The Cheapest Snacks at Disney World Under $7

The Cheapest Snacks at Disney World Under $7

With basic Mickey Pretzels now costing $7.50 at Disney Parks, where can you find the Cheapest Snacks at Disney World? And are they actually any good? If you’re wondering how to still enjoy sweet and savory treats at Disney World, then we’re gonna help with that. As travelers always looking to save a dime and have a good time, we’re not keen on giving every last cent to the House of Mouse just for a snack. As a result, we’ve rounded up all the Best Disney World Snacks under $7.00 so you can still have a treat, without blowing your Disney Budget on Disney snacks. 

Epcot Coffee at Walt Disney World

Cheapest Snacks at Walt Disney World Parks

Found at all parks, are a number of things you can always count on to be cheap enough for an impromptu treat. Perfect if you’re on a strict Disney Budget and special enough to make you feel like you’re on vacation! 

Pastries | Starbucks

$1.79- $6.49

Found at every Starbucks at Walt Disney World, is not only a selection of coffees and sandwiches but also a slew of pastries. And each park typically offers a variety of treats. While the Trolley Car Cafe at Hollywood Studios is known for the Carrot Cake Cookie, you can just as certainly find the Mickey Cinnamon Roll on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Whatever you’re craving, check out the Starbucks pastry case for your next treat. 

Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Ice Cream Sandwiches | Ice Cream Carts


By some miracle, Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Ice Cream Sandwiches are still under $7. But, you can get 5 of these bars in a box at your local grocery for the same price, if not less. As such, we don’t buy the Mickey Ice Cream treats at the parks, and instead just grab them at home, or for Free on a Disney Cruise. But, if you’re bent on Mickey Ice Cream in the parks, more power to ya. You can find them on carts and in resort gift shops. 

Popcorn | Popcorn Carts


Popcorn Buckets at Walt Disney World tend to cause a bit of a ruckus! As a great opportunity for a cheap Disney souvenir, you can typically grab a popcorn bucket, filled with popcorn for $13. Seasonal buckets are often priced higher, to $25 dollars depending on the design. Either way, if you’re planning to spend more than a week at Disney World, and like popcorn, grabbing a bucket, and then refilling it at $2.25 a refill can help you save your Disney dollars. 

Churros | Churro Carts and Quick Service Restaurants

$5.89- $6.39

A tried and true snack wherever you go, when it comes to Churros at Walt Disney World we highly recommend that you ask the cat member at the cart when they’re making a fresh batch. Because churros get stale quickly. Keep an eye out for specialty dipping sauces and varieties during the seasonal months! 

Coffee | Joffreys & Starbucks

At a range of prices, almost all the coffee at Walt Disney World is under $7. Except for the alcoholic ones of course. Be sure to remember to add coffee drinks to your Disney snack list. If you’re like us, they’ll quickly become one of your favorite things about being on vacation. 

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Cheapest Snacks at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is a treasure trove of delectable snacks, perfect for a quick bite or a sweet treat. With carts, kitchens, and desserts at every restaurant, how ever will you choose? Well, here are a bunch of our favorite Cheap Snacks at Disney World to help you feel magical without breaking the bank on your Magic Kingdom Day

Cheshire Cat Tail | Cheshire Cafe Fantasyland


Tucked into a little cottage next door to the Mad Tea Party ride you’ll find the Cheshire Cafe. This little place typically has a line but is definitely worth the wait. Because the Cheshire Cat Tail is a flaky pastry wrapped around chocolate and drizzled with icing. The perfect treat for any ol’ time, we most like this one with a cup of tea! Check out the Cheshire Cafe Menu. 

Chili Cheese French Fries | Casey’s Corner


If you’re looking for something to hold you over until lunch, check out this Non-Dessert Disney Snack. Serving up chili-topped french fries for $6.49 we like the lighter choice of french fries and cheese instead. Grab a dish of French Fries for $4.49 and the Cheese Sauce for $1.00. Check out the Casey’s Corner Menu.

Dole Whip | Aloha Isle Adventureland

$5.99 – $6.99

Pineapple, Raspberry, and Coconut are some options for a Dole Whip Swirl in a cup or float. Specialty floats are more expensive. Either way, this is an absolute Must-Do Snack at Walt Disney World and one of the Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom. Check out the Aloha Isle Menu. 

Hushpuppies | Columbia Harbour House


While Columbia Harbour House may change up its menu quite a bit, its commitment to New England cuisine is commendable. As such, they ALWAYS have a side hushpuppies at the ready. Sure, these are just little balls of cornbread fried up to perfection. But, well worth the 5 bucks if you need a savory snack. Check out the Columbia Harbour House Menu. 

Float | Sunshine Tree Terrace  Adventureland


Serving up a variety of floats in classic flavors like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Root Beer, and Strawberry, you can get this with soft serve or dole whip. A refreshing treat for hot days, you can also grab soft serve cups here for $5.29. Not seasonal and specialty floats are closer to $6.99. Check out the Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu. 

Fried Pot Stickers | Sunshine Tree Terrace  Adventureland


One of our favorite Non-Dessert Snacks at Disney World, this treat could be lunch if you got multiple orders. Very yummy, these little dumplings are perfect if you’re having a later lunch or dinner and need something other than sugar to hold you over. Check out the Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu. 

Sausage and Gravy Tots |  Friars Nook Fantasyland


This lunch-size snack is a pile of tater tots served with Sausage Gravy. If you’re looking for something comforting on colder days at Disney this is a perfect treat. Check out Friar’s Nook Menu. 

Cinnamon Roll | Gaston’s Tavern Fantasyland


Disney has no shortage of cinnamon rolls. From the Colossal Cinnamon Roll at Animal Kingdom to the Mickey Cinnamon Roll at Main Street Bakery, you can find many. BUT, the Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom is a massive, fluffy cinnamon roll layered with cinnamon and covered in icing. By far on e of the best. Check out the Gaston’s Tavern Menu

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Holes | Pecos Tall Tale Inn and Cafe & Friars Nook


If you’re looking for a light treat, but don’t want anything too heavy, then these little doughnut holes are perfect. Covered in cinnamon and sugar, you get enough to snack on while walking between rides. Check out the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. Check out the Friar’s Nook Menu.

Goofy Glaciers | Big Top Souvenirs Fantasyland


An absolute favorite and one of the best Kid-friendly Drinks at Disney World when it’s blazing hot out, Goofy Glaciers are slushies. Available in raspberry, blueberry, or swirled, these can be found behind the pasty case in the Big Top Souvenirs Gift Shop. We like this treat for an easy quick snack, there’s hardly ever a line and ample seating nearby. 

Specialty Cone | Storybook Treats


Storybook Treats is located just across the midway from the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. As such they have a variety of Snow White-themed treats. Including a specialty soft serve cone honoring the seven dwarves. You can grab a variety of treats here, but the specialty cone, strawberry sundaes, and floats are all under $7 each. Check out the Storybook Treats Menu.

Tortilla Chips with Toppings | Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe


A popular hack at Walt Disney World to get cheap nachos can be found at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. Just order a side of Tortilla Chips and head to the toppings bar. Complete with olives, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and more, you can build your own nachos here on the cheap for a quick snack or a light lunch. Check out the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Menu.

Pretzel Bread Pudding at Germany EPCOT Park

Cheapest Snacks at EPCOT Park

With a year of annual festivals, EPCOT park has no shortage of snacks found at a plethora of food kitchens across the park. But what about those tried and true snacks you can find all year long? Here are the best cheap EPCOT snacks we’ve found so far. 

Pretzel Bread Pudding | Sommerfest


By some miracle, the Pretzel Bread Pudding at Sommerfest in World Showcase Germany is not only less than $7 but less than $5! This luscious sweet treat is a soft pretzel bread covered in caramel cream swirl and warmed before serving. This snack is very light and sweet, and perfect to share. Check out the Sommerfest Menu

Best Quick service restaurants Epcot

Tiana Banana Pudding | Regal Eagle BBQ Smokehouse


Heading to the Regal Eagle Smokehouse BBQ? This pudding treat comes in a little cup with vanilla wafers and is delicious and light. Reminiscent of the popular Magnolia Bakery pudding, this treat is perfect if you’re looking for something simple and sweet. It’s also perfect for kids! Check out the Regal Eagle BBQ Smokehouse Menu. 

Werther’s Caramel Popcorn | Karamell- Kuche


One of our favorite treats at EPCOT Park is the caramel popcorn at Karamell-Kuche. As the only free-standing Werthers shop in America, you can watch the caramel hand poured and tossed over the popcorn. We recommend eating it fresh or as an even treat to take back to your room the same day. This popcorn doesn’t travel well, since it’s freshly made and will get stale fast, but it’s a great snack for sharing and such a bargain!

Best Snacks at Disney World EPCOT France Neopolitan

Napoleon | Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie


One of the most popular treats at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, the Napolean is a layered pastry filled with cream and topped with a chocolate drizzle. Very delicious, this treat is also very french. Less sweet than you would expect, but plenty to share. Check out the Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Croissant Jambon Fromage | Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie


This sandwich at Les Halles Boulangerie de Patisserie is large enough for a meal and delectable enough to savor. Combining Ham, Cheese, and Bechamel in a Croissant along with the Croissant Sale is such a bargain, and probably one of the cheapest lunch options you’ll find at Disney World. Check out the Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie Menu.

Hummus and Pretzels | The Land Cart


If you’re looking for something filling, with a bit of protein that is healthy, then consider this one of the best Disney snacks you can have. At just $5 this hummus and pretzel snack will give you a quick bit to eat, to keep you going until your next meal. 

Epelkake | Kringla Bakerie Og Kafe


The Kringla Bakerie Og Kafe has loads of treats and coffees to try. But we most like the Epekake, which is an Apple Cake with Caramel Drizzle. Classic Norwegian, we think this treat is better than the famed School Bread. Check out the Kringla Bakerie Og Kafe Menu.

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Kakigori | Kabuki Cafe

$5.50- $7.00

A classic dessert at Disney World and completely Instagrammable, the Kakigori is a frozen shaved ice treat covered in fruit syrup and if you want to pay a bit more, covered in cream. Check out the Kabuki Cafe Menu. 

Turtle Brownie | Sunshine Seasons


Sunshine Seasons has a dessert case that includes loads of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and cake. While these snacks change throughout the year, you can usually count on the turtle brownie to be a tried and true choice. Check out the Sunshine Seasons Menu


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Cheapest Snacks at Animal Kingdom Park

Animal Kingdom Park is Disney World’s biggest park. Thankfully there are plenty of snack locations throughout to help you keep up your energy along the way. Here are all the cheap Animal Kingdom Snacks we’ve found so far

Pistachio Honey Croissant | Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery


We love croissants. Like really LOVE them! As such we were thrilled to see this delicious croissant for less than $5 at Animal Kingdom. If you’re a lover of salty-sweet pastries, then be sure to grab this one! Check out the Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery Menu. 

Seasoned House-Made Chips | Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery


As one of Disney World’s Cheapest Snacks, at $3.49 these house-made chips are just enough to keep you going through long days. And if you’re looking for a lunch-size meal, you can also grab flatbreads at this cart! Check out the Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery Menu. 

Simba Cupcake | Harambe Market 


A mainstay at Animal Kingdom, this Lion King-themed cupcake can be found in Harambe Market. Complete with a little Simba chocolate piece, if you’re looking for a sweet treat then indulge in a cupcake treat. Check out the Harambe Market Menu.

Cilantro Rice | Harambe Market Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom’s African and Asian cuisine lends to a lot of rice dishes, as such you can get rice pretty much everywhere. But, if you need a quick protein snack, you can grab the Cilantro Rice at Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Market for $2.99. Check out the Harambe Market Menu.

Frozen Flamingo | Harmabe Market


Want a very sweet slushy drink? Or need to keep the kid’s happy while you try to regain control over your Disney day? One of our favorite Kid-Friendly Drinks at Disney World is this non-alcoholic frozen concoction with flavors of Strawberry and Passion Fruit. Check out the Harambe Market Menu.

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Chicken Fried Rice | Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe


Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe is located on the pathway to Asia in Animal Kingdom and offers up a large amount of seating so that you can take a break and have a bite. This Chicken Fried Rice is filled with chicken, rice, and even some veggies. And it could double as a fast lunch. Check out the Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe Menu.

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Pongu Lumpia | Pongu Pongu Pandora


As Pandora’s signature snack, this is a fried-up pineapple and cream cheese spring roll. Perfect for a grab-and-go snack, you can also grab this one with a Night Blossom drink. Check out the Pongu Pongu Menu.

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Baked Mac and Cheese | Eight Spoon Cafe

$4.49- $6.99

One of the best value snacks at Animal Kingdom the baked mac and cheese comes regular or with pulled pork. Both are fantastic deals and give you enough to eat until your next meal! Check out the Eight Spoon Cafe Menu. 

Soft Serve Cone |  Anadapur Food Truck


If you’re looking for classic soft serve, in Animal Kingdom, you can find it at the Anadapur Food Truck in Asia. With a variety of options here, we love this as a quick treat, under $5, and with the awesome photographic background of the truck as a backdrop. Check out the Anadapur Food Truck Menu.

Tiger Tail Chocolate Twist | Isle of Java


This pastry swirled with chocolate is perfect for a sweet treat at Animal Kingdom and is large enough to share. Much like the Cheshire Cat Tail at Magic Kingdom, this one checks all the boxes! Check out the Isle of Java Menu. 

Onion RingBasket | Flame Tree Barbecue


At Flame Tree Barbecue you can grab both fries and onion rings if you’re looking for some freshly fried treat, that isn’t sweet. A favorite non-dessert snack at Disney World for many. To see what else is on the menu check out the Flame Tree Barbecue Menu. 

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Seasoned Fries | Mr. Kamal’s Asia


A local favorite, Mr. Kamal’s food cart offers up seasoned fries, falafel, and chicken among other things. If you’re looking for something substantial then you can find it here. Portions are generous, so you have plenty to share. 

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Cheapest Snacks at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios may not be known for its snacks, but they do have some of the best! If you’re looking for some tried and true favorites then check out this list of our favorite cheap snacks at Hollywood Studios. 

Carrot Cake Cookie | Trolley Car Cafe aka Starbucks


Ahhh, Hollywood Studio’s most famous snack is the Carrot Cake Cookie. This luscious cookie is two layers of cake filled with buttercream frosting. It’s huge! Shareable and under $5. Grab it at Starbucks to help you get a good start on your day. Check out the Trolley Car Cafe Menu.

Jack Jack Num Num Cookie | The Market Near Toy Story Land


The Jack Jack Num Num Cookie at Walt Disney World is legendary. Thick, gooey and sharable. Our favorite treat is a spoonable chocolate chip pan cookie. Named for the Incredibles baby Jack-Jack, this one is an amazing treat, big enough to share, but delicious enough to want all for yourself. Check out The Market Menu. 

Babybell Cheese | Woody’s Lunch Box Toy Story Land


A very cheap treat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a little package of 3 Babybell Cheeses. While these aren’t specifically Disney and aren’t necessarily magical, kids love them! And they’re a great high-protein snack to help you get through the day. Check out the Woody’s Lunch Box Menu. 

Lunchbox Tart | Woody’s Lunch Box Toy Story Land


By far one the cheapest snacks for the most value, there are a variety of lunch box tarts to choose from. Even seasonal options. Our favorite is the Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart. Check out the Woody’s Lunch Box Menu. 

Cheapest Snacks at Disney World

If you’re on a budget during your Disney Vacation, there are plenty of snacks to be had. And while we know you have to spend money sometimes, with so many lovely, budget-friendly things to eat, why break the bank? Even Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs offers a half-pound cookie for just $6. Hopefully, you found something on this list that you love! Fingers crossed these favorite treats stay affordable! 

Where to find Cheap Disney Snacks under $7 at Walt Disney World

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