The Best Lightning Lane Pass Choices at Disney World

The Best Lightning Lane Pass Choices at Disney World

A Walt Disney World vacation can be made close to perfect with the right planning. And a good Disney World ride strategy can go far to make sure you’re not spending your vacation waiting in lines. But which Lightning Lane Passes are really worth it? Here are our best suggestions across all four parks at Walt Disney World.

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What is Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane at Disney World?

If you’re hoping to skip the line at Disney World rides, then take at look at our Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Guide. Skip the line opportunities at Disney World take two forms. One is with Disney Genie+, which you purchase at 7AM the day you visit each park. Disney Genie+ has a variable cost depending on crowds, and and time of year. Disney Genie+ gives you access to 2 initial Lightning Lane Passes, which you must complete before you can choose your next ride. You are able to choose multiple rides for Lightning Lane Passes through Disney Genie+ throughout the day. The second option for rides at Disney World, is to purchase Individual Lightning Lane Passes offered for select rides in each park. there are also available at varied prices and must be purchased per person per day. 

Do you Need a Lightning Lane Pass for Rides at Disney?

Is a Disney Lightning Lane Pass Worth It? While we wouldn’t say you “need” a Lightning Lane Pass for anything, it really all depends on WHEN you visit, and how strategic you want to be. Are you planning to wake up at the crack of dawn to rope drop your favorite rides? Or are you OK standing in line for an hour to ride something that lasts 3 minutes? Are you on a Shorter Disney Vacation and really need to maximize your time at Disney World? Answering these questions will determine how much money you want to invest in riding rides at Walt Disney World. 

Do You Have to Pay for Rides at Walt Disney World?

No. You absolutely do not have to pay for rides, if you’re willing to just wait in line. And frankly, if you visit When Disney Crowds are Lowest. or plan to ride rides during meal times or parade times, or have a ride priority plan in place, you should be fine! During Disney World’s Busiest Times, however, you could yourself waiting in lines all day long. So, it’s really just about planning smarter to make the most of your Disney Budget. 

How to Get a Lightning Lane Pass at Disney?

If you’re staying on property as a Disney Resort, you get Early Theme Park Entry access for an additional 30 minutes every morning of your stay. Maximize this time by figuring out a Disney Ride Strategy for the rides you want to experience most. Get started by accessing the My Disney Experience App and exploring the Disney Genie section of the app. From here you can choose two paths. 

  1. Individual Lightning Lane selections require a payment per ride, and select rides are included. Prices vary throughout the day. 
  2. Disney Genie Plus service includes 2 Lightning Lane selections, with a required 120-minute break between rides. 

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Which Rides at Walt Disney World Need a Lighting Lane Pass?

While you can easily get away without purchasing a Lightning Lane Pass or Disney Genie+ for anything if you’re trying to prioritize rides in each park, here are the best Lightning Lane Passes at Disney to consider. 

Magic Kingdom

  • Peter Pan’s Flight 
  • Space Mountain

But, really, there are so many rides in Magic Kingdom that you may just want to stick with your favorites. Other Lightning Lane Pass-worthy attractions are Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Haunted Mansion, and Jungle Cruise. Individual Lightning Lane Pass Ride: Snow White’s Mine Ride, TRON Lightcycle. Check out our Magic Kingdom Checklist for a list of rides.

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Hollywood Studios

Other favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios include Star Tours, Millennium Falcon, Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular, and Midway Mania. Individual Lightning Lane Pass Ride: Rise of Resistance. Check out our Hollywood Studios Checklist for a list of rides.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure


Other fun rides at EPCOT include Spaceship Earth, Fiesta Gran Tour with Three Caballeros, and Living with the Land.  Individual Lightning Lane Pass Ride: Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out our EPCOT Checklist for a list of rides.

Disney Lightning Lane Options at Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom

  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Na’vi River Journey
  • Expedition Everest

The best Animal Kingdom attractions also include the Festival of the Lion King, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Dinosaur. Individual Lightning Lane Pass Ride: Avatar Flight of Passage. Check out our Animal Kingdom Checklist for a list of rides.

Lightning Lane Pass Strategy at Walt Disney World

Always remember to check the My Disney Experience App the day you’re in the parks for your favorite rides and their wait times. If you find you do have to wait in a line, aim for riding popular rides during meal times. While everyone else is eating lunch or dinner you can often get through the lines faster. While Disney isn’t supposed to feel chaotic, without the right planning, it can often feel overwhelming. Your best bet is to plan ahead, book your rides and just show up to enjoy your vacation! Check out our Disney World Ride Strategy So you Don’t Have to Wait in Line post to weigh options. 

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