Best Savory Snacks at Disney World

Best Savory Snacks at Disney World

Ok, Ok. We know. When it comes to Disney Snacks if it’s a non-dessert snack, why even bother? We’re as guilty as the next person for starting a vacation, any vacation, and immediately scoping out the area for sweet things to eat. But the Best Disney Snacks at Disney World are often Disney savory snacks. And they are something you’re gonna want to show up for. Frankly, sometimes you just need something a little more substantial or a little less sugary. Perhaps you’re using snacks as meals in between your other Disney dining plans. Maybe you’ve decided you’re not going to eat at the fancy restaurants after all and just want something to hold you over between rides. Whatever your reasons for scoping out snacks, we don’t judge… eating 5 times a day is good for you and helps you maintain blood sugar levels!

monsters inc. popcorn bucket

Savory Snacks at Walt Disney World

This list, along with our foodie bucket list, is constantly growing. So we update it regularly.  On this mini-list of non-dessert snacks we promise these have a lot less sugar than our usual favorite sweet things, so if you’re often inclined to go into a coma around 4 pm… these will be sure to keep you going until The Kiss Goodnight. Consider these Disney World Best Snacks on your next vacation.

Onion Ring Basket | Flame Tree Barbecue Animal Kingdom

At Flame Tree Barbecue you can grab both fries and onion rings if you’re looking for some freshly fried treat, that isn’t sweet. We love this treat at $4.49 as one of the Cheapest Snacks at Disney World. 

Cilantro Rice | Harambe Market Animal Kingdom

If you need a quick protein snack, you can grab the Cilantro Rice at Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Market for $2.99. Check out the Harambe Market Menu.

Seasoned House-Made Chips | Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Cafe Animal Kingdom

As one of Disney World’s Cheapest Snacks, at $3.49 these house-made chips are just enough to keep you going through long days. And if you’re looking for a lunch-size meal, you can also grab flatbreads at this cart! 

Cream Cheese Pretzel | Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Cart Hollywood Studios

One of the New Snacks at Walt Disney World that sells out pretty fast is this stuffed cream cheese pretzel. It’s ooey gooey and could definitely hold you over if you’re waiting on a late dinner.  Our best tip for this snack, chat up the cast member making this treat so you can make sure to get a fresh one!

Disney Popcorn | Popcorn Carts

Yes, it’s true you could get the caramel-coated popcorn at Karamell-Kuche in EPCOT Germany because there is nothing better, but if you’re looking for savory, you’ll go for the lightly salted version instead. If you’re up for a bonus, check out the Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios, because you can grab souvenir popcorn buckets there to keep your snack game going. 

mexican food at epcot

Nachos | La Cantina de San Angel Epcot  Mexico

A favorite treat on any vacation, these Nachos are ten times better than the ones you’ll find at any football game and will hold you over until your next meal. Also shareable- which is always a plus. Read our other fave menu items at La Cantina de San Angel.

Tomato Basil Soup | Pinocchio Village Haus Magic Kingdom

Perfect for the chilly winter days at Disney, this is cozy, and thick and makes you feel healthy. Perfect alongside the Pesto Knots at this same quick service counter. This is a non-dessert snack at Walt Disney World we love to grab before a holiday parade.

Pesto Knots | Pinocchio Village Haus Magic Kingdom

You wouldn’t think some basil and pine nuts and dough all wrapped up would be the best thing to eat if you’re trying to stay away from sleepiness, but how can you resist?

Spring Rolls | Adventureland Cart Magic Kingdom

These come in a variety of flavors throughout the year. We were lucky enough to test out the Cheeseburger and Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls this last visit. They also have a veggie option! This snack also makes our Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom list because they’re just that GOOD!

Hummus & Pita and Veggies | Mr. Kamal’s Animal Kingdom

Probably the healthiest snack on this list, you get some great spices, protein, veggies, and just a few carbs to keep you going. This is a snack we can always eat two orders of because it’s just so good!

Sushi | Kabuki Cafe Epcot Japan

A good sack if you’re dying for sushi but don’t have a reservation for one of the fancier places. Also, a great snack for clean eating at Disney, especially if you opt for the California roll with a side of miso soup.

Sausage and Gravy Tots Friars Nook |  Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

This lunch-size snack is a pile of tater tots served with Sausage Gravy. At $5.79 this treat makes our Cheapest Snacks at Walt Disney World list. 

Trilo Bites Dino Land Nachos Disney Snacks

Loaded Nachos Trilo Bites Cart | DinoLand Animal Kingdom

A staple on our Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom post, these have freshly fried potato chips as a base and are considered a major treat to be shared by at least two people! Prepare to get messy. These will, however, definitely hold you over until your next meal. 

Regular Mickey Pretzel | Carts in Each Park

The classic non-dessert snacks of Walt Disney World, Mickey soft pretzels can be found everywhere!

Fish and Chips Yorkshire County Fish Shop | Epcot UK

Definitely a heartier snack, the fish and chips could definitely double as a meal if needed. Cleverly wrapped in a newspaper it’s also a mobile snack if you’re on the way to your next fast pass. Grab this one at the Yorkshire County Fish shop window. 

Baseline Taphouse Giant Pretzel and Beer Cheese

Giant Pretzel with Mustard and Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce | Baseline Taphouse Hollywood Studios

This pretzel may not be shaped like Mickey, but it’s darn good! This freshly baked pretzel from Baseline Tap House made our Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios list for a reason. Not only is it savory, and the sauces are amazing. It’s big enough to share!

Cheese and Meat Plate | Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar  Epcot Italy

For the fancier snacker, if you can get over the weirdness of entering a super fancy place just to ask for the cheese and meat plate ( usually paired with wine) you’ll be glad you did. Or ya know have some wine too. A good dry red won’t have any sugar.

Pork Egg Rolls | Lotus Blossom Cafe Epcot China

We can’t get enough of this snack. This is another one we’d offer in multiple portions just because it totally hits the spot on a warm day at EPCOT when dinner is still hours away.

Chicken Fried Rice | Yak and Yeti Local Foods Animal Kingdom

While the counter service area of Yak and Yeti sometimes looks like a tornado hit it you should definitely still grab this Chicken Fried Rice. It comes in a to-go container and is filled with chicken, rice, and even some veggies. At $6.99 it could double as a fast lunch. 

Chili & Corn Dog Nuggets | Casey’s Corner Magic Kingdom

Ah, this is a classic. These are not necessarily snacks we get… but they’re not sugary, so they made this list. And as non-dessert snacks at Walt Disney World go, these are your classic theme park food. Everyone always raves about these corn dog nuggets and for many Casey’s is a cult favorite due to its easy access to the Main Street location. The chili is always a good choice if you can handle the heaviness, definitely for colder days.

Corn on the Cob, Turkey Leg, Baked Potato | Liberty Square Market Magic Kingdom

Another basic snack offering courtesy of the folks at Magic Kingdom. Now remember the baked potato is only really healthy if you eat the peel, otherwise, that starchy carb stuff may make you just as sleepy as sugar.

Waffle Sandwiches | Sleepy Hollow Magic Kingdom

By far one of the Best Snacks at Walt Disney World, the Chicken Waffle sandwiches are perfect as snacks because they are big enough for two or to be an actual meal. You can sometimes also grab a ham, egg, and cheese waffle at breakfast! They also make for a great snack while waiting for the parades, since Sleepy Hollow is right on the parade route. 

Chips with Guacamole | Choza de Margarita Epcot Mexico

We love Mexican, so this is easily one of our favorite snacks at Choza de Margarita. If we’re not on the free dining plan we’ll often opt for these chips and salsa or egg rolls, because believe it or not they’re a little lighter and don’t bog us down for the day.  This fresh guac also makes our Best Snacks at Epcot list. 

best non dessert snacks at disney world

Vegetable Egg Roll | Joy of Tea Epcot-China

These come in little containers of 2 egg rolls and are perfect, a little filling and fresh not greasy. A definite must-have. A perfect non-dessert snack at Walt Disney World that never disappoints.

Savory Snacks at Disney World Restaurants

While you can find non-dessert snacks at Disney World in all the parks, some can even be found in your favorite restaurants. And since many have walk-up windows or lounges, you can get the highest quality savory snack possible. 

Garlic Breadsticks and Marinara | Landscape of FlavorsArt of Animation Resort

If you’re taking a break from the parks, hop on the Disney Skyliner and head to the Art of Animation Resort. These garlic breadsticks are delicious, and a great snack. You can also grab mac and cheese and french fries here. 

disney appetizers magic kingdom

Falls Family Falafel | Skipper Canteen Magic Kingdom

These are great protein snack you can order to hold you over until your next meal. A secret recipe of Chickpeas, Garlic, Onions, Lemon Juice, and Herbs served with House-made Edamame Hummus and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.  Check out Skipper Canteen at Magic Kingdom.

The Best Snacks at Disney World

There you have it. If you’re looking for some great non-dessert snacks at Walt Disney World hopefully this gets you started. Again, not a full list, but a manageable one with something to be found in each park. We’ll be adding to this as we try new things and be sure to let us know your favorites so we can get pics and review them as well. Be sure to check out the Best Snacks at Walt Disney World too for more things to eat! 

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