Starbucks Coffee at Disney World Locations and Tips

Starbucks Coffee at Disney World Locations and Tips

Starbucks and Walt Disney World make a perfect combination. But if you’re a first-timer or even just a casual vacationer, it can be a little confusing to navigate. Here’s everything you need to know about Starbucks at Walt Disney World. 

Where to Find Starbucks at Walt Disney World

We love coffee. Especially coffee at Walt Disney World. And Starbucks is at the top of our list. While we normally look at it as a treat at home, when we are at Walt Disney World, we tend to need a little more caffeine than usual. 

Walt Disney World is also home to several Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea locations; and if you’re not a die-hard Starbucks fan, this is a great option instead. The lines are so much shorter and they always have fun specialty drinks coinciding with Disney events like the festivals and holidays. There are currently seven Starbucks locations on Walt Disney World property. Each park has its own Starbucks location, there are two at Disney Springs and a new one recently opened at Flamingo Crossings. 

starbucks at walt disney world

starbucks at walt disney world

starbucks at walt disney world

Starbucks at Magic Kingdom | Main Street Bakery

Starbucks in Magic Kingdom goes by the name Main Street Bakery.  Main Street Bakery opens before rope drop, which is a nice perk if you can get into Magic Kingdom before the park officially opens. This location tends to be the busiest Starbucks in all of Walt Disney World. There is usually a long line, and waiting for your order can take a huge chunk of time out of your day, so be sure to plan accordingly. Before park open, when everyone is trying to rope drop, mid-morning(10:30-11) and in the middle of the afternoon to the evening will sometimes offer lower lines.  This Disney Starbucks location also tends to have giant cupcakes that change with the seasons and events going on at Walt Disney World. 

  • How to get there: Starbucks at Magic Kingdom is extremely easy to get to. Just walk right down Main Street USA(the street that leads you to the castle), and it will be on your right. During the busiest times of day, the line actually goes down the sidewalk. 
  • Seating: There is no seating at the Starbucks at Magic Kingdom. You can however take your coffee to the hub grass, sit at a table near the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor or walk around with coffee in hand.

starbucks at walt disney world

starbucks at walt disney world

Starbucks at Animal Kingdom | Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts at Animal Kingdom is probably one of our favorite Starbucks locations at Walt Disney World. The lines are usually not too long, and the service is usually pretty quick. Creature Comforts always has fun Animal Kingdom-themed treats as well. 

  • How to get there: When you walk into Animal Kingdom Park, head toward the Tree of Life.  Make a left at the fork in the road near the Tree of Life and it’s shortly down the walkway. It’s located in a fun, themed building. 
  • Seating: There is no inside seating at the Starbucks location in Animal Kingdom, but they do have a few outside tables and chairs scattered nearby. There are a few standing-only tables across the walkway, and we’ve also found that when you exit the building, the area to the left often has places to sit. This is mostly ledges and things like that, but if you really want a seat, it’s an easy compromise. 

Starbucks at Hollywood Studios

Starbucks at Hollywood Studios | Trolley Car Cafe

Trolley Car Cafe is Hollywood Studios Starbucks location.  This location is usually not too crowded, although there are certain times of day when the line can be quite long. Earlier in the morning, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon tend to be pretty good bets for lower wait times. 

  • How to get there: Trolley Car Cafe is super easy to get to. Once you walk into Hollywood Studios, continue straight, and it will be on the right.  It’s located at the intersection of Hollywood and Sunset Blvds. 
  • Seating: There is no indoor seating at this Starbucks location, but there is plenty of seating around Hollywood Studios itself. Benches line the streets of Hollywood Studios, and there are plenty of tables and chairs near Echo Lake as well. 

Starbucks location EPCOT

Starbucks at EPCOT | Connections Cafe

Connection Cafe recently opened up at EPCOT, and it houses the EPCOT Starbucks location. This location is entirely inside, which is a huge plus for dining locations at Walt Disney World. There is a ton of seating, and it’s all air conditioned. We’d say that’s a win.   he length of the lines depends a lot on the time of day and what festival is going on. There are a couple of Joffrey’s in the world showcase and I think that helps keep these lines a little shorter. 

  • How to get there: Located in EPCOT’s World Celebration, this is across from Creations Shop. 
  • Seating: Seating is inside, as the location of the Starbucks is located inside. 

Starbucks at Disney Springs

Starbucks Disney Springs West

Starbucks in Disney Springs West is a unique location in that it serves reserve coffees from the Clover Bar. The building itself is beautiful, both inside and outside. And we’ve never had an issue with long lines here.  

  • How to get there: As implied in the name, this Starbucks location is located on the west side of Disney Springs, near the Aerophile balloon. 
  • Seating: This Starbucks not only has indoor seating, but also outdoor seating as well. It’s a pretty large location, and we’ve never had a hard time finding a seat.  The outdoor seating overlooks the water, and is a really peaceful place to take a break. 

Starbucks Disney Springs Marketplace

Starbucks at Disney Springs Marketplace is another outdoor-only location. So you never have to enter a building to order or pick up. They also offer mobile order which is super helpful for when it’s more crowded. 

  • How to get there: This is located right by World of Disney in the Marketplace area. 
  • Seating: There is no seating at this Disney Springs Starbucks location, but there is seating around Disney Springs that’s open to everyone. 

Starbucks at Flamingo Crossings Winter Garden, Florida

Starbucks at Flamingo Crossings just opened at the end of December 2021. And the best news is that this new Starbucks is located just a few minutes from Disney’s Coronado Springs, making it an easy stop for those who have a car, or who are commuting to the Parks. This location also has a drive-thru, which is a huge plus.  Many third-party hotels are located in this area, making it easy for guests of those hotels to get their morning Starbucks fix no matter where they are headed for the day.  Flamingo Crossings is owned by Disney and is slowly being built up with retailers like Target, restaurants and Disney housing for those participating on the Disney College Program. 

  • How to get there:  Starbucks Flamingo Crossings is located at 2198 Western Way in Winter Garden. 
  • Seating: This is a standard Starbucks location, that has both indoor and outdoor seating. 

Starbucks at Walt Disney World FAQ

If you’re headed to the parks with your Starbucks app in hand and rewards ready, here is what you need to know before you get in line. 

Does Starbucks at Walt Disney World take any discounts?

Starbucks locations inside Walt Disney World Parks take Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club discounts on merchandise, like mugs and ornaments, but there aren’t any discounts available on the food. 

Can you mobile order at Starbucks in Walt Disney World?

If you are headed to the Walt Disney World Parks, then no you cannot mobile order at Starbucks. I do understand why you can’t mobile order Starbucks in the Walt Disney World Park, although it would be nice. However, if you are visiting one of the Starbucks in Disney Springs or the new Starbucks at Flamingo Crossing, then yes you can mobile order! 

Does Starbucks sell merchandise at Walt Disney World?

Yes, they do! The Starbucks locations inside the Disney Parks only sell Disney Starbucks merch, whereas the Starbucks locations outside of the Parks sell standard Starbucks merchandise. 

Can you pay with the Starbucks app at Walt Disney World?

Yes, you can! We actually recommend it. Not only is it contactless, but you will also earn stars on all of your purchases. 

Do you earn stars on Starbucks at Walt Disney World?

Yes you do! The only catch here is that if there is a bonus stars promotion, the locations inside the Parks do not participate in those. So you’ll just earn the standard stars amount, without the bonus. 

Can you redeem Starbucks rewards at Walt Disney World?

Very much like mobile order, yes and no. Inside the Disney Parks, you cannot redeem stars. But if you visit the Disney Springs or Flamingo Crossing locations, then yes you can!

Is Starbucks more expensive at Walt Disney World?

If you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to Starbucks, then you probably know that Starbucks prices tend to change depending on the location. Grabbing Starbucks at the airport? Then it’s gonna cost you more. The same goes for many third-party Starbucks locations. At Walt Disney World, yes Starbucks is more expensive. It’s not necessarily a lot more expensive, and it really depends on the drink. Some drinks you might find are 25 cents more than normal, while others might be a whole dollar more. 

Is there a Starbucks at any of the Disney Resorts?

Unfortunately, there’s not! I’m sure this would be impossible to manage given the size of Disney Resorts. But we absolutely loved getting Starbucks at our resort when we stayed at Universal’s Lowes Portofino Bay Resort and would love something like that to come to Walt Disney World. I just don’t think it’s very likely. 

Can you get Starbucks delivered to a Disney Resort?

Yes! The only delivery option that currently delivers Starbucks to the Disney resorts is Uber Eats. They do charge a $3.99 delivery fee, and the menu prices seem to be a bit higher, but if you are really in need of a Starbucks fix, that is always an option for you. 

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Starbucks at Walt Disney World! If you want to skip out on Starbucks, here are our favorite places to get coffee at Walt Disney World.  

Everything to know about Starbucks at Walt Disney World, and where to find it!

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