey, it was designed by someone who happily claims she never had cruised before designing this ship. So while it does make it more understandable that some of the decisions were made, it doesn’t make them any less unforgivable. Sorry Wish fans. This one is just not our favorite. 

That being said, many people love the Disney Wish. We just aren’t those people.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Guide

#4: Disney Dream

The Disney Dream is a gorgeous ship. The design is beautiful. We love the layout and walking into the atrium underneath the beautiful chandelier feels like a dream come true.. But there is something about the Disney Dream that always makes it feel crowded. It’s a strange thing actually because the Disney Dream’s sister ship, the Disney Fantasy, rarely feels crowded in comparison. 

In addition to the weird, crowded situation on the Disney Dream, the main dining room restaurants are also some of the least exciting. And oddly, the food always seems to lack a bit in quality comparatively. Now, you could say that it’s a one off phenomenon, however we’ve sailed the Disney Dream a few times, in different parts of the world even, and we always notice this trend. And even when talking to friends who have sailed the Disney Dream multiple times, they say the same thing. Now to be clear, the food isn’t bad. It’s just not as good as the other ships from what we and other passengers have experienced in the last few years. 

The Disney Dream is home to Marvel at Sea, which is a fun themed cruise perfect for any Marvel fan. 

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

#3: Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder generally sails the Pacific Coast and Alaska. And now for 2023, has headed to Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever. So guests who tend to sail solely the Caribbean or on the East Coast generally don’t have a chance to experience this lovely ship. One of the two smaller ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Wonder is big enough to feel spread out, while feeling small enough that it feels warm and inviting. 

The theming on this ship is fantastic as well. The design feels classic and timeless. Sure, it doesn’t have the most grand atrium. But the storytelling that this ship offers is a perfect example of what Disney Imagineers excel at: storytelling.  From the carpet and chandelier representing Ariel’s tail and flower in her hair, to the French Quarter lounge leading you into Tiana’s Place, the elements of storytelling here are fantastic.

And speaking of Tiana’s Place, fans of Princess and The Frog are sure to love this themed restaurant for dinner. The Disney Wonder is also home to the Triton’s and a fun black and white version of Animator’s Palate, which hosts the fun Animation Magic Show and a visit from Sorcerer Mickey. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

#2: Disney Magic 

Another smaller ship, the Disney Magic takes our number 2 spot. Sister ship to the Disney Wonder, the Disney Magic is the art deco version in this ship class.  This ship is even less grand than the Disney Wonder and many people are often surprised to find it is at the top of my Disney Cruise ranking list.  But because it’s so unassuming, it just feels cozy. And if you’re a Tangled fan, then this ship should not be missed.

One of the reasons it lands the #2 spot for me is because of the Tangled restaurant, Rapunzel’s Royal Table. Not only is the food here creative and delicious, but the entertainment is amazing as well.  It could be said that it’s just a matter of preference especially when compared to Tiana’s Place, and that’s true. However, Tiana’s Place also has some weird acoustics in the restaurant that can make that party feel a little too loud for dinner. It’s something that’s often brought up by guests and though we love the show at Tiana’s, the vibe (and acoustics) in Rapunzel’s is a little more chill and relaxing.  Add in the fact that the Disney Magic is also home to the Tangled Broadway show, and this ship is pure gold for Tangled fans. 

Now if you’re not as much of a Tangled fan as I am, this ship still has plenty to offer. Lumiere’s here is stunning for Beauty and the Beast fans. And Animator’s Palate here also hosts the Animation Magic show as well, which is always a treat. And again, an appearance from Sorcerer Mickey!

This ship also feels smoother on the seas than the Disney Wonder does. We originally sailed the Disney Wonder many years ago in the Caribbean and again on a Disney cruise to Alaska. So we have some decent experiences to compare.  And even though the Disney Magic is the oldest ship in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, it’s been really well maintained over the years. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

#1 Best: Disney Fantasy

Ahh the Disney Fantasy. What can we say, we just love this ship. Though its sister ship the Disney Dream ranked at #4 for us, the Disney Fantasy just feels more elevated and luxurious. The attention to detail is fantastic. The colors are stunning and you really feel like you’re about to set off on a grand voyage. 

The Europa section of the Disney Fantasy that features bars and lounges, is such a unique theme and is so well done. Though the entire ship can’t be applauded for one section of the ship, this area really showcases the immersive storytelling that Disney does so well. With lounges themed to different countries in Europe, Europa is located on Deck 4.  The Disney Fantasy also houses Meridian, which in our opinion, is the best lounge on any Disney Cruise ship. You can also find this lounge on the Disney Dream as well. Guests can enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages inspired by different parts of the world. And the outside area has some of the best views on the ship. 

In addition to that, the Disney Fantasy also has mini golf on Deck 13 and the Midship Detective Agency, which adds a bit of free fun to your Sea Days. 

Have you sailed all 5 of the Disney Cruise ships? How would you rank them? We’d love to know where each of the Disney Cruise ships ranks for you!

Disney Cruise Ships Ranked Best to worst

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